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  1. Valguero is closed to allow people time to build up so they aren’t instantly wiped by megas from other servers. Not that it’s going to stop it happening anyway.
  2. They can set up a wall if they want. You need to spam around your base so they can’t build close to you.
  3. Check on the Facebook ark trading pages
  4. That, and considering it is only a 6 man limit it’s a lot harder to maintain 24/7 coverage compared to normal official.
  5. You can still place c4 on enemy rafts if the foundations aren’t sunk properly and you can also place c4 on a dodo in your ramming boat and blow that way.
  6. Raft bases should only be a last resort because no matter what map your are on or where you are parked someone with a raft and some thatch structures snapped to it can just D* ram your raft and take everything, even if your raft has turrets.
  7. If you are referring to uploading all your stuff it deletes after 24 hours
  8. Free element if you have an ele gacha and black pearls. Convenient for large tribes who have a lot to do in regards to base maintenance and defending against griefers.
  9. You can check out what damage different weapons do to different structures on the appropriate weapons ark wiki page
  10. Be careful if your considering a move to small tribes from official. It’s pvp on hard mode
  11. Wild dinos lose interest when your not around because no one is in render.
  12. Can you knock them out but they don’t tame? Sometimes if you set the food consumption too low they won’t eat to tame. Probs not the issue but just putting it out there
  13. Based with full heavy turret walls can be wiped quite easily let alone a few standard turrets. Honestly heavies are the best option for defence paired with some x plant but ultimately the only way to prevent a wipe is being online. Unfortunately you need 24/7 coverage so may be best off recruiting someone trustworthy in a different time zone.
  14. Try the Facebook trading groups and trade for a good breeding pair if you want to save time. The chances of being wiped several times before you establish a line to that standard on your own is quite high.
  15. It’s extinction in general. Since joining a new tribe on pvp official on rag we hardly ever dc.
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