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  1. The only thing that prevents you from being able to do something is the idea that you are unable to do it. The idle man will sit on his own accord and assure himself that he wants to move but is forced to stay. Your will is as strong as you are.
  2. Ark Survival Ascended is very scary. I don't mean the dinosaurs are too realistic, but scary because it's ark. I think there's an 8 out of 10 chance that it will be an even lower quality than normal ark, and i'm very sincerely hoping it isn't, because i love ark and hate trashy bug-fest games. I would like to be able to only love ark and not hate the trashy bug-fest part of it. I am scared because it's been promised to release as scheduled at the end of this october, but wildcard has a reputation for making sudden and frequent delays in their new projects (Genesis 1 and 2 especially). What's even worse is that all we've gotten for teasers are concept art for structures and a picture of a raptor, among other things i might be forgetting. This is the same thing that happened for genesis 1 and 2. They both got heavily delayed right before they were meant to release, and we only got concept arts and vague in game screenshots right before they released, but it was a lot more than ASA. If ASA is to truly release as scheduled, i would be prepared for but not expecting a buggy mess that might be even worse than old ark. Again, i'm not trying to be a pessimist, and i truly hope it will be what they say it is. We also must remember that wildcard is owned/run by Snail Games. For those who don't know, Snail Games is a shoddy chinese game company that purchased wildcard and ark and then proceeded to ruin it by rushing everything and providing little funding. (This link provides more details by organizing a youtube video on the subject https://eightify.app/summary/artificial-intelligence-and-future-of-work/snail-games-financial-crisis-ark-survival-s-uncertain-future) I recall that there was even a time when the CEO of Snail Games allegedly used a large portion of company money to start an electric car business, which promptly bankrupted and was abandoned. I'm not saying it's entirely snail's fault that ark is the way it is, but they have definitely not helped it. At the end of the day though, ASA isn't out yet, so i could just be talking out of my ass. Let me know any thoughts on this topic.
  3. in my honest opinion, this submission appears very rushed and low-effort, with the dinosaur in question being very bland and blatantly uninteresting. You've basically just described a wild giga with the magmasaur ability that burns stuff around it in the same manner. I understand that you want to get your vote in as soon as possible, but being faster doesn't always mean getting more votes. The community votes based on how much they like the appearance and potential unique features of the concept, both of which seem to be absent in this submission. However, i mean no hate by this statement and simply wish to gently prod you in the right direction for future submissions. Quality over quantity.
  4. i just realized i forgot to draw tails on any of the pictures i would like to clarify that the rat indeed has a tail.
  5. Hello people of the ark forums. I am a person who likes domesticated rodents, like rats. Especially fat ones. Fat ones are funny :). Anyways, I think we should stop obsessing over things like "my dinosaur can cure cancer!" or "my dinosaur can be a nuclear physicist when you tame it!" This silly competition for your dino to be added into the game is pointless since pretty much every vote winner gets entirely reworked in the dossier reveal, even in looks. On an unrelated note to that statement, you guys should vote for this rat. If you ocean lovers thought the water tames were bland, think about how few cutie patooties we have in this game. I can think of the ferox and noglin off the top of my head, but even then we have so few cute tames. I want more cute dinosaurs!!! Let me introduce the giant rat, otherwise known as the scientific name in the title that im not rewriting. Not only is he an adorable shoulder pet, i've also packed as much usefulness as I can into the concept, so he's not a complete waste of time. Realistic visualization of who you should vote for: Now lets get down to business Like actual rats, this funky fella will scurry around the city. Hes curious but skittish, stopping to investigate survivors who pass by but fleeing if they get too close. However, if you have herbivore food like berries or kibble in your hotbar, he'll come up to you and give you the rat-equivalent of the puppy eyes while making a pleading motion with his tiny hands. If you feed him the food like he wants, he'll eat it out of his hands like a raccoon and either ask for more or walk off for a bit before coming back. Once you tame a gamer rat by this method, he becomes yours. You can have them on your shoulder, and now we get to the uses: Like real rats, this guy never gets sick. He gets so unsick that the corruption has no effect on him, and he's even a repellent for it! If you don't wanna tame a giga or something to walk around in the big corrupted areas, just grab a rat buddy and every corrupted dino will stay far away from you at all times. Example: Im kind of having writers block on the pve side of things, so if anyone who sees this has a suggestion i would definitely add it to the post. Now for the pvp feature because im neutrally aligned and want to appeal to both sides. Like actual rats, this guy is basically invisible in terms of stealth and doesn't get seen by turrets. You can use his option wheel to instruct him to find the nearest powered enemy generator and destroy it. He can fit through any windows or doors as long as they are open, or even hatchframes. As long as he isnt seen by the other survivors who thought their turret wall was adequate compensation for lack of endowment, he can do what rats do best with electronic devices and chew the crap out of them, disabling the generator and rendering the enemy base largely defenseless. Due to the fact that it is the middle of the night and i'm out of ideas for now along with the fact that i have exceeded the file size limit, i will leave this submission as is until further notice. pls vote :3
  6. genesis 2 was delayed for a year and a half and is still one of the glitchiest ark dlcs
  7. this vote has the most useless goobius pve creatures i have ever seen. about two of them are useful. yall best put dreadnoughtus and gigantoraptor at the top
  8. this is the best update ark has ever had. A shame though, for the game to end here. Anyways, i do have a suggestion. Ark devs, i'm talking to you. Instead of making more complicated graphics, make a game that can actually handle them. Just a suggestion, though. Anyways, great new map. Peace.
  9. king titan turns into a thicc blob of purple goo every time i fight him
  10. screw ark and it's late ass releases and big ass bugs.
  11. this is disgusting, you people are shaming wildcard for not doing their job and BS excuses. They have delays because they work hard, people. Please, understand that they are just trying to give you a good game, and you guys are mad because they can't finish it in time. BS. You guys are immature.
  12. they are gonna make this thing sooooo slooooow because it's sooooo oppppppppp.
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