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  1. Piffguru

    OSD Difficulty

    Solo with a imprinted giga and a decent saddle you can do red OSD no problem. Dont try purple unless you have a 2nd person and 2nd giga. And even then bring a snow owl to heal between rounds.
  2. When I lived in the snow of the island for a while my area had plenty of stone and wood, and berries I really never needed to harvest in the wild cause I always have a good greenhouse setup but If I really did need extra berries a kangaroo is my go to for a quick berry run, they are very effective compared to dragging out a big slow bronto or something. Fiber is in no way low if you are using the right creature for it, I would bring out a theri and slot cap fiber in like 5 minutes. Also there is oil nodes out of the water and some good areas for obsidian up in the snow. Personally I dont like fish meat for filling troughs n stuff so I would always take a rex out and walk all around the mountain on a meat run but once I got my hands on a wyvern I would just fly around to the areas I know good amounts of brontos and diplos spawn, but now I even dread doing that.
  3. Pretty sure they are all over the desert biome in extinction also. Definitely dont agree that the snow doesnt have as much resources, it has access to all the same resources except raw meat in my opinion. Doing meat runs in the snow is tedious, but everything else is great, and some things are even better than anywhere else such as rare flowers.
  4. Personally hate the feel of manas and mine is not good by any means so I wont be trying that, the rock drake idea is interesting tho I may bring one to try that but also dont want to get kapro'd or purlovia'd or anything like that but its a good idea I think. Yea id much rather try to lure them in lava but I wouldnt be concerned if I lost the cloned giga Also Ive seen videos of people taking on the gigas with 100% imprinted gigas that have 30k+ health but only like 330% melee, So I was thinking the difference in my gigas melee may allow it to succeed without the imprint. But of course I dont know their server settings and I will be on official.
  5. Giga Question Ive been preparing to do alpha tek cave with 1 tribemate and I am planning on going in with 12 theri's + 8-10 rexes with both of us in full capped tek with 225%+ shotguns and asc tek rifles as backup. My main question is for the cave part, I cloned a 505m giga cause I dont want to lose an imprinted one to clear the cave ahead of the train of other dinos and wondering if a non imprinted giga would fair well against the gigas in the cave. My giga has 17k life with probably 800+ melee, would he take on the wild gigas with ease or is the lower life from not being imprinted going to be a problem? Of course im going to attempt to lure the gigas into lava but if all goes wrong and its 1v1 how do you think I will fair? Edit: Oh and it will have 100+ armor saddle btw
  6. Guess I should try it out myself cause I play PVE and all the PVE servers are basically ORP.
  7. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/493251-tek-storages-used-for-pillaring/&tab=comments#comment-2731146
  8. As I said it was other peoples consensus, I was just lurking. But I dont really see why they would restrict building since only foundations/pillars seem to stop building generally. That person doesnt have a foundation or anything else left around?
  9. Last time I saw a thread pop up about this other peoples consensus was that tek dedicated storages do not actually stop you from building so it was not much of an issue.
  10. Tried that like a month or 2 ago with a tree platform and it didnt work. Figured it would be the same result with a cliff plat but I guess I should try it.
  11. Did you only put one compartment. I havent made a vacuum base before but if its like every other structure in the game then you need to snap at least 2 together to get a decent decay timer.
  12. ah ok, lots of people just seem to rage about it but yea you are correct about how it looks.
  13. I prefer when it pins my dino, it just stands there not attacking so I can run up on it with a sword and kill it before the pin is over. Everytime the pin animation starts Im just hoping it was my dino and not me. Not sure why this bothers so many tbh
  14. Its jetpack function is disabled in the cave Ah of course, they would do that. Then I guess I could still grapple to the roof above some lava and then trigger the gigas, unless they disabled grapples in there too and if they did then thats just spiteful of them lol
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