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  1. I agree it would be nice to have this sorted. We built a museum with every Ark creature, artifact and trophy. Initially it all went well and the display was great, but, with each update creatures started to disappear. The dermis are still in the taxidermy bases but over time fewer and fewer of the exhibits display. Not sure about buying them, maybe just a fix so they actually display when not on the map they were obtained.
  2. Yeah death isn't a penalty in fact you can actually gain from dying, chop up your body for some raw meat anyone. It was used quite a bit in early days of SE release for taming carnivores because of the short spoil timers there. Tribemates chopping each other up to feed the tame. It was a good way to get a raptor or direwolf and get you off that bottom rung of the survival ladder.
  3. Kite it on foot, go naked with a bow and a few arrows shoot it to attract it's attention, when it chases you.... die. Rinse and repeat till it's far enough away you feel comfortable. If you are handy enough you can put a sleeping bag down as it gets close to you so it's not as far to return. You won't lose your argie or any other dinos and you can have some fun learning about the dangers of Alphas and how close/far you need to be from them to be safe.
  4. After 5 years I'm ready to move on. I'm pretty sure the leadership at WC will be too. Remember they had an idea and built a whole studio round it, clearly they are creative and also risk takers. I don't see them being happy just churning out rehashed and updated versions of Ark. Sure Studio Wildcard could leave a team in place to develop a sequel. But for the founders I think they are driven and will want new projects
  5. No sorry, F key is to access inventory, then just hit the transfer all. My apologies i should have been clearer in my explanation.
  6. Yeah this is baby care in ark. Personally I prefer F key > transfer all, next baby > F key > transfer all You don't need to spend the whole baby phase doing this though, there are tools that can tell you when a baby will have enough food in it's inventory so that you can leave it without it starving
  7. They walk away when you aren't looking
  8. Maybe that's because they are new servers for all the community, not beginner servers for people who haven't played official in a while. The no transfer relates to resources and dinos so that people can't come in with pre-built structures or OP tames and claim the whole map. Even if you are 120 you still have to start with stone tools and grind your way up the same as every other player.
  9. i had a similar thing with a thyla, It was set to follow and I stopped to speak to a neighbour. When I jumped off the thyla it bolted and didn't stop till it had crossed a hill a river and came up against a cliff which is where I found it trying to run through the cliff. I checked and it was still on follow, jumped on and went back to base. Jumped off and it took off in the same direction once again. Luckily inside the base it just ran into the wall, I took it off follow and it stopped. Rode it into the hatchery and shut the doors, did the science, every time I whistled it to follow it b
  10. If they make it pay to play will they refund my money? I bought the game on the understanding from their advertising that it would be free to play. I never have and never will pay a subscription for a game. Imagine you bought your PC and it was buggy and kept crashing and the manufacturer told you they couldn't afford to sort it unless you paid them a monthly subscription. Or a car that broke down constantly and the maker said "Oh sorry about that, but, we have an idea! How about you pay us another £10 a month and we will try and make it more reliable" People are too ready to ac
  11. If you have a cryopod you could try podding it
  12. Knowing the potential for character loss, who doesn't screenshot their implants? I've been doing so for a while now, most of the other players I know do too.
  13. If you are in Brazil I can understand why you might want to play on an EU server where there may be other Portuguese speakers The question really shouldn't be why aren't you playing NA? But why aren't there servers for Africa/Middle East or South America?
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