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  1. Rakkasan

    Problem with Primal Pass.

    Thank you Keys. 🙂
  2. I have to reactivate, "restore," my Primal Pass every time I log in. It's a minor annoyance, except for one thing. When I die and respawn it evidently has to be "restored" yet again, which means I don't have the Primal Pass benefit of a beacon without an ad. Has anyone else noticed this and has any heard of a fix, or anything along those lines? Thanks. - Rakkasan
  3. Rakkasan

    So I have a plan and a need a little help

    Violet you are so on it about the private servers. I think that if those work well and aren't insanely expensive there will be a huge influx of people into them. I'm on a PVE server and have had 2 titans kited into my tribe's base in just a few days (know who did the first one and pretty certain the same guy on the second one). Another guy (probably friends with the first) I caught on top of the greenhouse outside our base, his ptera by his side, intently looking into our base, and at the exact same time several Titanomyrmas ( I think that's right.) were attacking one of our tames. He kited them there no doubt and flew off without a word when he saw me watching him. Another friend of ours had somebody dropping dinos among their tames and had a Giga kited to their front door. This is ridiculous. I for one am seriously looking forward to private servers. - Rakkasan
  4. Rakkasan

    Reviving Tame Question

    Might have been a glitch. I might try again.
  5. Rakkasan

    Reviving Tame Question

    Hmm. Not tribe but my own, yes.
  6. Rakkasan

    Titans and bases.

    Lol Thank u both. I'm going to try to get my tribemates to go with turrets. Hope they will.
  7. Rakkasan

    Mobile Dire Wolf pack bonus??

    Ahhh. I knew the rest Stalker but that last part I did not know. Thank you very much.
  8. Rakkasan

    Titans and bases.

    My tribe has a base in the redwoods, on the North side right near the river. In the past few days we've had no less than 2 Titans roll through. We were there to kill the first (which was most likely kited there by an immature child, but that's another story) but the second came through early this morning and we lost some tames and what have you. Granted it could have been worse but it still was a very unpleasant thing. So we're thinking about reworking our base there and I thought to come to the community and ask for input, if there is any besides, "RUN!!!" Any ideas on: 1. How to make a base less likely to be walked through by a Titan. (Apart from changing locations, which I don't think we'll do.) 2. How to keep Titans away? (Surely we have a Titan Repellent engram. What? No! Well they need to add it!) 3. How best to marinate a side of Titan ribs. Thanks. - Rakkasan
  9. Rakkasan

    Reviving Tame Question

    Recently I left my old tribe to join a new one. When I left my tribe I suddenly found I had too many tames. Not sure how that would effect my joining the new tribe I culled the herd, so to speak, and killed 3 of my 15. I took their implants thinking maybe I could resurrect them. I tried with my dire wolf but, though it is emanating a faint glow, the revive/resurrect button is grayed out. I have enough amber, so that's not the issue. I tried at both a normal platform and an obelisk (red, if it matters). Now I do know that it had been over 24 hours but I thought as long as it was emanating a glow of some sort it would work. Was I mistaken or is there something else going on here? Probably a simple answer but I'm new to this particular aspect of the game. Thank you. - Rakkasan
  10. Rakkasan

    Mobile Dire Wolf pack bonus??

    My tribemate and I experimented last night and it would seem that to be able to use the ability you must have at least 1 other Dire Wolf set to "follow." Can anyone confirm or deny this in your experiences? Thanks. - Rakkasan
  11. Rakkasan

    Mobile Dire Wolf pack bonus??

    Thank you both. I'll be working with it. I had my controls set up so that alt attack 1 was left double tap and alt attack 2 was right double tap. Seems right. I'll experiment. I know it's there.
  12. Rakkasan

    Mobile Dire Wolf pack bonus??

    Our tribe has 3 Dire Wolves. We were experimenting, trying to figure it out. I was pretty sure the howl did it. I was on the back of one and a tribemate on another. I knew one double tap jumped, but the other one didn't seem to do anything. We are in the redwoods so can't hear much. I didn't see anything to indicate that my wolf howled but all of a sudden the wolves were giving off that greenish smoke and there was a pack mate count down in the upper right corner of my screen. I couldn't get it to happen again. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. -Rakkasan
  13. Rakkasan

    Tribe forums for mobile?

    My most humble apologies, Mensana, for offending you. Yesterday, it would seem, was my day for offending others. 😔
  14. Rakkasan

    Tame Request Question

    Thank you Chrys and Jordan.
  15. Rakkasan

    Mobile Procoptodon abilities?

    Yeah. She hit full maturity late last night so I took her for a run around the neighborhood. Nice kick ability. Looks like I can't put carryable pets in her pouch though. Unless someone happens to know how. I couldn't figure it out.