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  1. banggugyangu

    Reaper maturation length change?

    As mentioned above, this was already debunked. It was someone trying to be a troll on a server. The reaper is also not trying to compete with a giga on anything part except meat gathering. In that regard, it's far superior. It gets meat at the same rate as a giga but offers significantly better mobility and agility. Also, I'd put my reapers up against a tame giga and not even sweat. If you're not rockin a really high armor saddle, the giga's damage will pale in comparison. Yeah, the giga rider could have charge light, but if you're talking PvP, just have a tribe mate knock out the giga rider w/ a rifle.
  2. banggugyangu

    Reaper maturation length change?

    Nah, I have had the same problem on private servers too. In its original state, occasionally you'd have one go off in the wrong direction, but typically it went about where you were aiming. As soon as they changed the grouping, it suddenly started ignoring aiming altogether the majority of the time. I personally like the tighter grouping, myself, but I hate the fact that it takes upwards of 6 shots before one goes the direction you're aiming.
  3. banggugyangu

    Reaper maturation length change?

    That's not how imprint works with the natural reduction. They're not additive, they're multiplicative. Essentially bro-fist takes the reduction down by 30% of what's left after the natural reduction, so it becomes 80% reduction. Personally, I'd be fine w/ the change they made to the tail shot if they would just make it actually travel remotely close to the direction I have pointed my crosshairs.... As it is, there's about a 10% chance that it'll go where I'm aiming, but it's likely just going to travel to the ground 3 ft in front of me instead.
  4. banggugyangu

    Reaper maturation length change?

    You apparently don't have a reaper, because you're very wrong. Reapers are debuffed by charge light, yes, but it doesn't make them weak. It does 2 things: removes the natural 70% damage reduction they have and drops their regen to normal regen of other dinos. Without charge light, reapers will take down any tamed dino, period. With charge light, the more serious carnivores with decent saddles will take down a reaper. The charge light source is the achilles' heel, yes. If you're talking PvE, simply turn off your charge light if you need to. If you're talking PvP, have a tribemate there on a drake with a rifle. Your tribemate knocks out the rider w/ charge light pet while you run in and 1-shot bite the charge light pet's head off. Problem solved. To give you an example of how you're wrong, a rock drake requires a very good stat roll and a high armor (50+ ) saddle to solo farm reaper queens. My drake I use has a 76.5 armor saddle, 10k health, and is around 650% melee. (I get more mileage out of melee levels than health levels.) That drake can take down 1 reaper queen without worry, but 2 is absolutely not going to happen. On my reaper, I have taken on 4 queens simultaneously and didn't drop below half health. I use charge light when fighting queens whether on a reaper or a drake. The key difference: Reapers do a metric ton more damage over time. My reaper is encroaching upon 800% melee with a 97.5 base for me and 75 base for anyone else. They also attack significantly faster (the same rate as a rex). My drake with about 650% damage is only 78 base for me and 60 base for anyone else. That's ~275 more damage per bite at a faster rate of bites in favor of the reaper. Alongside that, while I'm taking more damage per bite from the enemy, I also am sitting on 26k health without putting a single level into health. While my drake takes about the same damage as my reaper without charge light due to the good saddle, my reaper has plenty of HP to make up the difference.
  5. banggugyangu

    Will ARK ever utilize more than 3 Threads?

    I run this game on a Threadripper 1950x. I never have any CPU related issues in ARK. A few things I've noticed: The game seems to be a memory hog. Having a surplus of RAM has a huge improvement. I'm only @ 16GB, but that seems to be enough. Time spent logging into the server is dramatically reduced (1/10 of the time) by having the game installed on an M.2 SSD. This game really doesn't like G-Sync.
  6. banggugyangu

    Alpha TLC

    In the animal world, an alpha is in charge. Because of this, it's literally impossible to tame something that is truly alpha. Perhaps taming an alpha would result in it becoming a beta instead. It could be stronger than it's normal counterparts still, but it should not be a permanent tame by any means. Perhaps a 48 hour tame where the creature reverts to wild alpha after that period passes. It would add significant risk to taming one, but with the significantly higher stats, there is potential reward as well.
  7. banggugyangu

    Best Reaper King

    To hit 509.2, you're looking at 51 melee levels coupled with a fairly high 35 health levels Stamina is trash, but you could still take it up to 2688 stamina and have over 1k damage on that thing for an absurd 1011 damage per bite...That's just gross...
  8. banggugyangu

