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  1. AngelicVix3n, didnt know you are into artwork. Good job , btw. Fan of your yt channel.
  2. Then fix the problem, you have been informed and decide to ban HOD. I dont even play pvp because of mesh thing. #FreeHOD
  3. Nice event and congrats to owner of Fan Feature of the Week! That looks awsome
  4. Morimoto

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Server 494 crashes alot on x2 events (weekends), sometimes even few hours. This problem need to be solved, cant even play like that.
  5. Wow. Really? We helped into game development, report bugs, support the game buy EA and now we get no support? Its like you save someones life and get backstabbed. Thats why i dont trust ppl. Shame on you Wildcard.
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