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    I can see you are upset thats ok just breathe it will all be over soon. I agree with the OP and i feel ark has changed quite a bit since it went full release. Some would argue it is still in early access and I would agree with them in certain things but that is another story for another day. I would love to see players work together and have commeraderie but what can you do when you live in a shoe? WC provides a servicesses for us all to enjoy with our friends, family loved ones, aunts uncles children , parents, friends of lovers. We all use it for free without subscriptionz and lyke many other online games can have good aspects and bad aspects to it. The bad is logging in to abuse and that is sad also but it can be fixed. You ask your neighbour why yuou hate me so much? He can reply and say you build on his land and he dont lyke you but lets be serious sometimes players do things and it can be very frustrating. Some like otters while others like beavers and farming beaver dams but no dams and no otters and no beavers. This is very upsetting for many players because they cant do what they like to do because some other tribe is building near these spawn zones and nobody is able to police it. if you play on legacy server there is no support so not much can be done on those serber but when you play official ticket times can take weeks sometimes months until GM reply. This makes players very upset and they cry and I don't like to see people's tears it makes the game experiences very unenjoyablistic and thats not good you know? I agree things should change and players should change we should all change for the better and treat everyone equal and love eachother and life and game to the fullest every day for eternity and maybe one day ark will be great again I think. Most player hope for this day to come when they can log into a new server after buying the game on sale and thinking i want to enjoy everything ark has to offer without dealing with other players. Well they are in for a big surprise so they log into server create character and spend about 30 mins making all body proportions and face just right. Then they crash. So have to do it all over again. Very mad indeed. So they do it all over again and finally spawn on the beach somewhere but they are inside an enemy structure or anothersome tribe and they ask hey can you release me? please friend? i want to play the gamez. can help plox? but nobody answer for 3 hours. all global chat say to shut up dont wine but you are stuck and need help. sometimes players come and they hel;p you but others say do it yourself or dont answer or it is [][][][][] who knows what this means? [][][][][][][] I don't do you? It s difficult to learn languages of [][][][] and cant copy global chat so it hard. I like to usz googlale translation for helping to ask quetion if i dont speak [][][][][]/ so back to spawn in base story. if you get out of base finally you spawn in a are not inside a base or fence. You go to beach and is nice llocation you farm thatch structures but you cant place them too close to enemey foundations. you ask why csnt aI build here? too many pillar ebverytwhere. I dont like it I am very angry you know? So I complain why nowhere to build? The server has been running for over 1 year but i just joined and I expect to build everywhere. Surely no other players would thing to build where I like to build. But my dreams get crushed,. all spot taken so im upset. I go to hard area, giga eats me and my pet dilo. I cry hard because it took a long time to tame that dilo and dodo. then tame cap hits. I try to tame another dilo but says too many creaturas on this ark. people yelling at chat DONT TAME THAT DLO I say i should be able to tame whatever I want. They say no you cant. I left server, and unistalled game. I can't take it anymore. Very bad ecperience.
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    This game has actually improved a lot. I personally think PvE official should be discontinued....move to the unofficial realm. PvE requires babysitters to make players share land and tame slots. Just release the files, like legacy. Speaking of Legacy, rip the bandaid off already. Biggest mistake ever. Official servers should be PvP only in some form. Timed PvP servers, more types. All ORP servers should have alliances removed (loophole closed). Smaller clusters. There also should be more variety of timed wiping servers. And lastly, there should be a subscriptions based teir of official servers with active admins. Side note: I think SOTF should be developed again, and used to make money (similar to Fortnight with a cosmetic cash shop)
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    Just because you can't be bothered to read more than 3 lines of text doesn't mean you should quote this guy and mock him via some bastardized version of being a grammar nazi. Its annoying to those of us who happen to be capable of reading larger blocks of text just fine. Maybe instead ask the poster for cliff notes or an audio version for the reading impaired. Or of course practice your reading skills so you can choose to read what this person has to say. K, thanks!!!!
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    Should say: WC destroyed their own official servers. Perhaps it was intentional, less servers= less cost. Official servers numbers have slowly been whittled away. Single player and unofficial communities are great.
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    As much as I still enjoy ark, the best days were pre server transfers. No random bobs just popping on, placing 40 behemoth gates and stacking it full of rexes only to be seen once every 5 days for 10 seconds. The island knew which tribes had particular dinos and abilities and there was a much greater sense of community. When a tribe went crazy, the entire server rallied to sort them out, and they pulled back into line at they had no where else to go. Fun times.
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    Thanks everyone! I've been afraid to lose tames to test them out, guess I had nothing to worry about.
