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  1. But hes specifically asking where to get asc shotgun bps so he definitely talking about the lava golem boss on rag
  2. Im assuming an ice jumper is a managarmr? I dont think they take radiation damage, but if they do you can feed them mushroom soups for that. As for the easiest method? I prefer a full tek suit. Just fly down grab the egg and fly back up, very easy. Alternatively you could use a blood stalker with mushroom soups to swing down there and back up but bloodstalkers are a bit squishy so gotta be fast and careful. Using a rock drake is an easy method also but obviously you need to get your first one to do that. Since you play on pvp a tek suit may not be feasible for you so I would say a bl
  3. Its been more than a month I believe, and no acknowledgement from the dev team about fixing it. I dont expect to get a fix for this till after gen 2 is released personally.
  4. Lay on its back right between the wings, keep parachutes as a precaution and keep yourself grappled to the wyvern. Or just make a dino gate trap to tame it in there.
  5. So let me ask you personally if you dont mind, did you purchase genesis season pass? did you purchase extinction and the previous season pass maps? Do you even own the base game? cause if so you are basically just laughing at yourself at this point.
  6. Man you either read extremely fast or you just skimmed to the last sentence and responded to that. I already agreed with you when I said "I agree that gamers are the enablers in a certain view by continuing to buy the products but the party with the core responsibilities here are the developers." But the idea that all the blame goes to the players is hilarious to me.
  7. I understand and agree, which is why I said "unfortunately that would require a level of risk of life and dangerous equipment which intrinsically cant happen in a video game." My point is that since that level of real life danger isnt possible from a video game, there should be a lower threshold in gaming to require a recall so to speak.
  8. That logic doesnt really follow to me. A recall notice for a car isnt comparable to a chair with 3 legs, its not like the car is just missing a wheel or something when you go to open your wallet and buy it. It is generally something that seems to work fine but upon months or years of use and more detailed inspection has a small and sometimes seriously dangerous flaw that needs to be fixed. Its also unfortunately very common for the last decade for games to come out and need hot fixes immediately and repeatedly, which is a terrible practice in my opinion but what are gamers to do? just never pl
  9. I love this comparison, I think about it all the time. I think about the fact that cars have to be subject to recalls to fix what wasn't made correctly in the first place. I wish we could hold developers accountable(not just ark devs) to fix thing in a similar fashion to recalls but unfortunately that would require a level of risk of life and dangerous equipment which intrinsically cant happen in a video game.
  10. Except the roll rat saddle which does have a durability and can break.
  11. Oh well I guess I feel better than, cause I was once on a brain dead meat run and I accidentally chomped on a knocked out trike. Turned around to find 2 people standing around upset cause they were taming it.
  12. I dont agree with basically anything you have said here but I want to point out that its not just passive tames, you could knock out a tame and have kibble in it and someone else could still come by and chomp on it regardless.
  13. Not on official without mods no, and since your on xbox there are no mods. Why do you want to do this though? is it cause of the look or something cause you can lower the foundation repeatedly till its just barely over the floor if that helps.
  14. I managed to knock a low level giga out from the back of a quetz but it was a terrible experience. When I landed to look at its stats I guess the game was lagging or something cause as I was looking at it, its torpor went from like 75% full to zero in an instant and it stood up and ate me and my quetz. Not good times
  15. Closest thing to this I remember reading about was to do with anky melee being better within a certain range than at much higher number. Something to do with the fact that if you go over a certain melee% then the anky will break the rich nodes in 1 hit and if you were a little bit lower in melee then it would take 2 hits which would get you a bit more metal. But as for harvesting tools, ive never heard of a situation like that.
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