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  1. lol i did find a place but half of it got took out by the meteors so aint going to bother
  2. Anyone had the chars stats reset since last reset ? just came on and then did logout to check but char is lvl 1 hope i have my engrams still, runs to cehck just curious if it was in update or not intended !
  3. then on discord some say 2-3k for 150 lvl, which sounds crazy....
  4. is dododex showing right amount of blood packs for tame of blood stalkers ? it shows it quite high but says 240 for a lvl 50 on x2? does that sound about right pls guys ?
  5. yeah died so much and still cant find a safe spot almost giving up
  6. not sure if tht will work, didn't they patch gen this week to stop people building in caves, tried near the metal oblisk structure in lunar today but pillars everywhere and cant seam to lose the drones that target me
  7. Looking for a safe place to build in Lunar Biome (official) ! hi, trying to find a safe place to build a small base and trap in the lunar biome that wont get took out with those meteors which im sure if can destroy structures or not yet but not sure i want to risk it so just wondered if anyone had any good locations to build pls?
  8. i guess pvp is a nightmare if taking down bases, unless this just happens in single player...
  9. 16gig, seams enough for everything else but obvious single player would be different
  10. ark single player can't seam to handle legacy maps... loaded an old legacy map on to my single player ark and it kinda crashes all the time with fatal error box etc mostly taking even the smallest structure down or sometimes just killing dinos not sure if i needed to change anything before putting map in directory !
  11. Even reduced graphics and still crashes, was having fun battles via single player with friends but too many crashes on all sides
  12. Any fix to stop crashing when taking down lots of structures ? hi think this is the same on official as single player, but when on single player and taking down lots of structures i then crash with a box saying fatal error everytime and wondered of there is a fix to stop this ?
  13. Getting a near 20 second freeze everytime i click on a Bed or Teleporter ! been getting this on all servers for about a week now so just wondering if this happens to anyone else as i have no idea what to try as it was after an update about a week back i thought it would of sorted itself out but no luck
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