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    You can, but good luck finding all those dilo's trapped by little rocks/ledges! ugh. Definitely want some kind of mount so you don't run out of stam trying to find the last few stragglers. An enforcer or a lowish level mana with all levels pumped into stam should do fine, imo.
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    Island unofficial PS4 Had a gamer friend try out ARK. Spawned into a lightly boosted server named OBLIVION. After the usual "Where are you?" "I'm by a river. There are dinosaurs here." haha yeah. Oh to be so blissfully ignorant again. Finally met up and started making the usual 2x2 thatch shack as our first base, killing Dodos and Dilos for meat and hide. Tamed a low lvl Parasaur with bolas and clubs. "ParasHilton" by then it was Late for us and we logged in our little beach shack. It's amazing how much more fun that was when doing it with a friend.
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    Survival of the fittest Battle Royal, free to play PvP with no losing hours (or 100s) of work overnight.
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    I prefer to use an enforcer instead of doing it without dino but both will work fine.
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    you can even solo it on foot just with weapons
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    oh ok now i undestand very clear, thank u very much sir, and have a wonderfull day ?
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    It is true that so many people purchased the game when it was first out, like £27 i think upon initial release when I got it, not much revenue i bet and since then the community has dwindled away slowly due to their own incompetence and lack of experience building games and maintaining quality, servers will be costly but WildCard do one thing that REALLY annoys me and that is IGNORE THE FACTS from the community, We tell them what is wrong and they ignore it and release more content? they dont fix anything and publish the broken game on the android, Ios and Switch!? The most backwards company I have ever known. <--- Nearly at 'No Mans Sky' standards! Ark used to be hundreds of island servers all showing server 1 -70/70 connected server 2 -70/70 connected server 3- 70/70 connected server 4 - 70/70 connected And I used to spend 30 minutes bashing join hoping to get in ! it was such a fun and magic experience and I could not get enough... Now its dead.. rotten decomposed death! Because they ignore us! fail improving quality and show ZERO acknowledgement on issues raised so far and reassure us things are being done about them. we are a community that PREY we are heard and hope for fixes, Wild Card sould be at least 1% decent and highlight them and show us they are working on them and tick them off each updated! look at these we can all agree on and they done NOTHING! Meshing! - still a thing Map holes - everywhere Disappearing dino's - everyday tickets - unanswered Broken Meta dino's - untouched disconnection issues - 24/7! graphic flaws - everywhere render issues - never changes Lag Spikes - FML... High ping - just play Rag... GM response time - you die in real life before they help you events - to far and few apart (breeding events are as rare as a ticket being answered) Shall we continue WildCard!? CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE PROGRAM WC!
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    Yes but I mean, if you go into single-player and use cheats (like gmbuff|fly|slomo 100) and fly around, it should draw the map anywhere you play including officials. And yes, if you backup your local profile and restore it if it somehow gets corrupted or deleted then it should brings everything back (mini-maps, explorer notes, etc).
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    Server transfer was the ''death of ARK''. It was ''said'' as soon as it was hinted by wildcard, it was ''guaranteed'' when they added a date to implement it. it is now ''FACT'' that ARK is ruined having it in place. ARK destroyed their own game.
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    You mean your mini-map? If so, that is part of your local profile afaik so exploring the map in singleplayer should suffice.
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    No, because such tools are relying on you having a copy of the save file.
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    Lack of pve threats is a big reason behind pvp toxicity. With no meaningful survival threats anymore, people turn on each other. The friendliest ark.servere i seen were back when i was playing with other beginners, back in days before gamma 5 and level 400 bred super dinos. The struggle to survive in this hostile alien environment brought people together. Now the environment is a joke, ark is like rust, purely pvp and all.tye assosiated problems that come with it. I would make all wild dinos stronger and able.to damage structures like corrupted dinos. Also introduce a purge element like conan where titans, overseer drones, corrupted dino armies etc begin spawning and attacking tribes that reach tek tier. Of course this would not happen, because the hardcore pvp community do not actually want a survival game.
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    I’ll tell you what the issue is; that batch of people have never experienced official, real official so I’m talking legacy in the pre evolution event era. Even if you didn’t play legacy back then, non evo event official is still grindy, so you can relate it. If they extended decay timers and increased taming and breeding, I’d give official a go again as I could live with everything else. But that’s never gunna happen so I base my settings from increasing the parts of official I didn’t like. The problem you have now is that people are so used to ridiculously high rates and have never played official that they would never go the opposite way. As for toxicity, I’d say high rates increases that level because boredom is achieved much quicker, to the point where raiding is almost pointless but attacking people must carry on so the act continues. You cannot take toxicity out of this game as long as you play on public servers where people don’t know eachother.
