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  1. Well me personally, I would at least skim through a bunch of pages before commenting to see if what I am thinking of saying was already said by others and is unnecessary to be said. At the minimum I would read the first page and the last page to see where the conversation started and where it currently is. As to whether the OP should go back in and edit the title, yea maybe. But that doesn't change my own personal responsibility to be aware of what has been said already before commenting. Back to the topic tho, I havent seen any official comment on this issue from WC nor have I seen
  2. Here is the problem, when this thread was started it wasnt known if the issue was specific to a certain platform. Through the weeks of discussing it people have realized it seems to only effect pc players. That is why you need to read through the thread before you post if you want to actually contribute to the conversation.
  3. Can someone explain what is meant by this cause I dont understand. How do maewings give better food values to babies? The only thing I can think of that gives an advantage is having the ability to have 300 stacks in the maewing instead of the 60 stacks in a standard trough or 100 in a tek trough. But that to me doesnt equal a better food value. It almost sounds like what is being said here is that each piece of meat being fed to a baby through a maewing gives more food to the baby than other methods.
  4. Every new map that comes out in Ark is subject to a few months of no transfers other than naked characters, gen2 is no different. It will open up sooner than later. The player drop is also very consistent with what has happened with basically every new map that has come out in the few years Ive been playing.
  5. Lost at least 3 this way earlier on in gen2, now I have been doing good for like a month without losing any. Cant let the stryder touch the ground or trees while in the skiff tractor beam or they will likely fall through the map. Just gotta be real careful with moving the stryder around with the skiff and it wont happen. They really need to fix it imo tho.
  6. It still works. Best way is purple drops for the high lvl enraged rexes. The ones that spawn naturally in that corner are usually like under lvl 50 so they dont give you much xp.
  7. Last time I tried like 6 months ago, the female got to 100% addicted then upon turning back to small form it glitched through the floor and died to anti mesh. That killed my interest in breeding these things. Its a shame cause I would like to.
  8. This has been a thing since the missions on gen1, people would setup turrets at the choke points where a brute dino would spawn such as the brute golems. It made the missions easier sure, but I would in no way consider this "cheating". Most of the time these tribes would turn off their turret spots when not in use so they arent wasting element on random dinos in the area. If they are leaving them on 24/7 I can see that as a bit annoying for the people trying to tame in those areas sure, but cheating?? thats pretty laughable to me. Theres nothing not legit about doing a mission this way just as
  9. Meanwhile im still trying to figure out how to keep the skiff landed on a tp in space. It lands, puts the ramp down, I get off and its instantly floating back in the air everytime.
  10. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mutagen_(Genesis:_Part_2)#Cost Its on the wiki..
  11. They are talking about the candys that come with most events that change the colors of creatures for 24 hours along with adding a speed increase. I havent seen them this event though.
  12. Go into the game options and disable I think its called default survivor items.
  13. Thats strange cause I have been down in the volcano farming with an anky and had a gasbag on the side and when the volcano started erupting I brought out a magmasaur and chilled mounted on it till the eruption ended and the other creatures were not hurt at all after. Ive done it multiple times with no issues so thats kind of strange you had an issue.
  14. I dont think they have anyway of checking or knowing which structures were there first unfortunately. You would probably have to have screenshots showing your structures and showing that the spot the other tribe is currently in was empty to prove you were there first.
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