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  1. Mizuyan. Because it's a female color breeder.
  2. Attacked by bees as in drone spawned and stung you or you just got the BEEEEEEES debuff? Because when I read attacked by bees I only think of either a drone poped out and stung you or the hive stung you not that you got the beeeeees debuff. Semantics. I guess an update broke it... Did you try breaking it and placing it down again?
  3. Any of the problem you find will be answered with "Thanks to the Ark system high above" so you might as well come up with them and share with us.Making the whole community more knowledgeable one post at a time.
  4. That's odd. Are you in full ghillie but I guess you got that covered. How much hp do you have? because even with guillie on it does an instant damage to you but much less than if you touched it without. Do you get a bee debuff if you just open and close it immediately after? If not and you received like maybe 25hp damage it is normal. If you do, are you sure it's legit gillie? Maybe a mod messed that up for you?
  5. Sphere is right. The spin actually counter act (although on a very small scale) gravity. Gravity is due to mass of earth. We actually should weight (not in mass) more. Talking physics in a game forum is how it should be. It helps people learn basics in topics they otherwise will not have even glanced at. Knowledge for all, for free and with fun. Random trivia : you weight slightly less on the equator due to the spin. Don't be surprised when you suddenly weight more when you come home from there. (not much though)
  6. The Ark system high above, provides atmosphere, magnetic field, gravity and a minimum of temperature control.
  7. Wait, what? I remember the first replicator I made was in green obi. I remember very well because we had to throw the mats from the quetz toward me from quite far away because wyverns were blocking the quetz.
  8. 250 is a bit high for Ark, mine is around 150 with only some QoL mods and all official maps + 1 mod map (tiny)... But with how they worded their announcement with atlas, it is hinted that there will be more DLCs (paid or free) to come, so yeah... Get a 1To one. It's not as expensive now as it used to be for SSD, but if you are strapped for cash, a HDD will work just fine, just more loadind time. The graphic card will be a pain. You won't be able to play Ark in anything else but in Play-Doh graphics with your laptop melting whatever it's used on with only 10-15 fps. Your problem comes with your graphic card.
  9. This should help you : Make rich people pay more. Ask their latest bank statement to adjust your price.
  10. There was a merger, that's what happens when a tribe merge in. Contact the tribe that absorbed yours so they let you in.
  11. You use a longneck on a tape/thyla/griffin. Anything the poison can hit, the longneck will too. And do a better job. Beside trick shooting a door to gas the guy inside.
  12. If you feel threatened by wyverns, then would you tremble in fear against tapejara/thyla weekend raiders, wouldn't you?
  13. Nah, it should be 15min timer unless they changed it again. 15 min during which the titan take extra damage and you a a waypoint on the map for everyone on the server to tell them where the titan is.
  14. Tie him up to a chair with handcuffs with a wallsign in front of it saying "intervention" and you and some like-minded people sit in a bench on the side of the sign and calmly and politely explain to him that a tribe is about its members, not its leader and that he should listen to what people want to do and either reason them out of it or accept it as a valid idea, and not impose a way. Also, if he eats his own poop, prepare an emergency snow owl, so he listen until the end. Don't forget to untie him once over. Worst come to worst, make a prison, you just have to find people on warden duty to cater to the suicidal urges of the prisoners. Just don't forget to cryo your dinos, so that if he kicks you mid discussion, you already hid them away in a pinlocked box. So you can die there, no problem.
  15. Use snow owl, the freeze will insta kill the workers (Not sure if bug or intended) and also make the Queen land. (At least it was like that 3 weeks ago, might have been nerfed). To know if there is a queen, just shoot an arrow at the hive while rather close, if no bees comes out the hive is "dead" and will not spawn a queen, you might as well break it anyway, but you can save on a bug repellent. Also, after confirming it's "alive" you can walk slightly out of spawn range of the workers and shoot the hive (about 150-200 arrows, so bring 2 crossbows if you use primitive). Have a spyglass to look at its health as the last shot must be made in spawn range or the queen won't spawn. Lastly, you can use flier to fly away from the workers then fly back, workers despawn once they are unrendered. Fly back to the queen but not too close, so the worker she spawns won't aggro you. Once you estimate it's about time to feed, fly away to derender all the workers, swoop in on the queen, dismount and feed, then fly out of render and come back again, repeat until tamed. PS: 1 ichty kibble insta tame the queen on x2 saving you a lot of trouble. I usually bring 20, and tame all the hives I see with 5 repellant and then sell them 500-1000 ingot for fast profit. I usually get around 8-10 per run in the redwood. I don't do it often though, because I can only sell on the server, you can't really transfer them. I wonder if the pokeball might help with that.
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