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    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! Winter Wonderland 2018! Winter Wonderland is almost here! This winter-themed holiday event begins tomorrow at 10am PST for PC, Xbox, and PS4 and will last through until January 7th. All of our maps are supported in both single player and multiplayer. The event will automatically activate on any map, even on your modded map servers. Raptor Claus will be sailing across the night sky in his sleigh, air-dropping presents filled with high-end loot as well as Mistletoe, and Coal for those naughty Survivors. Raptor Claus won't be alone this year. He is joined by Gacha Claus who will be roaming all maps in a dashing Santa Hat and sporting holiday-themed colours to help out the very busy Raptor Claus. He will be accepting your coal and in exchange will gift you holiday themed items, or you can trade in your mistletoe for weapons and armor! Gacha Claus will also have a random chance to gift you with a new special dino holiday candy when given mistletoe. This candy appears to have a strangely festive effect on any creature that eats it however. Better give it a try and see what happens. Bon appetit! Survivors can stay warm this season in their festively decorated homes with the holiday lights, decorative Christmas tree, wreaths, stockings, snowmen, and wrapped presents they receive from trading with Gacha Claus. Be sure to spread the holiday cheer wherever you go while it lasts! Be sure to send us all your holiday-themed pictures, videos, and artwork here on survivetheark.com or on Twitter as we'd love to see them! In addition to the holiday event, we've included a bevy of fixes that we're launching simultaneously across all three platforms. We're starting to reach into the backlog and fix issues that you've been asking for starting with improvements to commanding flyers and better AI for the Manticore. Patch Notes: Modding Community Updates! Fanart of the Week! The Pegomastax who stole Christmas by Erthera! Evolution Event! Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 21st of December at 1 PM EST until Wednesday the 26th of December at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at: Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    Had a pretty constructive night on pvp small tribes. The wife and I have never played on the center before so after having our turret raft blown to smitherines in rag we decided to up stumps and move to the center. Luckily found a sneaky bloke passed out in a hidey hole in a ruin complete with flak, weapons, arrows, narc, gunpowder and ingots. Thank you sir. Got a small stone shack up hidden well as possible and logged for the night.
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    I got stuck in traffic on the way home (1 and half hrs) so by the time I had eaten, put my daughter to bed, spent time with the wife etc I didnt have a lot of time for ARK. I logged in and pulled the Giga egg out and managed to rapidly fill its inventory with raw meat up unto 0.5% - then podded it. I reckon I can start for an 8hr imprint now as I can leave it for at least 10 mins before it runs out of food haha I bred out some Rex eggs ready for my next attempt at my 100% imprint beauty (without putting all its points in weight like this weekend - d'oh). I chose Red, but realised that my tribemate obviously didnt take the eggs off incubate as I woke up to 2 messages this morning here on the forums saying two Rex eggs at 379 hatched. Rubbish! Tonight... I will choose a few Rexes to breed and see if I can get them ready for hatching so I can try and start raising it this weekend Finished off with a metal run and sorting the invesntory of the 1000s of BPs we have lying around - this will be a mega task as they are everywhere, in dino's, safes, fabricators, smithies etc
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    As Xbox players and hosts we've never had access to the .ini files to control our servers. Everything for us was pretty straightforward in terms of configuring settings, but we were also fairly limited in the amount of custom configuration we could implement. All of that of course changed when hosted servers arrived on scene, which opened us up to a whole-new-world of possibilities and headaches. I wanted to create this guide to help alleviate some of the pain associated with altering the .ini files, and to dispel some of the apprehension associated with implementing custom configuration code. I spent days researching, hours writing code, and hours fixing some of the mistakes I made. I figured some of you folks might find some value in the mistakes I've made, and what I've learned through my trial-by-fire. What follows is a sectional guide on the use of Expert Mode, and how to configure some of the more common custom configuration elements. NFD vs. Expert Mode When you first access the Nitrado Admin Console, you will find that they have created their own version of the configuration menu we had when running PDS through our consoles. It's all very straightforward and simplified, and it will look pretty familiar. For most of the settings you will want to alter, this is by far the easiest way to go about it. I have dubbed their console, Nitrado for Dummies. This is not to say you are a Dummy if you use this, but it is a simplified means of configuring the server; thus, the moniker. If you run a single server, and are apprehensive about altering the .ini files, this might be your best option for server configuration. A few things to consider before deciding which configuration mode you want to proceed with: How you want to customize your server: If you want to implement changes to level progression or custom stats, the NFD interface can be very time consuming (I'll get further into detail about these aspects later on) How many servers you run: if you run more than one server, and intend to implement customization, the NFD interface is a massive time-suck. Is your apprehension justified?: The simple reality here is that, there isn't a major difference between engaging the NFD interface, and directly manipulating the .ini files. Just like the NFD interface, every line item in the .ini file is easily identified. As an example: NightTimeSpeedScale=.7 DayTimeSpeedScale=.7 TamingSpeedMultiplier=3.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=3.0 HarvestHealthMultiplier=3.0 Note: When switching to Expert Mode, most of the configuration options disappear from the General Settings interface. You will also notice that Engine Settings is replaced by Expert Settings. When switching from one configuration mode to the other, settings do not usually transfer. If you have been using the NFD interface for any period of time, it is probable that most configuration settings will show up in the .ini files; however, custom level progression and other custom configurations may not. Be sure to scan the .ini files to ensure that your server is configured according to your desires, check it again, and then proceed. Expert Mode Sounds fancy, right: Expert Mode, dun dun dun. It's neither as glamorous or as ominous as it might at first appear. If you've made it through this wall of text, and are now ready to start tinkering with the .ini files, here is where we begin. First things first, let's identify exactly what we're working with, and what goes where. To activate Expert Mode, you will navigate to the General Settings interface, click the little box at the top, and then click save. Once this is done, the pane on the left will look like: Let's go ahead and click on Expert Settings, and take a gander. You will notice that you're now nose-to-nose with an .ini file. Pretty unimpressive right? Feel free to scroll around, and familiarize yourself with what you're looking at. You'll notice that not all of your settings are here, and that's because there is more than one file in this interface. Click the area highlighted in red, and a drop down will appear. Once there, go ahead and click on Game.ini, the click Load File. You will notice that there is an Engine.ini in the drop down, but it is blank, and has nothing to do with what we're doing here. You will make use of both files in this interface when configuring your server, as they both contain different game variables. You will want to acclimate yourself with both of these files, so you know where everything is when you need to alter a variable. Note: Under GameUserSettings.ini you are going to see all manner of things you might be tempted to tinker with. Avoid altering