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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Boss Fights Via Supply Drop?

    We have a supply drop comes down next to our base and always use this for boss fights, usually one a day maybe 2 on a Saturday and Sunday. We leave our rexes and yuti close by and just whistle them in when the drop is coming down. By the time it lands we usually have them organised and tributes all ready. Never had any issues doing boss runs from the drop.
  2. No Transfers out of EU PVE OFFICIAL Aberration 225

    @lilpanda Yes all sorted now. Thanks for the quick response, especially as it's at the weekend very much appreciated
  3. No Transfers out of EU PVE OFFICIAL Aberration 225

    Credit to WC in under an hour someone was on the server investigating this problem
  4. Our tribe plays on 2 aberration servers and transfer rock drakes between them, since today there is no creature tabs in the drops and we cannot upload items either. Anyone else having similar issues? The other server we play on also EU PVE OFFICIAL doesn't have this problem. It gets worse:- We have discovered that we can't even upload our Characters to get them back to Island server to look after our dinos there! This needs an urgent fix @lilpanda @Jatheish
  5. Once again Thanks ! Merci !

    Maybe the server distribution is wrong for the player numbers on the respective platforms, too many xbox and not enough PC servers?
  6. Insta-death now unable to connect to server

  7. Spinosaurus Sail. instinct?

    You can get the megalania out of the cave walls by eating rare flowers to make them aggro on you. Using these techniques we have enough sails and toxin to run the beta monkey a couple of times every day and can still pass a few sails on to other tribes on the server when they are short. Don't let people sneering put you off, run the bosses you want
  8. Spinosaurus Sail. instinct?

    You need element to make and run some of the Tek gear. It's much more efficient to build and maintain Tek with beta boss runs. If you only ever do the boss once and can't use the engrams you obtained you'd be as well not bothering with the boss really.
  9. The future of Ark, after Extinction?

    I'd suggest the name Resurrection for the follow up to Extinction, an attempt to recover humanity and rebuild civilisation. it could be predominantly water based, that choice seems popular in this thread. As DJRone has said new content is what will keep servers and the community active
  10. So how do you feel about Anzha?

    Perhaps the sea levels rose and led to their demise as the available landmass shrank?
  11. megatribes cheaters prosper!

    The link to snail games may well be untrue, but without a positive statement of facts from WC people are always going to speculate on the whats and whys of the matter and believe rumors without any evidence just because they sound plausable. People are looking for explanations, if WC don't provide them they leave themselves open to other peoples version of events becoming the accepted "truth" of the matter. If they don't want people spreading a falsehood then they need to make the actual facts known. Recently in another thread someone complained about exploits being used in new official servers, certain people called BS against that someone because he didn't have proof of duping and other exploits he complained about, and they were happy to pronounce that without proof use of exploits on new official didn't exist. We all know better now don't we? Please remember that absence of proof is not the same as the claim being false.
  12. megatribes cheaters prosper!

    A total and complete wipe for all servers? What you propose here is to punish the innocent as well as the guilty which is a good way to drive everyone except cheaters away from the game. People who have played legitimately would be much harder hit by a wipe because they spent their time building what other obtained through nefarious actions. Or to use one of your own analogies, kill everyone in the town of Salem because, witches American Declaration of independence...WT actual Raptor are you on about!? The two things bare no relation to each other if you try to plug the various parties into your analogy British are wildcard and the american colonies are Ark, the playerbase are the settlers.....oh oh. The Cheaters will declare independence and take Ark away from wildcard. And by extension.....Hey America you're all cheaters according to Probitas. Give back what you have stolen from us!! Or maybe that's wrong maybe you meant The Cheaters are the British........Hey Britain, you're all cheaters according to Probitas Ark is the American colonies and Wildcard are the settlers trying to take back their game from the cheaters.....but who are the rest of the player base all available factions are already taken. Perhaps the playerbase does not exist. (Existential crisis time) Ok how about, Ark is the cheaters, the American colonies are wildcard and the British are the playerbase. Not sure who the bad guy is in this scenario, oh well let's just go for........Hey everyone you're all cheaters according to Probitas I would have tried more permutations but my brain has started to hurt, and the doctors say we can't have another coffee shop incident so I'd better lie down for a while till the feeling passes
  13. megatribes cheaters prosper!

    I'm assuming this applies to both PVE and PVP servers
  14. cheaters prosper!

    They aren't going to show people the holes they are patching because it may give them ideas about other exploits. As Blackavar said it's a warning to those that might be sailing close to the edge. If you are playing clean it shouldn't be an issue to you really
  15. When is the Valentine event?

    I hope they spend their time and effort on the TLC pass and bug fixes, we get 2x HP, taming, farming evo almost every weekend and breeding evos++ often enough to keep me happy. I don't have or want to breed dinos every weekend. Sometimes I like to have a bit of time to do caves and fun stuff and not just grind food for babies Core game and quality of life improvements would be more beneficial to the community in the long run. If they have to have a valentines event maybe they should have a cupids bow that you could use to shoot an enemy and the next type of dino you shoot with the bow will attack that enemy where ever they go on the map ( cool down after 20 minutes or death) You could make it herbivores only to add a comedy element, how fun would it be to have someone you dislike mobbed to death by dodos or lystros I think that would add a real fun dynamic to a valentine event.