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  1. and to be specific, the crystal one is a blood wyvern version, always.
  2. unless it was a mod I dont think you did.
  3. Ive only ever used it on an online server a while ago but it was in the radial menu from what I remember. Also it only will regrow foliage and rocks or whatever after a sufficient amount of time for it to have naturally regrown so you cant just harvest and regrow the same thing over and over for easy farming. From what it seems, its basically the same as refertilizer but on a bigger scale making it easier to use but primarily only for regrowing trees and rocks that will not regrow due to foundations in the area blocking their growth, so kinda just for aesthetic purposes I guess.
  4. Last I tried a few weeks before gen2 launched it still worked and I havent heard anything of it being patched out so I am lead to believe it still works.
  5. Sorry but I actually play on xbox so cant help much with quality of this card playing ark. I can say the few times I have logged in through the windows store version of the game for "reasons", it looked and felt amazing. It definitely was a smoother experience than on xbox I can say.
  6. Not that it really matter too much to the topic here, but I dont think there is such a thing as a gtx 1060 8gb. Pretty sure it only ever came in a 3gb and a 6gb version, I myself have an asus gtx 1060 super 6gb. Anyway Seeing that caused me to try to google around to see if I could find an 8gb version and I could not, other than something saying it was never released.
  7. Ah true, I usually would just keep a magmasaur in a cryo if I need it in those situations.
  8. Only thing I can see a tiered up version of a mek could be useful is for the gen 1 bog beatdown beta/alpha. You can build it in there to beat the mission and primitive versions may be too squishy to survive.
  9. I always just transfer my characters. I transfer dozens of times a week for like 3 years now and never had an issue other than having my main character get duped in the cloud and instead of losing a character I have gained 2 copies of it haha.
  10. I have the same issue from time to time specifically with items in folders just as Mmaas pointed out.
  11. Ive noticed that it doesnt say the owners name anymore for some reason but you can tell if its yours by just jumping on it and seeing if its getting the imprint bonus icon on the top right. Its tedious if you have a lot to go through but not impossible just sayin.
  12. As other pointed out already, There is no need for any other kibble but extraordinary as it tames everything that can take a kibble for taming.
  13. I got 1 r seed on like the first day gen 2 opened up, but I do lots and lots missions since and never got an r seed from them. I did early on get one of those carnivorous seeds that were not meant to drop in the first place and they purged from the server eventually. I feel like after they did that purging of the fake seeds that they might have changed it so r seeds cant come from drops any more. If someone has more recent proof Ill accept that but I feel like it was changed from my own experiences. That or they are INCREDIBLY rare and cant be relied on for farming seeds imo.
  14. That wont help you with farming seeds. Which are usually the most valued part of getting a mutagen bulb.
  15. "Ark 2 is an Xbox Series X|S console launch exclusive. If things go the way they did with Survival Evolved, this will also include PC, (possibly Xbox Game Pass at launch) before a PS5 version will eventually follow. Microsoft also points out that Ark 2 will be optimised for Xbox Series X|S." I have heard no confirmation that ark 2 will be exclusive to xbox forever, this is likely just a timed exclusive.
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