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  1. what's everyone doing for turkeys, over the last 2 days ive spent a total of about 5 hours just blanket killing everything i can find on the island and have found a whopping grand total of 13 super turkeys is the spawn rate that atrociously low or is it just another screw you to the playerbase on WC's part much like the dodorex catch me if you can sort of thing?
  2. our experience on island dodorex spawns at midnight every 3rd night. finding him in that time is always the issue. no one likes playing nice on pve anymore.
  3. skele carno rex and raptor on island give chibi xp from what i can tell the others dont. havent gotten chibi xp on gen2 maps at all that may be a programming thing though with the frequency of alpha's on that map.
  4. so manage to get back on after this QOL update. yep great quality of life update all 20 of my snails poof gone. ima take a wild guess and say if/when they reply to the ticket it'll go something along the lines of we cannot replace tames for something we raptored up on so you're poop out of luck. anyone else lose all their un podded snails this patch?
  5. all the magma saddle bp's ive personally seen have come from the yuty hunt mission in snow biome and something about poly mission in swamp biome.
  6. it really is confusing how a purchasable map(with dino's and items Specific to said map/era) equates to a paywall. oh wait never mind it's just the i bought the base game so everything that comes after base should be given to me regardless syndrome rearing it's head. to answer your question you can place and use the incubator without the engram you just cant make it yourself.
  7. antimeshing false positive, genesis part 2 server OC 1000 tribemeber landed on one of the ledges outdoors on the rockwell side of the map to spyglass some shadowmanes and got deleted by anti meshing.
  8. Muucow

    Card table

    they already have this it's called the pegomastix petting zoo, the itchy freeloading flier and the new nifty nogglin klepto bomb
  9. it's not a character dupe issue, it's a transfers issue my toon on gen 599 can put things into data but cannot transfer server, my toon on island 207 cannot receive items from data and cannot transfer.*edit* tested my epic account, same issue data transfers off of NA Ext 453 are enabled but character transfers themselves are not. so this is 100% not a character dupe issue.
  10. Yep same issue here last night 2/14/2121 touched the invisible wall underwater since we all know it doesnt show up until it's too late you know that thing they want to call a map boundry. other island players on the server were having the same issue a few nights prior as well. R.i.p gear x2 R.i.p lvl4 chibi and R.i.p capped and leveled argie even though you didnt know you died because you were tucked away in your pod.
  11. *backstory* Last week, raised 14 baby mantis on 7 tek troughs using raw meat(yeah i know they receive less food from raw as opposed to spoiled)while i was at work through 12 hour shifts. and had no issues, they ate approximately 3.5-4 troughs out of the 7 i had filled. *currently* log in today after sleeping to check on my new batch of 10 mantis which included my first melee mutation ive gotten since mantis became breedable same trough setup 7 full raw meat troughs was offline for 6 hours after filling. to find all but 2 of the babies dead and 7 empty troughs. rushed podded the 2 that wer
  12. OC-pve-crystalisles884 down 5 hours and counting no word of maintenance/extended maintenance or anything, these server downs are getting out of hand again. @Jatheish@NotDollie @Survivetheark
  13. today... i waited to log into my island server, then i waited some more and then waited some more, and then again some more, and here 4 hours later im waiting still. just loving how there was no thought given to what would happen to the servers with a free game giveaway.
  14. it was postponed, PC had the update pushed into downloads go check the tweets. so it was "ready" to go live. everyone whinging about the postponement is just throwing entitled tantrums. WC made a decision to do something with their game we as a player base just need to sit back and ride it out.
  15. My kudos to all you folks at WC for this decision, anyone getting their panties in a knot are just too tunnel-visioned to see the much larger global picture, anyone saying we paid for this needs to go back and take a look at themselves and their holier than thou needy attitudes and realize you paid a one time fee for a base game and or 3 dlc's(that you can play solo) you pay nothing for official servers you've paid nothing for multiple other dlc maps(CI included) as for the anniversary event, it's WC's party they can postpone it if they want to. This is not a life or death situation so waiting
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