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  1. this is the best update ark has ever had. A shame though, for the game to end here. Anyways, i do have a suggestion. Ark devs, i'm talking to you. Instead of making more complicated graphics, make a game that can actually handle them. Just a suggestion, though. Anyways, great new map. Peace.
  2. those sound like a great idea. I'll pass em on to the creator
  3. just calling it oceania didn't actually name it tho
  4. Suggestions for oceania Me and my friends are making a mod called oceania. It is based on the ocean and adds many new creatures. Post your ideas here.
  5. king titan turns into a thicc blob of purple goo every time i fight him
  6. screw ark and it's late ass releases and big ass bugs.
  7. you guys are no help, i just want to make things better. I'll try hard to be a better admin in the future.
  8. he killed an admin animal and tried to destroy my bar. He had to die.
  9. Can someone make me an admin on their server? I have experience being a good admin. I have xbox only and i would like to get a new job as an admin on a different server. I was an admin on a private server but i got banned for killing a guy who killed my tapejara.
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