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  1. Btw. I spoke with someone from Wardrum as to why the person who made the threat was not banned. They explained that they handled these on a case-by-case basis and that this appeared to be more of an exchange between two immature kids in the middle of an argument more than anything. I've since taken a second look, as well as continued to look at the character of the person who made the threat, and fully agree.
  2. This is straight from the Community Guidelines: Be respectful of other players. Offensive, threatening and harassing language is not permitted anywhere in the game. This includes but is not limited to: racism, sexism, hate speech, or threats of violence. Violating this rule for the first time will result in a temporary 7-day ban. Repeat offenders will be banned from the game permanently.
  3. Hello, I seem to recall that my Quetzs weren't able to fly through giant stone hatchframes. I had doors on them. So I got rid of those and got rid of the engram over time. Now I have a new tribemate who is building a new base for us and wants to use them. So I"m going back and doing more in-depth research. The Gamepedia says of both types that Quetzals can fit. But a semi-official rep on the official Discord Ask-The-Team channel said that he heard a Quetz can fit if you leave the doors off. Can anyone give me an official word on this? I don't want to learn the engram if it's of no value. Thanks. - Rakkasan
  4. Wow. Well, no system is perfect because no person is perfect. Glad to hear they did finally ban them. I get disappointed sometimes too. Recently reported someone I thought for sure needed to be instantly perma banned for threatening to beat somebody else up at school. They said it wasn't worthy of a ban. I'm thinking they probably saw it as just childish joking. Might be right. But I was kinda disappointed. But hey. I disappoint people every day. Part of being a fallen human in a fallen world.
  5. It takes time. They have a small team and a huge number of reports to go over. I've filed complaints before and, while it sometimes took nearly 2 weeks, they have always responded. They'll either take action and let you know, tell you they need a better screen shot, tell you what is being done isn't a violation of game rules (pretty sure it is) or tell you that you don't have enough evidence. My guess is that in a week or two you'll hear that they issued a temporary 7 day ban. Unless the person has been issued a 7 day ban before they always start with that as a warning.
  6. I am fairly certain this is a form of griefing in PvE. I would make sure you get a screenshot with that person's name next time. Report them and I am willing to bet they will get the initial 7 day ban. If they mess up for any reason after that the next ban is permanent. - Rakkasan
  7. Exactly. I want to kill the enemy. But I want to fight a noble enemy. Not a whiny, crying, pouting, cheating, sissified enemy who belongs in diapers, at a daycare, and not on a battlefield. And I sure don't want to fight my friends. So there you have. Staying on the porch.
  8. Yeah, but dimes to dollars there are still going to be a lot of toxies and toddlers. Not good for me. Brings out the worst in me. Better to let the veteran stay on the porch and just shoot dinos. Yell at the kids to get off the lawn. Here are a couple of links that might give you an idea, though I'm not that old..... yet. lol See? Better to keep me in PvE. Safer for them. LOL!
  9. I am almost certain that you can use both obelisks and revival platforms in either sp or mp.
  10. Ah. Thank you. One of these days, maybe, just maybe, after I've spent some time at lvl 100 (currently just made 94) on PvE, I'll give PvP or PvX a try. I'm a veteran of the Army, half that time in the Infantry, and love combat (but hate war). The main thing that keeps me away is that PvP attracts children and toxic personalities like nothing else. Oh. And cheaters. And the very kind of people who act like babies and run their immature mealy mouths in games like this, who need to have a virtual bullet come smashing out the back of their skull.... Are the ones who usually cheat to make sure nobody can do that. So. Probably no PvP for me anytime soon.
  11. Now if you want to start talking fish, I'm here to help. If you are crazy enough ( I am, because it's my island. Lol), tame a Tuso. There simply is no better fish harvester. If you know where to go you can fill 4 or 5 fridges full of fish meat or more with just 20 minutes or less of hunting with a Tuso. Probably less time if you're focused. Megs give good amounts of fish meat. Ichtys drop nice quantities of raw meat, which is a nice bonus. Tusos are just wonderful all around hunters.
  12. Ummm, I'm not so sure about that. I don't think you can fight each other in caves on PvE. As to the Tuso in the swamp, it was interesting. I had decided to tame one and was searching for weeks with no success. Then some guy swears he spotted one in the swamp. I thought for sure he was lying. Turned out he wasn't. I tried to use an Anky to tame it. Lol. Lost an anky that way. So I killed it and took it to an underwater revival platform, revived it, and tried to tame it. Almost died. Killed it. Finally tamed it on the third try. Named him Tenacious. He is still alive and well today. I have him to a friend not long ago. Last I saw that beast was lvl 93. A monster for an easy PvE server. (But his daughter, my Tuso, who isn't even his level yet, is meaner by far, and is literally the most dangerous thing, tamed or wild, in the ocean on our server, and snacks on Alpha Mosas regularly.)
  13. WHAT??? Single Player? Easy? Medium? Hard? Brutal? PvE or PvP? Where? I saw a Tuso in the Swamp by the redwoods once. Had to be a glitch. Never seen one there since.
  14. Outstanding gentlemen! Thank you! I have been at wits end of late trying to keep too many tames (for too many people) fed. The info on cooked meat vs. raw meat and on veggies ( I can reduce narco berries and grow a ton of veggies with ease) is a huge blessing! Thanks be to God for you men and your advice! - Rakkasan
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