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  1. My apologies, but I know from using it in the last few days that your statement is incorrect. While I've seen noticeable color change after using dust, I've not seen a complete, all over color change after using more than 10. Each dino has different regions on its body. There is typically one region that takes color quickly. That's not in question. What I'm wondering is if the other regions will eventually also pick up color if enough dust is used.
  2. Is it possible to apply enough dyed potent dust to eventually change all of a tame's color, or are there parts that simply won't accept color change?
  3. After being gone from Ark: Mobile for 18 months, coming back, I see some things that have improved. But I would have thought the game would be much more stable. Shamefully, it isn't.
  4. Wasn't the ad removal supposed to have happened already, or did I miss something?
  5. Tiago22, I just came back to the game after 1 1/2 years. I saw what they said they'd do back in March, but I still see in game ads and all that. Yet I don't see any mention of them delaying the removal of ads. Do you have any idea what happened?
  6. Hey I'd like to join the tribe. What server are you all on? I'm on a server now. But it doesnt have many active people. 

    1. Rakkasan


      We're on Fria, NA, PvE, Easy.

      You would have to be willing to go it solo until at least lvl 30, and then go through a period of testing and observation to make sure we can trust you. During that time you would have extremely limited access and would be expected to help out a great deal and ask very little.

      Are you thinking about transferring a survivor from your current server or just starting all over?


    2. SkinsNation1212


      Honestly however you all would like. I'm 40ish yrs old. I play ps4 games but I play Ark at work. So I wolnt be on everyday. But I work 12 shift and play all the time at work. I'm also kinda new to the game. The server I'm on now I'm 55 I think but it's kinda pvp based.  And I'm not into that kind of thing. On your side, I understand. No reason to ask for anything. Anything I need it's more then plentiful in game. I'm only looking for a good group of people to play with, explore and learn more about the game. I've literally only discovered the bottom 1/4 of the map. What would you recommend on the character? I have a character transfer, and that way I'd keep my BP. Let me know your thoughts. Also I checked your server, what happens when tames and structures are maxed? And sorry for the late reply, my notifications where off for the site...

  7. ive reaches max posts so I hope I see this.. this is for the gate.. gl

    1. Rakkasan


      Awesome! Does it work the same in mobile?

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