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  1. Basically every alpha Tuso I fight my creature glitches into them and we get stuck till one of us die. Lost a couple whales that way already.
  2. More cryopod info Would be nice if a cryopod could tell you who the creature is imprinted to, if it has a saddle on already, and if WC is feeling really generous maybe a indication of how long till the next imprint on unmature dinos.
  3. I tried a few months back to have my peligornis follow me and tried to get it to whistle attack the dead penguins in my wake but it wouldnt harvest the already dead bodies at all. Figured it was specific to that bird cause its not hostile or something. But now you got me thinking it was just a glitch to begin with.
  4. Its not the grammer but the block of text tbh. Just edit it and split it into paragraphs is you want people to read it. On a side note I did read it and I was assuming it was the char dupe glitch that was causing your problems since you had your same level char but it was naked but you said you checked that and wasnt it so I dont really have an answer to explain what happened to you.
  5. Used to be afraid to transfer, now I do it almost every day. Just gotta watch the transfer timers so you dont drop anything important. Keep in mind with items that have spoil timers you can only transfer them ONCE then they get stuck on that map. It will just keep resetting the transfer timer to 15 minutes when it hits 0. I had a lot of kibble stuck on a server I didnt want to use it on for a while till I figured out you can make a new kibble (or whatever item is stuck) and merge the old kibble to the new kibble stack and it will then let you transfer it again. I would highly recommend going to extinction and learning the engrams for cryopods + cryo fridges and unstable element and shards. When I am running low on element and I dont want to do a boss fight I transfer to extinction, farm some streetlights and benches with a doed + argy, transfer all the dust back to my home server and convert it into element there. Its pretty handy to keep the tek generators going in a crunch. The cryopods make transferring dinos much much simpler, just cryo them and transfer your character then uncryo them, no 12 hour hassle. At the obelisk or drop or transmitter (whatever you use), there will be an ark data tab on the top that you need to switch to if you plan on uploading items to the obelisk(make sure you dont accidentally put it into the tribute section because for 1 that wont transfer and other people can just go take it. 2 cause if you do it by mistake and take it out of tribute to put it in the ark data the act of moving it will reset its transfer timer which is a real pain sometimes. You dont need to put items into the ark data to transfer them, transferring your character will transfer everything on you but if you are transferring to farm then you become limited by what your character can hold so the ark data is another 50 slots you can work with.
  6. Its the pounce attack as was mentioned. with some flak armor you shouldnt be killed before it gets off you. Also the alphas dont do the pounce attack.
  7. Noticed yesterday I couldnt place tek bridges. Updating my base with some tek behemoth gates and it requires me to move the position of a few of my tek bridges but now it wont let me place them saying there is no snap point. Ive been putting up a piller 3 high and a piller 2 high next to it and it would normally let me snap the tek bridge to the 2 high pillar but now no snap point at all. Really sucks cause now I cant get my ramps up to my breeding tower setup properly till its fixed, hopefully sometime soon.
  8. I have a little base on Rag to get wyvern eggs and milk. I went over to fill the generator with gas and left it for like a week. Came back to find that the electrical wires had decayed. Kinda strange tho cause only the electrical wires were gone. I checked my salt vessels and they said 8 day decay timer, then made some new wires and they also said 8 day decay. So how did the wires disappear but not the other items with the same decay timer? Kinda strange
  9. Was taming something, while talking to my tribemate. Ended up force feeding myself about 30 biotoxin instead of the tame. LOL thought I would just knock out like with narcotics, then I died. couldnt help but laugh.
  10. Dino leash is the easiest answer to counter this.
  11. The Doed will auto harvest nearby rocks while being carried by an argy until it hits half its weight. The anky will not do the same, if you are solo you will need to drop the anky next to the metal node, jump off the argy and onto the anky, harvest then jump back on argy and move the anky to the next node. I believe if you have a 2nd person with a quetz you can have that person stay ridden on the anky and can harvest a little bit faster. But I do it solo all the time with the argy. With doed level their weight so they can auto harvest more, with anky level melee and dont worry about weight cause it can still harvest more after it is overburdened, it just cant move so you have to move it with the argy and are then only limited by the weight of the argy. Get an argy with like 3-4k weight and you can harvest enough metal to fill an indy forge before going back to base. GL
  12. I prefer my plesi for doing underwater loot crate runs. I have over 5k stam on mine and can go more than halfway around the map before I have to take a break. True a dolphin is faster but so squishy, with the plesi I can hold my own or outrun everything. Just feels safer for me, and its pretty fast.
  13. I go to extinction on my original xbox one all the time.. The graphics may be dodo but it runs fine.
  14. But any competent breeder is going to cryo their dinos when they log off unless they are already 100% imprint or they dont need the imprint on the dino cause its just a breeder dino(which this isn't cause its a wyvern). So it will take the same amount of time either SP or online. Edit: One thing I dont know the answer to that could effect the time tho is on SP if you leave render distance does it continue like it does online in stasis or does it completely freeze the timers?
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