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  1. Genesis Map [US] Shining City [Flyers 4 x XP 2 x Taming 3 x Harvest] [US] Shining City [Flyers 4 x XP 2 x Taming 3 x Harvest] 10 Slots Starting PvP enabled but agreed up front no PvP until everyone agrees. I am willing to adjust server settings. Looking for mature, 18 year old and up (Discord proof required but only to verify age), players to have fun solo or together. People with bad attitudes will be warned. If the behavior doesn't change they will be banned. I am willing to set you up with just about anything but only initially. Wild dino max lvl 15
  2. Fresiki, You make some good points and when I went back and read his original post I did see that he too was being a bit rude, and shouldn't have. I think he just wanted to make his views known and that's not a bad thing. I think people can express their views, even passionately and with strong conviction and not be shoving it down others throats. Of course he hoped others might agree. Everybody hopes that. And even you have your strong views on things and feel the need to speak out. But does that mean you're shoving your ideas down my throat? Nope. So I think, at least in t
  3. THIS is one very interesting conversation and has me thinking more about such things than usual. So here's my 2 cents, bullet point style, for what it's worth (about 2 cents, lol): No matter WHAT views are held, we must all try to be civil and avoid unnecessarily offending others. We must ALL try not to be overly sensitive to every little perceived slight. Games like this (really, ALL games) always force things on us because THEY build the world THEY want to (wherever they may get their input on what to build). So the very fact that anyone is willing to play a certain
  4. There's a dog in the thread!! Lol. (Sorry. Cats and dogs. Lol.)
  5. Good point and well said. I said we need to be civil and that would include Forza. Thank you for pointing that out.
  6. Megachelon Bubble? So I was under the impression, perhaps incorrectly so, that the air bubble on the back of the Megachelon would not only supply air but would be a dry zone where you would walk around, not swim around. That would be like a real submarine and would be awesome. So, am I missing something, some way to make that happen, or is it simply a matter of having an oxygen supply on its back and no more? If I build a house on it's shell and then go underwater, while I clearly won't need O2, will I have to swim around in my house? Any input? Thanks.
  7. Fresiki, While you certainly make some valid points concerning your preferences for flying creatures and the like, I think you really didn't treat Forza fairly. Why is that you feel so justified in voicing your view (which, by the way, may not be the majority view); in exercising your freedom, but want to crush Forza for voicing his (her) opinion? Forza has some strong beliefs about the nature of the game and you can tell that this is not coming from an uniformed, inexperienced person. Maybe Forza is right. Maybe not. Clearly you disagree. That's your right. But why attack Forza for simpl
  8. Hey I'd like to join the tribe. What server are you all on? I'm on a server now. But it doesnt have many active people. 

    1. Rakkasan


      We're on Fria, NA, PvE, Easy.

      You would have to be willing to go it solo until at least lvl 30, and then go through a period of testing and observation to make sure we can trust you. During that time you would have extremely limited access and would be expected to help out a great deal and ask very little.

      Are you thinking about transferring a survivor from your current server or just starting all over?


    2. SkinsNation1212


      Honestly however you all would like. I'm 40ish yrs old. I play ps4 games but I play Ark at work. So I wolnt be on everyday. But I work 12 shift and play all the time at work. I'm also kinda new to the game. The server I'm on now I'm 55 I think but it's kinda pvp based.  And I'm not into that kind of thing. On your side, I understand. No reason to ask for anything. Anything I need it's more then plentiful in game. I'm only looking for a good group of people to play with, explore and learn more about the game. I've literally only discovered the bottom 1/4 of the map. What would you recommend on the character? I have a character transfer, and that way I'd keep my BP. Let me know your thoughts. Also I checked your server, what happens when tames and structures are maxed? And sorry for the late reply, my notifications where off for the site...

  9. Awesome! Sounds like a new kind of pistol! Cadie, is it only those you breed that have the special classes like "Swift?" Thanks.
  10. I've been following (some) this issue on the Unicorn Residue Hotline on Discord. Lots of testing but, as far as I know, no solution to the mystery yet. I'll try to remember to post here when it's solved. - Rakkasan
  11. And you know, Bush, another thing, a theory as it were, about the Equus comes to mind. Familiarity. We come to Ark because we love the fantasy world of living with dinosaurs. It is exciting. It is awe inspiring. But perhaps the Equus, with it's familiar look and very familiar sounds, touches something in the human heart that longs for familiarity. Can I really relate to a Giga, T-Rex, Para, Dire Wolf, etc.? Ultimately no. I have only vague points of reference with which to make my connection, that being part of what, for me and some others, gives me happiness when "experiencing
  12. I think Bush that what you are missing is that some people don't care about the practical side of the animals at all (and of course all this in varying degrees). There are people who lean more towards the roleplaying side and, as such, will find certain creatures of value for what others would consider impractical reasons. It's like that for me. I have been living in the North for a long time and have become very adept at dealing with the cold weather. I am almost surprised these days to even see the pop up saying that I'm cold. (Though "overheating" surprises me. Makes me think I'm in Te
  13. Hello everybody! Does anyone have any detailed information on the Equus power and racing classes yet? I have my first, a female, and am looking to get a male and start breeding. She has an Equus power of 2.43. Is that any good? I want to learn what I can and do this right. Thanks. - Rakkasan
  14. Rakkasan


    I'm 5 away myself. A friend tamed 2 only because he has the Gold Crown. He's only lvl 79 while I'm lvl 80. He unclaimed 1 hoping I could claim it. Nope. No dino skull button for me to access claim option. No way around it. He passively tamed his first. Fed it about 10 allo kibbles. Tranqued the 2nd and fed it about the same. Bring tons of narcs. Hundreds. They lose torpor fast! ?
  15. Rakkasan


    The word coming through on Discord says that you have to 1. Be lvl 85 or higher 2. OR have the gold crown hat skin (150 amber) 3. Then they respect you. 4. Then you can knock them out and start the taming process as normal. 5. People are saying that even with balm and super kibble it is an incredibly slow taming process. 6. And they say the Griffins are fragile, meaning be careful you don't kill them while trying to tranq them. That's all I know for now. Here's a picture of the official map. The red area is Far's Peak, which is where the Griffins live.
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