settings directly under the following sections: [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameUserSettings] [ScalabilityGroups] [/Script/Engine.GameSession] Alterable variables fall below the following sections: [SessionSettings] SessionName=[US] Ark FTW-Ragnarok (this is the name of your server, and can be changed at your leisure) [ServerSettings] (many of the settings you found under General Settings are now found here, and they can all be altered) AutoSavePeriodMinutes=15.000000 (this can be altered, but I have read there may be some performance related issues in so doing, so probably don't) In order to make any changes to these files, you're going to need to completely stop your server. Once the server is completely stopped, you can make any necessary alterations to the .ini files. Once those alterations have been made, click Save, and then go have yourself a cup of coffee. Nitrado recommends that you wait around 4 minutes before bringing your server back up, as the backend has to make conversions. I also always run a server check any time I make any changes, which is probably a good habit to acquire. If you don't wait, you may end up with corrupted data, so wait the 4 minutes. Now, let's talk about some of the custom configurations you can make, and some of the resources I've found helpful. Level Ramp Overrides This is just a fancy way of identifying the option to add a custom level scheme to your server, and it works for both Players and Dinos. I'm going to break this down into three sections: Players and Dinos, Engrams, and Resources...oh my? Players and Dinos How you proceed here will be largely dependent on the type of server you run. Using the Overrides you can add more levels, reduce the total number of levels, and completely reshape the way you progress through those levels. Altering the Dino progression scheme is straightforward; not so much for players. The game reserves 30 levels for ascension, so you need to keep this in mind when you're deciding on a max level. The easiest way to explain it is: If you want a max server level of 150, after ascension, you will simply add 150 levels If you want a max server level of 150, before ascension, you will need 180 levels in total Ramps Another factor to consider is how you want your ramp to work. What is a ramp you ask? Simply put, it is the increase in experience required per level. You can effectively create any ramping scheme you want with the override. The vanilla progression system uses a progressive ramp with a steep curve towards the end. I use the vanilla ramp up through 115, and then a wave scheme thereafter. Maybe you want a linear ramp where each level requires the same amount of experience. The world is your oyster here, so do whatever feels good to you. Code Now let's talk a bit about code, shall we? The method for coding is linear, but it is time consuming. There is an override variable for both Players and Dinos, and you will need to create a block of code for each if you intend to create custom level schemes for both. If you elect to override the vanilla level cap and progression, your code block MUST start at level 0, and MUST include every-single level you want to have on your server. I made the mistake of starting my code block at a specific level, instead of coding every level, and I magically transported every logged in player to level 82. So what does the code look like? Glad you asked: LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=5,ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=20,ExperiencePointsForLevel[2]=40,ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=70 As you can see, there isn't anything overly complicated about the actual syntax of the code. If you've noticed something odd, however, you're right to be suspicious. Level 0. Well, there is no Level 0 in the game, so what on earth is that for? When you first spawn on the beach, you are already at level 1, so it seems odd that this wouldn't start at level 2, right? Level 0 in this code block represents level 2 in-game. So if you are coding these blocks, always subtract 2 from the max level: If you want 180 total levels, your code block will start at Level 0 and end at Level 178. Engrams Points Now that you've coded out your level progression system, what about engram points? Just like with levels, you can employ any engram point scheme your wee heart desires, and it is all linear: OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=12 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=12 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=12 Each line ties directly to a level, and in order. So, the first line is the number of engram points you gain at Level 0 in your level code block, and so on. Your engram points code block should match your level code block in terms of numbers: If you have 198 levels written into your code block, you will need 198 lines in your engram points block if you want each level to come with engram points. Resources The following are some of the things I found useful when setting up my server's progression scheme: Ark's vanilla level scheme from the Wiki Code Generator Tool Note that the level scheme is out of date, so you will need to adjust if you intend to use the vanilla progression scheme up through any particular level Also note that, the site has other tools for custom settings aside from levels and engram points Server Configuration Specifics from the Wiki More to follow...
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    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! Winter Wonderland 2018! Winter Wonderland is almost here! This winter-themed holiday event begins tomorrow at 10am PST for PC, Xbox, and PS4 and will last through until January 7th. All of our maps are supported in both single player and multiplayer. The event will automatically activate on any map, even on your modded map servers. Raptor Claus will be sailing across the night sky in his sleigh, air-dropping presents filled with high-end loot as well as Mistletoe, and Coal for those naughty Survivors. Raptor Claus won't be alone this year. He is joined by Gacha Claus who will be roaming all maps in a dashing Santa Hat and sporting holiday-themed colours to help out the very busy Raptor Claus. He will be accepting your coal and in exchange will gift you holiday themed items, or you can trade in your mistletoe for weapons and armor! Gacha Claus will also have a random chance to gift you with a new special dino holiday candy when given mistletoe. This candy appears to have a strangely festive effect on any creature that eats it however. Better give it a try and see what happens. Bon appetit! Survivors can stay warm this season in their festively decorated homes with the holiday lights, decorative Christmas tree, wreaths, stockings, snowmen, and wrapped presents they receive from trading with Gacha Claus. Be sure to spread the holiday cheer wherever you go while it lasts! Be sure to send us all your holiday-themed pictures, videos, and artwork here on survivetheark.com or on Twitter as we'd love to see them! In addition to the holiday event, we've included a bevy of fixes that we're launching simultaneously across all three platforms. We're starting to reach into the backlog and fix issues that you've been asking for starting with improvements to commanding flyers and better AI for the Manticore. Patch Notes: Modding Community Updates! Fanart of the Week! The Pegomastax who stole Christmas by Erthera! Evolution Event! Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 21st of December at 1 PM EST until Wednesday the 26th of December at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at: Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard View full article
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    Yeah, thought about taking the day off, but then I thought.... it's ark.
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    With how quiet they are being about the ps4 they probably broke it with the patch and are trying to back pedal so they can get something out. Waste of a perfectly good day off to get some ark stuff done
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    I want to say that some textures look a bit sharper when looked at up close? Some dinos seem more detailed and the trees change from billboard posters to actual tree branches faster and at greater distance, I believe. With that said, I'm worried I might just be experiencing some sort of placebo effect, so I'll wait for someone to confirm or deny my impressions.
