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  1. Genesis Map [US] Shining City [Flyers 4 x XP 2 x Taming 3 x Harvest] [US] Shining City [Flyers 4 x XP 2 x Taming 3 x Harvest] 10 Slots Starting PvP enabled but agreed up front no PvP until everyone agrees. I am willing to adjust server settings. Looking for mature, 18 year old and up (Discord proof required but only to verify age), players to have fun solo or together. People with bad attitudes will be warned. If the behavior doesn't change they will be banned. I am willing to set you up with just about anything but only initially. Wild dino max lvl 150. Any tame found with a level over what could reasonably be tamed or bred will be deleted without warning. Continued presence of such tames over time could lead to that player being banned. Once PvP starts there will be 2 select days a week (TBD) for PvP. Message me here if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing you in game! - Rakkasan
  2. Fresiki, You make some good points and when I went back and read his original post I did see that he too was being a bit rude, and shouldn't have. I think he just wanted to make his views known and that's not a bad thing. I think people can express their views, even passionately and with strong conviction and not be shoving it down others throats. Of course he hoped others might agree. Everybody hopes that. And even you have your strong views on things and feel the need to speak out. But does that mean you're shoving your ideas down my throat? Nope. So I think, at least in this case, his harsher words aside (though even some of those were true words), that you can relax and let go of the idea of him trying to shove ideas down your throat. But at least there's discussion. That's rarely a bad thing.
  3. THIS is one very interesting conversation and has me thinking more about such things than usual. So here's my 2 cents, bullet point style, for what it's worth (about 2 cents, lol): No matter WHAT views are held, we must all try to be civil and avoid unnecessarily offending others. We must ALL try not to be overly sensitive to every little perceived slight. Games like this (really, ALL games) always force things on us because THEY build the world THEY want to (wherever they may get their input on what to build). So the very fact that anyone is willing to play a certain map/biome/dlc, etc. is proof that person is ok with having some things forced on them. So, if WC has built into Genesis that no flyers are allowed (ahem. Skiff, Space Whales, etc.), then, YES, they ARE forcing that on you. Just like they're forcing the requirement of teleporting between biomes (I don't much care for that.), difficult taming for certain creatures, disabling certain aspects of Tek armor, etc. So let's not all go running off and making claims of Imperialism because anyone has forced an aspect of the game and someone else appreciates that aspect. All that said, there is always a right for people to express their displeasure with things and to request those things be changed. Which brings me full circle to... No matter WHAT views are held, we must all try to be civil and avoid unnecessarily offending others.
  4. There's a dog in the thread!! Lol. (Sorry. Cats and dogs. Lol.)
  5. Good point and well said. I said we need to be civil and that would include Forza. Thank you for pointing that out.
  6. Megachelon Bubble? So I was under the impression, perhaps incorrectly so, that the air bubble on the back of the Megachelon would not only supply air but would be a dry zone where you would walk around, not swim around. That would be like a real submarine and would be awesome. So, am I missing something, some way to make that happen, or is it simply a matter of having an oxygen supply on its back and no more? If I build a house on it's shell and then go underwater, while I clearly won't need O2, will I have to swim around in my house? Any input? Thanks.
  7. Fresiki, While you certainly make some valid points concerning your preferences for flying creatures and the like, I think you really didn't treat Forza fairly. Why is that you feel so justified in voicing your view (which, by the way, may not be the majority view); in exercising your freedom, but want to crush Forza for voicing his (her) opinion? Forza has some strong beliefs about the nature of the game and you can tell that this is not coming from an uniformed, inexperienced person. Maybe Forza is right. Maybe not. Clearly you disagree. That's your right. But why attack Forza for simply doing what you are doing, namely stating your point of view? Instead of attacking Forza why not, if you feel the need, simply stick to disagreeing and citing the reasons then stopping? We don't have to agree but we can at least be civil.
  8. Early Game Crystal Troubles So I've managed to work my way up to lvl 26 (single player) and have a small home in the Southern East Canyons, right above a nice water source, and things are going fairly well. But I'm to the point where I need crystal and the closest source, to the South West, has wyverns flying around (and not a few carnos, daedons, etc.). I'm definitely not up to that. But I really, really need crystal. Especially for the final piece of my desert cloth armor. I haven't gotten a flyer yet (not sure where to look). Could anyone offer a suggestion as to where I might be able to go, via Morellatops (or maybe soon via Procoptodon) to get just a little crystal, please? I've included a little map showing my home and the one place I tried to find crystal (and was wiped out by a zombie poison wyvern). Thanks. Update: All moot. Got fliers and can get crystal now. - Rakkasan
  9. Hmmm. Sounds like I might need to test this out. Thanks.
  10. Thank you Yek. Would you happen to know what the range is? I tried it on a couple of raptors as they ran up on me. Raptors - 1. Me and my parasaur - 0 (AKA Lunch.).
  11. Does the Parasaur Honk Really Work? Hello, Gamepedia gives a list of creatures that are frightened away by the Parasaur's honk. I've tried it with Raptors on Scorched Earth and found it terminally ineffective. Does anyone know if it actually works? How close do the creatures have to be? Thank you.
  12. Forum Trophies??? Ok. So, I've been inactive on the forums for awhile but am back now that I'm playing on Xbox. I happened to notice this evening that I have a forum trophy (Genesis Mysterious Mysteries 06). What are forum trophies? How do we get them? I'm pretty clueless here. Could somebody please decluelessnify me? Thanks.
  13. Do you mean that I'd have to have a survivor in their game, have the painting(s) made by them, then transfer to my own game no the console?
  14. Thank you Rick but I don't have a PC and probably won't anytime soon. Do you know of any way to do it using, perhaps, a mobile phone?
  15. How Do You Use Images for Signs, Canvases, etc. On Xbox One S? Hi folks, So I don't have a PC right now. I just have my Xbox One S and my tv. How can I get images onto my Xbox and use them in signs, paintings, etc.? Thanks
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