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  1. banggugyangu

    (Windows 10) Ark has 0 servers showing for me?

    The certification process exists to prevent bugs in software that allows for arbitrary code execution, thereby preventing piracy of titles on the platform. This will not go away for that reason. Literally every closed platform (xbox, windows UWP, PSN, and Nintendo's various stores) will always have a cert process of some kind. The cert process IS NOT THE PROBLEM. I explained twice in this thread what the actual problem is. The tools are available for wild card to avoid the issues present. It means the release would be delayed across the microsoft stores, but at least the game would still be playable for everyone in the meantime. This is 100% the result of naive developers that don't take proper advantage of the tools provided and poorly plan their launches.
  2. banggugyangu

    Lay off the ark devs!!!

    To deserve respect for being would insinuate that respect can't and shouldn't be lost. This is a naive way of thinking. Again, I'll reiterate. There's a certain level of respect due to all new encounters. Following a new encounter, every interaction stands to increase or decrease that level of respect. Failing to show that initial level of respect, btw, is an interaction that would decrease said respect.
  3. banggugyangu

    Lay off the ark devs!!!

    If you read my whole post, nothing in it was disrespectful. It was simply a recanting of what has happened. There's a certain level of respect I will show a stranger, which is the same level of respect I expect to receive from said stranger. After having any form of relationship with someone, though, that person has then had the opportunity to earn or lose respect. The relationship of Wild Card to their playerbase has been one of acts which have done little to earn respect and much to lose it. You don't deserve respect just for being. You get the ration due any new encounter, and the rest is earned. This is the way the world has always worked and will always work. *edit* also, you made a comment about people judging others based purely on their mistakes. This is so far out in left field, it's almost funny. Few people in this thread fall under that category. I'm sure there are some. People love to jump on a bandwagon of hate. The problem is that the number of mistakes and failures GREATLY shadows the number of successes. I mentioned in another thread, the UWP players have been alienated quite literally every single patch release. The shortest time discrepancy has been 12 hours. That means that, on the patch that went the smoothest for UWP players, we were treated to 12 hours of downtime that we couldn't play on any servers whatsoever due to the servers being updated before we were allowed to download the patch. This has been a problem every single patch. This whole problem is alleviated by using the tools microsoft has given all of the devs for this very situation. You submit your patches for cert with a delayed deployment. Once all of your patches have passed cert for the crossplay platforms, you then schedule your deployment. Once the scheduled time has arrived, you bring your servers down for maintenance and update. This is something given to any dev on the xbox platform, be they AAA devs or [email protected] devs. Wild Card makes the decision to ignore this opportunity and just shoot for immediate deployment upon passing cert. As soon as one of the platforms passes, they bring the servers down and update. The version discrepancy of server:client that results leaves one side (either xbox or UWP) out on the crossplay side of things. It just so happens that each time, the UWP has been the victim.
  4. banggugyangu

    Lay off the ark devs!!!

    Respect is something earned, not deserved. Wild Card devs have demonstrated time and time again that they are either extremely immature and naive in regards to how large scale game production works or that they simply don't care about their player base. This is evident in the fact that with every update release since the windows 10 UWP version launched, they have ignored the tools provided them to have a smooth patch roll out. They have literally alienated the UWP players each patch for 12-72 hours by rendering the official servers unable to be accessed. Once or twice exhibiting this behavior is excusable. A good dev will learn from the mistake and not make it a second time. A dev that at least cares about his playerbase will try to learn what he needs to know to prevent these problems from happening multiple times. Wild Card has done neither. This is the source of practically all of the ire shown toward them. This is the reason that the playerbase has lost its respect for them. This is what needs to be changed.
  5. banggugyangu

    (Windows 10) Ark has 0 servers showing for me?

    It's NOT xbox's fault. It's Wild Card's fault. The reason the servers don't show up for the windows 10 client is because of a version mismatch. The servers have already been updated to the new version. Wild Card should have held the server update until both xbox and windows 10 UWP passed cert. They could have dropped both patches at the same exact time. As soon as the patches actually drop, take the servers down for update. It's not rocket science. Other, more considerate developers have done this for years now.
  6. banggugyangu

    (Windows 10) Ark has 0 servers showing for me?

