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  1. I disagree with that being the way it should be. Most announcements you say, yet there are still community crunches here every week, there are poles here there are numerous bits of information here. All im saying is they should put all the new info in one place whether it be all twitter or all forum or all in both, but not partial in both. Thats enough derailment from me.
  2. Meanwhile there is a huge base being put up like 50feet in front of the lava cave on the north side of the volcano on my server and so far no issues for them.
  3. check the twitter, what ended 2 days ago was the 2.5x event. They just started a 3x I know its ridiculous to have to go check twitter instead of the OFFICIAL site but thats the way it is unfortunately
  4. Each imprint will increase certain stats up permanently which will effect that dino regardless of anyone riding it or not, but as to the rider bonus, that is only for whoever imprinted the dino.
  5. I was doing some bog beatdowns with my tribemate a couple days ago, we were trying beta for the first time. He died, then a round or 2 later I died. When we went back my death beam and bag were there but his werent. Tried it again with the same results, his bag missing mine was there. Neither of these times was the mission started while the bag was on the ground so not sure why it was gone tbh.
  6. Wiki says this "5% more base damage and 3% lower base health"
  7. LOL @FieryCat122 facepalming everyone that gives legit reasons to not have giant kibble farm parking lots
  8. They already did.. u only need 1 type of kibble now so drop everything but the yuty farm
  9. Yea it starts with the web thing then turns into not being able to jump or shoot new webs at all. You basically get stuck with the blood stalker until you jump off and have it follow you. Only solutions I found is to relog or cryo and release it. Super annoying.
  10. Sounds like you havent discovered how amazing bloodstalkers are... I dont miss flyers at all at this point.
  11. Just did a farming run, works fine for me
  12. When was this patch? I farmed metal with a drill while mounted to the bloodstalker just last night. Is that gone already?
  13. So as I said maybe its different on different consoles which it obviously is based on your numbers. My previous numbers were a complete guess from memory but looking at the numbers now its 25paste for 125 hex which is 10k hex for 2k paste which is still honestly a decent price IMO. also 2k per 1 element. Sounds like PS is getting royally screwed
  14. Yea that is how it SHOULD be, and it is for metal and many other things but for some reason on obsidian it gives half the amount I get from a pick
  15. not sure but does anyone wonder why a primitive drill is worse than a primitive metal pick for farming obsidian?
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