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  1. Rakkasan

    Question about Tusoteuthis.

    Hello everybody! I got my first Tusoteuthis last night! Does anybody know how much oil they will produce before they stop? Right now mine has a stack of 70. Just want to find out since their oil decays. Thanks! - Rakkasan
  2. Hello fellow survivors! So I'm getting ready to take my second shot at raising a baby Giga and I want to be more prepared this time. I went to the official website and looked up the maturation rates, mainly focusing on the baby stage. It lists 1 day, 4 hours, 3 mins. I've noted that most of the information on that website pertains to the console/pc version of the game and that there are often notable differences in mobile. I play on an easy PvE server. Could anyone tell me the time periods for the various growth stages of the Giga here? I'd specifically like to know the baby time period. Thank you. - Rakkasan
  3. Rakkasan

    Report for swearing to religion and race

    Kutluk I am so sorry you had to deal with this. It is disgusting and foul. Here is the link where you report this. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/mobile-incident-report/ I hope that person is banned permanently. That kind of thing should never be permitted. As-salāmu ʿalaykum Please let me know how it works out. Respectfully, Rakkasan
  4. Rakkasan

    Discord Invite not Working

    Ok. Thank you.
  5. Rakkasan

    Discord Invite not Working

    Would I have been notified of a ban? I have maybe spoken 2 times on that channel, said nothing rude at all, and cannot imagine why I would be banned. Could you please tell me if I was banned and why? Thank you.
  6. Hello. I have been using Discord for a couple of months now and used to have access to the official Ark Mobile channel. I'm not sure why but it recently dropped from my list on Discord. When I follow the invite link I get the following message: "The instant invite is invalid or has expired. Invite Expired." Is the channel still available? Has there been a problem on my end? I really enjoy the announcements there and would like to get back in. Thank you.
  7. I experience this on my easy PvE server and have discovered, without a doubt, exactly what it is. Sometimes buildings, walls, etc. don't render. They are invisible but still there. The only fix at this time is log off and log back on. Of course you can't do that all the time, especially if you're someplace dangerous. In those cases you just have to find your way around. It's annoying but it's there until they fix it. Hope that helps. - Rakkasan
  8. Last night a friend and I bred our Gigas. I used carnivore pheromones, hatched an awesome, mutated baby Giga, then 100% imprinted it in no time flat with candy. Then the nightmare of feeding the little "greedy guts" began. A bit after midnight, on the advice of two of my friends (I was at the hatchery of the one with which I bred my Giga), I filled the baby's inventory with over 300 cooked meat and logged off, with my alarm set for 2 hours later. My friend said I'd be good for "a few hours." I woke up before my alarm, about 15 minutes shy of 2 hours, logged on, and found my baby Giga dead and gone. I'm more than a bit upset by my loss due to others' poor information (coming from two who are supposed to be the most Giga-wise folks on our server). I thought about never trying again. But that's not me. I'm, gonna throw myself at it again. However, in the meantime, could someone give me some solid data on the food consumption rate for baby, juvenile, and adolescent Gigas? Please? I'm going in armed with solid intel this time. Thanks. - Rakkasan
  9. Rakkasan


    Actually someone else gave her to me over a month ago. I've heard at least a couple of people on my PVE easy server, Fria, comment on the recent scarcity of the Megalosaurus.
  10. Rakkasan


    I found one! In my apartment! Lol!
  11. Rakkasan

    Eerie Turret

    Well I found it in Arketypes on multiplayer. Just never noticed it. Hmm.
  12. Rakkasan

    Bed vs Structures Building Range.

    Hello everybody! Could someone please tell me what the range is between an enemy bed and my ability to build structures? Thank you. - Rakkasan
  13. Rakkasan

    Eerie Turret

    Afk, where are you seeing this? I thought the only Arketypes they released for Multiplayer were Frogs Feet, Frying Pan, Crowbar, Eerie Pistol and Cutlass. Did I miss something?
  14. Rakkasan

    ARKETYPES: opinions? Results?

    Purchasable turrets with unlimited ammo? When did that come out? As far as I know the only Arketypes available at this time are Frog Feet, Frying Pan, Crowbar, Eerie Pistol, and Cutlass. Did I miss one?
  15. Rakkasan

    ARKETYPES: opinions? Results?

    Hi there Violet! I don't think anyone answered your question, "Do you purchase the ability to make them? Or are you purchasing just one of the item?" I bought the Eerie Pistol, Frog Feet, and Cutlass. (The rest just seem silly to me so far. But that's just me.) What you get when you purchase (not pumpkins) is a special, red colored blueprint, that allows you to make that item. Interesting points about these blueprints: 1. You cannot remove them from your inventory. 2. Even though you can't remove them from your inventory for the Cutlass you have to be at a smithy and for the pistol you have to be at a fabricator. Have the mats in the smithy/fabricator and select the appropriate blueprint in your inventory/blueprints then hit the craft button. 3. Evidently these are unlimited-use blueprints. Hope that helps. -Rakkasan