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  1. wow thats an amazing amount information there thanks very much for that it will all come in handy for sure, ive just started to raise 3 at the moment and its going ok now i know how much to give and times etc. Though i did make a mistake and try to take 5 wyvern eggs from val server to extinction and one got to other side only had 2 eggs left in my inventory wont be trying that again unless it was because i had them on my body to transfer instead of putting them in upload.
  2. Can anyone help me with the Math behind the raising of Wyverns via Milk? hi, never bothered till of late to raise wyverns due to rl but im not sure how to work out how long i can leave the wyvern after giving it milk before it does say when im at work or sleep! if anyone can give me some tips that would be so grateful, thanks
  3. is it x3 now as i cant tell anywhere what rate it is, besides picking up a few stones
  4. Any tips to stop tek bridges from Auto decaying? keep putting tek bridges down but day after they have gone even put one with foundation with it and it still vanished
  5. STUL

    Val transfers

    Nice, i wonder what time! unless theres a delay
  6. awesome thanks guys, so hope its oct 1st then i cant tame anymore vanilla dinos lol
  7. when can we transfer dinos to valguero (pc) ? thought it was going to be sooner
  8. Dedicated Storage Box Vanished, Twice now on Official PVE... hi, 2 weeks ago 1 of our dedicated boxes vanished on our official Aberration server with our metal ingots in, now today our dedicated box on Extinction server official PVE as now gone with all our 317k of element dust inside which took us weeks to gather and after 4 years of play im finally about to throw in the towel also quest vanished from our base no death log nothing just gone. i have sent a ticket in this time about the ded box and just hope something can be done... as this happened to anyone else please ?
  9. has it been extended till 19th ?
  10. ok cool thanks, thats good to know. my friends dae was 130k food and only 33% imprint which i thought was insane lol
  11. smart breeding! food on one is at 15k so i guess i need alot more in there to heal dinos etc
  12. whats good Daeodon Stats to go for please? hi, just tamed a male and female daeodon and not sure what stats to aim for as i was thinking should i put them all in food ? i know very little about these ones and am going to look around but all info i see is from 2017 and not sure if they being used same ways? thanks
  13. Rubber banding so much on Extinction map only for 2 days now anyone else ? PC/Official last 2 days i have been rubber banding so much on Extinction map only like almost every 5 mins and a few times i have gone into some crazy vibration char mode where i have to kill myself to get back to normal all other maps inc ab, island and Val play perfect apart from normal lag Anyone else had this ?
  14. yeah true thanks, i will go transfer a low lvl and hatch it and let you know soon
  15. Can we use deinonychus on aberration ? was about to hatch an egg on aberration but then wasn't sure if they could be used on there so looked on google etc with no luck
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