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  1. Sorry I thought you had made a request for advice. Please change the thread title to "look at my weird flex shark ball." so others don't waste their time trying to give sensible advice which you weren't really looking for.
  2. Cryo the females as they produce the babies, this will take them out of the way and make the babies much easier to claim. If you are still having an issue press H to give you a crosshair which makes targeting specific babies much easier
  3. Not sure your argument about inconsistency holds water. When was the free week on steam? Thousands of EGS players got the base game for nothing. perhaps this should go on r/choosingbeggars
  4. Spent 3 hours on official Island server tonight on foot searching for turkeys Total = 1
  5. I like this, I'm a big fan of pack dinos. I think you should concentrate on the wolves and try to keep it pure without other tames mixed in The main issue is the relatively low health pool of things like wolves and hyaenodons so one good bite from the giga might wipe out the whole lot on one hit. Might be better to and split them and hold some back for a second wave after the initial attack has dropped the giga's health Hope to hear how you get on with this. Good luck
  6. Is this the 4 year old issue that affects lots of games built on Unreal Engine? Games like Dead by Daylight PUBG, Valorant Tekken 7 and Ark? Have you asked Epic Games what they are doing to fix it?
  7. I have to ask every PVE player who has commented, why do you care what a PVP player thinks is or isn't broken on PVE? The OP is a PVP player with a total of 3 forum posts and has only been playing since the Epic giveaway. He has trolled you all into getting salty amongst yourselves. He hasn't commented any further and is probably just sitting back laughing at this thread. SMFH
  8. Raft with a trap built underneath to shoot from, and a helpful ( preferably not to bright) tribemate for bait to keep bringing them back when they start to swim away
  9. Agree with the above and would add you should stay on the server till it has done at least one save. If you just hop in and hop out and the server has a rollback before it saves that you refreshed your structures ....they will be lost.
  10. Hacking and Exploiting Hacking and Exploiting Hacking or exploiting game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage over other players is not tolerated. not limited to but can include: Floating structures or structures that extend past normal building limits on platform saddles or rafts for PVP purposes I think the important part is "for PVP purposes"
  11. On The plus side Alpha Megalodons don't seem to have the new effects.
  12. Are you waiting for a server save when you login to refresh timers? If you don't and the server crashes and rolls back just after you leave it will be like you never refreshed the timers.
  13. It may just be me but I find it easier to give a collective noun to the annoying creatures, with so many viable options for each I went for alliteration for consistency ( I know I clearly have way too much spare time and nothing better to do ) An Irritation of Ichthyornis A Maddening of Microraptors A Perturbation of Purlovia An Assault of Allosaurus A Terrorization of Troodon A Chaos of Compsognathus A Tyranny of Thylacoleo
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