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  1. @ElementZeroS7L Exactly 💯 thank you I have been saying this since this all began. Since snail and wild are card cut official servers. We already paid for the full game..... There is no reason that we now have to do microtransactions except for some skins etc. (Maybe)I can see that. For A DLC REALLY it all should be free. I agree with everything you have said. We have already paid for the game and then have to pay for the game all over again. He's early already paid $100 and something over that actually for the whole DLC and what's so funny is they still have ASE available to buy should it not be free now....... Still disappointed and still they haven't really shown anything worth paying an extra amount of money for SmH
  2. Well I knew this was going to happen. Wildcard/SG should have let us console players have our game up until the launch of ASA . I knew this was bound to happen. Once again console players get a kick in the butt. That's why I was fighting for us to keep Ark SE . At least a few servers open. This is just insane who, knows ? There could be another delay. We could have had more time to play with our friends and enjoy our dinos etc.😭 Instead you cut off the servers, Made it so that the console players can only play on Nitrado which is a horrible Server service, Hard for the players who cannot afford a monthly subscription (like me) and now we don't even get to see Asa come to consoles. SMH. This is disappointing, so disappointing. This is so 😢
  3. Thank you I was saying that myself that they can do call gaming. They should even put out a demo so people can even see how this is going to work. They haven't done anything.
  4. For what I hear we're not even going to be getting that option only to switch over to nitrado servers making us have to pay unfortunately they won't answer anyone's questions really they won't clarify but I believe not I believe that is only for PC people even though......😟 don't know anymore
  5. Really wild card and snail games. No game play at all still even in the last week of you closing down the console servers no confirmations no guarantees nothing. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. What are we going to do for people who cannot afford then that trial servers you need to make more of a clarification. Instead of just saying oh it's going to be snapshots. Give us gameplay give us real pictures instead of just drawings. Expect people to buy a game they haven't even seen much of really!
  6. Agreed. There is nothing that they're showing us for ASA or what console players are directly going to do. Besides Nitrado. This is just a ploy so that they can get money out of people. Not caring what they're going to do with people who cannot afford a P S5 or Xbox series x. There are too many people in this country fighting to survive right now. This game has helped me through depression and I won't have that anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do.😞
  7. Yeah I know it's pretty sad. Of what they're doing it's just not even logical.
  8. Yeah I totally agree with what you're saying. The only reason why either Sony or Microsoft. Are not saying anything is because they get a percentage of all the sales from wild card so they're not going to really say anything at all. I literally every week someone is coming in not knowing because they haven't publicly announced it yet that they're ending the service. For official servers.
  9. I agree there are seems to be a lot of people who are still having problems trying to figure out what to do with these so-called nitrado servers.
  10. Does anyone realize they haven't showed anything for us Asa. Nothing at all no gameplay l,no real in depth content except for pictures. They need to keep some of the Official open for people who cannot afford like me. already there's problems with this nitrado situation which I'm sorry, nitrado is a nightmare. Can someone also tell me what is going to happen if you can't pay this $24a month. in this time and age where people are struggling, where we have inflation, and the quality of living has gone up. That might not be affecting everyone but it sure affecting me. They need to do better.
  11. I've already made this point they're trying to Leach off of anything that they can get their hands on I have so many players who come here to play and not know that they're going to be ending soon pay for all of the expansions everything. It's a shame what they're doing.
  12. I disagree with this topic right here. It's different if it's a game like Warframe where it's free and you can pay for things. But it is a MMO where you have to pay for all of your expansions that cost over 200 plus dollars. That's why the service were free. If they have free servers like Warframe I repeat I wouldn't mind paying for some things but it's not. You can't buy a game and then also pay for a server. That's why the final fantasy MMOs aren't as popular as Ark or Warframe or even OverWatch.
  13. Well I've seen in the comments... I already see people are having problems with these new Nitadao servers. So wild card/ snail games we are just supposed to pay $25 a month you're not giving us a way to transfer our character and everything to an undecated server or anything just pay for everything right? Problems are already arising with the save files and you haven't said one word about it. As I said before you should save some servers for the people who can't afford $25 a month.
  14. And the problems begin as I said they haven't thought this through it's a nightmare it's a mess there is just nothing that's going to be correct for console players. Which is really sad all they want to do is ditch. With them doing that every month they put Community crunch out I will be saying something.
  15. I wouldn't just give up that easily I would go and as I said start just doing what I'm doing I'm willing to score it on their Twitter talking about everything the only thing I think I haven't been to is Facebook I'm going to put it out there everywhere or however off this is. This game has been helping me through my horrible experience and just for them to pull the plug like that is insane Rockstar games has had their game for 10 years too and they're not doing this.
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