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  1. Agreed, leave them in the upload if you are going to be away for an extended period. I had a char in there for months and downloaded him to CI when the map dropped with no issues.
  2. Just for the record I'd have done the same at the obi. I'm not criticising that decision. But it is actually easier if you build near a drop, they are predictable and grouped by area. We learned there is a group of 8 drops where our base is located and we built so we have 2 very close one either side of our base that we can force to spawn by nipping round the other drops in the group and either looting or dropping the contents. When the drop starts to descend whistle your boss dinos to the spot. We have a vault as close as we could build to each drop location next to our base and after every boss run we prime it with the correct artifacts and tributes for the next run. It's an easy ( with an empty inventory ) take all, deposit all, to allow you to start the boss fight. We can even do this on the fly without planning now. If we happen to be at the base and see the drop coming down we might just decide to go do it. One of us grabs the artis and tributes whilst another whistles the dinos to the drop. This takes less time than travelling to an obi with all your boss fight dinos, especially if you have friends travelling from other servers, if they are regular visitors ally with them and they can build an outpost with a bed next to your base. And the biggest thing, you are very unlikely to get to the drop and find it's blocked by someone else's dinos unlike an obi.
  3. The enforcement team are separate to the team who deal with lost characters and dinos. If you raise a ticket for this they will act quickly and they will just wipe the dinos off the obi. We even had a GM dealing with another issue on our Island server who spotted dinos on an Obi. He gave the tribes 5 minutes to contact him in global. After that he went round and cleared all the obis. It hasn't been an issue on that server since and gave the rest of the server a good laugh too.
  4. My base on the island is next to 2 drops and I use them regularly to do boss fights
  5. As has already been said there are lots of options. What's your end goal? Do you intend to transfer off the map or do you just want to do a boss fight? Transmitter is the best option to transfer off if you have the engram Boss fights can be started from drops. If you have one near your base set up next to that ready to go when it next comes down
  6. We've been playing Ark here on Venus for 8 years, what's wrong with that earth boy? or 7 days, it's a bit odd here!
  7. Best to try both. Official gives you a whole network of hundreds of servers to choose from, lots of people to trade with and learn from. It's a bit McDonald's you know exactly what to expect, the servers are the same the level of the bosses and the difficulty is the same. Which legitimizes what you do, If you beat a boss on Official no one can dispute that achievement Unofficial is a bit more like choosing a local take-away, you aren't quite sure when you enter what you are going to get. The owner may be a diuck and give preferential treatment to his regulars, there is also more chance that the next to you want to visit it will have stopped trading. But they may have some specials that you just can't get anywhere else.
  8. I agree, the decision to open already struggling servers to a whole new community was ill conceived to say the least. It made the birthday event worthless as servers were more heavily impacted than usual and gave the new players from Epic a really bad experience of the game. I've no objection to the new players however if WC really wanted to capitalise they should have provided fresh servers for the new players to get their feet wet, giving them the best experience possible and then after 6 weeks or 2 months tried to transition these into the main cluster.
  9. You have to put yourself out there in the first place. Join a server. This is from a PVE perspective. Be friendly to people already there and people will most likely be friendly back. Don't beg for dinos and free stuff because you are new, this will put people on the server off you right away. Make a genuine attempt to fit in, stop and say hello to people you might pass as you travel round. Most will stop and chat for a few minutes, they'll probably be happy enough to tell you what they are doing at the moment, looking for a specific high level dino that kind of thing. Don't screw others over, for tames or resources. For example, if you go to farm metal and someone else is already there, don't turn it into a competition. Say hello, tell them as they are farming you'll move on and come back another time. You''ll build respect from other players as someone who is fair and an asset to the server. Be prepared to help others out. On the Island established tribes are always on the look out for Spino sails for boss runs. Keep a hold of things like this that are in short supply even if you can't use them someone else might be very glad of them. Once you have established yourself like this regular players will see you as one of them, they will trade with you, go on boss fights or caving expeditions with you, invite you to alliances or their discord. This is how friendships are built.
  10. Anyone know which it is, this comes up everytime someone asks about he Dragon. The Wiki says both, sometimes in the same paragraph check recommended tames and dangers to see what I mean. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Dragon A definitive answer would be nice.
  11. Not exactly the same but I did once have a Quetz fall on top of Titanomyrma drones when I knocked it out. Of course they were directly underneath, so I couldn't do anything about them and had to let the quetz wake up again but didn't have enough darts left to knock it out again. Happy days!
  12. That's your side. But how do you know what their thoughts were? You did say, and I quoted you, They will have their own version of what has gone down and why.
  13. I don't know the full situation but if he was one of those who started the tribe he maybe felt he had the right to the stuff he took. Maybe much of the effort to get the tribe established was put in by him and then a lot of new players were allowed to join and the tribe became unpleasant for him to remain in. I've seen it before where new people join and start to take over, make all the decisions use tribe resources as if they were freely obtained and some of the original tribe members think the best thing to do is just take what they consider belongs to them and start fresh on their own. every coin has 2 sides. Oh and to answer your question. GMs won't help with this, it's your word against theirs who the rightful owner of the stuff is. How do you prove you farmed the poly and ingots, tamed or bred the dinos. Maybe they were all legitimately the property of the player who left?
  14. In PVE, if the structure isn't yours you shouldn't be entering unless invited. Whatever happens to you if you do enter uninvited is a direct consequence of your own actions and no-one can be blamed except you. If however they invited you in with the intention of trapping you then I would think they would be in breach of the COC
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