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  1. Paroxyde

    Flyer Nerf Option

    Use mod. If you are on console though... Riperroni
  2. Honestly, Ark is one of the most entertaining time sink game I know of. It sure has its fair share of bad points most of us already know and experienced, it's actually quite bad compared to other games, however, the fact that we are still here proves that the entertainment value is so good, that we can somehow bear with how horrible it is. I don't think I'd buy Ark 2 if it comes out, but if they add more DLCs, I'd take them. I play on official, both PvP and PvE and the character progression you get from starting from scratch with your character on a new DLC with everyone finding out how things work, where to find stuff... The first few months that has no transfer in are the most enjoyable to me. Then when you beat the alpha boss and the repetition settles in, the opening of the transfer allows trading/invading to shake things up until next DLC. So, I'd much prefer DLCs. However, this is just my wishful thinking, but I'd like to get least one water centered DLC and one cold centered, could be both in one too.
  3. Dunno, what's the problem with MAC? Why can't you play? Isn't it the same as PC anyway?
  4. Paroxyde

    Protecting a metal node

    I believe pillars doesn't block spawn anymore, so as close as you want. I might be wrong though, I've been out of ark for a while.
  5. Paroxyde

    Need Help Streaming Ark

    How much RAM you have? Maybe try to get a GTX1070 or better?
  6. Paroxyde


    Well, 5 shots should be about enough to locate and counter attack >…> If you have 7-9 mek on base 24/7, should be alright. If not, add more mek until there is no more player to pilot them beside the farming teams to fuel the meks...
  7. Paroxyde


    The Mek canon bypass tek shield?
  8. Paroxyde

    TEK Replicator in Extinction

    The obelisk terminals (That are hidden and not right under the big obelisk) allows you to craft them in Extinction. Red, Green and Blue are in caves, so not that practical considering they are filled with hostiles. Your best bet is the purple terminal. There are usually not much around, maybe one or two corrupted dinos tops, and it's in open air, allowing balloon sending. (Set a marker on the map where the console is, fill the baloons in your base, send them, escort them on flyer, once they drop there, transfert everything to terminal and craft. Do a test balloon to see if your marker is off or not.)
  9. Paroxyde


    If you had them too, it wouldn't be a problem.
  10. Paroxyde

    Remove the Mek and Roleback Servers

    Then spawn an ice titan and watch it slam them... You can spawn one every 10min if there are none alive.
  11. Paroxyde

    Remove the Mek and Roleback Servers

    I doubt anyone would build its base near the king titan summoning area... Megamek can only live like 15s once you go too far from Alpha King Titan that is tethered to the center of the summoning place...
  12. Paroxyde

    Diarrhea (New Disease?)

    Honestly, with the snow owl, you get infinite fert as long as you have meat for the owl...
  13. Paroxyde

    Remove the Mek and Roleback Servers

    Mega mek doesn't work without the presence of Alpha King Titan.
  14. Paroxyde


    Well, yes and no, because you usually drop at least 3 of them per defense...