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  1. You can manage individual tribe members access and rank if you are the tribe leader. The ability to cryo dinos is one of these.
  2. Mine aren’t massive, like 1800 or so I believe. Crazily enough I’m in an official pvp tribe with a guy that’s racked up over 9k. Mental
  3. There are maps you can look up which detail spawn locations and resource locations for each official map with I think the exception of valguero. Just google ragnarok spawn map and select ankylosaurus.
  4. Thanks for the update. Just so you know, the evolution event date is a bit off.
  5. it is dead forever and you should get a notification stating it died in a cryopod.
  6. I’ve played official pvp for years now and still love the game. I wouldn’t let a few sour people ruin the years of fun this game could provide you.
  7. If that’s the case just make sure the game is running when you compare the stats
  8. Center for sure. Easy resources, lots of hidey holes.
  9. You insert ark disc, go to achievements on the left. Compare ark with a friend then scroll down to show days. There’s videos on YouTube how to do it.
  10. The Center Small Tribes Xbox Havent been posting lately because i normally use my work phone amd i got laid off last week so havent posted much but been arking like a champ. While applying for work obviously ;D. We are only a two man operation but we are motoring along and havent been wiped for ages, probably owed more to the alpha being very well regarded and in control rather then much of anything we've done. Ive hit a bit of a wall in regards to level being stuck in the high 80s for a while so we smashed out an industrial grinder and ive been doing doedic runs grinding it all to flint and am nearly level 92 in a couple days. Im just going to do this consistently to reach level 100 because we need heavies for base defence. We also have done some argie hatching. Raised some nice ones during the valentines promo but after maturation ended i tried hatching three fert eggs all on different occasions. All three eggs resulted in twins. Unfortunately real life commitments meant all 6 starved. Very sad. Next goal for us is attaining crypods but for all we've tried whether it be posting in the buy and sell list, asking in global or good old fasion raiding we only found one pod and that was from a guys body who was scouting us and the turrets took him out.
  11. The Center Small Tribes Xbox The original plan for tonight was to transfer to an extinction server to scout for potential targets. Priority at this point in time is to attain cryopods and fridges for our tames. This would have been awesome if the server didn't continuously lag with only SECONDS in between prolonged lag spikes and dropnoits. Ended up taking me over an hour to get back to base when it should have taken me not even two minutes from where I was. Craziness. Logged for the night once I was satisfied everything was locked up cursing the game for robbing me of my adventures tonight.
  12. The Center Small Tribes Xbox We decided to do some cross server raiding tonight because we really need some cryoballs and fridges. Instead of heading to the crash prone extinction map we transferred to rag40. Started off with only 17 people on but before you know it that number doubled and you'd see people flying regularly and a lot of beach bobs. After raiding didn't turn up much we decided to steal some wyvern eggs! Found a body bag while down there full of custom food, improved flak and weapons as well as bps. Crazy. In regards to eggs we ended up snatching a level 165 lightening, 95 fire, 85 poison and 65 lightening. Oh yeah
  13. The Center Small Tribes Xbox There is a base on a cliff with two metal buildings and a gap in between both not far from our base. These two metal buildings have at least three velanosaurs in each on turret mode and bristling with tech turrets and heavies. The velos are placed inside so they can target intruders but would be invaders cannot snipe them without breaking down the walls first. Happened to fly past and notice their tech generator was out of element, perfect opportunity to blast in and take a peak. We tried dropping in with parachutes and via bird but kept getting shredded by the velos. Finally decided to farm up enough mats to get a rocket launcher and rpgs happening as velos cannot target projectiles like turrets can. Took over an hour as the beaver dams must have been plundered recently but we were finally perched above their base, rpgs in hand ready to kill everything and take what we wanted. I aimed up slightly to ensure the rpg didn't clip into the cliff slightly jutting out infront of me. We all know how ark gets. Comfortable I had more then enough clear line of sight I fired, boom the bloody rpg explodes right infront of me clipping into an imaginary section of cliff edge and my body with c4 and all the rpgs plummets down into their base smack dam in the middle of the two velanosaur buildings. Fml. At this point I had to get up for work soon so left our stuff on the body and called it quits for the night.
  14. The Center Small Tribes Xbox Haven't really been doing a lot lately just mainly taming, farming and storing loot in the purlovia. Was excited to mate the argies tonight though. Laid down the fert egg surrounded by torches while it incubated with a 1.5 hour timer. Watched a Conor McGregor doco on netflix and when I checked on the egg it had just vanished. This was my first egg hatching aside from boosted unofficial wyvern eggs so I'm not sure what happened here. I'm thinking it fell through the ground or maybe theres something about egg health I dont know about. Poor baby bird never had a chance.
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