    Wrong, Microsoft allows a timed deployment. Developers are allowed to submit a package for certification, and then, upon passing certification, choose a time to deploy the package. Wild Card could easily deploy both the windows 10 and xbox versions simultaneously while updating the servers. They choose to not do this singling out one or the other each time.
  7. banggugyangu

    Reaper King = Strong?

    Afk next to some ravages while you are standing on top... It'll be a bad day.
  8. banggugyangu

    Reaper King = Strong?

    Wyvern breath is reduced by reaper damage reduction and bro fist buff. I can't speak on the dragon breath, though. I have leveled my crafting characters on alpha wyverns with another character's reaper. Alpha wyvern breath is 10% damage. I ate so many alpha wyvern breaths and barely lost any hp.
  9. banggugyangu

    Reaper King = Strong?

    What??.... Tamed reapers have 70% damage reduction. Bro fist is another 33% of the remainder for a total of 80%. If reduction reaches 100% through magical means, you become invincible and don't take any damage... 120% like you're claiming would mean attacks heal 20% of what the damage was supposed to do.... This damage reduction DOES NOT apply to giga, allo, and ravage bleed damage, though.
  10. banggugyangu

    Reaper King = Strong?

    Forgive the necro post, but this info is wrong unless the reapers recently got nerfed. I detailed it in an earlier post. Reaper resistance is 70% without bro fist and 80% with. Yes, breeding will surpass reaper capability, but that doesn't make the reaper inadequate by any means. I'm not arguing if top tier bred carnivores are better or worse than reapers. I'm simply stating the facts about the reaper. The fact is, on non-giga outside of boss battles, reapers are king. On boss battles, while maybe not the best option, they are adequate.
  11. banggugyangu

    Movement Speed is Overpowered!

    You completely missed what I said, although I just now noticed the autocorrect failure in my earlier comment. Nerfs rarely fix problems. Nerfs medicate symptoms. Think of a fix for the problem that doesn't break what movement speed actually does. If all we ever do is ask for Nerfs, then all we'll ever have is a boring game that's been nerfed into the ground. This topic has been brought up a multitude of times. I have suggested a low rate of fire turret and corresponding hand held weapon that fires high velocity rounds that players are unable to outrun. Soaking said turrets wouldn't be feasible due to the high damage low rate of fire manner. If the rate of fire is, say, 5 seconds, 1 stack of ammo would last almost 5 minutes. These turrets could be armor piercing, allowing the turret to, say, cripple in 1 shot and easily finish off with a 2nd (80 damage per shot seems reasonable.) having these scattered about with normal or heavy turrets would eliminate movement speed problems with raiding completely. Outside of that, the rendering of collides needs to be fixed. They need to no longer unrender with the mesh unless the whole chunk is unloaded. This would fix other problems outside of running through unrender walls due to high movement speed.
  12. banggugyangu

    Movement Speed is Overpowered!

    Rather than implementing needs and caps, why not suggest counters that are creative and don't break things for others?
  13. banggugyangu

    Giga spawns

    Since I don't play PvP, I can't be bothered to tame a giga. It's less obnoxious getting impregnated for far better reward if you need something that gets absurd levels of meat.
  14. banggugyangu

    Nerfing Pegomastax

    The problem is that hit boxes aren't rendered when the zone isn't rendered. Physics take effect faster than the rendering of models and colliders. It is very possible for a Dino to fall through the floor completely because of this. It's not just visual. It's also possible for a wild Dino to agro and unrendered Dino through a wall and proceed to just walk up and kill it despite the Dino being locked inside a sealed building.
  15. banggugyangu

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    This would be a valid argument if not for a few facts: Azulberries are physically blue in color Tintoberries are physically red in color Amarberries (again, Amar is short for Amarillo) are physically yellow in color. Narcoberries put things to sleep. Stimberries stimulate creatures And Mejoberries are the "better" berry according to every berry eating Dino. Your example of how someone could use the word "air" from another language would be like someone saying it's the Dutch word spelled air (and I have no idea what it means or how to pronounce it) despite that the context involves wind. Context tells the rest of the story, and the context of the berries clearly tells us that their names are derived from Spanish and Latin. Also, to speak on the lore, Edmund is a chemist from what most believe to be around 19th century London. At that time, there was extraordinary Latin and Spanish influence on the world of chemistry. Seeing as he named the berries, it makes sense based on the lore that he would choose Latin and Spanish based words to do so.