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  1. Im not sure about a hidden overseer timer, but I know that the initial 5 min timer is for the tek cave door closing, the 1 hour timer after that is for the tek cave portion only. I did alpha on official somewhat recently and the 1hour timer hit zero during the overseer fight and we took another 10 or so minutes to finish the fight with no issues and no additional timer appearing.
  2. So when you go open up a obelisk or transmitter and look at your items you will see a timer counting down on them, when that timer goes away then you can transfer safely. Only element, element shards, and tributes can not be transferred, and consumables like food, eggs, kibble etc can only be transferred once or twice and they become locked to that server unless you merge the item with ones that were made on that map to reset that and let it be moved again. If you go to transfer and you are carrying anything that cannot be transferred or its timer is still counting down then those items will j
  3. And you are aware that there is a timer on all of your items that needs to finish counting down before you can transfer them? Never played on unofficial so not sure if thats still a thing there, but servers save every 15minutes and you need to wait till the next server save before you can transfer the items on your character.
  4. Cedric "CeddyBear" @ComplexMinded Heads up: Tomorrow we'll be enabling transfers for console Crystal Isles servers. Following the deployment, we'll also be kicking the weekend off with an EVO event! The deployment is planned for 2:30 PM EST
  5. Yea you can transfer between servers, items, dinos, characters. Unless you are on crystal isles which has transfers opening up sometime today actually. Edit: Actually wait are you trying to transfer your stuff from unofficial to official?
  6. DILO is a chibi point? do you mean bones? Edit: Oh I get what you mean, the skeletal alphas arent leveling your chibi's you mean. Havent noticed.
  7. No I was wrong on my directions there, was remembering wrong I guess. Now that Im looking at it you first would need to hold that select button and choose toggle tame names, then after that you can hold the select button for a second to toggle on and off the arrows as well as the written information on the stats on the bottom right of the screen. Sorry about the confusion
  8. No just hold that button for a second or 2 and let go, ignoring the wheel that comes up, it will toggle changing from showing names to showing arrows. Keep in mind that if you are close to dinos it will still show their name. This stops the names for the dinos that are outside of being like 5 feet from your character. Toggling hud will turn off the names, arrows and everything completely which will arguably be the best quality improvement possible but you lose lots of helpful information so I dont recommend playing with the hud off for long periods of time.
  9. I gather you are saying WC are doing a poor job at something related to servers? Not completely sure as it seems english isnt your main language and you didnt get specific enough to understand exactly what your beef is. Yet I gotta say, they are in control of it cause they created it... Do you expect some other company to come in and steal their IP? They mess up all the time, in fact it feels nearly constant to many of us but that doesnt change the fact that this thread seems kinda pointless.
  10. The name tags can be removed by holding the select button on xbox controller(looks like 2 squares overlapped) for a couple seconds, that helps me a ton while doing things in base but it will still keep the green arrow above the dinos heads. As for the rest of your lagging issues, Im not sure whats causing it cause I play on an original xbox not even the S version and it doesnt lag as bad as you are explaining and Im on an online official server not single player so it should be a smoother experience for you than me.
  11. One thing to keep in mind for PVE players is that your tuso's cannot grab wild dinos. So no maxing out health to grab and tame something. When it comes to the basi I put a little into health, a lot into weight and melee, and some into speed cause those things are way to slow for me most of the time.
  12. You know what stat the mutation is for by keeping track of the parents stats and is why ark smart breeder was recommended because of the ability to store and track the stats and clearly see what has changed from the parents.
  13. You can still use smart breeder as a console player, I use it all the time. The difference is you cant have the system auto import dino stats, you have to manually type them all in. Still the best way to keep track of dino mutations.
  14. Yea as you discovered it will leave your character in the cloud so to speak, Some people do this on purpose to leave a character ready to download. I did this to get my character ready to download onto a new map that is about to come out like with crystal isles.
  15. Its been the same for all the bone finding events in the past, they spawn around your character in 1 of many predetermined spots occasionally.
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