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  1. unridden megalosaurus will constantly attempt to grab creatures too big to be grabbed, instead of using standard bite attack, the grab has set damage, making unridden megalosaurus almost useless. it's been this way since 2017. simply adding a grab toggle to their radial menu, or fixing their AI so they don't use the grab at all while unridden. Either would be a huge QoL improvement for the dino. Their bite does a base of 75 damage, making their dps higher than a rex. Their AI grab attack does scale with melee but does a pathetic 10 damage base. so AI megalos do 13% of the damage per
  2. I'm sorry but anyone bitching about the genesis delays is obviously new to the community, it's been this way with every dlc ever for ark, if they say December, you should have expected late january at the earliest and probably more like march or april, I would not be suprised in the slightest if we had one or two more delays.
  3. also for facks sake, RELEASE THE KIBBLE REWORK/S+ I don't get why ya'' felt this needed a beta. EXTINCTINON needed a beta, MANAGARMRS definitely needed beta testing, but the kibble rw and s+? seriously? that didn't need a beta.
  4. All I want to definitely see changed is, 1 enable structure clipping with terrain, that you can't has never helped balance and has always been annoying as raptor for building. 2 give us equalateral triangle foundations/ceilings with the same width as standard square ones, and corner ramps so we can build circular structures and pyramids, god damn how hard is that?
  5. I feel like the best balancers for this game tbh would just be A) make all pvp servers clusters, B) enable cross cluster transfer for CHARACTER ONLY. C) disable tribe alliances. and D) limit tribes to 5 players max. it's so fckin simple. i mean I get there would still be verbal alliances and larger groups, but it would severely limit cross server alliances and mega tribes, allowing smaller groups of players a fairer playing field, encourage more political play and basically just make the game balance loads better. you still can play with friends, and realistically how many people have like 30
  6. So... are there going to be new official servers released since these legacy servers are getting dropped? personally would love to see more standard clusters, since they're the most free of mega tribes and are less toxic due to lack of paranoia of megas coming and ruining your day. inherently more balanced imo, far more important than any of the new beginner servers if you ask me.
  7. going on 19 hours since launch... servers still not up.
  8. There should be a list of all the wiped servers somewhere, some are left still. those that were to be wiped have been I believe.
  9. yeah because joining a year after someone else who will have a tribe of 10+ people with ascendant gear, 20+ lvl 300 rexs a dozen lvl 280+ gigas, quetzals, wyverns, around 500 fully loaded turrets and a ton of other poop is a fair fight you can win with "skill". "wah you can get that stuff too" only if the alpha is ass/gone. for the record I've never been wiped while owning anything significant, I've been in an alpha tribe before, and a mega tribe as well, and let me tell ya, the balance of the game is actually pretty poop. in other games you can catch up. this one you have to be around 10x bet
  10. well there are virtually no legacy servers left.... also only ones who would want to stay there are the goddamn alphas and megatribes who have the "power"
  11. You mean that countdown that will get announced then delayed until 2094?
  12. WC: hey guys ragnarok on july 4th, oh wait sorry you have to wait a month! nevermind we'll bring it with the full release a month later! oh look it's launch day, sorry servers aren't up it'll be another 5 hours! okay 2 more hours for sure this time! Me: 4 fcking hours later.... still waiting...
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