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  1. This may not be relevent to your situation because of being PC and with mods but I had an issue with crashing upon loading a specific extinction server on xbox official. I was on the server for maybe 5 minutes and crashed while flying, then couldnt get back in. Tried loading into the server like 50 times and just kept crashing. Tried using a different xbox and same result. I noticed that I could hear the game noises start before the crash even though the screen was black still. So I tried loading in while spamming B to access my inventory and that allowed me to not crash for once. Not sure why this helped but it did for me.
  2. when I transfered servers I got a duplicate HLN-A in my inventory, I just dropped it out of my inventory, problem solved.
  3. Lol is this a joke or something? navi is 16 years older than destiny
  4. Even when not wearing a shield, using HLNA breaks ghille effect. Put all ghille + HLNA and try opening a bee hive, you get the bees debuff. Gotta take off the HLNA. Hope thats changed but I doubt it will be personally. Also cant seem to turn the light off, Since I turned it on it hasnt gone off after dying, re equipting or hitting the light emote again. And obviously paint needs to stay after dying.
  5. Spent like 2 hours running around down there on a deinonycus this weekend. Very empty place. After all that time I ran into 3 spinos 1 ravager, 2 crabs, 3 bulbdogs, handful of stegos. Definitely something wrong with the spawns.
  6. Who considers january 2020 to be the 2020 winter? lol
  7. This is correct I believe. So the solutions would be to either open your fridges often, or if the power goes out do NOT open the cryofridges until you get the power going again.
  8. Similar to other map expansions transfers are disabled until these dates: PC Transfers In Enabled October 1st Transfers Out Enabled July 8th Console (XBOX/PS4) Transfers In Enabled October 29th Transfers Out Enabled Aug 5th Valguero transfer timeline is a sticked topic but here is the contents. Im assuming you are talking about console transfering? If so then in theory yes but if you are speaking of xbox then no since all transfers are currently disabled. I havent looked into it this time that much so not sure but the last time they disabled transferring, they allowed character transfers but not items or dinos. Again not sure how they are handling it this time around.
  9. Yea Ive never seen it at all on xbox.
  10. Ive been thinking the same thing, trying to line up the spikes. It looks like for example line 1 and 3 can match up but I keep thinking that line 3 and 5 should be the ones to line up since all the lines have 16 sections but line 3 has 17 and line 5 has 14 so It made more sense to me to have the largest and smallest connect in some way. Yet still not sure where any of this is gonna get us in terms of a code.
  11. Actually there is the same pattern that you pointed out on the 5th line also. Its just smaller blue spikes.
  12. isnt DNA normally shown vertically? Could rotating the image help with noticing a code or pattern?
  13. Piffguru

    X2 Evo

    not on xbox we didnt
  14. I agree, just seemed like your other post was saying it was impossible with an argy so I just wanted to say it can be done. Also I specified it was a lower lvl quetz I did this with as it would definitely be more difficult with a high lvl.
  15. Argy's can be slow, but I have successfully solo tamed a lower lvl quetz while grappling to an argy. its doable.
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