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  1. tried again today with a turtle and the tuso wouldnt do anything at all like we was invisible so not sure how people tame them on the isle... even tried biting the tuso while on the turtle and it just swims away
  2. How can u craft a Replicator if u only have Shards ? i was able to get shards but im not sure how i can make the replicator if im not able to turn them into element unless ive missed something!! thanks any help on this
  3. How do you get the Moschops to gather Prime Fish meat? i was getting a ton of prime meat, once i killed a dino i told the moschops to attack the dead target and it got a ton of prime meat but it wont work at all on fish or even bigger fish and im not sure why as that was the one i put all points in collect prime fish/.... anyone know what i might be doing wrong please?
  4. lol, found another not even beached and it still said cant be tamed
  5. None of the Tuso's want to be tamed on the Isle! is there a bug on the isle preventing Tuso's from being tamed as ive found 5 so far and none will eat the black pearls, think im doing everything right! turtle and pearls in 0 hotkey !
  6. the GM turned up and looked at her dinos and imprinted all that was outside and ones that she had tamed in the 2 months waiting was still working with imprint which was cool but everything in pods and on other servers no longer work with imprints and she wasnt able to get engrams back and no xp cos she already got it back in the wait time lol. so some imprints is better than none just hope that never happens to me as i only have 1 char and i would pass out for sure
  7. tried for ages last night with a 145 turtle and couldnt any fish schools to follow at all so gave up after near an hour
  8. Parakeet Fish School wont attack anymore ? cant seam to get the Parakeet Fish Schools to latch on to my char to take to the giant turtle to tame, tried loads of them and none will follow or attack...
  9. guess i will just see what happens then visit my tribemate today and report back later incase anyone else needs this info.,
  10. thanks so much for that info that was much appreciated. and yeah she sent in screenshots of implant showing which bosses had been killed and i see that it shows ID on that as well which i didnt know till u said and she sent a screenshot of some engrams but only shot was after a major boss fight and not from the engram page, but imprints are most important tbh and so we dont have to have all her dinos out when the GM comes on then!! as that would be impossible to do as weve played for years
  11. when a GM meets to restore a char how are imprints given back? my tribemate is due for a GM meetup in game in 2 days and i was wondering how will they be given back control of dinos they had imprinted to them pls if anyone knows? took 2 months for this meeting so just to make sure my tribemates got everything on board! not sure how this works out for emotes/hairstyles and engrams but imprints being most important thanks for any info
  12. What do you raise baby crystal wyverns on pls? only gone on there recently and realised you can breed them so was unsure on what they are fed on from a baby?
  13. huge thanks, going to be hard to find in that forest, aint there baslisks in there as well
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