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  1. SP, The Island Ive been taking a break from taming and breeding the required dinos for my boss army to just chill on Herbi island and upgrade my outpost there while I hunted for basilos. I’ve probably put 5-6 real hours into trying to find good levels and just yesterday I found a max level female and an almost max level male. Not bad! After a bit of breeding, I’ll keep the parents in cryopods and use the offspring as my caving basilo so I have redundancies if I die. I gotta figure out how to take screenshots on Xbox.. my little cabin looks pretty nice now, it’s a great p
  2. SP, The island Nothing too exciting but yesterday I didn’t feel like doing anything adventurous or dangerous so I thought “one day, I’ll need a ton of metal for saddles and ammo”. Got 5k on my Argys and brought it back home from my volcano forge outpost. Not a ton, but something to get started with. I like being at the volcano for obvious reasons, but I’ve had a hard time harvesting efficiently enough with my anky so I’ve resorted back to just doing it by hand and dumping on the argy. Thanks for doing that leg work for me! I play on reduced difficulty so I agree, I
  3. SP, Island Not much to report today, I haven’t had time to start breeding ‘cause I only had an hour here and there to play. I got all the mats to make like 20 cryopods minus the polymer, flew it to blue Ob and stored the mats in it, flew down to the floating icebergs to say hi to some penguins with my sword and dumped all that polymer into the Obas well. Took said cryopods, stored most and used the rest to cryo all my Argys. Now I’m at my volcano forge outpost with a pile of Argys, planning to bring a bunch of metal back to base (I need more guns and ammunition). I’ve a
  4. I do not have a good BP. Which cave would you farm for drops?
  5. SP, The island Made huge advances in my quest to finish the first story ark. Still a long way to go, but it’s been a while since I made this much progress. My husband went away for 9 days for work, I don’t think I’ve ever played so much in such a short time. It was truly a nice time. I’ll summarize my activities in a list, because if I wrote it in story mode it would be way too long. - Tamed a pair of beautiful Theris (max level for my difficulty setting). These will be my boss army breeders. I have yet to really get balls-deep into breeding, but there’s enough YouTube vi
  6. SP, The island I got so much done yesterday... wow. I’m not even sure where to start! I think last time I posted I was starting my volcano outpost. It took me a lot of grinding but I finally went from a tiny wooden shack to a beautiful stone and greenhouse hangout. I crafted my first ever industrial forge, and that’s where it lives. The greenhouse panels allow for a wicked view of the whole map and makes hanging out at the volcano pretty enjoyable. After bringing back all my building dinos to my main base in Hidden Lake, I went about getting stuff together for an ind
  7. SP, The Island, Great start to my kibble farm! Wow, this must be the easiest task I’ve done in a while. I needed that, too, because I’d suffered a few major losses in the recent past. Today I Got a male iguanodon and 4 females. I have lots of advanced crops saved up, and got 2 high(ish) level females so if I ever need to I can ride one. I have a comfy outpost at the red ob which was perfect for this. I then got a pair of oviraptors to I guess... set the mood. Ive already got a whack of argys and argy Eggs so I’ve got superior kibble covered. Next, I’m getting th
  8. Nice! Everyone’s been up to quite a bit since I last checked. I love it, since I read the forums on days that I can’t play so I get my fill of ARK-ness. SP, Island After the death of my caving bary, I decided to take a step back. Here I am trying to start my boss army when I don’t even have proper kibble to tame anything or haven’t built the latest technology to craft more effeciently. I’ve been trying to rush my way to a broodmother army because I’m excited, but obviously having already cut some corners. SO... I’ve committed myself to starting a proper kibble fa
  9. SP, The Island Bear with me here. My gameplay had been riddled with heartbreaking loss lately. After a dino death it’s hard to stay positive in order to fix whatever just happened. In my last episode, I explained how I was levelling my caving bary while looking for my first basilo to tame. I spent quite a few days doing this without any real drama. Betty (the bary) had gotten pretty strong and I was starting to feel really good about caving with her after the basilo was found. We would get overburdened with good resources/loot, ditch it onto the argy nearby and go out for more advent
  10. SP, Island So I took DodoRaptor’s advice and went to herb island to look for basilos. I happen to have an outpost there already which made things more comfortable.I’ve seen tons of the whales, but all very low levels. I keep clearing the spawns but still only low levels replace them. Oh well! I’m confident I’ll find a good one soon. The process is also good for levelling my bary, which will be a caving tame once it’s bit stronger. At night I’ve just been upgrading the outpost and putting all the day’s loot into my argent along with any broken scuba tanks. the searc
  11. SP, The island After taming a pair of ovis this weekend, I finally got to the point where I have to start going into the water. I’ve been avoiding this part of the game entirely so far since a lot of bad stuff lives in the ocean, but I need the underwater artifacts. I used the SCUBA gear for the first time while riding my bary, that’s actually pretty fun! Still getting used to navigating underwater though. I’m looking to tame a good basilo for the water caves. I didn’t realize that cryopods and cryofridges were things I was able to craft outside of a Tek replicator. I’m n
  12. SP, Island I did so much over the weekend, I’m really happy. After my drama trying to tame a queen bee, I was happy to do some grinding around the base and just chill, make quality of life adjustments. During the day I’ve been hunting for Ovis in their spawn areas but I’ve only ever seen one in my entire time on this map. It’s getting to be a pretty frustrating search. At night I got busy hatching the argent eggs clogging up my fridge, patched a pesky hole in my house, crafted my first ever industrial grill (how have I lived this long without it?), expanded my artifact display and my work
  13. I finally did it! I finally got a queen bee. Well, two of them. (SP, the island) ive been camped out on my tree platform in the redwoods for what seems like forever. At first I was looking for a good direbear and then I went looking for a queen bee so I could get a hive for my base. That so far has been the longest and most gruelling project I’ve undertaken so far in my gameplay. I lost so many direbears in the pen or on my way back to base until I finally managed to protect one well enough to make it back. Then, finding a bee hive that wasn’t empty was another huge chal
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