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  1. Im thinking ravager might fit this, but obviously requires going to AB
  2. You tell the other player the coords of your markers so they can make their own. Or you put a map on the wall and mark the locations on that map so they can see it and copy or just refer to that map you put up.
  3. I truly dont think genesis alpha is a doable solo on official, I finished with less than 60 seconds left on gamma with 2 of us with maxed out everything. I also question the validity of doing rockwell on alpha solo on official servers, for the same reason as with genesis master controller, time. You run out of time cause of not doing enough damage fast enough even with max damage shotguns, max damage tek rifles, etc. Everything else tho I would say you can solo. I have solo'd all the island bosses on alpha except overseer was 2 of us again but it could have been solo'd since there was no
  4. Here is their tweet from 2 days ago, they also mentioned it on the discord. Not sure why yours would be any different as I only play on official servers.
  5. Well I for one am glad you got banned
  6. You mean the event they extended and is currently running?
  7. I believe their eggs appear basically inside them and are hard to spot similar to sarcos. I also think they have a lower egg drop rate than average as well. If you are trying to use them to make kibble, I think you are better off gathering low level rock drake eggs for that.
  8. Yea that cave can be pretty rough, Last time I did it I used a rex. Id imagine a bary would get shredded as you said.
  9. The bee hives respawn pretty quick on CI, they respawn with the speed of how rocks/trees respawn as opposed to how beaver dams respawn from my experience. I was once planning on keeping the island as my main base location for like the first year of playing. I would go on little expeditions to other maps to tame up some of the other stuff so I wouldnt have to wait forever, such as with gachas, gasbags, manas, rock drakes, wyverns, etc. but after a while I realized that I dont want my main base on the island anymore. It now feels very bland there compared to other maps. I would much rather
  10. Yea I can understand if you are stuck on the island or choose to be stuck on the island then you are going to be relegated to doing things like this. If you use org poly often and you have a base on CI then I would still go to the bee cave as that would be much better than farming penguins for sure, and much faster. As for the hard poly stuff, When i need paste I keep a single gacha with about 10-12 snails around it to pick up the paste and I can get the 100 off each snail. Do that for like a week or 2 and I have more paste than I can keep in a tek dedicated storage. Last time I did that
  11. I dont understand, you are not forced to craft a minimum of 5 pair of gloves. You can make a single pair if thats all you wanted.
  12. Yea devs cant fix this, if they could they would have years ago. I am assuming you dont have an outer wall around your base, cause that would be a great way to reduce this from possibly happening. Its well known that dinos will mesh through walls sometimes when a player enters the area loading in the dinos and structures which dont get loaded in simultaneously so sometimes the creature is there before the wall is and they are magically in ur base. If you have an outer wall around your base then the dino would likely still merge through occasionally but then it would just end up inside the oute
  13. The devs explained the sizes of the maps in square kilometers and said that rag was 144 sq km and that CI is 150 sq km. No idea about the taming distance discrepancy but they may be counting the underwater area and applying it to the surface size to count it as a cumulatively larger map.
  14. You can transfer artifacts, I do it all the time actually. In fact the artifact of immune is very easily acquired on the free crystal isles map. Its out in the open not in a cave with nothing guarding it, its in the redwood forest in a hollowed out log, just look up a vid of its location or the coordinates on the wiki. Most if not all the artifacts are found on a different map in an easy to obtain location so dont bang your head against a wall and get it the easy way. The only thing you cant transfer are creature trophies tributes like alpha squid eye, alpha reaper barb, etc. so you have
  15. Ok in an unofficial situation where you can store org poly in a vault for long periods of time, I could see it being somewhat useful I guess. I still would prefer just transferring to crystal isles and harvesting some of those bee hives for basically unlimited org poly. But even then if I need poly I would rather do a obsidian run on genesis real quick, can make like 5k or more hard poly from 1 run with a magmasaur + a couple gas bags on official. Idk Im all about efficiency in this game, and hard poly stacks to 100 instead of 10 and lasts forever so unless im making specifically ghillie
  16. I know there is a newer fan made survival of the fittest but if you play the original one it still uses the old interface if you want to see how it felt I guess.
  17. Pretty sure its commonplace that passive tames do not get increases during these taming events for some reason. Its like every time I see an event someone complains about basilos not being faster. So this isnt a specific ferox issue but for all passives. But I can support pushing them to fix how the stats change upon transforming and how stats are passed on to next generations as breeding them seems useless to me for now.
  18. Not to hate on you if you genuinely enjoy having a farm like this for some reason but I just dont understand why people do this. It seems like a giant waste of time to me. If I needed dust I would use gachas as they would be much more lucrative and efficient. And if its for the metal oil or electronics, there are much faster and efficient ways to get 1000's of times more than you will get from a tek parasaur farm. I blame syntax for all the people following this trend.
  19. I got the series X about a week ago and I just gotta say that this game runs extremely well on it. Ive been skeptical of how much of a difference it will make but I am pretty impressed. Certain little bugs still occur, little hangups with server saves which cant be avoided, but largely its a great experience. I feel like this is how the game should have been launched. In the past week I have now completed all the genesis race missions on alpha (which was impossible with my old xbox), fairly easily(other than the bloodstalker one, that one still took 10-20 runs to practice and master). So far n
  20. Wont always help, as I have had a friend logged off sleeping in a bed in a base alone across the island from where I was and I got the message that he was killed by a raptor. Flew over there and the raptor was inside the house somehow and killed him in the bed. Must have glitched through a wall or something, well actually 2 walls to get to where he was. Has never happened again in my presence, but it is possible. Yes, other than the ORP, that would depend on the server you are on, only some pvp servers are ORP servers.
  21. You have to make a saddle for most dinos to ride them.
  22. Thats not how to check for event rates anymore. That changed a while ago. picking up a stone by hand is always going to give you 1 stone regardless now.
  23. Are you not aware there is an easter event going on right now?
  24. except some creatures will be raised before the 8 hours mark so they reduce the timer to account for this issue that has popped up in the past. This is a good thing...
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