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  1. Hemplethwaite

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    Totally agree with the OP on this, fog is a game stopper. It is way o frequent and always maximum fog never a light mist of a wee bit of Sea Haar . It gives me a sore head so I usually go and play something else when it starts.
  2. Hemplethwaite

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    Island, rag 4.Spyglass 8. Food SE 4.Spyglass 7. Canteen 8. Food Aberration 3.Climbing pick 4. Spyglass 7. Canteen 8.Food other slots depends what I'm doing really, if I'm just goofing around I won't really carry anything and don't wear any clothes (except in radiation or underwater ). So if I screw up I won't lose very much. I usually leave weapons etc in my mount till I need them they don't tend to die as easily as I do🙄. If I'm caving etc I use 3,4 and 5 for weapons because they are easy to reach in a pinch, 3 and 4 for ranged 5 for melee. 1 for sleeping bag, again easy to reach and chuck one down in a pinch and I'd pop my medibrews on 2 for the same reason. Spyglass goes from 4 into 9 because you are never really going to use it in a situation where you don't have much time
  3. Hemplethwaite

    Why is it possible to get a ban for that?Offical pve problems

    I agree, I'm not saying the rule is perfect and I'd hope that a GM wouldn't consider a 30 or 40 Rexes for a Boss army / reserves and breeders to be tame spamming
  4. Hemplethwaite

    Why is it possible to get a ban for that?Offical pve problems

    There is a rule in the code of conduct which covers this https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames and/or rafts
  5. You are probably right, I've enjoyed two and a half years of Ark but I won't buy an Ark 2 for 10 to 20 new dinos and a bit of extra polish. It's a bit like buying a car that is really fun to drive but has a bad habit of breaking down on you. You put up with the niggles but you don't rush out and buy another one just because they added bluetooth and a parking camera.
  6. Before you can say whether you are going to buy a potential Ark 2 I think you have to ask what would Ark 2 be? A rehash of original where the devs learned from their mistakes but essentially with the same dinos and game experience tarted up a bit, without the glitches and exploits. Or a totally new game, a continuation of the story but with new biomes, creatures and challenges For me I wouldn't pay again for a bug fixed, updated but essentially the same content sequel. The Devs have to come up with something new that will give me the same wow factor I experienced when i first got into Ark but continues the story. The days of early access when the dino taming survival thing was new and the updates were frequent were definitely the halcyon days of Ark it's paled a bit in Official to be honest. Oh and better quality of life balance would be a nice feature in any proposed Ark 2.My bank manager insists I put as much money into my account as I take out and my boss insists I turn up and work before he pays me. He even veto'd my proposed "Ark Day" ( like a snow day for any significant updates or events) and refused me paternity leave when I was rearing gigas and wyverns. So I'd need WC to work with me a bit on that to make it fit in better with people who still exist to some extent in the real world.
  7. Hemplethwaite

    Tame cape Limit only 500 a tribe

    If you can't make the game work with 500 dinos I think you are the one that needs to look at their competence. If you are competent you manage your resources. That's part of the game. Shock news just in. You can store kibble in fridges for imprinting. Game design isn't what forces players to keep dinos they don't need, especially low level egg layers in kibble farms.Poor planning is why players keep dinos they don't use and then whine because they have reached limit and can't tame or breed.
  8. Hemplethwaite

    Tame cape Limit only 500 a tribe

    I have been told that scorpions have no involvement in rex breeding. Once you have tamed a decent boy rex and a decent girl rex you can put them together and they will make baby rexes. Kill the scorpions, free up space
  9. Hemplethwaite

    Tame cape Limit only 500 a tribe

    500 is a pretty generous. If you are sensible and only keep the dinos you will actually use on a long term basis. Everything else should be temporary, transient, transitional, retained till their purpose is fulfilled then disgarded or recycled. For example, once you have tamed your Rexes with your Pulmonoscorpius kibble, you really don't need those scorpions anymore. Convert them into a chitin helmet and a nice pair of gloves. Or Dilos, how many people have 10 or 12 Dilos that they don't need hanging about their bases? Once you have tamed a couple of decent Ankys and Doeds, those Dilos could be a nice pair of leather pants and a few tasty steaks instead. I could give more examples but I'm sure you have already got the drift of what I'm saying.
  10. Hemplethwaite

    Complete Lack of Content

    170 different dinos to tame, 5 supported maps each with their own bosses and caves and that's just on official servers. I really don't think this is a game that lacks content. Did you mean to post in the sea of thieves forum?
  11. Hemplethwaite

    Would you really quit if.....

    You don't play official, but, you want a server wipe? Nice to have an argument for a wipe from someone who it wouldn't affect. I can't help thinking that there is a bit of jealousy involved in this topic as a whole, and the ones advocating a wipe hope it would give them a chance to compete with the large tribes they envy.
  12. Hemplethwaite

    Boss Fights Via Supply Drop?

    We have a supply drop comes down next to our base and always use this for boss fights, usually one a day maybe 2 on a Saturday and Sunday. We leave our rexes and yuti close by and just whistle them in when the drop is coming down. By the time it lands we usually have them organised and tributes all ready. Never had any issues doing boss runs from the drop.
  13. Hemplethwaite

    Once again Thanks ! Merci !

    Maybe the server distribution is wrong for the player numbers on the respective platforms, too many xbox and not enough PC servers?
  14. Hemplethwaite

    Spinosaurus Sail. instinct?

    You can get the megalania out of the cave walls by eating rare flowers to make them aggro on you. Using these techniques we have enough sails and toxin to run the beta monkey a couple of times every day and can still pass a few sails on to other tribes on the server when they are short. Don't let people sneering put you off, run the bosses you want
  15. Hemplethwaite

    Spinosaurus Sail. instinct?

    You need element to make and run some of the Tek gear. It's much more efficient to build and maintain Tek with beta boss runs. If you only ever do the boss once and can't use the engrams you obtained you'd be as well not bothering with the boss really.