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  1. Paroxyde

    Official Server Down Again - Second Day in a Row

    Wow, prim+ still lives? I thought it was dead.
  2. Paroxyde

    Ark Skins Are Gone

    Not even a thanks or whatnot... >…> I'm sad.
  3. Paroxyde

    Radio silence: the devs strongest trait

    Because PC master race. Don't worry, they waited almost 2 months to fix ascension, which is THE end game mechanic, to break it a month later, again, and another 2-3 months to fix it again. So bear and ape, specifically on console? See you next year.
  4. Aberration is a DLC... The season pass includes Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction.
  5. Paroxyde

    Daeodon food bug

    Same a thylas... They prefer cooked meat.
  6. Paroxyde

    Transfer Boss trophy head?

    Only Rockwell is transferable last time I tried.
  7. I used to have 350+ egg layers and anyone flying slightly faster above my pen will crash... I dragged countless disconnected body out of my pen... I, myself, was lagging. The pen was 8x3 behemoths sized... My PC is actually pretty decent, not top of the line, but still above average, here: It just proves that you've never got enough to actually matter. Btw, they were in open space with only the behemoths, so, not a structure lag or because I'm piling them up. It was a free ranch, so that other people can get eggs too. And even if there is only 300 slots per pods, you can somehow fit 3 around a gen, no matter the size, on lowest settings. But chances are, it's gonna have at least 600 slots like the replicator. So 1200-1800 per gen.
  8. Paroxyde


  9. Nah, you save on space, you lag less, they don't decay in 8 days be whatever day the pod/floor is made of, you don't need to get meat and berries... Honestly, if you can't do bosses in pve after 4-6 months, you might as well commit neck rope. I do 1 spider alpha every month to power my sleeping pods... We still have to come once a week to feed and refresh dinos... But with the pods? I'll be coming back once every 3+weeks... And will free the server of about 250 slots. I know 3 other tribe in the same server that will do the same, that's about 1/5th of the server cap just gone. Then the russians will probably do the same and we will have over half the cap fred from 6 tribes...
  10. Paroxyde

    Tek ATV Fix!

    Didn't they pull out the ATV? It's purely for giggles in SP or unofficials, as you can't get it without commands or a mod.
  11. Paroxyde


    1) Le support ici est en anglais. 2) Tu peux reporter le bug mais ils ne te rendront jamais tes quetz. 3) Il y a un forum français... Tu trouveras plus de francophone là-bas.
  12. Paroxyde

    Are we done with dinosaurs now...?

    Well... don't you feel that the island host way too many dinos already? Maybe an other DLC with different dinos on an other map...
  13. There is a recruitment forum for this...
  14. Paroxyde

    PVE OfficialServer32 is locked and is PVP?

    Kill yourself a bunch of times... Not much every time but still something.
  15. Paroxyde

    Who sell animals in PVE?

    A lot of people... They are all in trade sub-forum. Which you can't access because you are early bird. To get out of early bird, you need to post 10-15 posts that are not spam... (You can only post like 4 a day as an early bird)