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  1. hi, since latest driver update i did my GPU is going as high as 82c and few days ago i never went anywhere near that and seams to be just ark and mostly when im near the sea and i haven't changed anything other than my gpu drivers so thought i would just ask if anyone else as seen this of late....
  2. loading in now and didnt have to validate any files so far
  3. our valg server was off-line today for 8 hours and lost a ton of stuff now im losing more i give up jeez also soz to anyone else that loses anything because of this
  4. found this info unless someone already posted There is an on-going outage on the Official Network that appears to be a regional Cloudflare issue We expect this to resolve soon without an update and will work towards improved protection in a future update if this were to happen again.
  5. if i need anymore crap today since our valg server was offline for 8 hours and lost 11 magm babies and now i crash with this bad luck day for me.....hope its fixed soon as it seams steam boards are full of people having same issues
  6. is this the right place to report it as thats where i reported it... https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  7. anyone around from 553 know any info at all? i was online there about 7 hours ago and there was huge lag and then it just crashed but never came back
  8. every single time im on a mana as the main rider i crash to menu every single time 100% guaranteed on valg server, on crystal isle its happened too but no 100% like on valg. this as happened in the past if you jump too much before the server save and sometimes crashed but not as bad as this ever till the last week, really hope there is a way round this or some kind of fix as its getting so frustrating but still i play the game cos its awesome.
  9. awesome info guys thanks very much, also it was my tribe mate that tamed them and i just decided to finally have a go with them, can the tuso grab other dinos as i cant seam to grab anything
  10. hey, never been a fan of the water in ark lol but just got a dunkleosteus & basilosaurus oh and a tuso, but not sure where is best to put stats and after looking on google etc im none the wiser so anyone could help that would be great. Am i right in thinking the tuso is the giga of the sea? thanks
  11. still cant get my head round this so i guess i will delete the replic and make a new one as i cant add items it still even those theres only 333 in it
  12. within the last few months when im moving forward fast either on foot or on mana its like im going forward but always going back a few steps if this makes sense as i just wondered if it was a gpu setting that was causing this as it was fine a few months back and now its like im rubber banding all the time on every server even tho my tribe mate isnt who is sat next to me irl and almost on same pc setup... just thought i would ask before i start tinkering with other things
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