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  1. Single player or private server/cluster most likely. You can't get them on extinction, but for private things, you can transfer or spawn them in.
  2. 3.5k melee (either % or actual damage) is 100% a boosted server by a significant amount. This is hardly a good representation of what you can expect on official or official-like servers.
  3. Lore-wise, I get it. The implants are controlled by the obelisks, and leaving the obelisks' radius of influence, it goes haywire and kills you. Game-design-wise, they could have simply put a barrier akin to the ARKs around the map with little lore consequence. Instead of you getting outside of the obelisks' radius of influence and dying, the obelisks prevent you from leaving their radius of influence.
  4. My vote goes to either the Megatherium or the Murder Turkey (Tickle Chicken).
  5. Therizinos have a very high DPS due to high base damage and fast attack rate. (way faster than rexes). This is why they're used for bosses.
  6. It seems that my trap design, which circumvented the despawn after impregnation (multiple people could be impregnated from same queen) got patched. If she's standing on any non-foundation player structure, it auto fails impregnation now.
  7. It's currently assumed that the ARKs are an experiment to discover a way to recover from a global extinction event. Simulation of life will not render the same results as actual life, be it cloned or otherwise. Also, who said anything about faking the boss arenas or deceiving the survivors? The arenas you see are likely just an advanced surveillance for the creators to view what is happening. I also didn't say the platform itself had anything to do with Rockwell, but rather the fact that Rockwell's defeat leading to ascension is likely caused by the destruction of said platform.
  8. So... Let me get this straight... You think that the same race that has technology to clone, digitize, and transmat biological creatures in an instant wouldn't have the capabilities to show an image as if you were simply looking through a pane of glass into the arena itself? You are going back and forth with limiting this fictional race based on our own current limitations, which is shown in the next post where you imposed the bandwidth and data through puts of current technology on them for purposes of transmitting and transmatting the biological creatures. The aberration notes specifically talk about Rockwell falling into the lair of the "Guardian" and assuming it's role. They also talk about Diana's crew descending from the platform on the trip back. Two very distinct details that confirm what I said earlier: boss arenas are subterranean and the stations are aerial.
  9. /Sigh.... The overseers are a final protocol for testing survivors prior to ascension. They, along with the bots they spawn, are made of element. They also reside on the stations (Located FAR above the ARKs). The BOSS arenas, however, are subterranean. Both of these details are confirmed in placement in-game. One of these details is confirmed in lore. (If you spectate, you can travel to the boss arenas which involves going through the ground mesh.) You're getting hung up on vernacular, though. Let me specify. On the Island, you have 3 boss arenas: The broodmother's arena, Mega-P's arena, and the Dragon's arena. Yes, the Overseer is a "boss" but his "arena" is part of the station. He's also a completely different case from literally every boss in the game except Rockwell in that defeating him results in ascension and travel to a new ark. Now if we look at the Overseer as merely a machine being controlled by the station's computer systems, we see that the overseer is easily replicated as a final testing environment for ascension. Arguably every ark would be designed this way: First prove yourself by defeating the ultimate lifeforms so that you may face the final test against the overseer. In the lore, Raia had already defeated the manticore and offered that tribute to Rockwell and Helena. We're not presented with them having to face against an overseer, but they already have one before. It's possible that this only needs to be done a single time to be granted travel. In aberration, we have an anomaly. As you quoted, they're clearly facing off against the overseer when they reach the station. Arguably the stations are likely identical in design. (The ARKs all appear to be identical with the exception of the actual landscape and conditions the survivors are subjected to.) When they blew the bomb, we don't know exactly what extent the damage was, but the fact that it caused the obelisks to go out of control tells us it was pretty extensive. The ARKs also appear to be powered by liquid Element. When the obelisks went out of control, the Element started pouring into the landscape causing aberration to become what it is. Now the important part. Rockwell FALLS into the boss arena. The stations are up in the sky, Rockwell goes DOWN. This is clearly a different place than what Diana and crew blew up. Also, the "Abandoned structures" are of tek design similar to the obelisks. It's very likely they were structures intended for maintenance created by the ARKs creators themselves. Keep in mind that a lot of Aberration wasn't intended to be seen by the survivors. The bomb they set off in the station has done a number on the ARK itself. Now back to the Ascension part of things in reference to Rockwell. Santiago basically Jerry-rigged the whole ascension system to transport them to Earth instead of to another ARK. Arguably the fact that Rockwell allows for ascension is due to a malfunction in the overseeing systems caused by the bomb itself. As far as the overseers being "caretakers"... just look at the name.... "Overseer"... I mean... come on.....
  10. Read it again. The BOSS arena was NOT bombed. The STATION was bombed. This is the same thing that you see when you teleport from the tek cave, but prior to fighting the overseer. Overseers aren't referred to as "Ultimate Lifeforms". The lore even references them as being akin to a caretaker for the ARKs. I encourage you to go back and read all the notes from the beginning again, as it seems your understanding of the events is a little clouded.
  11. I have read all of the notes. It's a logical assumption that element is a highly unstable chemical in its liquid form. Radioactive chemicals can cause any number of effects on the human body. Who's to say that element also can't cause these symptoms. In regards to him becoming the boss of Aberration, He's the only time we ever see someone enter the boss arenas by a means other than what is intended. Obviously there are certain things that are automated on the ARKs. The whole ascension process itself appears to be so. It's possible that because he entered in an unintended way, he "replaced" the original boss. It's also possible that the boss' genetic information could have been destroyed when the station was destroyed and Rockwell being the first creature to enter the arena since was then put in place of that. This all isn't explained fully, so we don't know. @OrisRas Survivors aren't homo deus. That's been known and confirmed for quite some time. Homo Deus are likely the creators of the ARK and an evolutionary descendant of homo sapiens.
  12. You edited your post to quote a man who has gone insane, shows signs of schizophrenia, and is drunk with power as proof that the ARK's creators have Aberration under control? He literally says that the Element "sings" to him. If it's been taken out of the explorer notes, then that's to say that the devs have pulled it from the canon of the game. Also, if the ARK's creators have the means to clone humans from various periods in history, retaining/injecting (undetermined) memories, and transmat them across space, then surely they're capable of cloning another, injecting the new memories into it, and transmatting that newly cloned human to a specific location within the same ARK.
  13. Because all of this has been confirmed in the lore, oh wait....
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