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  1. In Creative Mode it unlocks all the engrams. But if you haven’t legitimately learned some of the Tek Tier engrams you can‘t use them after logging out. You have to use the give engrams cheat for tek or give yourself ascension to unlock the engrams permanently.
  2. Yes. But the radial is for whilst unmounted. But you have to keep bringing up the radial to go from 1st to 3rd and back again. Just a touch frustrating. Lol! Ahh the joys of console! Lol! Ark on Xbox now has keyboard and mouse support and the January sales will be on soon. ?
  3. That isn’t the point. Break the world down into regions. Now estimate the number of players in each region. Allowing for PVE and PVP. Now estimate the number of servers for each mode for each region. Now look at what we have now. You can’t estimate the number because people have multiple characters playing different modes. Globally there would be servers with low activity. These could be grouped to save cost. Which is what they do do. There would be servers which are dead during the day because people with jobs can’t play Ark whilst at work. The only people on during employm
  4. I usually start on South Zone 1. Over the water and on the cliff to the left. It blocks 2 drops but I’m not too bothered. There’s another 4 at least in eyeshot. There a explorer note up their so I get a little boost. The grounds flat and I don’t have to build Dino gates everywhere as nothing of great danger ever comes near. Lag really pee’s me off. I used to build on herbivore island but brontos are a PITA. So I just build my metal outpost their and my ankies are nice and safe. Flying the metal back can get quite tedious too. I just use a raft every now and then and pray nothing atta
  5. Pilgrimz Project, GG Fizz and On Cue all do great build tutorials on YouTube. Like someone said just adapt their build strategy to fit your needs. watching a heap of these with help you with how building mechanics work, the dimensions needed and what materials go together. For me, wood and metal is a no no. But a stone build with wooden features looks spot on. Some of the modern builds look quite awesome too. Bit costly, but if aesthetics is your thing then it’s something to aim for.
  6. Region Locked servers doesn’t make business sense. They want the servers to be running at max capacity 24/7 so they get more bang for their buck. If region locking was a thing, then their servers would be empty during normal working hours, and that’s money down the drain. And the PVP world would slowly come to an end. Very rarely do people raid someone whilst both parties are online. Region locking servers, Online raiding would be the norm.
  7. You have to have it set in your personal options/settings too. when you’re mounted it’s either LB or RB to switch from one to the other. Can’t remember which. And you can freely switch from 1st to 3rd at the click of a button. But the box must be ticked in player options.
  8. Someone changed their difficulty up to 1.0. LMAO! put it back down to 0.2. When you’re ready crank it up. Slightly. Little bit at a time. When you load in after changing the Difficulty, open up the admin commands and type. Cheat DestroyWildDinos This will not effect your tames but will force the game to spawn in dinos at the new setting. Takes a minute or so for them to spawn back in.
  9. It rains everyday on the Island. I would welcome that bug with open arms. My rain pattern is usually at round midnight so I can’t see the Santa drops. Or when ever I’m exploring somewhere new. Again, so I can’t see squat. Making it a very boring experience.
  10. I think in Single Player you can adjust the Structure Resistance to Zero. Meaning your structures become invincible. What I’m not sure about though is if rafts fall into this category or not. I would suggest testing it first with a newly crafted raft. No need to sink foundations etc. Just take it along the shore and agro something. Could use a sacrificial Dodo to lure a Sarco. I feel so bad for saying that. But it would be for a good cause. Let us know how you get on.
  11. Whilst in game press the pause button (small button on the right) where you can access options and resume. At the bottom of that list is the option to use keyboard and mouse. AWSD move character. Arrow keys move camera. So not left handed friendly. ? No keybinding option on Xbox. Keyboard controls can be found on the wiki.
  12. I want one of the stone collecting Dinos but I can’t find one. Haven’t checked out the mosh pit yet so I suspect they are all hiding up there.
  13. I loath the Raptor Pounce. The speed alone was bad enough, but adding the ability to knock you off your tame and pin you to the ground with no way to escape is ridiculous. And it happens so quickly, that 9 times out of 10 you have no time to react. Why can’t I just smack the thing around the head with my pick axe. That would soon teach it a lesson.
  14. I suggest single player. Use Woof Poof (YouTube) single player settings. DO NOT put the difficulty up to 1.0 until you are established. I decrease Dino Count to 0.75 to decease the amount of Raptors. Stay in South Zone and build Out Posts to do specific things. My base is in South Zone 1. Very safe. I have a Forge on Herbivore Island with 4 Anky tames to get my metal. A Tree Platform at the base of the Volcano for Tree Sap and a resting point to regain stamina. I was lucky enough to get a Tapejara very early on. Weight on Tappy is better then Ptera. My main objective early on is get
  15. In SP I’m finding landIng my Tappy on the gift as it comes done rather handy. It means I can regain stamina for a quick in and out when the gift lands and speed off to the next one.
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