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  1. Damn that sucks, Ive had a dino leash at my water pen for ages and never had that problem but I also never move the leash, just deactivate and reactivate when necessary. I did have a basilo disappear out of a cryopod before and a GM replaced it for me so I would put in a ticket for it. Hopefully you recorded the incident or took pictures or something.
  2. Yea Ive walked all the way up an unopened bridge many times
  3. Also since no one else mentioned, Those red hearts show up on dinos when you use a holiday/event candy on them. For the 24hours that they have their color change/speed buff it will show that same heart.
  4. Here are some pics of my incubation room for reference since ive gotten a bunch of suggestions on how to build it. The metal floor pic is like a week or 2 old, that was when I tried double layering triangle ceilings with standard ceilings on top of it. The glass is the current setup.
  5. So the only issue with the food debt calculations part is that they were all freshly hatched with zero meat in their inventories. None of them were even close to being out of food and were never fed in those few hours after birth. I just immediately went to claim and cryo them(which was not so immediate cause I had to break a few floors and ac's to get to them in the first place). Also even if the troughs had food in them(Which they didnt), these were all baby babies so troughs shouldnt of been a factor anyway. Also, I tried picking up a baby rex last night with an argy and you are all correct it defintely works.. I guess I should of thought of that before since I knew the drag weights change through the maturation cycle based on how dinos fall out of kangaroo pouches at a certain point.
  6. There is a thread in the genesis sub forum where people have already found them all and listed their coordinates.
  7. No neither of those as the maturation percentages were at over 3% when I got to the babies between 2-3 hours after their birth.
  8. Had no idea, thought the baby was still classified as a rex so it would just not be allowed to be carried, Gonna have to try that one out later today.
  9. An argy can pick up a baby rex or spino?
  10. Interesting suggestion, Wiki says that the range is 2 foundations decreasing from 100 insulation when right next to them and 0 at 2 foundations away so I guess it could work. I put a bit of effort into lowering the ceilings to match up as close to the top of the ac's as I could while also still being able to line up with these ramps around the edges above everything so I dont think im going to redo this incubation room but maybe the next one I make I will give that a try.
  11. I guess ill be the one to say I agree with much of what OP is suggesting here for PVE. I think a lot of you are thinking this suggestion is intended for PVP which then yes a lot of this would be a bad idea. But from my experience in PVE I would say this. 1. I personally dont like to do any taming or harvesting when its not the weekend currently. I do it when I am forced to but more often than not Im just gonna do a big metal/obsidian run on the weekend and hope its enough for my en devours throughout the week. Your reasoning of making it easier for new players is a miss for me as I dont see that as a good thing personally, but for chores like doing meat runs daily to keep troughs fills for babies is a big unfun part of the game for me so slightly increased harvest rates for that alone sounds great to me. But personally I would settle for 2x as standard and 3x(same as small tribes) for the evolution events, 4x is pushing it for me. 2. Cryopod timers are completely and utterly useless for PVE and should be removed. They have no bearing in PVE and just cause aggravation and dragging out simple tasks. 3. Tek transmitters should allow boss fight teleports on PVE. It was removed for a PVP purpose and it just hinders PVE unnecessarily and allows trolls to leave a single jerboa on an obelisk to mess with everyone trying to use that obelisk. Again its another "feature" that just causes aggravation and dragging out gameplay for no reason as until you are deep enough into a map to get teleporters setup, you have to either walk your army to the obelisk(which depending on where your base is could not be a feasible option)/wait for cryosickness of rexes or w/e your using to go away before doing a boss fight which is just unnecessary standing around and waiting. 4. Egg laying rates are fine IMO. As others said the kibble rework has eliminated the need for massive egg farms. 5. When you say decrease the amount of time it takes to breed dinos, then reference 15 day giga raise timers, it sounds more like you mean decrease the time to "raise" dinos actually which I dont agree with so much, Im fine waiting the time to raise most things although those giga/tuso timers are a pain, I feel its well worth it and makes you feel like you accomplished something. What I would like is actual decrease of the breed timers so I dont have to wait 1-2 days to breed for another egg, just a small addition that would speed up early breeding lines but not a huge necessity. OR what would be maybe a better idea would be to add these increased breed rates to the evolution events or even if not every weekend have them be a bit more common cause 1 breeding event a year is just not enough IMO. 6. More boss fights always sounds fun to me. More restrictions on them would be cool as well so I cant just take my rex army and steamroll new content. All in all some good PVE QoL suggestions here IMO but some of them are not necessary but would still be nice.
  12. Thx for the confirmations, I guess I got lucky no one flew by my base in that time. I was wondering if this was something that was exploitable(or some less devious word). For the incubation room I have it setup on triangle foundations with ac's across the entire floor then triangle ceilings just above the ac's so I can just drop the eggs anywhere in that room and they hatch. So when they glitch through they end up half in the bottom foundations, some are half in an ac. Sometimes I can cryo it out of there but other times I have to demolish an ac to get to it. Last time It happened when I forgot about 15 or so rexes hatching and I ended up having to demolish like 8 ac's, Very annoying so I think Ill be more vigilent with being around when they hatch.
  13. Server doesnt lag much tbh. When I set timers for imprints and I come back 7-8 hours later the timer is usualy off by around 5-10 minutes at most.
  14. So what happened here? The other night I was incubating 5 rex eggs and 8 spino eggs, all were going to hatch in about 3 hours and it was getting late so I logged out, set an alarm for 4am to go cryo them when they hatch. I forgot I have my phone set to automatically restart itself on Friday nights and of course my alarm didnt go off cause of my phones restart. Now at about 6:30 I woke up and realized my alarm didnt go off and assumed my babies were dead but I rushed to log on and find out. To my surprise all the dinos were alive and fine. I claimed them and quickly cryoed them but I noticed they all still had like 1100 food out of the 1300 or so that they would max out at at that baby stage. All were at about 3.5% maturation by the time I got to them. How did they survive? This is on official xbox pve server, I am assuming something to do with stasis and no one rendering the area in all that time somehow but im shocked cause I assumed the food debt would of killed them the second I logged on. Also although this was very fortunate for me that they didnt die, They also werent claimed for all that time so their imprints are not able to get to 100% now cause the imprint timer started when I claimed them and not when they hatched(which is not horrible cause some of them are breeders and werent gonna get imprinted anyway). Side question, When I logged on the rexes and spinos were glitched through the floor into my ac's below them. This didnt used to happen to me on the island as I would log on to babies walking all around my incubation area but on valguero they ALWAYS glitch through the floor if Im not there to render them when they hatch. I tried doubling up on the floors, tried using standard ceilings instead of triangles, but nothing has worked so far. I resorted to keeping that floor as glass triangles as there is a glitch that lets you pick them back up whenever you want. Just wondering if anyone knows of a solution to stop that from happening and why it didnt happen on the island for me.
  15. Spent my first like 30-45minutes trying to figure out where the stones are and how to pick them up. Everything I read online was like harvest a stone harvest a tree make a pick and so on, But I was like how TF do I get stone? Looking up videos, googling like crazy and not finding the answer. This is on xbox and the problem was I was expecting like most game that either A or X is the main interact button and since A was to jump and O was to open inventory I was slamming X like crazy and nothing was happening.. Only to realize the button I should of been pressing was Y.. Like seriously who makes Y the interact button? That poop baffled me. lol
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