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  1. Early Game Crystal Troubles So I've managed to work my way up to lvl 26 (single player) and have a small home in the Southern East Canyons, right above a nice water source, and things are going fairly well. But I'm to the point where I need crystal and the closest source, to the South West, has wyverns flying around (and not a few carnos, daedons, etc.). I'm definitely not up to that. But I really, really need crystal. Especially for the final piece of my desert cloth armor. I haven't gotten a flyer yet (not sure where to look). Could anyone offer a suggestion as to where I might be able to go, via Morellatops (or maybe soon via Procoptodon) to get just a little crystal, please? I've included a little map showing my home and the one place I tried to find crystal (and was wiped out by a zombie poison wyvern). Thanks. Update: All moot. Got fliers and can get crystal now. - Rakkasan
  2. Hmmm. Sounds like I might need to test this out. Thanks.
  3. Thank you Yek. Would you happen to know what the range is? I tried it on a couple of raptors as they ran up on me. Raptors - 1. Me and my parasaur - 0 (AKA Lunch.).
  4. Does the Parasaur Honk Really Work? Hello, Gamepedia gives a list of creatures that are frightened away by the Parasaur's honk. I've tried it with Raptors on Scorched Earth and found it terminally ineffective. Does anyone know if it actually works? How close do the creatures have to be? Thank you.
  5. Forum Trophies??? Ok. So, I've been inactive on the forums for awhile but am back now that I'm playing on Xbox. I happened to notice this evening that I have a forum trophy (Genesis Mysterious Mysteries 06). What are forum trophies? How do we get them? I'm pretty clueless here. Could somebody please decluelessnify me? Thanks.
  6. Do you mean that I'd have to have a survivor in their game, have the painting(s) made by them, then transfer to my own game no the console?
  7. Thank you Rick but I don't have a PC and probably won't anytime soon. Do you know of any way to do it using, perhaps, a mobile phone?
  8. How Do You Use Images for Signs, Canvases, etc. On Xbox One S? Hi folks, So I don't have a PC right now. I just have my Xbox One S and my tv. How can I get images onto my Xbox and use them in signs, paintings, etc.? Thanks
  9. How Do You Use Images for Signs, Canvases, etc. On Xbox One S? Hi folks, So I don't have a PC right now. I just have my Xbox One S and my tv. How can I get images onto my Xbox and use them in signs, paintings, etc.? Thanks
  10. Mosa Platform Saddle Submarine Builds? Can anyone direct me to a video, pictures or anything that shows a submarine style build on a Mosa platform saddle please? Thanks.
  11. Btw. I spoke with someone from Wardrum as to why the person who made the threat was not banned. They explained that they handled these on a case-by-case basis and that this appeared to be more of an exchange between two immature kids in the middle of an argument more than anything. I've since taken a second look, as well as continued to look at the character of the person who made the threat, and fully agree.
  12. This is straight from the Community Guidelines: Be respectful of other players. Offensive, threatening and harassing language is not permitted anywhere in the game. This includes but is not limited to: racism, sexism, hate speech, or threats of violence. Violating this rule for the first time will result in a temporary 7-day ban. Repeat offenders will be banned from the game permanently.
  13. Hello, I seem to recall that my Quetzs weren't able to fly through giant stone hatchframes. I had doors on them. So I got rid of those and got rid of the engram over time. Now I have a new tribemate who is building a new base for us and wants to use them. So I"m going back and doing more in-depth research. The Gamepedia says of both types that Quetzals can fit. But a semi-official rep on the official Discord Ask-The-Team channel said that he heard a Quetz can fit if you leave the doors off. Can anyone give me an official word on this? I don't want to learn the engram if it's of no value. Thanks. - Rakkasan
  14. Wow. Well, no system is perfect because no person is perfect. Glad to hear they did finally ban them. I get disappointed sometimes too. Recently reported someone I thought for sure needed to be instantly perma banned for threatening to beat somebody else up at school. They said it wasn't worthy of a ban. I'm thinking they probably saw it as just childish joking. Might be right. But I was kinda disappointed. But hey. I disappoint people every day. Part of being a fallen human in a fallen world.
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