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  1. I'm trying to make one trough have fish and only feed it to dinos that eat fish. I'm confused at the settings or is it broken? I tried both settings and it seems that every carnivore dino eats the fish.
  2. So, is the Oasisaur a timed tame like titanosaur?
  3. I did see some people saying they're having a hard time feeding it. But I made sure to put about 100+ filled pots in it. And I did not see anything in the logs to indicate it died of starvation.
  4. Anyone else having the same problem? Edit: Customer support replied. Long story short, they're not going to replace the Oasisaur. Which is disappointing. What's the point of making us buy the DLC in order to tame this and then it becomes buggy and disappears?
  5. it says "in library". I can also see the credit card charge in my transactions. I can also craft the skins.
  6. Someone gave me an oasisaur by taming it in scorch, transferring to my server and downloading the oasisaur. Then he left my tribe. I've tried to use it's resurrect feature. It's been a week or so now since the oasisaur is in my tribe. But I can't seem to resurrect a dino in it's oasis inventory. I think I bought the mod that allows taming this.
  7. Seeing the view range of the egg collection would be great. And then being able to adjust how far you want the oviraptor to grab eggs.
  8. Mega tribes carry the risk of getting insided and having everything stolen, I think that's an appropriate risk for the reward of mutations. Especially in PVP. Players defect and sabotage tribes all the time. Part of the game. Either join a mega tribe, or be friendly with some of them and trade.
  9. I always hate losing shoulder pets because I accidentally pressed a key while riding a dino. We can disable whistling for dinos, why not also be able to disable launching shoulder pets?
  10. I couldn't find the original thread but that was for ASE. I'm hoping in ASA, we can make bees eat from flowers in troughs. Essentially, instead of a bee hive as a structure, make it a living thing with a hunger meter to show the health/population of bees in the hive for it to produce honey.
  11. I think that's one of the game mechanics in the game. You tribe up in order to survive. Don't punish players that have found a bond to play together and share the work load. They carry the risk of someone betraying them and stealing everything, even with locks and pin codes. That's a slippery slope that you're asking. What's next? Lower the resource mining of larger tribes cause it's unfair a 20 person tribe can farm thousands of resources a minute versus solo tribes?
  12. I think they do have idle timers in ASA. Though that's easy to circumvent with a mouse jiggler or controller with auto-fire
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