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    No 3x? R.I.P Thought I was gonna pump out reapers n drakes... I guess not now
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    I'm liking the patches! My favourites that have piqued my interest: Orbital Supply Drop Can now be claimed by a tribe in PVE Only that tribe can disable shield, eject items, gather loot Element Vein Can now be claimed by a tribe in PvE Only that tribe can harvest element Eggs Fix for invisible Rock Drake and Wyvern eggs Flyers Improved flyer following when in water Added Whistle Land Flyer command Commands a flyer to land nearby Manticore Improvements to landing logic
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    Gatcha claus will be bringing fixes to eggs in the next update! Hope to see improvements then!
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    So maybe I am doing something wrong but I think the wyvern eggs have just stopped spawning completely now. I play on offical pvp server. I started to try and collect some wyvern eggs in anticipation for the winter event. At first I could whip the nest and collect a egg. That worked on my first day when I did not really know what I was doing or where all the nest were on ragnarok. Now I am able to kill wyverns and make them resawpn and I know all the nest locations but no eggs are spawning. The eggs were instant rotting on my first day. The first day was last weekend. I spent all weekend killing wyverns and checking all the nest with a whip and not one egg. This is absolutely ridicules and needs to be addressed in a emergency patch.
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    I forgot to record Saturday night's adventure! Problem is I did so much farming I dont know if ill remember it all but ill go through and spare most of the details. My big mission Saturday was two fold; one: Get some of those new fangled cryopods and fill out my base. Saltire came by my Ext base and we allied. I spent most of the early morning farming lampposts and generally enjoying Extinction. I built a ramshackle enforcer I found and did a few base additions. I made a new crafting room in my exterior addition I made, even planned ahead to fit both an Industrial Forge and TEK Replicator in said building. After getting the shell to my liking I had to do the fun part now.. filling it. My production is no where near what it is on Ragnarok so i hopped over there and over the course of the day made over 2000 hard poly, farmed over 10000 ingots, countless CP runs and about 5 trips back and forth between Rag and Ext. I transferred a few tames, made up 3 cryofridges and 50 pokeballs. Crafted up an industrial forge, chem bench and had enough mats (minus element) for a Tek replicator. I went back to extiction and placed my forge, chem, wired my crafting room and placed all the items. I ended up farming 90 element via lampposts and used half my 5k ingots for replicator (oops) on other stuff. I expanded my base 10 behemoth gates bigger. Next time im on ill be making my Replicator and a transmitter. I even made room to place a tek teleporter whwn i get to it.
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    Use the following app: https://beaconapp.cc/ and make sure you watch the Getting Started video, which will answer a number of your questions: https://beaconapp.cc/read.php/96d0efc7-2e62-4ae4-9d9b-70cc890dc98e if you need help, join the Beacon discord server, and someone there will be able to assist you: https://discordapp.com/invite/XvuZprN
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    Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v312.24 Current Version: v312.24 - 07/01/2020 Fixed some exploits related to ranged weapons and guns. v312.19 - 06/30/2020 Fixed multiple level design issues related to holes, volumes, floating foliage, and more. Fixed Dino Leash breaking on restart Fixed a crash related to crafting items with the gamepad Reduced the Prime Jerky crafting cost of Summer Bash Holiday items v312.14 - 06/29/2020 Fixed a server hang Fixed a server crash v312.15 - 06/27/2020 Reverted file loading change due to it causing memory issues v312.13 - 06/26/2020 New command line arg: -PublicIPForEpic=<IPAddress> If this command line arg is used, this is the public IP that EGS clients will attempt to connect to. If this command line is missing and -Multihome is specified, then EGS clients will attempt to connect to the Multihome IP Note that if you're using Multihome and specify a non-public IP address, then players will not be able to connect to your server using EGS. Make sure to set a public IP address (e.g WAN or external) v312.9 - 06/25/2020 Summer Bash 2020 enabled on Official Servers. Unofficial can enable using: -activeevent=Summer Fixed multiple level design bugs related to holes, collision, floating foliage, and incorrect volumes. Primal Crystal is now transferable Jump Pad enemy foundation prevention removed Fixed an exploit which allowed players to transfer items into non-downloadable servers Fixed a bug which would cause dinos to get stuck when using the Arctic NE teleport Fixed players being unable to use the bunny-hop dance v311.302 - 06/19/2020 Fixed an exploit Limited the public teleport setting specifically for Official PvP v311.209 - 06/18/2020 Crystal Wyverns can now be transferred between maps EGS Clients can now use the favourite server feature Genesis Geysers no longer restore the food stat Fixed a bug where using the rocket launcher could propel you backwards Scout can no longer pushed tamed dinos Crystal Wyverns can now be cryopoded Fixed multiple mesh holes, collision issues, floating foliage, and incorrect volumes Fixed Tropical Wyvern from regaining health passively Fixed a bug where some Crystal Wyverns could not be tamed properly v311.101 - 06/16/2020 Fixed multiple start up crashes affecting some EGS clients v311.100 - 06/16/2020 Fixed Legacy Servers not showing up when transferring. v311.99 - 06/16/2020 Re-implemented Multihome server functionality Resolved some connection and start up issues with EGS clients Improved listing for Unofficial Servers on EGS clients v311.97 - 06/14/2020 Improved Unofficial server listing for EGS clients Unofficial hosts should make sure they're installed vc140: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=48145 v311.94 - 06/12/2020 Additional Logging on Official Servers to identify connection and listing issues. v311.87 - 06/12/2020 Fixed the 'Kicked by BattlEye' disconnection error Fixed certain server map names not showing on the session filter Fixed eggs and babies being teleported to 0,0 when in stasis v311.81 - 06/12/2020 Fixed voice connection remnants after transferring to a different server Fixed language overrides on EGS v311.79 - 06/11/2020 Fixed Linux servers not starting up Fixed EGS clients not being able to connect to password protected servers v311.78 - 06/11/2020 Disabled bRawSockets as they no longer function with the new game networking code Fixed a client side crash when accessing inventories Fixed Crystal Isles Map showing in all filters v311.74 - 06/11/2020 Crystal Isles free map is now available on Steam & EGS ARK is now available on the Epic Game Store (free forever for one week!) For those of you running dedicated servers, here's some info you need to know: When running a Crossplay or Epic Game Store server, the VOIP software will be default to use the Vivox, an alternative VOIP plugin. For those using Steam only, you can continue to use Steam VOIP (default) or alternatively opt into Vivox. Necessary Server Args: -crossplay (enables Crossplay on Dedicated Server) -epiconly (enables Epic