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  1. Judging from what this looks like and how large it may be i´m guessing there will be a lot of bugs.
  2. Random suggestion hub I have some suggestions. You guys show me yours. Spend less time making DLCs and more time fixing bugs Add new tek creatures Add new kinds of boats. What are your suggestions?
  3. If wildcard made minecraft: Herobrine:
  4. I say the best advantage for Manticore is to get a really buff dino with high health like a trike and have them act like a shield. Then while the manticore is distracted with your dinos sneak up behind it and burn it in the ass with a flamethrower
  5. Well, Ark is kind of like KFC. They keep giving us the same thing:New DLCs. We ask them to fix a simple bug, and they give us Abberation. They would be so much more popular without the bugs.
  6. If you look up genesis on the ark wiki and go to creatures this thing is in fact, called a sentry. It is in fact, a turret. But since we already have tek turrets this one might be special... EDIT: If you look closely at the sentry, it is not a tripod, the 2 bars on the bottom are also on the top but sticking out underneath it. So perhaps it is like a turret but it can fold up the sticks on the bottom and fly. Allowing you to make a portable turret. If someone had an army of those it would be glorious...
  7. Spawn commands too long So when i play on singleplayer and mess around with commands, something that really annoys me is how long it takes to summon a creature. Like if i want a dodo i go ¨summon dodo_character_bp_c¨ It seems short but when you play xbox and don´t have a keyboard it could take a while to type one of those. On Minecraft when you use a summon command it only takes the creature´s name and underscores in the spaces and it works fine. I just think they should shorten it a little bit like just saying ¨Summon dodo¨ and if you want a bunny dodo do ¨summon dodo__bunny¨ It would be way simpler and more efficient. What do you guys think?
  8. The ice breath is nerfed because of multiplayer, if you get on a singleplayer world it is way more powerful
  9. What if the element was actually good and was tired of humans using it for evil so it killed them all then created titans to keep the survivors from coming back. After all, if it really were evil, it would have killed the dinosaurs along with the humans instead of corrupting them. And plus, the corruption made dinosaurs work together, not as mindless drones, but as warriors. A giga would kill everything in it´s normal form, and yet, when it is corrupted, it is perfectly fine with hanging out with rexes and wyverns. And another theory, what if element is like a plant, it slowed earth´s rotation down so it could get more sunlight and grow faster.
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