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  1. i appreciate all this info thank you, im almost set to try this weekend and im just looking around to figure out whats the best custom food to use and others and buff food ! got good flak gear and shotguns and also finally got some baliso's to go back to farming the water cave on the island
  2. yeah i should of tried this years ago but never had the time to learn all the ropes but hoping me and my wife can finally do some boss runs on our own which will be cool so trying to gather as much info as i can so i really appreciate the advice would around 5k stamina be good and then the rest in hp maybe. and yeah i plan on breeding again and getting 100% imprint which will help a ton
  3. my rexes are high but if i did take a yut what we be good caps to stop at ,as the yut i have is 270 in lvl and as 58 lvls to put on. its 2604 stam and 11k hp atm as it go 0% imprint due to my mistake so will have to breed some more later
  4. that's amazing info there and i really appreciate your time on this and its going to help a lot as i rexes with about 80k hp and 2400+ melee, my daedons have about 80k hp and about 7k hp, and my yuts im still trying to sort out. and im going to try the trick with the daedons cos after putting in the lvls i cant get there food up at all lol so going to get a ton of meat if there's a x2 this weekend as i have to feed up my rexes to.
  5. can someone please tell me if ok, what stats i need to look for on daedons and Yuts for boss fights ? new to the boss arenas and i finally one to go it myself instead of joining groups, i have my boss rexes ready and i have daedons and yuts but not sure what stats to look in them and if i need any food in their inventory's ? it will just be me and my partner in crime going to try it with rexes/daedon/yut and then later prob try with therizes thanks in advance for any advice
  6. i didnt know that and that now makes sense, thanks a ton for that info you just gave me and now i will be able to make some changes based on that thanks and stay safe.
  7. what happened to MAEwings ? left 5 anks with a maewing and its weight was 2k and it was maxed with berries and 15 hours later no berries on mae and 2 out of 5 anks dead?! weeks ago with same mae and prob about 10 anks the invent would be still full of loads of berries, so what changed ?
  8. on valg official our skiff the next day had all its structures disappear with nothing on log and it had cryofridge on there and gen and other items and everything totally wiped except the inventory of the skiff. i built on the skiff over a year ago Today the skiff we had on gen1 structures also vanished except for the foundations lol. i luv this game but these days there are sooooo many issues and also on gen2 with those stryders vanishing and nothing seams to be fixed yet. hope they can fix em soon.
  9. tried moving the mek everywhere but even on fresh un built land it says area obstructed ? is this a perma bug or do i have to do something else
  10. oh i just read it was patched about using mutagel, thanks for the info but does that mean use have to use 100s of mutagen per dino, cos that would be mad farming and in a small tribe of 2 dangerous in space lol
  11. so what we talking here 100's of mutagen just for 1 dino, or is there a site like dodo thats maybe calculated how much per dino needed
  12. is this mutagel thing for single player only ? as i put mutagel in dinos inventory's and nothing is able to be done
  13. tried melee but dont see much difference
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