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  1. I dont think this could work cause if you pull a wyvern to a trap and lock it in then leave render and come back the wyvern will be outside of the trap almost every time. And since you would need to leave render for a while for the wyvern to lay more eggs then this wouldnt really work. Also most people get pretty upset if wyvern traps are too close to the trench messing with spawns.
  2. You already made this thread in the valguero section and someone answered your question with the wiki link. Go there and look at the list, its already there.
  3. Piffguru

    Gacha problems.

    2 things I know of to cause gachas to not pick up items in front of them. 1. the gachas are not happy due to being too close to another same gender gacha 2. the items(pellets) are being dropped from too high. Snow owls cant be up a certain number of walls above the gachas or the pellets will not be picked up. I think this number is like 4 walls high but not sure right now.
  4. When did I ever say anything about a rollback? I just said what issues im experiencing
  5. Been having the same issues since last update as well as everyone on my server. I wrote a outage report about it but who knows when it will get fixed. I already lost a many babies that hatched while I was trying to log in for an hour.
  6. and canteens and other water holding devices in a tek trough specifically for making the water chilled.
  7. You know I was just taking your word for it that hide went into the troughs cause I know sometimes strange things can go in there for specific reasons. Last night I tried it and I definitely cant put any hide in a standard nor a tek trough so now I am assuming you are talking about a modded server so there is your answer.
  8. Chitin is able to be put in the trough for the Archaeopteryx first of all. Second gachas dont like to be around other gachas of the same gender, has nothing to do with snow owls or any other creatures. So I stick to the assumption that hide is not able to be put in a trough because of gachas. In fact Im sure hide was able to be put into troughs before gachas even existed. There is a different reason why that I am unaware of.
  9. Yet you cant put everything in a trough, so that reason cant be correct. As to OP's question, I have no idea why troughs can accept hide.
  10. I wouldnt recommend transfering without a flyer personally. I have done what you are doing many times and some servers people have blocked off terminals. and blocked off whole walking paths to parts of the city. One time I had to walk naked around the outside of the city in the wasteland to get back to where I crashed and its just much much easier to just fly to a terminal. Also with this strategy you would need a cryopoded flyer cause you would need to find the terminal to get ur flyer out if u just upload it. Also who wants to wait 12 hours to transfer back.
  11. You at most will have to wait the 15minute for the server to do a save, technically you dont have to wait that timer but if you dont you could leave behind ur items. Also on extinction you will need to find a terminal to transfer. There are many in the city but you may want to look up a map of them so ur not lost, also bring a cryopoded flyer to get to a terminal safely then cryo ur bird and wait for the timer and transfer back.
  12. The leech is on ur dino not on u, thats why it wont go away when u die.
  13. Yea they eventually turned off the event completely on xbox and all our stuff disappeared also. But I guess they didnt do a dino wipe cause I found a few skeletal dinos after and got some bones from them lol but I dont plan on holding them till next event so I just dropped them.
  14. I still have my tombstones n stuff in my cooking pot, but im on console and it seems that the rates went down to standard evo rates but the tree colors and spooky piles are still turned on. Figured it was while they figure out how to get people their emotes back or something. Also I still have holiday items in a vault from last year lol.
  15. Yea ive found myself thinking that also while looking at those stats.
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