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  1. v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    Only in 720p... I can barely load 360... Can't watch past 5sec before my internet resets... Any luck getting a 360?
  2. Can't you: 1) go there first, set up a bed in a locked room with a vault within reach in their base as ally. 2) Then go back and use the picking up thrown items trick to overload yourself. Wait for the timer once. 3) respawn on bed and empty yourself in the vault. ??? And spoil timer resets when you transfer, no? You can actually transfer with things on you, no need to put them in obelisk. Milk shouldn't spoil this way. And you should pick a berry/stone, then look at the timer as the timer is the same for all items. Check the time on it before knocking out a wyvern. Knock it out at about 5min left (bait it inside before, but wait the timer), sleeping bag under the closest beacon, go back and put milk in bin with salt, go back fetch flyer. (Would be less prone to risk and easier if not solo)
  3. Tribe recruitment

    +1, I want to know too.
  4. Overseer Arena

    You have to know that there is a max amount of spawn, so you either gather them all with 1-2 baiter that spam rare flowers for aggro so when the overseer change phases, he doesn't spawn more and just need your baiter to be extra careful while the rest can concentrate on the boss. Otherwise the boss will spawn minions in an invincible state until max amount is reached after each apex killed.
  5. Since the latest update, me and my friend keeps crashing randomly when we access an inventory (ours, our dinos', crafting structures'...) or when we move around in the inventory... We are on the center 613 if it changes anything. Here is the fatal error it shows.
  6. Nontransferable Items?

    The transfer is a bit wonky... I've heard people losing behe gates, narcs, metal structures, kibbles... And some wyverns... You can always only transfer raw materials and do the crafting over there as a makeshift solution.
  7. Spay and Neuter options?

    Well, it's not common, but breeder tribe do exist. I used to be in Horzine Biotech, a breeder tribe on an official. We tried to get 120s with the purest stat possible and breed serveral generation to get the purest stat on the offspring and we would give away those who didn't meet our exigences against protection/ressources and kept the good ones for more breeding. We would also take 120s from other tribe to breed and give them the first born as compensation.
  8. Spay and Neuter options?

    Well, if you also have the time and the will to breed, nothing hinders you. Players are just allowed to protect their dino bloodlines.
  9. Spay and Neuter options?

    Imagine you are a breeder tribe and breed uber dinos that took 12 generations or more. Would you sell it without neutering it, so that they can just make uber babies without efforts?
  10. Digest 41 on Wyverns in the Dragon Arena

    You have never been burnt, have you? You can still somewhat handle the ptera and dimo with the Rexes, but have you ever tried to fight a wyvern with a Rex? Know that you only have 30 min to kill the dragon... And they banned the paracer from going in... No more minigun cheese the bosses...
  11. Auto turret destruction via dung

    No, turrets shoots rockets. Hence the C4.
  12. Humans in primal survival/Human structures

    You forgot a group of human trolls that puts foundation and pillars randomly. That would be an easy IA to make, no? check if foundation, if not, slap foundation, move randomly, repeat.
  13. Upcoming PvP Server War

    A field of 3 pillar high metal pillar seems to be a good elemental deterrant.
  14. 120 Spino Taming

    Like rexes, taming raft. Slanted roofs leading to a 1x1 dino gate cage. Once it's inside, go up the slanted roof yourself and tranq it. Move the raft to where ever you want after to start the taming.
  15. But the scale is very small for fire and poison, lightning scales much better.