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  1. Totally this. I know people who trade all sorts of things that aren't tek, that's how they acquire their tek. Make things that people need but are a pain in the butt to grind and people will buy them There are traders who specialise in consumables like kibble or ammo who rarely do boss fights or element drops.
  2. Use your context clues, we are discussing PVE there are no alpha tribes.
  3. Do they hold a new vote every time a new player joins to see whether there is 100% agreement? You and they are full of so much raptor poo, stop trying to justify selfishness
  4. T I have no aversion to playing games with people who play differently. I'm not the one making up my own rules on a public server
  5. None asked you to get involved at all. You decided to answer my question which was directed to the OP, maybe you should let people answer for themselves if they want to in future.
  6. You don't see the problem with them carrying newbies through boss fights and making the rest of the game pointless to these people? It's how are they keeping their sever "Healthy" It works like this New player Day 1 join server Day 2 get carried through boss fight ( no real involvement just stay at the back out of the road ) Day 3 what do we do now? we beat the game already Day 4 leave server look for new game Very helpful
  7. Personally if it was someone on my steam friends I would have given them a heads up if I had spotted ahead of time that the timers were about to run out. After they have run out I would collect as much as I could and store it for them message them give them maybe 6 weeks to reply. But if you just want to keep the stuff that is fine too, everyone knows the timers exist no one can expect anything if they don't refresh them If they arrive back and ask awkward questions you could tell them you didn't get there quickly enough for the BPS and cryos and those are lost to some of the
  8. Clearly you have no idea what I read from that post or the other thread. No one has to do anything. But people should be allowed to do as they please within the COC. Think carefully about what the OP and the other established tribes are actually doing. They are taking what many consider to be the end game for the Island and giving it to new players so that those new players will not do any of the things that are required to reach that end point. Not for the benefit of those new players but to ensure that no one else tries to enjoy the game and tame and breed their own boss army
  9. You're confusing me! You don't want people breeding their own dinos Yet in another thread you have started you say Ark is a breeding game
  10. What we really need is servers that are reliable enough to make the events enjoyable and worthwhile. I hatched gigas ( not a huge amount only 4 ) on the first day of valentines event, but due to server crashes and the resulting rollbacks they are as yet only at 48% matured. That's 7 real world days of 3x and 3 days of normal rates and still only 48%. One day I had the joy of imprinting them 4 times, that's the same imprint 4 times! Everytime as soon as I got them imprinted the server crashed and rolled back to before the imprint. I'd rather they spent their time dealing with t
  11. Much better community crunch, information about what you are doing to tackle issues to help the players base is much more valuable than some of the content of recent crunches The official network still needs a pretty big overhaul though. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland78 Uptime 7 Days: 74%. If you had a pizza delivered and 25% was missing I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be happy Hopefully you'll work on this now as I'd love to read that you'd sorted this in a crunch in the near future
  12. yeah getting salty because someone faceplamed a post can you believe it
  13. And I don't go around giving other forum members the finger. If you don't like other people having an opinion then maybe you should move on
  14. This is Wildcard all over EU PVE The Island 78 Downtime History Uptime7 Days: 76% Outages Beginning End Duration 02/18/2021 5:45 PM Ongoing 00:25 02/18/2021 5:13 PM 02/18/2021 5:33 PM 00:20 02/18/2021 3:45 PM 02/18/2021 4:04 PM 00:20 02/18/2021 2:53 PM 02/18/2021 3:13 PM 00:20 02/18/2021 2:04 PM 02/18/2021 2:33 PM 00:30 02/18/2021 1:14 PM 02/18/2021 1:33 PM 00:20 02/18/2021 12:15 PM
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