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  1. tried moving the mek everywhere but even on fresh un built land it says area obstructed ? is this a perma bug or do i have to do something else
  2. oh i just read it was patched about using mutagel, thanks for the info but does that mean use have to use 100s of mutagen per dino, cos that would be mad farming and in a small tribe of 2 dangerous in space lol
  3. so what we talking here 100's of mutagen just for 1 dino, or is there a site like dodo thats maybe calculated how much per dino needed
  4. is this mutagel thing for single player only ? as i put mutagel in dinos inventory's and nothing is able to be done
  5. tried melee but dont see much difference
  6. hi, ive been wondering if to put points in melee in order to get higher damage but was told it doesn't make any difference to dps output and should just go in weight and stam ! so im just trying to find out as ive only just got a male and female and now a baby thanks for any info
  7. hi, i just got a stryder a few days ago and i left some materials in the tribute section to send later and i came back the day after and it was all gone and i have no idea why or if people can steal from it or what any info would be great please ?
  8. well i totally appreciate all the amazing info from all you guys that took the time to tell me all this and i will go through it all and take many notes and then i know what to aim for thanks so much. also what food is good to have on the yuts and do i need food in the inventory's of the Rexes/deins/theriz or megatheriums ?. i know ive been playing ark for so long and sounds like i know so little of boss runs, because mostly over the years ive been invited to them and now i feel i wanna learn for myself. and its just me and my wife so if i can solo then i should be fine to duo as well.
  9. i finally found it, it must of somehow traveled on its own from near the desert biome thru the city and got stuck on one of the cities structures or i guess it would of gone all the way thru and past the lights cant beleave that happened. but also thanks for the info on other issues that can happen.
  10. had my gear on it mantis snow owls and 6 gigas i sometimes hate this game so bad even tho been playing for 5+ years. anyone know if it could of been TP's anywhere like 50/50 from old island map or anything ?
  11. can any of the boss arenas be soloed and if so is it still 18 Rexes and a yut are daedon? as ive never had time to get into them solo until now so figured i would ask for a little info or advice on doing them and what is needed as tube is so full of so many different ways! also if not solo then maybe duo at least ? huge thanks
  12. i came on after server crashed which is every 4 hours on official CI and i went thru bed and ended up in the air falling to the ground, and if i run and jump i fly right back up into the air again and land in same spot i tried dying and still stuck to same area which is crazy. so i guess im totally stuck anyone know a quick fix or anything i can try.... ty love the game still but these days it crashes sooooo much its painful
  13. was doing a large ceiling and needed to place around 20+ slopped roofs and once at the end i had a large gap and couldnt work out how to get round it unless theres a trick to it?
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