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  1. i mostly use basa's and i just started with Mosasaurus that be given 1 off a friend to see if i like using, but i have no idea where to put the stats in yet as it already seams good and if so i will have to go try tame me some of these. use the dunks a little but anything electrics causes so much chaos so tend to keep with bassa. current stats are 292m 25k HP 2k Stam 2k w cheers for any advice
  2. nah nudge didn't work. in the end i took every item off and out of my boxes etc without destroying my platform and crafting stations and left it there, and in 3 days it finally fell to earth now my server of 840 official CI i play just crashed again with rollback and now skiff stuck again. i dont why i bother playing ARK anymore at all, some things are so broken and i cant for the life of me understand why WC cant or wont fix these things. our servers been crashing since start of xmas event with 2-3 servers crashes per day each with rollbacks and thats 100% daily. and when i reporte
  3. yeah im curious WHY WC doesnt know how to fix this or maybe they could just ask advice from another game dev so we can then carry on trying to have fun.
  4. just syaing? no dis at WC as i love the game but the CI official Server 840s been crashing for weeks 3-4 times a day and each time giving a Rollback of 30-60mins. i dont want to just leave it seeing as ive been playing on there since the start but why cant it be fixed or of the Server its stored on be replaced with a new one etc etc....? i just want to know thats all. i just wanna play the game and have fun but i cant
  5. ok thanks for that, what do i make the ticket out as though.... aint made one for so long so not sure which will be answered faster.
  6. ive tried taking all the fuel off all the items off and it still wont land and dont want to destroy it as it took me ages to make on CI server which nowadays crashes 4+ times every day with 30 mins+ Rollbacks every single time. if anyones got anything for me to try im all ears (well eyes) cheers
  7. everyday for the last week + the server is crashing 2-3 times a day sometimes within 3 hour periods and this is happening DAILY.....WHY can this not be fixed.... im very very confused why game devs of a game cant fix all these crashes, we are spending time playing the game and then having 30min - 1 hour rollbacks and losing everything we have done and then losing dinos/ items and if anyone takes something out of the transfer and servers crashes then thats gone too i lvu the game please tell me WHY !!!!!! is it being DDos'd or what ??? im lost and just want to play and enjoy the game
  8. i like all 3 maps and they are awesome, but ever since transfers opened there are so many rollbacks/crashes/downtime and multi lage and rubberbanding if on valg when ridding a mana i will crash to menu every single time 100% which sucks cos i love using manas and same happens in crystal isle!!! does anyone know why this is ? incase its not just me !?
  9. if we could transfer that bloody element from ext it would be so much better, but its like they want us to stay on all the maps. and having to get element on genesis to use there and then get element to use on crystal isle is crazy which most will then use gachas instead cant even put snow owls on Aberation so have to transfer snow pellets. i love the game still but would be better to have some changes around and fix the skiff going crazy when near trees/mountains and base walls......just saying
  10. on my server there must be near 20 of these ugly looking things and they are huge with so many gachas on them, i mean who needs that much element dust lol. ive heard they lag the servers down too but i cant comment on that as im not sure?! they remind me of multi boxers in WoW and shouldn't exists
  11. yeah same ol. anyone that is trying to get emotes from past lost chars, just go grab em off Genesis if they on the shop there yet...
  12. hi i quit going for these gacha claus present drops last year as no matter what people agree on the servers it always end in arguments and conflicts so no matter how cool the loot is i just never bother now and just be merry and carry on just a shame it cant drop personal loot for people that are there at the time like in SO MANY other games out there. im not hating on the game i just wish there could be a change thats all Merry Xmas Everyone & Stay Safe
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