Game Store only players to connect to the Dedicated Server) -UseVivox (enables Vivox on Steam only servers) Running a server with mods or without -epiconly or -crossplay will mean that the server will only accept player connections from Steam and not EGS. 5th Anniversary Event (can be started with -activeevent=birthday) Fixed multiple undermesh exploits Increased Ovis corpse harvesting scaling by 4x Fixed a mating range bug Additional server-side transfer logging Whisper (ALT+B) and Yell voice (Shift+B) chat have been added v310.211 - 06/10/2020 Added some additional exploit protection to the transfer system v310.117 - 06/05/2020 - Fixed an incorrect kill volume on Aberration - Fixed some incorrect meshes on Aberration v310.80 - 06/04/2020 Initiated a one time Mindwipe COOLDOWN reset on Official Servers Corrupted Dinos can no longer be teleported Reduced scaling factor of sheep harvesting health to reduce stalls Set ORP activation timer to 10 seconds on Official PVE servers v310.112 - 05/31/2020 Fixed some cases where the login lock could be bypassed v310.111 - 05/26/2020 Fixed multiple level design bugs related to holes, floating foliage, and volumes. Made some UI improvements to the TEK Grenade Launcher and the Giant Turtle's Breath Attack Additional protection added to glitches on Genesis Fixed some bugs where XP was not being awarded properly when collecting Glitches v310.94 - 05/20/2020 Added additional protection to GCM, Explorer Notes, and Glitches to address potential exploits 7:30PDT Fixed an over-sized pain volume on Extinction that caused players to die due to mesh detection v310.90 - 05/15/2020 Transfers are now enabled on Genesis and the latest Official Servers Titans cannot be transferred into Genesis Managarmr cannot be ridden on regular Genesis servers (can be ridden on flyer-allowed servers) v310.76 - 05/09/2020 Fixed some bugs in the transfer system Added additional protection to character downloads in invalid cases v310.68 - 05/08/2020 Fixed an oversized pain volume on Extinction v310.67 - 05/08/2020 Improved anti mesh detection logic Improved climbing pick logic to fix some meshing exploits Multiple level changes including patching up holes, removing floating foliage, setting up appropriate volumes Fixed multiple exploits that allowed you to stack creatures on top of each other Fixed an exploit with Magmasaur Prevented corrupted creatures from basing on Skiffs Queen Bee will no longer spawn bees when encumbered Queen Bee will take 3% of health as damage when a bee of hers is killed Queen Bee will stop spawning bees when at 10% HP Added additional trace checks on lightning aoe to prevent attacking through structures and mesh Fixed multiple server stalls v310.62 (.61 client) - 05/01/2020 Fixed multiple meshing exploits Fixed an exploit which would cause players to become invisible Fixed multiple server stalls Fixed multiple level issues including holes, floating foliage, areas where they could get stuck, and missing volumes Mindwipe Tonic now warns players before being consumed Created a cheat command to grant unlimited weight for admins (Cheat deeppockets or cheat infiniteweight) Lava Lizard can now be spayed or neutered Fixed some missing icon related to holiday emotes Fixed a bug which could have caused characters to fail to download Disabled the temporary additional server crash logging v310.53 - 04/30/2020 Fixed some server stalls and crashes Enable additional logging to identify server crashes & stalls v310.5 - 04/29/2020 Additional server crash and performance monitoring heuristics v310.47 - 04/27/2020 Improvements to the anti dupe protection Retroactive fix for Valguero Ice Wyverns which were stuck as "Raptors" in cryopods. (Note: you'll still see the raptor icon until you deploy the cryopod) Fixed holes/floating foliage Resolved some anti meshing false positives v310.41 - 04/22/2020 End of Eggcellent Adventure. Enabling 2x harvest, breeding, XP and taming Fixed a bug with Cruise Missiles which caused them to detonate on the player firing Fixed a bug which prevented MEKs from attacking structures Fixed an exploit with the Rock Drake Fixed multiple level design issues related to holes, floating foliage, volumes, and lighting Fixed multiple server crashes and server stalls Fixed a bug with certain creatures attacking through structure walls Reduced the Giant Turtle's bubble-blowing attack on when above ground Marked Valgeuro's Ice Golem and Chalk Golem as unable to transfer Valguero Ice wyvern class switched to Ragnarok Ice Wyvern Fixed an exploit that allowed mission creatures to be used in unintended ways Added additional kill volumes to unintended playable areas Fixed an exploit which allowed certain creatures to attack structures through walls Fixed a bug that could cause items to transfer back to your own inventory when transferring from personal to remote with the T key. Adjusted (reduced) the Thyla cost for cloning Fixed a bug with the grenade launcher where it sometimes wouldn't use all its ammo v310.36 - 04/18/2020 Additional server side protection against exploits v310.34 - 04/16/2020 Activated Dupe Prevention System on Official PvP servers v310.29 - 04/15/2020 Fixed multiple server crashes v310.27 - 04/14/2020 Adjusted several creatures for the prevention of mesh biting Fixed a crash that resulted when trying to craft an item from the hotbar Ferox breeding/mutation movement speed has been corrected to be consistent between small and large Ferox. Terrain textures have been improved on The Island in areas where it appeared to be low quality Improved several terrain areas in Genesis that caused players to get stuck, to be incorrectly teleported, or allowed players to unfairly exploit. Fixed an issue with the lighting in caves on The Island Fixed an exploit with turrets and ziplines Fixed an exploit with meshing and the cruise missile v310.19 - 04/11/2020 X-Dinos will now receive the Active Event Colour Override Increased % chance of active event colour dinos spawning from 10% to 25% Fertilized Eggs now have a warning when a player attempts to consume them Fixed an exploit that allowed you to get under the map. v310.11 - 04/07/2020 Added Eggcellent Adventure event content Fixed a bug where MEK pistol could damage players mounted on a dino Reduced MEK pistol damage to players by 85% Reduced MEK Pistol range by 25% Increased the amount of materials harvested by the mining drill TEK Shield now has a limited number of crafts (like other TEK blueprints) Made multiple improvements to the Hexagon Exchange UI Fixed a bug where releasing from a cryopod using EnableCryopodNerf would cause them to take 10x damage for the time set. Introduced an increase incoming damage multiplier from the cryopod-release debuff This can be adjusted with the command line/GameUserSettings.ini parameter 'CryopodNerfIncomingDamageMultPercent' where 0.25 = 25% This is enabled on our Official PvP servers and is set to 25% by default Loot crates will now automatically open when purchased if you are flying or swimming Prevented MEKS from being able to be stacked inside each other Fixed an issue with TEK durability that prevented stat capping Argents can no longer pick up smaller wild aggressive creatures in PvE v309.53 - 04/03/2020 Completed a full pass on Loot Crates to improve loot variation and quality Fixed 100+ holes, terrain, and level design issues across various maps Magamasaur no longer takes damage from lava on The Center Fixed a mounting exploit with Magamasaur Fixed an issue with Dedicated storage locking behavior on PvE (Players could withdraw items when it was "locked") Fixed a bug that allowed building within the boss arena on