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  1. I play on Xbox official pve and and i have Login Lock. Server Number island15, Val1088, Ragna549, Extinct1064 are 0/70 player...
  2. A single tek box decay after 12hours! They only snap to another Tek box, then they have the full timer. I test this on offi Xbox pve
  3. Players no longer replicate? Current Server Version: v793.35 - 1/7/19 Applied a one time disabling of replication (invisible) on all sleeping (logged off) players on all Official PvE servers. After logging back onto servers, the players will again replicate (visible) and will continue to remain so for subsequent sleeps. Following this update, if players have been offline for a continuous 2 week time period, their sleeping bodies will no longer replicate. This change will improve both client and server performance by reducing the amount of sleeping bodies that will need to be replicated. Does it mean with "no longer replicate" after two weeks? Clear/Delete they all Players what no come online next two weeks? Wipe Wildcard my Tribemates?
  4. There are many threads with the same isue but the mods move them all away lol
  5. Cant cryo Dinos since last patch We cannot use cryopods after last patch on xbox official!!!
  6. First on Ragnarok is always a Horse
  7. I do Supply Drops on Extinction with Tribe Mates we have a lot Disconects/Gamecrash with Xbox but that was no Problem bc we can join again... But now we must every Dc/Gc wait for Login Lock!!!! Thx Wildcard and MerryXmass
  8. Crashed everytime i try join my official pve Xbox Server and must eait everytime wait 5minutes to try again REALLY WILDCARD?
  9. I cant login any of my offi server i have a base, xbox pve and what is a Login Lock bc i must always wait som minutes to try login again?
  10. It work's also on xbox Island bosses when the timer go from 1 to 0 sec u can drop a Giga and it spawn with u in the Boss Arena. There are many clips from it on xbox. Official pve Servers
  11. Go to a Server where u have no Char and try Download Survivor. Sometimes it Ark dupe a Char and u cannot transfer again
  12. I found my first Rex Bp in the Swamp cave after Round 30. I do it with two Megatherium/ cryopods. I found also ASC Spino,Thyla,Argy,Allo Bp in the Swamp Cave. I play on official Xbox Pve edit: use rare flower to kill all enemys and dont forget that in the last room always spawn a 2. red drop if u leave the room for a second anddgo back in
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