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  1. "Ark 2 is an Xbox Series X|S console launch exclusive. If things go the way they did with Survival Evolved, this will also include PC, (possibly Xbox Game Pass at launch) before a PS5 version will eventually follow. Microsoft also points out that Ark 2 will be optimised for Xbox Series X|S." I have heard no confirmation that ark 2 will be exclusive to xbox forever, this is likely just a timed exclusive.
  2. Sometimes I notice the same thing, been a long time since Ive seen it in my own personal inventory but recently its the same with the transmitter. The way I can find the items I put in the transmitter is by typing in the search bar for the item then it magically appears. Also sometimes when I am building I forget that I put lets say walls in my hotbar, then I go to grab more walls and I am like where TF did they go only to realize a bit later they are in my hotbar. It sounds like its not likely these are the same issues you are experiencing but I figured I would mention just in case.
  3. FYI this converting hard element into dust at a terminal IS the extinction way.
  4. Never had that problem, I just turn it on and it auto attacks anything within range. Sometimes the creature or whatever is slightly out of range of being attacked but is still close enough to lock on, so I just move a little closer and it shoots. Also I tend to use the overload shots so they shoot kinda slow anyway and I just dont notice.
  5. As Grumpy said, if the bag is not next to your bed then first thing to do is look up not down. Sometimes the bag ends up on the roof above your bed, if not that then you likely waited too long to check for it and it decayed.
  6. This topic pops up every few months it seems..
  7. Everyone needs to participate in the final attack on rockwell prime with the exomeks laser to get full credit for the fight and get the engrams.
  8. Havent tried it but I doubt it. Supposed to be the only things that can "fly" on gen 1 are the things that dont actually fly like bloodstalkers/gasbags/rock drake etc. So I dont think astrodelphis will normally be able to be mounted on gen1.
  9. Tek bow is now the best at knocking out everything everywhere.
  10. Well for one you are not factoring in their pack bonus roar buff. They have a water buff, they are a much smaller with a smaller hitbox and can turn and maneuver much much better than a rex. Also I would say their bites per second is faster than a rex. Shadowmanes have multiple types of attacks as well as doing a DoT damage to enemies. I would say they are much more versatile than rex's in my opinion.
  11. I cant quite remember right now and I am not in game but I feel like the exo mek required me to keep element on me instead of the mek itself to power it for some reason. Could be wrong but I know I ran into something like that recently and I think it was the exo mek. Edit: actually the more I think about it, I think it was the hoversail that needed element in your inventory instead of the device itself. I guess still worth a shot on the exo mek but likely not the problem.
  12. They claimed to have fixed it so you cant beat it without touching the controls anymore.
  13. Well, if you are talking about star dolphin as I said I have gotten almost to the end solo Alpha on official xbox server with an xbos series x. Maybe what we are experiencing is different based on the platform but I dont see how this could possibly be considered 100% impossible. And besides my progress on alpha which I admit it is very hard, I have solo'd gamma twice and beta once already. In fact after trying to do gamma multiple times with a tribemate I realized that since my ally wasnt that skilled at it and the fact that the amount of points needed increased with the amount of people that
  14. Ive done starwing strike gamma-alpha on xbox official servers pretty recently. It was a grind to be sure, but doable for me at least. Stuck on star dolphin alpha right now, I am the closest to doing it on my server but solo its a pita. If I had 1 other decent player with me I think it would be much much easier. Since you mention the amount of damage needed in the time given, it sounds to me like you are talking about star dolphin not starwing strike. Star dolphin requires around 14k points for the first door and 28k on the 2nd door, very difficult. I have only gotten through the 2nd do
  15. TBH I am close to this point too. On official PvE I have done alpha island bosses/alpha aberration/alpha valguero/alpha ragnarok, only done beta gen1 & gen2. Havent done extinction bosses as they dont give anything I dont already have except a skin and badge. I only have the tame a voidwyrm note to do on gen2 and I think ill have the +10 max levels thing unless it requires them from all maps. With my beginning goal a few years ago being to do all the bosses on alpha on official, I am nearing that end. I am pretty sure I can knock out alpha gen2 in the near future, been stuck on alpha
  16. Try using the search bar in the transmitter, sometimes this happens then I search the empty transmitter for the item that disappeared and then it magically appears.
  17. Well you dont just find giga eggs laying around, what he is saying is that he already has high level mutated gigas, which most people have on pve official and you just keep breeding them and collecting and saving the eggs for a mass hatching.
  18. I dont really care either way, but I did like the super jump they had. I feel this is yet another situation where the devs should have separated the update for pve/pvp since this was changed primarily because of people abusing it in a pvp aspect. No real reason to have changed it for pve players imo.
  19. I believe he means with the storage mode, to put the dedi back in your inventory as an item. Then place it in the new spot and get all the resources from the bag that was dropped and move them over to the newly placed dedi. Sounds tedious I know.
  20. Just did alpha ferox a couple days ago, just float above it with tek pistol, nothing else needed.
  21. I decided to check last night, and on official xbox network I do see the unclaim option on my stryders. So has this change only happened to pc so far and is coming to consoles sooner or later?
  22. What I was saying with the 45 levels part was that I can tame a fresh dino, put it in a pod and in a cryofridge, then leave the server entirely except for coming back to render stuff and when I do pull that pod out of the fridge eventually it will have levels ready. The 45 was just a random example of it showing levels were gained while not having the fridge in render almost at all.
  23. Yea this is basically exactly what I was explaining just in more words, I understand all of this.
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