Valguero Made several collision improvements for meshes on Aberration Added a debuff to reduce damage to tames, players, structures for a short duration of time after releasing from cryo. This can be configured on unofficial servers by using the following command line/GameUserSettings.ini parameters: EnableCryopodNerf, CryopodNerfDuration, and CryopodNerfDamageMult Where CryopodNerfDamageMult=0.01 means 99% of the damage is removed. This will be enabled on our Official PvP Servers with a 90% reduction for 10 seconds. Parasaurs no longer detect bodies that are not visible or rendered Fixed several missing notifications on gather, retrieve, basketball, hunt, and escort missions Fixed an exploit that allowed Ferox to clip inside enemy structures Ferox can no longer be trapped with a bola Reduced the amount of element received by Red Crystals on Genesis by 33% Increased the amount of materials harvested by the mining drill by 33% Players recover 50% faster from the frozen state left by the Snow Owl dive Removed the Snow Owl heal effect on enemy players and enemy-tamed creatures (wild creatures are still affected) Snow Owl dive slow has been reduced to 2.5 seconds Fixed a bug where Ferox Stats were being rerolled after first time transforming Prevented itchy from stealing cryopods v309.44 - 04/01/2020 Fixed a turret exploit with the Space Whale v309.42 - 03/30/2020 Fixed a server crash Fixed multiple cases where the Bloodstalker couldn't swing around Extinction Fixed some configuration issues with the dynamic rates ini on non-standard official servers v309.4 - 03/26/2020 Fixed an issue with collision on several meshes Fixed several mesh holes in various biomes Improved hover skiff movement and operation on steep terrain Fixed a damage exploit with Ferox Ferox should now keep its imprint buff when in large form Reduced cloning cost for the Giant Turtle Improved HLNA performance when crafting a large number of items Teleporting East in the Bog biome will no longer transport the player South East Insect swarms now give chitin instead of hide Modified the no-build zone in the main volcano cave Adjusted the trajectory of lunar comets to prevent edge cases of players and dinos dying Fixed a rare case where the mining drill could damage the tek sensor Activation/deactivation settings will now save on the tek alarm Activation/deactivation settings will now save on the pressure plate The lava on The Island in caves and the lava in the Wyvern trench on S.E. will no longer damage Magmasaur Improved localization on the Rockwell boss fight and end cutscene Cryopods can be accessed in the HLNA Shop again Enabled several performance-related visual tweaks on wild Astrocetus Improved the accuracy of HLNA cardinal direction when teleporting HLNA teleportation logic now tries to avoid turrets, non-allied players, and hostile dinos Fixed an exploit with cruise missiles that allowed them to bypass turrets Improved several visual components of the mission UI (difficulty text, leaderboards, item lists, mission notifications) Made adjustments in areas near the volcano to fix rare instances where eruptions would instantly kill players/dinos Significantly reduced the frequency and slightly increased the duration of green rain in the bog biome Reduced the number of insect swarms in Bog biome by about 25% Added a cooldown between green rain insect swarm spawns. Fixed an edge case that caused the player to be destroyed when mounting an Equus and equipping its saddle Increased the placement radius check for ocean platforms to prevent them from being placed next to enemy foundations/platforms Prevented Meks from being deployed in the VR Mission Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving the mission buff in specific biomes (Bog/Ocean/Arctic) Fixed the increased damage multiplier in various biomes Reduced the bat spawns in the main volcano within the volcano biome v307.8 - 03/24/2020 Fixed an issue that would prevent players connecting to OC servers Re-enabled configuration to prevent Reapers from being transferred to Genesis. v307.7 - 3/22/2020 Fixed a bug which prevented the Moeder boss fight from initiating correctly v307.59 - 3/21/2020 Fixed a bug which prevent players from seeing Primitive+ servers Fixed an issue with crafting costs on TEK items v307.56 - 3/20/2020 PvP Official Server Wipe for the following: TEK Suits (Chest, Leggings, Helm, Gauntlets, and Boots) MEKs (MEK Attachments & Ammo included) Cluster Grenades Official Server Genesis wipe for the following: Tamed Reapers Note: Any tamed MEK or Reaper that was in a cryopod now cannot be spawned when deploying that cryopod. You can either let it expire, or throw them out. TEK Suits: Increased TEK Suit repair costs by approximately 20% Wearing a full TEK suit will prevent you from being targeted by bees when opening a bee hive Capped TEK Suit durability at 1500 TEK Suit repair costs now scale with quality MEKs: Pistol Damage versus Tamed Creatures reduced by 30% MEK Rocket Boost (tapping/holding space) should no longer damage tamed creatures or players. Reduce MEK movement speed by 20% when shield is up Sword Damage versus Tamed Creatures and Players reduced by 25% Bog Spider Balance Changes: Reduced the range at which it can grapple an enemy to just slightly below maximum auto turret range (5800 units) Pelagornis Balance Changes: Polymer weight reduced by 80% when in Pelagornis inventory Increased polymer harvesting by approximately 30% Rhino: Decreased the maximum damage scale from 12.5x to 8x when charging Increased the time/distance it takes to charge up to max by 20% (so it'll take longer to hit that 8x) Rhinos are now affected by Plant Y crowd control Cluster Grenades: Cluster fragments if shot by a turret will now detonate all other fragments from the same originating grenade Fabricator: Can now craft the TEK Replicator (TEK Replicator has been removed from Loot Crates in Genesis) Mindwipe: Initiated a one-time forced respec of all characters on Official Servers Initiated a one-time forced mindwipe cooldown clearance of all characters on Official Servers QOL: Added a "Grind All" function added to grinders Added an optional visual indicator for the TEK trough radius Note: This setting is defaulted to OFF. Also it does not save, meaning it must be turned on if you leave stasis range. This will be resolved in a future update Gachas will no longer auto consume buff soup/food. This means they won't accidentally eat them when they're stored in troughs. Disabled cryosickness on PvE Official Servers (Can be disabled on Unofficials using: EnableCryoSicknessPVE=true in the GameUserSettings.ini) Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug which allowed players to cancel the Spinos' animation and attack twice. Fixed multiple bugs related to locations showing Mission Areas when they weren't supposed to or vice versa v307.43 - 3/17/2020 Fixed an invulnerability exploit 307.42 3/16/2020 Fixed an invulnerability exploit for ferox Fixed cooldown time for the mindwipe Fixed an infrequent server crash v307.4 3/13/2020 Fixed a crash related to the bog spider v307.2 3/13/2020 Adjusted Ferox knockback distance for PvE scenarios in which it could move other tribes tames Increase to timers on various beta and alpha race missions Fixed instances where the lunar buff would remain after using a TEK Teleporter Fixed a rare occurrence where Ferox could jump through the mesh or get through the world barrier Fixed a bug where Ferox could jump while over-encumbered Fixed a bug that caused Ferox taming meter to be invisible Corrected Ferox size when attached with the Sarco's barrel roll Removed the ability for