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  1. 400 days in ark is 13 days (give or take half a day), the xp amount given is more than 13 days in a cryo pod. Now it could be due to the days on the servers being so far apart. 18 on the Center and 263 on the Island. 245 days difference. Now it could of taken into consideration when you started playing your single player game and started your center map on the same day but it still needs to catch up. If that makes sense.
  2. Cryopods increase the passive xp gain of tames by around 10%. After a quick Google search (ark dinos passive xp) there is an archived post on here that gives you the numbers for when it's not cryo'd vs cryo'd vs in a cryofridge. As for losing days on the pod. I haven't noticed this happen on official servers but then again I wasn't paying attention to the days on there. I'll check next time I get on.
  3. You don't even need to own an xbox or PC. If you have an android phone ( or iPhone next year) then download the gamepass app and pay for gamepass ultimate. £10 a month and I'm sure it will be on gamepass when it releases. Problem solved.
  4. If it was a functioning base that looked like a church then yes it would be. But just to have it sit there. No smithy, forge, fridges etc.... Just a structure that is empty then it's a waste. But they've decided to build it so the way I deal with it is to not fly near it. The same can be said for these structures, just avoid them and they won't be an issue.
  5. Neither should an abandoned church or a glass dome 150 pillars high (Might be exaggerating a bit) or a base with a sign that's 20 walls high.... And that's just on one of my main servers, let alone the ones I've transferred to to complete trades. Ark gives you the freedom to build as you wish within the restrictions of the game, so if this is what someone wants to build then that's up to them. I'm sure everyone has built something like this at one point.
  6. I was having this discussion with people in a party during the announcement. They were saying that they hope they let you transfer stuff from ark to ark 2, and bringing your character over and stuff. I made a very valid point during them speculating.... Legacy Servers.... They didn't let you bring anything to the new servers from legacy. Also they wouldn't let you bring items or dinos over from the first game as it would break the game.... Imagine taking 1 Giga or even a rex that has been bred to its max base stats, then you transfer it to the new game... Either you would instantly become a su
  7. Maybe the announcement is that gen2 isn't delayed till next year and it will be released on schedule lol. Magic genie: "You have 2 wishes left" Me: "Awwww dang it"
  8. So because every ark has it's differences, it boils down to the Island is the only ark that is functioning the way it should. Hence the Overseer fight and Ascention process.
  9. The only way to do this would be to own each map and rent a server for each one. Then cluster them individually over time when survivors have completed each ark as intended. If you are opening the cluster to the public then just ban everyone from joining the other arks till they complete them in order. Once they complete the Island then unban them from scorched, once they complete scorched then unban them from Abberation. And so on
  10. Sorry this is a bit long winded but please hang in there and I hope this makes sense. Have you read the lore for Scorched Earth? The reason why there is no ascension or overseer arena is because there wasn't an overseer in the first place. In my opinion we play ark backwards. If you read the lore about genesis it states something along these lines... 'The Genesis simulation was created to test different dinos in different environments and situations and for survivors to test their skills in a controlled environment'. So Genesis came before all the other arks. I believe the Isla
  11. I have a few issues with scorched that have been there since day one, but like any other issues that bother you in ark, you learn to live with them or live with them till they get fixed. Nothing on there tho is game breaking enough for me to leave it as my home server. I'll always come back to Scorched Earth. Its the one map I've called home during my time on Ark. I've had outposts on other maps but you need to unless you buy other dinos/items.
  12. I've lived on Scorched Earth since it came out, I took a break from ark then came back to official. I personally find SE to be an amazing map to play on. Once you get used to not running (Running drains your water faster), the spoil timers being less than other maps (it used to spoil a lot faster till they updated it), the weather events (Sandstorms and thunderstorms in particular as sandstorms affect your movement, not the weather to be fighting in. And Thunderstorms turn your power off, unless using a tek generator, if its near your base and if you have eggs down they will lose health r
  13. They have officially said that Scorched Earth is a finished product. No future changes are planned or future additions to the map.
  14. I get this when I play through the cloud on the game pass app. Full signal on my 5ghz wifi as recommended and not other apps running in the background, phone is on high performance mode too. I have to quit the game and quit the app several times before it loads me in.
  15. I played on official SE PvE and I owned 3 (1 normal and 2 event ones) I also tamed a few for friends. Now the phoenix takes dedication and work. I had a team of Jerboas at my base (20+. I became addicted to the pretty colours lol) so that I could hear them anywhere in my base. My base was located in the colosseum so it was in a good location to start from. My typical phoenix hunting preparations when like this. 1) Make sure you have a whole day to be able to hunt this bad boy down. You can't do it in an hour or even a few hours, the irregular intervals of the heatwave are ag
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