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  1. With Bobs Tall Tales you showed you can take some aspects of Atlas and bring them into ARK albeit they are in limited ways and not nearly as fleshed out as their original counter parts but they are here now. What I am suggesting here is to just give us everything. Bring everything Atlas has to offer into ARK and really make ASA and possibly ARK 2 shine even more possibility! By everything I do not mean the tacked on lazy garbage of the past few years but the core things that made Atlas unique, fun and engaging it's sailing, ship building, combat, dancing bosses, cooking and adventure. Oh and of course it's sailing! (yes I know I wrote sailing twice, on purpose... It can't be said enough how good it is!) Grapeshot seems all but dead at the moment, having gone into total silence probably brought into the ASA remake fold as Snail Games and Wildcard need this project to truly succeed, Atlas is probably completely lost as an IP now. Originally thought of as an ARK dlc and then due to it's scope and appeal made into it's own game it got lost in development hell as it tried to deviate to far from the core ideals it presented. Now it's tech and promise lie broken and adrift with a core audience out there that would revel in it's revival in ARK where it truly got it's start! This idea of give us everything came from an excellent video about another game I love that is sometimes hard to express why it is so amazing. Similar to how it can be to try to explain why ARK is so good. It is worth taking 10 min to watch the beginning portion to have a look at another brilliant developer with their own massively successful game from the eyes of a new player. Hopefully it resonates with you as well and I will forever continue to dream of sailing the oceans of ARK on the beautiful waves of the dream that was Atlas. If you got through all that thank you, and thank you to everyone at Studio Wildcard for all the hard work you all do. I am truly looking forward to what you will do and where you will take ARK. ❤️
  2. Heya, Tried setting up my Dedicated but I am unable to download the server files. I have tried anonymous and with username password from a valid account with a purchased game and neither allows for download via Steam cmd. Any one with a work around to for Steam cmd or am I stuck with full game install for now? Cheers
  3. So looking forward ASA! Farewell with a fond heart ASE Officials it was fun! ❤️
  4. Hello, Since Scorched Earth is next on the block for the UE5 migration now would be the perfect time for a wee quality of life change. I have a friend that loves ARK but when we play SE he always gets motion sickness from the heat wave effects. Can we get some setting please to lessen or disable this for our friends that suffer with motion sickness. It would be am amazing qol change for them!! Thank you for considering this change. We are really hyped for ASA and looking forward to a grand adventure through the story again! ❤️
  5. I mucked up the quote, this was a response to jmc1975's post on page 3 I read the contract and don't believe it to be a bail out as many seem to paint it out to be. It, to me, is a simple exclusivity contract that appears to have been made to offset or defer the official server expenses for the months of March through September which is why there is such a hard date on officials ending and not being floated till ASA's release. The 'loan' has very strict details on what the money cannot be used for and it is not a lumpsum pay-out. It is not surprising the companies involved are looking to spread out expenses a bit, 1 million+ a month for the official server network is expensive! Remastering ASE is expensive! With the announcement of ASA I am sure the income generated from sales of ASE dwindled quickly with no merchandise shop or rubbish monetization scams income generation right now is very low. Just to add a HUGE THANK YOU to Studio Wildcard for not going down the horrible monetization rabbit hole, I have nothing but respect to you for that! BUT, honestly I would LOVE to see a merch shop for yourselves and ARK. Oh and a re-release of that collectors edition would be sweet too hehe. ❤️
  6. I made this an hour ago as a rough comparison to the community crunch image. The lighting and cloud differences are amazing. (screenshot on The Island UE4, 10am lighting, Max settings on a 4090.) I am hyped for ASA. ps. I put a slightly better image, both angle and size, on the official Discord in #fanart-and-screenshots.
  7. Hello, I am really thinking I want to mod for ASA and am looking for a little guidance, a nudge in the right direction if you will. Anyways with ASE winding down and wanting to get into modding for ASA where would the best place to start be? I have blender all fired up and some wip. I know the UE4 Devkit exists so I am wondering if I should invest time in learning there or will the changes for the future UE5 devkit make starting there a waste of time? Should I just finish the assets and wait for the UE5 devkit or dive right into UE5 itself? Any positive advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. I was thinking on that as well with some of the ASE nostalgia going around. I would be super hyped to see the original trailer remade. My small group and I had just restarted a full story run to lead up to ARK 2 when the delay and ASA announcement dropped. We decided then to postpone the story run till ASA releases. Needless to say our excitement is growing as we get closer to that restart!
  9. Very good points, thank you. With nothing to show still they must really be crunching hard. Hope they are not burning themselves out especially since they now seem to have a harder deadline if the reports on the Nitrado deal details are true. Wouldn't mind personally if it returns to a similar EA as it was originally. Was always exciting and fun to get new content releases as they progressed the game. I miss those days bugs and all.
  10. ASA is supposed to release within the next 2 months and from varying reports Snail Games needs a cash flow. So my question is why is it not yet listed on Steam? We know it is coming to XBox Series X/S and PS5 but still no mention other than PC. One would think if cash flow was needed now the game would be listed on Steam and accepting pre-orders but it is not.... It does not even have a page to wishlist which feels really odd with the game so close to release.
  11. Is there any reason why there is still no listing on Steam for ASA? I mean it feels kind of odd there isn't even just a page to wishlist.....
  12. Said it once before and just wanted to re-up the thought. Waveworks 2.0 or whatever is similar and would work in UE 5. Waveworks is amazing and brings more realism to coastlines and the oceans in general. Further sailing is the only good part I would love to see salvaged from Atlas!
  13. Some of this sounds a bit like ARK with a dash of Monster Hunter and that would not be a bad thing at all! I am still hoping to hear something about the water environments and praying they bring in waveworks 2.0 (or better) with similar/better sailing models of Atlas. Still if they can pull off what they have written above this will be a fantastic ride! <3
  14. By that logic anything that changes the game to make something better or easier in PvE from the base experience should be nerfed... traps, shocking tranq darts, baryonix the list is endless if you follow the logic path far enough. All these things added are fun and change the way the game is played and enjoyed... If something is so obviously broken that it defeats the point of any other item in the game then yes it needs a nerf but stupid things like knocking you off a dino with freeze... It never hurt anyone in PvE and was fun to mess with friends... and captuing with an owl was a gem of a find that brought a new experience. PvP-ers are just going to moan ever single time a nerf happens and a new meta is formed. they should have a seperate path with more balanced play is all I am saying so PvE doesn't have to endure the never ending cycle of dinos nerfed to the point they become worthless and deleted. If that is the path they continue to follow why even bother making anything new at all?
  15. Yet the balance changes still affect us in very negative ways too. Not every cluster owner is a master modder nor are all things changed realistically nor easily modded back in.
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