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  1. Rakkasan

    Game edicate

  2. Rakkasan

    Game edicate

    I don't run my own server, but I do know what you mean. I've got some great tribe members, but man oh man have I seen some seriously self-centered people in game. They want everything given to them. Everything done for them. Everything just the way they want it. But don't want to respect others. Don't want to help others. Like leeches. Man.
  3. Rakkasan

    Search for the Elusive Megalosaurus.

    wow! My first ever YouTube video just for me! I'm gonna go cry some girly tears of..... *SLAP* OWW! Thanks man! Just about got... What's that word? Eeee... Eeee... mooooooo... Eeee! Moooo! Shuuuuuuu!! Nuuuuuuuuul! EEEE MOOO SHUNNNN ULLLL!! That was a close one! Cool dude. Video. Yah! But... I know where they are supposed to be, JB, and what they look like, and so on. I just can't find one where it's supposed to be. Orrrr. Were you just trying to make me even more miserable on an otherwise 2-time-divorcee-Valentine's-Day-sucks-so-it's-already-a-miserable-day day? ROFL!!
  4. Rakkasan

    Unique Ways of Killing Titan

    Sweet! I've been wanting to hear mine go off. Did it send a notification out of game too?
  5. Rakkasan

    The state of the game

    Lol. Yeah. I know. But I've got this theory that breaking it down like that, at least in the forums, brings out the details and helps people to pay attention. I'm probably wrong. So, um am I correct that the remainder of what you said pertains to the originator of this thread?
  6. Rakkasan

    Free Primal Pass for EVERYONE!

    Well. I expected to come in here and see something akin to socialism. Coman, I apologize, Sir, and commend you for your honesty and especially for calling others to do the right thing. Well done.
  7. Rakkasan


    Crud. I don't have the engram for "one other thing." Is there a bp for that? LOL
  8. Rakkasan

    Unique Ways of Killing Titan

    Hmm. Cover my cooking in bile and poop to make it seem more edible? There might just be something to tha..... BAM! *Guys in black suits rush in* "HANDS UP! HANDS UP!!!" "Wha..? Why? Huh? "DOWN ON THE GROUND! NOW!" "What am I being...?" POW! "Try to wipe out the human race, will you?" "Headquarters, this is Strike One." "Go ahead Strike One." "Roger. Target down. World safe." "Good work Strike One. Proceed to next target." "Copy Headquarters." LOL
  9. Rakkasan

    Unique Ways of Killing Titan

    Posh. That'll take at least several minutes to kill it. My cooking? About 5 seconds.
  10. Rakkasan

    Unique Ways of Killing Titan

    Got it. Snozberries.
  11. Rakkasan

    Equus not taming

    Ah. That explains a lot. Thanks!
  12. Rakkasan

    Search for the Elusive Megalosaurus.

    Ah ha!! That explains it! I noticed that my Megalosaurus often seems to vanish during the day. I know she's there because I bump into something but can't see her some times. I also recall some crazy fall through that happened one time. Will that fall through kill you? Also, is there a way to find them when they are under the ground or get them up where they can be seen? Seems like an answer is in sight. I can relax and have a donut now.
  13. Rakkasan

    Unique Ways of Killing Titan

    ROFL!!! To give you an engram duplicating my real life poisonous cooking so that you can annihilate the population of an entire server? Depends. PvP? Chocolate or Vanilla Ice flavor? LOL.
  14. Rakkasan

    A Light-Hearted Laugh

    I love this game and so this is all in good jest, for a laugh at ourselves. I would love others to contribute. I dare Jordan, Becca, and Keys to contribute. I double dog dare 'em. If Real Life Were Like Ark: Mobile......... 1. I'd often have to take a nap when I got home.... just so I could see my home. LOL!! 2. I'd often pass out from joy at seeing my home, especially if it was a big home. Anybody else? Just for fun and in good spirits.
  15. Rakkasan

    Unique Ways of Killing Titan

    I know the best, fastest and most horrific way to kill a Titanosaur. Trick it into eating some of my cooking irl. I say "trick it" because even a dinosaur isn't that stupid. I tried selling the engram for my recipes but it didn't go over so well. I sold one and someone made a batch and wiped out an entire server. They only wanted you to think they were wiping underpopulated servers. It was actually my cooking.