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  1. I will like to buy you a 445% yellow female giga and blue male giga, and get 5 eggs 425%. thank, waiting your answer

  2. Fieromyr

    Game freezing issues

    Not related to NVIDIA only, same problem on AMD here. Digging into it. I'll post again if I figure out a solution.
  3. Fieromyr

    MEK no Dmg and Unable to Hit still AFTER update

    Seeing the same symptoms. Please fix!
  4. Fieromyr

    can a spino take on an alpha rex

    It will be highly dependent on the saddle armor of your Spino. Alpha Rexes have more than twice the health of a titanosaur at level 150. (500k+) Their melee damage doesn't scale as much and is mitigated well by high armor saddles. If you have a 100+ saddle, you shouldn't have an issue.
  5. Fieromyr

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    It's not unheard of for Mods to become official. It has happened in the past. A solution of the sort for breeding/egg farms could bring back tons of players who quit over the tame cap.
  6. Fieromyr

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    Going to place my input here. As for the clean stats. It is simple, there's no way for me to know what mutation it is, and it takes tons of breeding to pass it on, based on the seller's word. The issue you propose is not the tool, it's the method. The mutation system needs a rework. I think that Mutations need an increase in probability and that there has to be a deterrent from having tons of females on a rack. Personally. I think the solution would be to increase mutation chance, increase Mating timers, add a Mating timer to Males after Mating, and put a limit on Species' Mating Production Weekly. A Reset System similar to MMOs with Raiding would benefit ARK tremendously for breeding. @Demerus We spoke about this below, maybe you'd like to weigh in. ------------------------------- Egg Farm Input ------------------------------------------------------ The current Kibble System is ingenious. Wildcard put a lot of thought into the kibble system and it works well. However, the servers can not handle it and the tame cap is affected horribly by it. There is a solution that keeps the content of the Kibble System and solves lag issues. The funnier part about it is that the functionality is pretty much there already to solve it. Most of us wouldn't have had the thrill of dying in the swamp taming Dimetrodons or doing any of the thrilling tames that are involved with the egg farms. So without further adieu, let me propose a solution and tag some of WC and the new Mod Community Manager. @ZenRowe @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz --------------------------- Proposed Egg Farm Solution ----------------------------------------- Idea: Implement a Egg Farm Storage Vault. One Per Tribe Per Server Limit it to a Set Number of Slots. Add a way to put food into it. Decay Timer 8 Days as Usual for Dinos If the Vault is Refreshed, so are the Dinos. Remove these dinos from tame cap/tribe cap. (Just as obelisk storage does already) Benefits: No more lag from mass egg farm structures. Removes probably a thousand or more dinos from every server's tame cap. Improves performance of servers as they don't have to render any part of the dinos and just have to accept information from a separate server. (I'm assuming Obelisk Storage is a separate server) Quality of Life; Feeding is a simpler task for Tribes, those who have jobs, families, less time to play, would appreciate this change. Facts: Obelisk Storage is a temporary thing currently for moving items and dinos between servers. Spoil Timers still apply to items in Obelisk Storage. Food Drain still applies to dinos in Obelisk Storage. Last but not least, Wildcard needs some kind of Microtransactions or Sub benefits. They deserve it and that would help them drastically.
  7. Does the dossiers include SE species?