BloodStalker to grab and pull forest/desert kaiju Improved navigation issues on Escort Missions Removed the Crab's ability to pick up the Dodo-basketball Improved reliabilty of HLNA teleportation when traveling with tames Fixed several taming effectiveness and taming multiplier bugs with BloodStalker and Giant Turtle Fixed a case where Space Whale could blink behind static meshes Fixed a bug with Ferox that allowed it to stay transformed by forcefeeding Fixed an issue with mindwipes that caused them to have an increased cooldown timer Adjusted platform saddles to prevent cheesing Gauntlet MissionsCHECK Removed the ability to place structures on baby turtles Fixed an instance in which tamed dinos would be launched long distances by avalanches Adjusted the loot quality and rewards on several missions Improved the overall feel and appearance when webbed by BloodStalker Fixed a visual bug with the Space Whale saddle that caused skins to remain on when the saddle is removed Adjusted the Giant Turtles basing logic to prevent extreme use cases Reduced mobility for BloodStalker while over-encumbered Fixed a bug where the Giant Turtle could be tamed out of render distance Improved placement of walls when using an Ocean Platform Fixed an instance where players with glide suits weren't being reeled in properly by BloodStalker Removed the ability to apply a skin to the Giant Turtle and Space Whale platform saddle when structures have been placed Fixed an instance where the mining drill could dismount players Fixed occurences where players could incorrectly get inside of Gauntlet missions Creatures can no longer attack through the barrier while on Gauntlet missions Added Deinonychus saddle to the engrams list Fixed a visual bug with the Hover Skiff rotation when restarting the server Improved performance while riding over rocky terrain on the Hover Skiff Fixed a bug with Ferox taming methods Fixed an instance in which the BloodStalker's web could remain attached after teleporting with HLNA Fixed a rare occurrence where the Dodo Basketball mission could not be completed after switching languages Fixed several visual bugs with HLNA teleportation Fixed a bug that prevented players using gamepads from using the throw attack on Karkinos Fixed an issue that caused a Follow whistle command when holding 'B' on a gamepad Added the ability to use the Reaper tailspin attack while using a gamepad Schools of fish no longer damage rafts and motorboats Improved several areas where localization was missing or incorrectly Fixed an occurrence where the mining drill sound would remain playing after mounting a dinos Fixed instances with damage scaling while using weapons with projectiles Added several missing items to the HLNA Hexagon Store Removed the ability to give birth to Reapers while on Genesis Fixed a rare bug that caused recent mission progress to be lost after a server restart Added a HUD notification during the VR Boss fight to indicate you've reached the limit Fixed a bug that caused the Space Whale corpse to disappear after 1 hit Increased the reliability of repairing glitches Basilisks can now be tamed on Fertilized Magmasaur Eggs Fixed several mesh holes Improved turrets ability to damage cruise missiles in low FPS settings Improved several visual components in the Mission UI Fixed a bug that prevented several Aberration dinos from being downloaded on Genesis Fixed occurrences where Magmasaur could damage structures out of turret range Current Version: 306.89 3/11/2020 Fixed an exploit with Ferox v306.88 3/10/2020 Fixed several performance-related crashes Current Version: 306.87 3/9/2020 Fixed an exploit v306.86 3/6/2020 Magmasaur now requires metal ingots to shoot projectiles Magmasaur projectile speed and gravity adjusted for proper turret targeting in low FPS conditions v306.84 - 3/5/2020 Fixed an exploit with Ferox Fixed a display bug with the Hexagon Shop v306.83 - 3/4/2020 PVE caves on genesis mare now arked non-buildable The ice cave on genesis is now marked non-buildable on PvP Fixed incorrect damage for building in Arctic and Ocean biome v306.8 Fixed implementation of newly added Genesis configuration settings Disabled XP on Gauntlet missions Some TEK suit abilities have been disabled on regular Genesis servers v306.79 GameUserSettings.ini: AllowTekSuitPowersInGenesis=True (to enable or disable TEK suit powers in Genesis) Game.ini: bDisableGenesisMissions=true (to enable or disable missions on Genesis) Temporarily reduced affinity needed to tame Bloodstalker until further tweaks can come in later We are investigating ways to bring these configuration options to consoles in a future update. v306.75 Fixed a bug where Pelas and Itchys would fly to xyz coordinates 0 0 0 Fixed a bug where players could attack each other with the mining drill Fixed a bug where items may have received an unintended item cap Item and Creature transfers have been enabled outside of Genesis Temporarily added TEK Replicators to the Loot Crates until they can be better placed on the map v306.74 Fixed a critical crash Removed mission requirement for additional players when entering the final boss with a player who has the requirements. v306.67 Set kapro race to use "Teleport Out of Bounds" functionality Fixed space whale's display name Cruise missile now has a 2.55s arming period ("Arming Duration") before it can do it's nuke explosion If Cruise missile is destroyed or detonated before then, it now does a harmless explosion Reduced Tek Claw damage against structures Fixed player emote specific to Portugese language setting Fixed certain languages not finding appropriate directories Basketball Missions rewards should now match their intended reward returns v306.63 Reduced high quality tier loot drop rate from missions by approximately 40% Changed ocean platforms to be Blueprints only in mission rewards (to prevent demolishing rewards for materials) Increased damage to insect swarms by Beelzebufo to 2.5x Increased damage to insect swarms by Fire to 1.5x Reduced health of insect swarms by 50% Reduced AoE damage on the tek cruise missle Reduced the explosion radius and explosion emitter size on the tek cruise missle Fixed issue where insect swarms could attack through walls Fixed an issue with Megachelon (turtle) taming method Restricted cryo use and disabled building in the VR boss arena Fixed an issue where rock slides would linger after ending Fixed several visual bugs with Magmasaur Fixed several visual bugs with Space Whale Fixed several bugs with the Ferox taming process You must now hold the sprint key with the Ferox when super jumping. In order to super jump, just jump again + shift right before landing after a regular jump. Bloodstalker can no longer be knocked out Ambergris weight now scales by 0.5 in Magmasaur to help with raising babies Adjusted the platform build area on the Megachelon Fixed a taming bug with the Bloodstalker Fixed a crash with Extinction's horde crate and element node Restored Extinction Horde mode data Fixed some bugs which caused projectiles to not expire on clients v306.53 - 2/26/20 Building is now enabled in mission areas by default on Unofficial Servers (no longer need to use the aforementioned ini to change it) To disable building in mission areas, add the following setting to your Game.ini under the ShooterGameMode section: bGenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes=true Unofficials can now using flying creatures by adding the following setting to your GameUserSettings.ini under the [ServerSettings] section: bForceCanRideFliers=True We are investigating ways to bring these configuration options to consoles in a future update.
