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  1. banggugyangu

    Movement Speed is Overpowered!

    You completely missed what I said, although I just now noticed the autocorrect failure in my earlier comment. Nerfs rarely fix problems. Nerfs medicate symptoms. Think of a fix for the problem that doesn't break what movement speed actually does. If all we ever do is ask for Nerfs, then all we'll ever have is a boring game that's been nerfed into the ground. This topic has been brought up a multitude of times. I have suggested a low rate of fire turret and corresponding hand held weapon that fires high velocity rounds that players are unable to outrun. Soaking said turrets wouldn't be feasible due to the high damage low rate of fire manner. If the rate of fire is, say, 5 seconds, 1 stack of ammo would last almost 5 minutes. These turrets could be armor piercing, allowing the turret to, say, cripple in 1 shot and easily finish off with a 2nd (80 damage per shot seems reasonable.) having these scattered about with normal or heavy turrets would eliminate movement speed problems with raiding completely. Outside of that, the rendering of collides needs to be fixed. They need to no longer unrender with the mesh unless the whole chunk is unloaded. This would fix other problems outside of running through unrender walls due to high movement speed.
  2. banggugyangu

    Movement Speed is Overpowered!

    Rather than implementing needs and caps, why not suggest counters that are creative and don't break things for others?
  3. banggugyangu

    Giga spawns

    Since I don't play PvP, I can't be bothered to tame a giga. It's less obnoxious getting impregnated for far better reward if you need something that gets absurd levels of meat.
  4. banggugyangu

    Nerfing Pegomastax

    The problem is that hit boxes aren't rendered when the zone isn't rendered. Physics take effect faster than the rendering of models and colliders. It is very possible for a Dino to fall through the floor completely because of this. It's not just visual. It's also possible for a wild Dino to agro and unrendered Dino through a wall and proceed to just walk up and kill it despite the Dino being locked inside a sealed building.
  5. banggugyangu

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    This would be a valid argument if not for a few facts: Azulberries are physically blue in color Tintoberries are physically red in color Amarberries (again, Amar is short for Amarillo) are physically yellow in color. Narcoberries put things to sleep. Stimberries stimulate creatures And Mejoberries are the "better" berry according to every berry eating Dino. Your example of how someone could use the word "air" from another language would be like someone saying it's the Dutch word spelled air (and I have no idea what it means or how to pronounce it) despite that the context involves wind. Context tells the rest of the story, and the context of the berries clearly tells us that their names are derived from Spanish and Latin. Also, to speak on the lore, Edmund is a chemist from what most believe to be around 19th century London. At that time, there was extraordinary Latin and Spanish influence on the world of chemistry. Seeing as he named the berries, it makes sense based on the lore that he would choose Latin and Spanish based words to do so.
  6. banggugyangu

    Reaper Breeding

    Non-Aberration maps don't spawn them properly with admin commands. The Island will occasionally work, but the others will not. Reaper queens only spawn in Element Falls and Halls of the Reaper/Halls of the Reaper Queen. Venture outside those areas and they stop spawning. They CAN be pulled out of those areas, though. If I'm doing solo impregnations, I'll pull the lucky lady to the Crystalline Lake.
  7. banggugyangu

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    They don't "look" spanish and latin. The word parts ARE spanish and latin. That's a difference. "Tinto", "Azul", "Amar", and "Mejor" are all spanish. "Stim" is the root of the latin word "Stimulans". "Narco", being of greek origin, is the only exception.
  8. banggugyangu

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    You're arguing that because "berry" is not spanish "mejo" is not the full word of "mejor" that pronouncing it incorrectly is acceptable? Yes, "Berry" isn't spanish, which means the names of all the berries are an agglomeration of english and spanish words. "Mejo" as opposed to "Mejor" is simply a case of abbreviating a word for the sake of phonetic flow. The devs must have decided that the "o" sound flowed better into berry than the "or" sound. You can pronounce it "Nutberry" if you please, but that doesn't make you correct.
  9. banggugyangu

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    Tinto: one of the spanish words for red Azul: spanish word for blue Amar: short for Amarillo, which is the spanish word for Yellow (see where this is going?) Stim: word part derived from the latin word stimulans which is the same word from which we derive the parts for stimulant, which is a consumable made from stimberries in game. Why is it latin or spanish based? Because that's CLEARLY the direction the devs took with this nomenclature.
  10. banggugyangu

    Tranq and draw vulgar pictures allowed?

    If it happened occasionally (once every few logins or so) , I would find it hilarious, if I couldn't play the game because every 10 steps I was being tranq'd, I'd have a problem.
  11. banggugyangu

    Reaper Breeding

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Reaper All the info you need about reapers in 1 place organized fairly well.
  12. banggugyangu

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    Every berry in the game is Latin based, either by deriving from Spanish words in the form of the colored berries and mejoberries or directly from Latin words in the case of narcoberries and stimberries. As such, the phonetic rules of the language from which the words are derived depicts the phonetics of the words themselves. The same applies to quetzalcoatlus. In this case, mejoberry would have a Spanish J sound providing what English speakers know as either an U or a Y sound depending on the dialect of the speaker. Quetzalcoatlus is pronounced Kehtzalkwahtlus. That's a real word we already have. The berries are made up words derived from existing words, but they still have phonetic rules to follow. The "you can pronounce it however you want response" is... Well it's a free country. You won't go to jail for being wrong.
  13. banggugyangu

    Reaper maturation length change?

    As mentioned above, this was already debunked. It was someone trying to be a troll on a server. The reaper is also not trying to compete with a giga on anything part except meat gathering. In that regard, it's far superior. It gets meat at the same rate as a giga but offers significantly better mobility and agility. Also, I'd put my reapers up against a tame giga and not even sweat. If you're not rockin a really high armor saddle, the giga's damage will pale in comparison. Yeah, the giga rider could have charge light, but if you're talking PvP, just have a tribe mate knock out the giga rider w/ a rifle.
  14. banggugyangu

    Reaper maturation length change?

    Nah, I have had the same problem on private servers too. In its original state, occasionally you'd have one go off in the wrong direction, but typically it went about where you were aiming. As soon as they changed the grouping, it suddenly started ignoring aiming altogether the majority of the time. I personally like the tighter grouping, myself, but I hate the fact that it takes upwards of 6 shots before one goes the direction you're aiming.
  15. banggugyangu

    Reaper maturation length change?

    That's not how imprint works with the natural reduction. They're not additive, they're multiplicative. Essentially bro-fist takes the reduction down by 30% of what's left after the natural reduction, so it becomes 80% reduction. Personally, I'd be fine w/ the change they made to the tail shot if they would just make it actually travel remotely close to the direction I have pointed my crosshairs.... As it is, there's about a 10% chance that it'll go where I'm aiming, but it's likely just going to travel to the ground 3 ft in front of me instead.