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    The sloped roofs will not snap to the top of a wall. This wasn't a problem before, with vanilla ARK, since you were (presumably) going to have a sloped wall piece at the end for it to snap on to. With the addition of S+ triangles, though, it's possible to make a round shape with no end walls. The S+ sloped roofs would snap to the top of the walls, allowing you to make a dome structure. Not so with the vanilla ones. They seem to still expect to only snap sideways onto a wall. Additionally, I'd really love to see another snap point added to the top end of those sloped roofs. Even in S+, in order to complete the dome, I would need six flat triangle pieces in the center, and they wouldn't snap to the square sloped pieces. I'd have to have a pillar in the center of my bungalow for them to attach to. Please also ensure that the new building types are added to beacon loot tables and the like. I'm sure the tek tier will, by necessity, be added to the bosses, but don't forget about the rest. Integrate them. It always bugs the hell out of me when additions to a game aren't given the full treatment, made to look like they had always been there.
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    1 semi-ok enforcer is more than enough for blue osd and 10k veins
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    You guys gonna address/fix the new glitch that console players are experiencing after the latest patch? Players are getting trapped in foundations and rocks.
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    We finally took on and beat the Alpha King Titan bringing to an end the story of Ark. It was a great fight and moment and tough too. I have a 50k hp Mek I used and it was down to 200 hp at the end of the fight. We brought a large squad. Ice and Forest Titan, 7 Meks, Mega Mek, 4 Giga's (650+ melee), 6 Mana's. A few Giga's and Mana's died. I think 2 Meks died but at the end the King was dead and the final Ascension took place. So now it's on to the final phase of official Ark for me. I want to finish out my Argy line, sell my base off for tek structures to help out my friends who will be staying, and then move on to a great unofficial I found. Good people and fun events and a more relaxed atmosphere. It's a server going on for a year and half and already paid for another year. It's got every map (2 of Extinction and Rag) and it's got a sister PvP cluster. Great admins/moderators and it's actually ignited my passion for Ark again. Current Argy line; 4453 hp, 1600 st, 960 wt, 455 melee. I haven't begun to combine all of those yet but the 960 wt line is hatching level 345 with 4161 hp, 1560 st, 1005 oxy, 13000 food, 960 wt, and 431 melee. Until next time.
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    Yep, a basic enforcer its probably enough to solo a blue osd. Just skip any blue osd that spawn right north east of desert because this zone has hard creatures spawn like wyverns, enraged rexes and reapers that can sum to the whole osd creatures.
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    U can do it with almost everything. Argy, snow owl, enforcer, even with good pike and decent armor. Blue ones ain't hard at all. I swear iff anky got more speed u can do it with them too.
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    It's called "convenience" and "Quality of life". As it turns out, humans beings like things like automatic drills, screwdrivers, cars and smart phones. If everyone were like you, we'd be peddling stone cars like the flintstones and manually digging up roads and house foundations with our hands. Maybe you'd prefer having to manually force-feed dinosaurs too, instead of having them automatically feed themselves when they have food in their inventory. You're completely wrong about the new kibble's being "easy as picking up stone" too. Either you're a troll or you are very young, in the latter case I don't blame you for having an infantile mind. Just try to think for once.
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    Please don't do this. This kibble change will single handedly eliminate 80% of the dino content from the game. The old tree just needed a little tweaking. Think about it. The only interaction most people have with most of the dino content is to tame them for kibble reasons. Scorpions would never be tamed if they were not the kibble for rex. That goes for a lot of dinos...Gali, terror birds, pegomastix, and on and on. This kibble change is not an improvement, it's a gutting of the game and a bypassing of a lot of the dino content that was added.
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    My server has an outward appearance of friendlyness but it's run by overlords who hog the server up with old knowledge of the game. They know where all the good stuff is. They take newbs underwing and turn them into overlords in a few nights. Then they taunt you if you don't join their click. Kinda like being back in high school. It helps not to talk in chat at all. Try to stay to yourself and not communicate. You help someone you can be sure they will stab you in the back later. Literally, if you invite into tribe. Since pvp dynamics are ever present in pve. They taunt me because I like otters. Got any otters lately statements that seem nice if read one way but not so much if read in context of how they treat me. Yelling at me if I take up a tiny piece of land way off in some remote corner even tho they own all the main lands and important spots. So no they are not being nice they are mocking. Now ever time I go near the otter spawn I disconnect and think they're hacking somehow and getting me to disconnect.
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