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    Welcome to the July Cosmetics Update, our first major content update for ARK: Survival Evolved on iOS & Android. This update delivers a wide range of new cosmetic items alongside various bug & stability fixes. You can download the update now from Google Play or the App Store, and keep reading for a more detailed overview. All cosmetic items in this update are obtained through the in-game store, and abide by the following rule sets; Free Engrams come with an Ancient Amber requirement to craft, and items crafted from it can be lost & destroyed. Paid Engrams do not have an Ancient Amber requirement to craft, and items crafted from it can be lost & destroyed. Purchasable Items are bought with Ancient Amber, do not have any crafting requirements, and will be returned to your inventory when lost or destroyed. The Analog Clock and Digital Clock are both purchasable items that can be set to display either the current time on the ARK or the time in the real world. The Analog Clock hangs on a wall, whereas the Digital Clock must be placed on a flat surface. Simple Curtains are purchasable items sold in packs of 4. These patterned curtains can be placed on any window frame and set to open or closed. You can also pick your favorite dye and paint them whatever color you like! Our elegant furniture series offers a variety of pieces that can be used to spruce up any base. The Elegant Lamp is a fully functional purchasable item, while the Elegant Bed, Elegant Table, Elegant Bench and Elegant Chair are all available as free engrams. All of these items work just as you would expect, and the elegant bed even acts as a respawn point with half the cooldown time of a bunk bed. The Weapon Mounts and Armor Stand are a great way to display your finest gear when not in use. The Weapon Mount (Small), Weapon Mount (Large) and Armor Stand are all purchasable items with inventories. When you would like to display a weapon, tool or armor piece, simply open the inventory of the mount or stand and drag your item into its inventory. These items will be removed from your inventory when placed on display, and will even carry over your custom paint jobs & skins! This update includes 5 different creature skin rugs - the Dire Bear Rug, Dodo Rug, Sabertooth Rug, Gigantopithecus Rug and the Titanoboa Rug. These purchasable rugs are all proportionate to the creature's actual size and can be placed on any flat surface, including the ground (Hello Dodo welcome mat!). In addition to making nice decorations, these rugs can also display the attributes of your previously tamed creatures. Insert any Creature Implant from one of these creatures into the corresponding rug's inventory and both your tamed creature's name and color scheme will be displayed for all to see! Our Woven Rugs and Elegant Rugs are all available as purchasable items. Both rugs are available in round and rectangular sizes. All rugs will be made placeable on walls in a future update. These life-sized statues are made of obsidian and serve as great markers of previous accomplishments or warnings to invading enemy tribes. At launch, you can purchase the Carnotaurus Statue, Pteranodon Statue, Kairuku Statue, Spinosaur Statue, Tusoteuthis Statue and Giganotosaurus Statue. All statues can be switched between a variety of different poses, in addition to being paintable and letting you swap between left and right poses. All flourishing gardens need a water source. Introducing the Water Fountain, available as a free engram. This unique variety of water reservoir fills when it rains and requires no electricity or pipes to run. When it's time to plant seeds, why not try out the new Stone Planter, Ceramic Pot, Stone Pot, or Ceramic Planter. These fully functional planters are available as free engrams and can take any seed except for Plant Species X. We thought you might like some new seeds to plant, so we are introducing 4 new types of flowers along with the very unique Snake Plant Seeds. All 5 varieties are available as purchasable items and have the ability to generate more of the same seed and even filter Potent Dust out of the air. When visiting the Garden section of the store, you will find Papaver Seeds (Poppy Flowers), Aconitum Seeds (Monkshood Flowers), Leucanthemum Seeds (Shasta Daisies), and Hemerocallis Seeds (Daylilies). We are also rolling out a selection of three different types of hedges. The Round Hedge, Cone Hedge, and Box Hedge are all available as purchasable engrams. You can snap these cleanly in a row to define your garden, and you may even notice that they make a great hiding spot when wearing a certain type of armor... The pavers are a wonderful way to define walkways around your garden, or even create pathways between structures at your base. All players will find the Gravel Paver engram in the Store free-of-charge, with the remaining pavers available as purchasable engrams. These include the Gravel Half Paver, Brick Paver, Brick Half Paver, Marble Paver, Marble Half Paver, Rock Paver, and Rock Half Paver. Rounding out the Garden Collection is the Trellis Archway, Trellis Fence, Stone Steps, Crop Bed (Round), and Crop Bed (Square). All of these are available as purchasable engrams. You can even stack the Trellis Fence pieces, and use the Stone Steps to replace your ramps! But wait! There's one more item available in the Garden Collection, and we're not quite sure what it does. These Gnomes are sold as purchasable items in packs of 5, and while you can use them to decorate your garden, surely they must have a mysterious property of some sort. These player skins are all available as purchasable items and can only be purchased once per server or in Single Player. These skins cannot be lost and will be returned to your inventory upon death. Right now in the Store, you will find the Chieftan Hat, Captains Hat, DodoRex Mask, and Werewolf Mask. ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS This update also brings some additional quality-of-life improvements and community-requested features to the game. We have increased the player expiration timer from 3 days to 7 days to help out those players who are not able to login to the game as frequently as others. Additionally, the server browser will now highlight the most recent server that you played on so you can easily get right back into the action. We are also making improvements to server lag with daily server maintenance from 4:00am - 5:00am local time each day. Finally, we have also fixed some bugs for our PvP players. You will now notice that Auto Turrets properly target incoming Rocket Propelled Grenades, and highlights on enemy tribe tames are now working as intended. FULL PATCH NOTES v1.0.86 (iOS) & v1.0.87 (Android) New cosmetic items have been added to the store! Adorn your base with elegant furniture, weapon & armor mounts. Decorate your base with statues & rugs of your favorite ARK creatures. Build a relaxing garden outside & wear some fancy new accessories! Fixed issues where survivors would lose tamed creatures Server browser highlights most recent server you played on Improvements to server lag with daily server maintenance at 4-5 AM Increased player expiration timer from 3 to 7 days Fixed structure building bugs that were causing inconsistent building Fix for auto turrets targeting rockets Fixed dung beetle AI Fixed bug where two grenades were being consumed Titanosaur can now be fed in single player Fixed fishing whilst using on-screen buttons Fixed enemy tribe tame highlights on PvP servers Fixed misc collision issues Stability fixes
