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  1. I was wondering if this is possible? Bees fly out to look for flowers, maybe it would make sense if they fed on flowers in troughs instead of putting the flowers in the hive.
  2. Are you ready for this? "ready" is also banned.
  3. Can anyone give me a reason... Why the word "reason" is banned in Ark chat?
  4. Kind of like an if-then-else box where it's connected to things and triggers them. It would help with offline trading or just basic stuff. Example Dedi box - CB - cryofridge If dedi box gets a deposit of 1k poly, cryofridge pin lock is enabled for unlocking Hopefully works with lights, generators/tek gen also
  5. I would prefer to asterisk the word instead. Cause then I wouldn't have to re-type a whole sentence. It is hard to type in console using a controller.
  6. I don't think so, I play other games and the chat isn't that bad.
  7. I have. No response. "in" is also banned. How else are we able to chat like this? 10, 13, 36, 68 and a lot of numbers banned. I can't even post map coordinates because of or. Or identify my dinos with the stats
  8. how can we do that? you can't even use "an" now. How the heck can we even have a grammatically correct sentence if we're forced to jump through this hoops?
  9. Words like 10, could, for can't be used. Now the word "he" is banned. How are we gonna chat referring to another male person? I can't even say "look for the obelisk" because the word look is banned. There are more words banned that don't even resemble anything bad. Like blood which is part of the game like blood packs, blood wyvern. Cement is also a banned word. LOL ia banned but LMAO isn't. I'm getting frustrated cause I can't memorize all the banned words and I don't even know what the new banned words are. Are you guys making ark1 unpleasant for us to stop playing this?
  10. I did and the email was dismissive and won't help getting back my hexagons. and I've been reporting the outages. every time it happens.
  11. First off, I've been reporting my server every time they crash it. Dupers usually crash it 6 to 8 times a day. But in recent weeks, especially during events, they've crashed it repeatedly to as much as 3 times in an hour. Basically, as soon as the server is up, they crash it immediately. I know it's dupers cause I have 4 xboxes and 2 ISPs and I can test for network problems. And sometimes they listen when not to dupe, but most of the time they're POS. The crashes causes rollbacks and has very weird effects to the game and today is one of the worst days ever. In fact, I haven't been able to mature my tames, like my rexes that have been stuck on adolescent stage for almost 7 days now. In this case, I happened to transfer in, the timer for server save had not finished yet. I'm effectively in the server, then dupers crashed it. When it returned, I was out of my tribe. I usually fix that by transferring out, then transferring back in. However this time, I lost all my hexagons. Previously, I'd lose items but I fixed that by not transferring in with items and waiting for server save. But I can't stash my hexagons anywhere so, yeah. 2nd incident today, same day. I had my crafter download a perfect tame 225 stryder that I stashed in one of my bases in another server. I was waiting for the server to save when it crashed. Server rolled my crafter back, but the stryder is gone. It's not in ark upload. I'm just venting. I've been enjoying this game since February as a stress relief after working 12 hours a day 6 days a week as a nurse. But now I'm getting stressed because of this game. I sent a ticket of course, for the hexagons, it was basically a "tough luck" message and then they forwarded me to another form to file another ticket. Honestly, I'm not excited to play Ark2 if their response is like this. I'm losing interest in the game also. Well, that's all. /vent
  12. I'm not sure what's going on, but people say it's intentional because they're duping items. But come on, they're doing it every hour. Sometimes every 30 minutes. You can log in and play for 5 minutes or so and then it's down again. I've been stuck on the same spot for literally 12 hours now, like some sick groundhog day.
  13. Same problem. I'm losing rexes because of this hope devs fix this
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