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  1. Spent some time on each new therizino today...added maybe 12-15 levels on each one. I found a few alpha along the way to help but noticed many areas that are traditionally full of wild dinos are getting thin and re-spawns are not coming very quickly. I may need to dino-wipe. It is not too much of an issue right now but I will need some fresh meet when I prep the rex army for the tek cave after the dragon. lol. Grind, grind, grind. Work is never done.
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  2. Thanks for the tip. I was planning on bringing foundations for a little bit so now I’ll just bring a few extra. I went saber hunting last night but couldn’t find a high level. Killed all the lesser ones. Sunday I should have time to find one and run the cave. I’ll let you guys know how I do..
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  3. Checked on the dinos on Valguero, fed them, switched 8 hours away from hatching giga egg in the hatchery for a freshly laid one. Checked on the wyverns on Crystal Isles, gave them some more crystals, looked for supply crates (didn't find anything good). Worked on my singleplayer base, added more trees to the garden part, some more machicolations to the walls, more crystals to the decorative half of the lake. Also, since I use Human NPC mod, I built three houses in the part of the base where animals will be kept and crops will be grown. Each house is 2 long, three wide, with a fireplace, a kettle, a table, two chairs, and two beds (in the attic). Sure, humans from that mod aren't advanced enough to make use of all that, but I just want it to look like a small village of sorts, rather than an animal pen. ... Finished the machicolations, now I just gotta put all the walled archways, and roof toppers, and a glass buoy after every three rooftoppers, and lanterns above the rest of the gates, and switch all the Legacy CKF keep pieces to obsidian, and then, finally, my base will be done and I'll be able to actually play on that save. It's still a ton of work to do, but way, way less than building the rest of it was.
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  5. Fix tek trikes so they can transfer off Genesis and fix Corrupted Master Controller so he drops his flag like he's supposed to. I earned that damn flag but have not gotten it once.
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