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    This post is updated regularly (regardless of the date posted). Please check back often for any changes to the list. To report an outage if not listed below, go to ark.gg/outage and fill out the report form. Also, be sure to check our maintenance thread for announced maintenance at ark.gg/maintenance Currently known server outages and reason(s): (L) indicates legacy server offline indicates that the server is not running currently (time is not moving forward) though is being worked on. Last Updated: 6/23/2020
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    Welcome to the Official Ark: Survival Evolved forums! This thread contains our Official Forum Guidelines & Official Server Guidelines. Community Forums Guidelines All Survivors are invited to join the forums and participate in discussions (not withstanding any VAC bans on Steam you may have). As a member of the community, you must abide by a few short rules: 1. Respect each other. Detrimental behavior such as flaming and derogatory/personalized harassment (outlined further below under 'Warnings') will not be tolerated. 2. Do not incessantly bump threads or spam. 3. Do not post topics discussing bans or warnings. Please use the Support Ticket Submission) to report in-game issues. Forum bans and warnings should be discussed via support ticket only, using the ticket type Forums and Forums Accounts. Posts regarding these topics will be removed by a moderator or staff. 4. Do not abuse the Forms (linked above) with multiple related submissions, or false reports. 5. No alternate forum accounts. Users found with multiple accounts will be subject to a 30-day forum ban. If you are unable to access your initial account, please submit a ticket on our support site. On top of these five simple rules, we also have a few guidelines: Community Officers: Community Officers (Moderators and Recruits) are the moderators of the Community Forums. They are trusted members of the community, here to keep the peace and help out as much as they can. They largely address issues regarding the Forums, and are unable to officially address in-game issue/bugs or reports against other players. Moderator applications are not accepted, and appointments of moderators are at the discretion of Studio Wildcard. Posting: Make sure when posting that your thread is being posted into the correct location. Your topic may be moved without warning by a Community Officer if it is placed in the wrong category. Avoid duplicate topics where applicable. Refrain from using all caps and extremely large fonts in your posts. Limit your topic post tags to a maximum of 10 total tags. Failing to do so may results in an edit from a Community Officer. If you would like your own topic removed, please report the topic and ask for it's removal in the description. If you are requesting a server advertisement post to be removed, please await the removal before posting a new topic to avoid receiving a warning for having duplicate advertisements. Topic removal can also be handled through a Forums and Forums Accounts support ticket however this option may result in a delay in processing. Warnings: As stated in rule one, harassment will not be tolerated. It is up to our discretion what derogatory and personalized harassment is. If it seems like what you're about to communicate seems like it's going to really offend or be harmful to another persons ability to be a part of our community without fear of being harassed, don't say it. Employ common courtesy. We understand that there are elements to our game which can cause things to get heated, however we request that you do not go overboard. In these extreme cases we will step in. Disobeying any of the rules/guidelines can result in a warning. You may receive a warning in the form of "warning points" for: spamming, inappropriate language, signature violation, excessive topic bumping, or generally abusive behavior. Multiple warnings can lead to site restrictions and eventual banning from the Forums. Inappropriate usernames: Racist, sexist, and generally inappropriate usernames will not be tolerated. You should also not use your username as a way to advertise. If deemed inappropriate your username will be changed by a Moderator, and you will be contacted to provide an alternate username which will be updated for you. You will be prevented from posting until your username issue is resolved. Reporting Posts: If you feel that someone's post(s) are detrimental to the community, you can report their post and your report will be sent to the Community Officers. Please be aware that we take these reports seriously, and you should report a post only when you feel like it is disobeying the community guidelines. Refrain from mini-modding/backseat moderating and contact a Community Officer where necessary. Topic Locking/Deleting: It is up to the Moderators discretion to remove replies and/or lock threads. Threads that are disruptive to the community and cause more harm than good (including but not limited to: flame wars, fighting, and trolling) will be locked. Reasons for locking the topic are generally provided by a moderator at the time of locking. We usually do not delete forums topics, and employ locking where necessary. However, if there is sensitive information that has the potential to negatively affect the game and it's community that topic may be deleted rather than locked. Wildcard reserves the right to change and/or add to these guidelines at our discretion where necessary. These rules ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience here. With that said, we hope to see you as an active member of the community! Official Server General Guidelines Our Official Servers fall under our Code of Conduct, which can be read in its entirety here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ Important ARK Resources: ARK Commander The easiest way to spawn items for creative building or admin needs. http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/490125737479303297/ ARK Translation Project Help translate ARK into your native language! http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1290691308578867004/ Bounty Information Do you know of a major exploit? Report it to us for a bounty. http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/152393186481498717/ Dododex All of the information you need to tame any creature in ARK. http://www.dododex.com/ ARK Wiki All of the information about ARK, collected by players for player. https://ark.gamepedia.com/ARK_Survival_Evolved_Wiki ARK on Social Media: If you want to most up-to-date information about ARK, follow us over on Twitter: https://twitter.com/survivetheark We post daily updates and important information on our Twitter, and it's the best way to stay in-the-know. You can also find us here: Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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