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  1. Ew, even more reason not to use that item
  2. So stupid question.. Since you can bring in wyverns, can you bring in tropeos? Kinda sounds like a good idea to ride one around spamming grenades while your other dinos are fighting instead of running around on the floor. Is it that they cant come in the boss fight, or that you cant ride them in there, or do they just suck at dps?
  3. Never seen this kind of glitch on official. What kind of mods are you running?
  4. Dude your toxic as hell, crusading against a person who NO LONGER WORKS FOR WILDCARD. Why are we even bringing up a past employee multiple times, she is right for saying its not her problem cause its literally not her problem. Where is the confusion here? I refrained from posting here initially cause its pointless and just facepalmed your posts where you voiced your opinion and I disagreed with your assessment. So you got mad and facepalmed multiple of my comments giving helping statements to others in other threads, how childish. BTW I think you messed up and thumbs upped one of them, you might want to go back and fix that lol
  5. Are you talking about mobile ark? cause if so then what you are saying makes sense. If you are on regular ark then there is no oviraptor kibble, its superior kibble for megalos Edit: Nvm I see the mobile tag you put, Id suggest putting the thread about mobile in the mobile section of the forums tho next time.
  6. You could use the pliers to repair on the go but I think its like 4 times the price or something so Ive never bothered.
  7. But you will also need a tribemate there to invite your other character to the tribe fyi.
  8. SSD vs HDD doesnt make any difference in downloading, thats internet speed related. Now if you are talking about the install portion of the update than that would make more sense but even then Ive never had that problem with ark nor any other game with my HDD.
  9. Flyers exist on genesis, you just cant mount them.
  10. I believe alarm mode is only for alerting you of enemy players within your parasaurs range, not for wild dinos and it doesnt scare off anything unless you are riding the parasaur and do the howl thing it has but even that is not really helpful most of the time. If you have problems with ichthys Id say you need either a couple turrets or a dino on turret mode that can deal with them.
  11. I constantly have this issue also where it does not automatically update. I tend to have to hit the start button on ark in my xbox games list, go to manage options or however its worded, then go to updates and can select to download on each of the expansions. Then after its all downloaded many times I double check that nothing else is in the update list, I go into the game and BAM I get kicked out to do ANOTHER update that wasnt showing before for whatever reason. Its a totally messed up system, there is zero automatic updating 99% of the time with ark.
  12. Your not getting one. The update went badly, servers were fubar and people lost many many things during that time. They stated last night that there was going to be a rollback and people should hold off from playing until that happens.
  13. You mean giga not imprinted to you? cause I dont think its possible to have 35k hp without it being imprinted on official
  14. I went in the tek cave on official like a month ago, I had read that gigas wouldnt be able to enter anymore cause cryo didnt work in the entrance anymore. Figured Id try it anyway and it definitely worked, you can uncryo a giga at the entrance no problem.
  15. Maybe my memory is wrong on that but I didnt think you got xp from killing your own claimed dinos on pve. If so then the wyvern thing could work but if the idea was to level your dinos up then relegating it to just wyverns probably doesnt suite your purpose. My use of the wyvern was just to speed up the process of killing many babies and getting them out of the way so that doesnt help you sorry. Edit: I also used to go around on xp farming runs to level dinos but now I just leave them in a cryo fridge for a couple days and they get like 50+ levels so I dont bother with the other more tedious methods
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