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    I had to stop logging off sleeping in beds a while ago. They constantly cause my char to glitch out in the beds. I would be moving around but unable to interact with anything other than the bed and on other peoples screens I would appear to still be in bed. Fast travel back and forth to fix it, but then sometimes the bag drops in a spot under the bed where I couldnt reach it. Ended up having to demolish the bunk bed I was on twice. After that I just stopped using beds.
  2. Piffguru


    About a month ago I went to sleep on the floor of one of my buildings 2nd floors and when I logged in the next day I was on the floor outside not even directly below where I logged off. Not sure what caused it but it happens I guess.
  3. Piffguru

    Help me out here, please guys

    Yea that reminds me of when I tamed my first rex and wanted to kill a few things on the way back to base. Saw a diplo halfway into a forest line.. went to kill it.. about 20 seconds in I was like why is my rex hurt... Come to find out it wasnt a diplo it was a 145 bronto who wrecked my low lvl rex LOL.
  4. Piffguru

    Help me out here, please guys

    Yup, we just made like a floor 2.5 in our base with a huge row of beds. But I would suggest renaming the beds in that situation cause the icons will all be really close together on the map and can sometimes make it hard to select the bed you want or it will show no beds available even when you do. So just name them something like B1, B2 and so on so you can just type in the name if you get stuck in that situation.
  5. Piffguru

    Help me out here, please guys

    Been there before, like most people have. For me the biggest handicap early on is not being aware of which dinosaurs are aggressive, which are passive unless you get too close or hit them, and which will just straight up run away even if you hit them. Once you get more familiar with what the real dangers are you will fair much better. As for the alpha raptor, Ive heard that a decent trike can kill one with its reduced damage to its head and its knockback. But when I was early on and ran into alpha raptors I would usually just try to avoid them or get up on a rock he cant reach and wait for him to kill a wild dino and just shoot it to death with a crossbow and arrows. Alphas cant consume corpses and therefore do not heal. This is part of the mechanic to stop them from being able to be tamed legitimately. So it will just sit there attempting to bite this corpse that it just cant, so just shoot him till he dies. Eventually the alpha raptor will leave the corpse and you may have to wait till he finds something else to kill OR you can go out there naked and let it kill you and respawn grab ur stuff from where ever you stashed it and try shooting him from a distance again. I would highly suggest not changing the difficulty settings as this game IMO is the most fun when everything feels dangerous and you have to do a lot of problem solving to get by. Once things get trivial things will be more mundane. I got stuck in a bad situation leaving a cave the other day with an alpha raptor right outside. Had to fight it with my sword and actually won the fight. I thought at the time, wow I remember when those were like the scariest thing I would see. GL and have fun out there PS: one of my early houses had like 15 beds in it so me and my tribemate could handle those terrible situations where you die constantly.
  6. I agree that the golden eggs requirement on the island is a PITA, but I think you are referencing the extinction kibble recipes cause the island version of extraordinary does not require cooked lamb and therefore no slaughtering ovis.
  7. Piffguru

    Can’t Craft New Kibble on Xbox

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Cooking#Kibble_Rework The kibble rework section here has the correct recipes in case this isn't what you were looking at. I did all the kibbles on xbox the other day except the extraordinary cause no hesperornis eggs. I used industrial cooker thou so not sure if there is an issue with cooking pots. Regular Medium Egg 2x Longrass 2x Savoroot 1x Cooked Meat Jerky + Water/Fiber
  8. Definitely trying this later today. thx
  9. Piffguru

    King Titan ascension

    On that topic, for the island. Should I wait to fight the overseer before going to scorched earth? trying to do the bosses in order.
  10. Wait so if on console you go into single player and cheat to change the bloom quality it will continue onto multiplayer server?
  11. Piffguru

    Inj Game Help

    definitely not acceptable, its a crazy amount of time to wait.
  12. put a support ticket a few days before the v-day event. they didnt even reply till like a week after the event ended. felt bad..
  13. Piffguru

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Found my first few deep sea crates and holy hell they give amazing BP's. I plan on searching for them much more often now after getting asc bp for yuti.
  14. Piffguru

    Smallest non-shoulder tame?

    been meaning to tape a bigfoot, almost had a purple one during v-day but it straight up disappeared after I knocked it out and put a trap around it.
  15. Piffguru

    Boss Dino Recommendations

    So theri's are a better option than rexes for the dragon fight?