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  1. What do you mean its too big to play? I play on a 50" with no problems. If you are seeing the toolbar being cut off then you need to go into the options to fix it.
  2. If you didnt expect it to be delayed your either new here or havent been paying attention. This is the norm unfortunately.
  3. http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini Use that link to check current rates, I routinely see rates changed before they announce anything.
  4. And genesis, if we are talking about actual expansion maps.
  5. Thats probably why my rep doesnt let me actually put the 600th item in it, it stops me at 599 im pretty sure.
  6. There is no right or wrong answer to that question, its totally up to you and whatever you choose I wouldnt consider to be a bad decision nor a good one. Now if that guy jumped back on and went to you like hey I know you took some of my stuff when my base decayed, could you give me my tames back or something and then you refused to, then I would say that you are making a decision that I would say call morally bad. But even then, that would just be my opinion and others could differ.
  7. Yea Im a 1 man tribe on official and I raised 19 gigas, 17 megalos, I think about 10-15 megalodons, 2 basilos, and I popped 15 rexes that I didnt have a chance to finish before the event ended. Limiting it to 20 would probably make me just quit tbh,
  8. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Events All the events are there, you can look up what they changed for yourself, or you could even have searched the forum here for the community crunch detailing the events to figure this info out. Just search "Eggcellent Adventure"
  9. Sorry for your loss, and I understand you are venting here but fyi your not getting your stuff back. The closest you could get was random wild tamed versions of your dinos spawned in for you. I have lost everything from glitches multiple times so I have experience with trying to get wildcard to replace stuff and just so you know they wont respond nor read these posts. The best bet is with a ticket unfortunately. But also I gotta say those screen shots you got there have got to be the worst smallest pics ever. Even savings them and zooming in as far as I can I cant make out whats going on
  10. As I assumed, seems people here cant read lol
  11. What old version? Only thing that has changed on chibis that I am aware of is the coloring of them, and that was almost immediately.
  12. Well first im not sure what you consider quiet, I generally see servers that are not brand new maps have around 5-20 people on them with around 10 being the average. new maps will be maxed out for the first 3 weeks or so then start dwindling until the numbers are similar to the older maps. So you may be saying its quiet with only 10 people being online where as I would say thats just the norm now. Other thing to remember is there are many maps now, and unless you are brand new or playing pvp or you just have a real love for the island, then there are more fun and interesting maps to be on
  13. Maybe im misunderstanding your question, but it reads to me that you are asking what real world weapons that the in game weapon designs are based on? I see people just listing the uses of weapons and what they consider to be the best etc. Maybe elaborate on your question a bit.
  14. I dont know the cause of the quietness, but as long as its not a legacy server I dont think you have anything to worry about when it comes to servers being shut down.
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