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  1. Bleed damage is not effected by wearing a saddle on the deino, as for whether it is reduced if the dino you are attacking has a saddle im not 100% sure but Id suspect it doesnt have an effect either.
  2. And you can use the tek skiff I believe
  3. When you breed the 101 with the 99's you will get a random distributation of stats from each of the parents, the game weighs is slightly higher to choose the higher stat between the two but it could still be either. So your 101 got 1 mutation accounting for the 2 levels so without knowing what stat mutated lets say it was the melee. Lets say the unmutated females had 400 melee and the male with a mutation was 410 melee, so the babies between those 2 dinos could have the 400 or the 410 melee which will determine the level being 99 or 101. Yet with all that said even if the baby does not get the
  4. To expand on this further, you can also use the tek gloves to launch yourself in the air and hover/fly with the tek chest when overburdened if necessary. Most times the tek leggings will do the trick but its nice to know.
  5. No from what I remember along with getting a skin the dodowyvern will have skeletal wyverns around during the fight that if they are alive after the dodowyvern is killed you can go up to and claim them. They will not be rideable but will have higher levels than standard like lvl 500 and such. Same thing with the dodorex, he will have zomdodos during the fight that can be claimed after if they are still alive. Edit: I think Thyme is right, its the zombiwyverns you can claim not the skeletal ones most likely.
  6. From what Invincibleqc said earlier, the creature with 50 points into melee has the stat points multiplied by the 5% and 7% values + the taming effectiveness. So having a 150 tamed with 100% TE vs 0% TE would mean losing out on 74 levels of randomly selected stats prior to the TE even being in the equation. So you could potentially find a rex with 50 points in melee in the wild, then tame it with 0%TE it will guarantee still have that 50 points melee which would equate to xx damage. Then you tame the same rex with 50 wild points and 100% TE it could get some of those random stat points into me
  7. Yea but of all the creatures an argy would take forever to meat run with. A spino/rex or any big carnivore like that would be worlds better. And the rendering issue I speak of was in reference to official online play actually, it still works the same if no one is there then the creatures are all in stasis not killing anything. I guess if its just an extremely popular server with tons of people passing by his aggressive dinos rendering them then it might have some limited success but its still not an efficient way to do it in my opinion.
  8. So why would you recommend an argy of all things instead of a rex or a giga or even a chainsaw? Also if you leave dinos alone in a forest and no one is around to render them they will accomplish nothing and you will come back to no hide.
  9. Well they are extremely useful on abberation, outside of there I wouldnt bother really.
  10. Thats interesting I never thought of trying that. Thx
  11. Yes you could. You could also convert regular element into dust at the city terminals on extinction but I am pretty sure you get like 200 dust per element so its a hefty tax.
  12. You can only transfer element dust
  13. They did mention it in the patch notes at the beginning of september
  14. The water entrance in the bee cave has lots of element ore nodes that if you harvest with a dunky will get you vast amounts of metal. There are silica pearls like everywhere but for a reference point check by the oil island.
  15. What platform are you on, cause I just made brand new ones within the last week and they do not snap, they do not let me put a ceiling or a ramp on them. Only the decay time increased when placing 2 next to each other manually. And Im on xbox
  16. No, like I said its the total that matters. Total means domesticated + wild + mutated. From what I have read the max you can go is 254 and anything 255 or above is subject to poofing.
  17. Its the total stat points that matters not the domesticated ones. If in total it goes beyond 254 then the creature will disappear on a server restart.
  18. I built 2 new tek bridges on CI and tried to snap them but they still dont snap to anything. So Just to try it, I placed them manually right next to each other as if they were snapped and that caused them both to get 20 day decay timers instead of the 12 hours on the single one. So somehow it can work now, kind of. Just without snapping, which is the whole problem in the first place. If this was all they were going to do why did it take so long?
  19. I agree, which is also why I am so disappointed it took 1.5 years or so to get them to patch a fix for tek bridges which involves just increasing decay timer... Instead of fixing the actual problem of them not snapping to structures. If they were just going to lazily increase decay timer why wasnt that done over a year ago? garbage
  20. Yea I am not sure either, but I have heard of people saying you have to go into that circle or you will spawn naked after the fight so thought maybe if the dinos werent in it the same thing could happen. Then again if you are talking on singleplayer then many things are not the same as they should be so who knows lol
  21. Question on this part, did you move the dinos into the big teleport circle after the fight where the overseer first appeared in the back? Cause I suspect that has something to do with people not having dinos teleported back and items not coming with them.
  22. Oh definitely did misread, thought you said luring gigas into the cave not the lava. Which that made little sense to me too lol
  23. So those "" marks you mention are called quotations meaning you are quoting something another person said and no one said anything thing about a glitch. Also there is no need to "lure" gigas into the cave you can uncryo one at the entrance legitimately. Now you have an issue with gliding through the cave to avoid some dinos? if you want everything to be ultra hard mode at all times does that mean you tame stuff with raw fish meat too as to not avoid the challenge?
  24. All the engrams that came with the homestead s+ tlc werent merged into the proper folders, they are in their own new folders for whatever reason. Its not preferable but if you remember it this way its not so bad, if its stairs or flexible stuff or triangle stuff dont bother clicking structures folder, there will be a standalone tek or metal or stone folder where they are placed.
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