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  1. report it https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  2. This was basically what I was expecting. You send in tickets saying "server is unplayable, fix it" well of course your not getting a response as thats not an in game issue really. What you should be doing is reporting it in the manner that invincibleqc suggested. Id wager that at the time you send a ticket in saying its unplayable, that if someone from WC were to look at the server in question that they would see 5-10 people playing on that server every day so that contradicts what your saying and would most likely mean your issue is more to do with your own setup/internet. Im not saying that the game is perfect or anything by any means but you gotta be specific, you cant just say its bad, fix. You also need to be realistic about what you are asking, as the in game mods are there to fix or compensate for in game bugs. They are not there to fix servers, which I wholeheartedly agree need to be improved, a lot. It just seems the way your going about getting your voice heard is meaningless unfortunately. Also unplayable is subjective, There have been many times where I hear people cry "unplayable" in this game while I may not find the inconveniences they mention to = unplayable and im still active every day.
  3. Well what are you asking them for help with exactly? I play on like 5-6 servers regularly including a rag server on PVE and its very playable. Granted at sometimes things act up and give me issues trying to log in for idk like 10-20 minutes occasionally specifically on my genesis server but in no way does that make it unplayable. You sound like you are exaggerating to me. Events I will agree do cause more of the usual problems and I would say there are times when the game is unplayable during some of the events but its not like the game is in this state permanently.
  4. I gather you are saying WC are doing a poor job at something related to servers? Not completely sure as it seems english isnt your main language and you didnt get specific enough to understand exactly what your beef is. Yet I gotta say, they are in control of it cause they created it... Do you expect some other company to come in and steal their IP? They mess up all the time, in fact it feels nearly constant to many of us but that doesnt change the fact that this thread seems kinda pointless.
  5. Servers not in list but not down? For the last week or so I have noticed my servers on xbox official pve have been disappearing for hours at a time. At first I thought they were actually down from a crash or whatnot but now I am finding out that they are not down, people are still playing on them the entire time, the server just doesnt appear when searched for no apparent reason. The other day I was on my genesis server, had a bunch of yuti's raising, told my friend that his were ready for imprint, but he couldnt see the server. I was on and playing like normal with 10 other people online at the same time, So I log out and go to log in to confirm what hes saying and low and behold the server doesnt show. Ended up having to wait hours to get back in and do our imprints. Every day for the last week ive been seeing my favorited servers not appearing like this and its becoming a problem. Seems to affect my genesis and extinction servers most often and aberration less so, and the island/valguero I dont think ive seen down at all recently. Anyone else having this issue or figured a workaround of some sort?
  6. Went to Aberration to finally tame some lightpets two nights ago, Had a fresh tamed lvl 90 on my shoulder while running around looking for a drop to get back home cause it was pretty late. Was standing on a platform overlooking a dangerous river just waiting for it to be nighttime so I can use my island megalo. While standing there admiring the view I realized my tek helmet was still on pulsing so I went to turn it off to save element. OFC I forgot that on xbox its the same button to throw ur shoulder pet as to cycle the tek helmet and I threw my new baby bulbdog right off that cliff. Helplessly watched as he fell so far down that he left render and into a massive river that I was NOT about to try to save him from. RIP bulbdoggy. (Seriously why would they make that button the same, so dumb) Proceeded to find a generous persons unlocked transmitter to get outta there. Went back last night and got 3 shinehorns, 2 bulbdogs, 1 ravager, 1 abberant megalo. not a bad night
  7. I agree that the golden eggs requirement on the island is a PITA, but I think you are referencing the extinction kibble recipes cause the island version of extraordinary does not require cooked lamb and therefore no slaughtering ovis.
  8. Found my first few deep sea crates and holy hell they give amazing BP's. I plan on searching for them much more often now after getting asc bp for yuti.
  9. Been breeding rexes for some boss fights, had someone gift me 2 boss rexes when I started a few months ago. Lost yellow to stupid baby icebergs that he just couldnt get out of and was before I had any cryopods to rescue him, R.I.P yellow. But Blue has lived on and is now a proud mother of about 14 rexes. I got my first color mutation with a little bit of red down the back of a few rexes. Then bred that first mutated rex back with a red rex I caught during V-day event. Got another mutation with a blue body + bright red stripe down back + bright pink underbelly. Only problem is it took the good 12k life stat but didnt get the 450 melee damage so I guess I gotta bred that one back with a good melee one and try to get the colors and stats. Breeding really is a time sink in this game but I hope its worth it.
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