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  1. banggugyangu

    XBOX-SWITCH server

    Hi-Rez Studios is rolling crossplay out in the next couple weeks for Smite and Paladins to incorporate cross-platform play, matchmaking, and progression across Windows, Xbox, and Switch. They also announced that they have infrastructure in place to immediately incorporate "other platforms" should those platforms allow them to do so. (Essentially saying "Sony said screw off!!") It's "Possible" but will require a substantial amount of work to be done. It doesn't seem that Microsoft has any concerns with letting switch and xbox play together. It's honestly a pretty simple reason why, as well. The Switch and Xbox truthfully aren't competitors. Switch is so inferior in terms of processing power to the Xbox that it isn't competition for a home console. Xbox is... well... not mobile.... So it's not a competition to the Switch as a mobile console. There's no reason they shouldn't be able to play friendly because of this.
  2. banggugyangu

    Element Dust

    Element dust is quite easy to get, honestly. If you do an easy element vein, which is quite easy for a single person or duo on any capable mount, you'll end up with likely more dust and element than you can even carry back.
  3. banggugyangu

    Level 400 dinos

    Technically there is no cap. You can breed as high as you want. The reason people breed unimportant stats OUT of their dinos, though, is because of the fact that dinos level 450 and above will despawn on a server restart. The goal is to get as close as possible to 378 using only melee, health, weight, and stamina. At level 379 hatch, if you max level ups on that dino, they'll break the 450 mark and despawn. It's true, though, that most dinos won't reach max level ups anyway.
  4. banggugyangu

    what is the highest melee u found on tamed giga?

    I'll second ark smart breeding. It's a great utility.
  5. banggugyangu

    Ark windows 10 Version

    Truthfully, the only 2 things you'll see different from what the UWP already does and a borderless windowed method are: On the same display, it's exclusive fullscreen. If you change focus to something on the same display, the game will hide until focus is restored. This doesn't happen if you simply change focus to another display, however. and 2: When focus is lost, audio is muted.
  6. banggugyangu

    can you mate cloned dinos?

    Yes, this one I know for sure. Clones can indeed be cloned.
  7. banggugyangu

    Giga allowed in abberation now?

    The verbage used in thos patch notes in no way confirms that it is Extinction SPECIFIC dinos. I'm not saying whether it is or isn't. I don't know. I have left official servers and, truthfully, couldn't care less whether you can transfer gigas to aberration or not. Stating "Enabled transfer for all Extinction dinos to Aberration (Except the Snow Owl)" is something that can be interpreted 2 different ways: Dinos from the Extinction EXPANSION can now be transfered to Aberration, or Dinos from the Extinction MAP can now be transferred to Aberration. That single word difference in interpretation makes a WORLD of difference in practice. Be it "map", then "all dinos except the Snow Owl" would include dinos which aren't exclusively tamed on Extinction. Be it "expansion", however, then only dinos introduced by the expansion, aka Extinction SPECIFIC dinos, would be transferable. Again, though, the verbage used doesn't confirm either. Before you call someone ignorant, maybe check yourself first.
  8. banggugyangu

    what is the highest melee u found on tamed giga?

    The map has no bearing on the stats of the dino. Gigas have a base damage number. This number is static across all maps. All dinos gain 5% of their base damage per wild level up. (Literally every dino in the game.) Gigas have a taming penalty of -80% once they stand up. (Again, this is static across all maps.) The only exception to this rule is Aberration.
  9. banggugyangu

    Ark windows 10 Version

    I don't believe this is possible due to the sandboxing that UWP apps are subjected to. I may be wrong on this, but I don't think the calls from DX for windowed fullscreen are exposed to UWP apps.
  10. banggugyangu

    can you mate cloned dinos?

    I don't believe the cloning process has any bearing on whether or not the dinos can be bred, but I don't know for sure. I've never spent the time/resources for cloning since you don't get any imprint bonuses.
  11. banggugyangu

    What a joke. Copy and paste

    He's not wrong, honestly, but unfortunately people will still keep buying WC games despite this thereby reinforcing the same behavior.
  12. banggugyangu

    what is the highest melee u found on tamed giga?

    49 wild levels is far from impossible. Yes, it's rare, but it's not impossible. Keep in mind that the -80% is an additive relationship and not multiplicative. 265% melee after tame is 345% melee before tame. Again, it's a rare find, but very doable.
  13. Purlovia are, by far, the worst. They have several things that make it awful. Firstly, the stun is nearly unavoidable. I had one agro while I was on a flier flying low. It flew out of its burrow straight up in the air and then honed in on me like a homing missile changing trajectory multiple times. It was ridiculous and shouldn't be a thing.. The second problem with purlovias is their knockback. It's often not just the one purlovia that you have to deal with. Take the ice cave. If you don't have explosives with you, you're looking at likely being shoved into the death water multiple times (IF you survive the first purlovia stun). Even this is ignoring the fact that they can easily shove you into agro range of something that does way more damage than they do. The 3rd problem with them is how quickly they shred your armor. Yeah, purlovias don't do a TON of damage with decent armor, but a few hits will wreck your armor quickly. Primitive gear gets trashed before you can move again. If they get your mount and you with the same stun, then you're likely screwed unless you have HIGH durability armor. Baryonix are just a matter of making sure to pull them out of the water first . They can only stun if THEY are swimming. Keep them out of any water they would swim in and you're fine. Without their stun, they're puny. (This goes for tamed baryonix, also. They aren't great fighters until you start swimming with them, and then they become amazing.) Cnidaria (Pronounced: Nigh-dair'-ia for anyone who is curious) are slow, yes, but the problem is when you get overrun by other creatures that you HAVE to fight, and a whole crew of Cnidaria roll up on you in the middle of it. You're guaranteed to die in this situation unless you're on a Tuso or Basilo. Microraptors shouldn't be a problem unless you're on foot. Period. Raptors, as mentioned above, have such low base damage that they instantly become no threat once you have chitin or better armor. They also have low armor shred, so durability isn't really too big a problem even if using primitive. Now... what I DO feel needs to be changed.... Fortitude needs to have a direct effect on debuff duration. Higher fortitude should provide a resistance to debuffs reducing the duration (with diminishing returns).
  14. banggugyangu

    Ark lost its shine

    I will agree with you @SaltyMonkey The team that is going forward does seem to have a better pace. I still wish they would focus their attention toward certain things that need to be addressed. (There are an alarming number of bugs that have been game-breaking since alpha that have never even been mentioned. Alongside those, things that should be simple fixes like no combat music on UWP with the exception of Scorched Earth continue to go ignored.)
  15. banggugyangu

    Ark lost its shine

    The reason: they already got your money, why should they care now?