    Rock Drakes are too weak

    1: Health, on average, is about 10-20% less than a wyvern of the same level. They don't have a TON of health, but they have enough. 2: Stamina at 1500 is enough. Average stamina is around 1200 for a decent level drake on hatch. 3: Base damage is 60. With a really good damage roll of ~400 pre-imprint, you'll be reaching 700%+ easily. With the average damage roll of ~300%, you should be able to hit 500%+ with no problems while keeping the sweet spot 10k health and 1500 stamina. 4: Yes. They attack slowly, no argument here. 5: No different from wyverns. Deal with it? It's luck of the draw. 6: No different from literally any other creature in the game. Archeopteryx, Carbonemys, Dilo, Dodo, Oviraptor, and Troodon are the only land dinos that take less than 1 full day to raise (not including the hatch time, which pushes a few of those past 24 hours). Literally every other land dino in the game takes at least one full day with some of them taking literal weeks to raise. Drakes take 88 hours, which isn't that bad. Drakes are also tied with wyverns for the least attention required to raise in the whole game, but have the added benefit of having a food source that's absurdly trivial to acquire. Go raise a giga and then try to complain about drake raising again... 7: This isn't a problem specific to drakes. Every multi-passenger dino allows the extra passengers to take damage. I agree that this should be changed, but there's a benefit to drakes having this: It makes taming a basilisk stupid easy. Basilisks agro the passenger while the person on the drake keeps them from being bitten. Passenger drops eggs to tame. 8: Seeing as how my first drake (level 85) killed a 190 wild drake with trivial effort within its first 10 level ups, I'm going to go ahead and call BS on this. Tame drakes are significantly stronger than their wild counterparts like almost every other dino in the game. The only 2 creatures that you can say otherwise about are the giga and rock elemental. One could try to make the claim that the reaper also is weaker than its wild counterpart due to the fact that tame reapers stats are based off queens, but with a health penalty and lesser damage reduction, but a tame reaper can still trash a wild reaper due to attack speed/preference. A tame reaper king will demolish all of the wild reaper kings, as well. Even the alpha stands no chance against a decent level tamed. Of course, the wild kings will do a lot more damage than queens, but their health is puny. This goes the same for the alpha, but the damage is significantly higher than even the other wild king variants. If you're losing fights with wild drakes, your possibilities are this: You have a really low level drake, you aren't clicking the left mouse button enough, or you're coming across wild drakes with god tier melee or health rolls. Rock drakes are by no means the only creatures taking on reapers. Decent level megalos can handle them no problem. High level spinos with good rolls can handle them no problem. Even crabs can take on reapers if need be. Rock drakes are the most convenient, other than tame reapers.
  9. banggugyangu

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    @charles06 The OP stated actual numbers in his post for suggestions as to a cap. In the case of HP, his numbers are only slightly under what's actually possible anyway. In order to reach that number, you have to make massive trade-offs in other stats which can prove to be more harm that good in most situations. The fact that he had ACTUAL numbers and the tone of is post being that the numbers people are reaching in his experience are actually drastically above what he suggested hints at the server being unofficial with severely boosted stat growth. I'll agree that he likely isn't good at PvP if he's on here making a post ranting about stats, but the root of the problem is likely not that he's bad at PvP and rather that he's on a boosted server that promotes this.
  10. banggugyangu

    Easter Tames

    I was really hoping to find a solid pink pig that I could have named "Anderson Pooper" to go with "Ryan Seacrab".... but alas... I didn't....
  11. banggugyangu

    Really struggling to find a route to drake eggs

    Yeah, that's also a problem w/ crabs, but I've seen the other more often, personally. Crabs drop like a stone as soon as something looks like it's going to be on their head. I've watched probably 15 crabs go through the mesh down in the trenches and the person on it loses everything. *edit* One huge benefit to taking a reaper down instead of anything else is that you're only limited by carry weight, hazard suits, and water. The natural regen and damage reduction of a reaper lets you stay down there indefinitely as far as dino health goes. I don't even pre-clear a trench before pulling eggs. I'll find one, pull it, and hop down to kill everything. Worst I've had was about 25 drakes on me that got me down to about half health. This was an extreme case, though, and not the norm. Typically I'll have around 10 drakes tops at one time. I'll note I'm also on a reaper that has 800% melee, but yeah... Also: PSA: Pick up and eat low level eggs unless you want to keep them. DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE NESTS
  12. banggugyangu

    Really struggling to find a route to drake eggs

    Crabs are HORRENDOUSLY prone to being meshed when swarmed by drakes. Physically, yes, a good crab is capable of conquering a swarm of drakes, but the best stats in the world won't save you when you're plummeting toward the kill zone below the trench after 7 drakes pushed you through the map. @Ronson12 To get to the drake trenches on foot, enter Element Falls (The rad zone next to the Crystalline Lake) and follow the metal spines down. Each important turn will have a metal spine guiding the way down. Take note of the first nest you come to. When you're on foot, this is your way up. Bring extra picks, gliders, and suits. I recommend bringing a canteen. If you're on dinos that can't make it into the nests themselves, bring a low level egg with you. From on top of your dino, you can transfer the egg from one inventory to another which will agro all nearby drakes. This lets you clear the nest out safely from on top of your dino before picking an egg from a nest. The reason I recommend this: If there is an unlucky spawn while you're trying to climb up, it'll kill you quickly before you even make it back to your dino. I have found it's easier to get eggs if you have a reaper. Any level reaper works. If you have good spinos or crabs, you can easily get a reaper before going down to the drakes. (I recommend tribe mates to provide mate boost and if on spinos, breed for bro-fist buff.) Note: If you are on a dino that allows weapons, you can be pulled off the dino for impregnation. Otherwise, when she's ready, you have to hop off and use a shield. Reapers DO tend to get stuck in crevices in the walls of the drake trench, though... I have a reaper that has gotten stuck twice and is currently stuck now.
  13. banggugyangu

    Aberration Wild Levels

    Points in movement speed are 100% wasted, especially on aberration where we have auric mushrooms. Literally the only benefit of the higher total level is more torpor. If you're in a situation where torpor is a problem, force feed an auric mushroom to your dino. You now have 2400 torpor of drainage over about 30 seconds. During this time, torpor won't rise due to other things. It's very similar to how feeding narcotics to something stops their torpor decay until it's finished increasing the torpor. Your dino isn't "stronger" by having a higher level. It's only a little harder to knock out.
  14. banggugyangu

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    @Rhinenorr wasn't off topic, honestly. He was asserting that it's fairly obvious that the OP is playing on an unofficial server with settings cranked up through the roof. That means the problem lies not in the game balance, but the server settings. With this, the solution is not to change the whole game, but for the OP to either convince them to change the server settings or find a new server to play on. Also, we all know what they say about when you assume something.
  15. banggugyangu

    Easter Reapers?

    another tribe has about 75% rate of easter reapers. Most of them have been 150s too.