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  1. screw ark and it's late ass releases and big ass bugs.
  2. you guys are no help, i just want to make things better. I'll try hard to be a better admin in the future.
  3. he killed an admin animal and tried to destroy my bar. He had to die.
  4. Can someone make me an admin on their server? I have experience being a good admin. I have xbox only and i would like to get a new job as an admin on a different server. I was an admin on a private server but i got banned for killing a guy who killed my tapejara.
  5. this is disgusting, you people are shaming wildcard for not doing their job and BS excuses. They have delays because they work hard, people. Please, understand that they are just trying to give you a good game, and you guys are mad because they can't finish it in time. BS. You guys are immature.
  6. they are gonna make this thing sooooo slooooow because it's sooooo oppppppppp.
  7. NOU123

    Add the hydra

    Add the hydra The hydra is a massive three-headed beast that has massive claws and eats meat. It has three saddles, one on each head. The middle head is the dominant one, whoever rides on it gets to control where the hydra moves. The other two heads can attack individually and carry passengers. Overall a decent and large war mount.
  8. NOU123

    Add concavenator

    Add concavenator The concavenator is essentially a large carnivorous moralletops. It has two large humps on it's back which it uses to store water and nutrients. It doesn't need a saddle as you can simply sit in between the two humps. It lives alone in the dunes of the desert where it preys on giant insects.
  9. NOU123

    Add saltasaurus

    Add saltasaurus Saltasaurus is a small sauropod even when compared to diplodocus. It has multiple rows of rock-like spines running down it´s back. These spines protect it from predators such as the rex or giga. It makes a good turret soaker because the spines are immune to bullets and even explosions. Overall a good turret dino to have.
  10. Add the gigantic argentinosaurus Argentinosaurus was the biggest land creature that ever lived. Not the heaviest, but certainly the largest... It is massive, even larger than titanosaur, but lacking the bony plates that protect it. Argentinosaurus is definitely a creature that should not be trifled with. To tame it you need to climb on it´s neck to reach the head and then feed it herbivore food over time until it is tamed. The argentinosaurus has 3 million health. Overall just a bigger titanosaur.
  11. NOU123

    Add dino turrets

    Add dino turrets Dino turrets are a turret that has been mounted on a dino. Auto turrets are quite lightweight and attaching them to a saddle won´t hurt anything. You have to place bullets and charge batteries in the dino´s inventory to make them work. Overall a useful thing to have.
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