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  1. Paroxyde

    Does admins retorn dispawned chacater back?

    I don't think so, it was always no, no matter how you pleaded. He was just probably not deleted and forgot it on obelisk, so he got it back.
  2. It is true, they do this since release: Old veterans always feel a pinch in their heart every time new servers comes out... It just means less old ones... Imagine living on the old servers, knowing your end is coming sooner or later when not enough people play on them. Be happy it's just lag... they'll probably fix that by migrating the servers to newer ones like they did for some recently that was on dying machines.
  3. Easy. The "new" server are just recycled old server with low population. They are not really new. Haven't you noticed the number of shut off legacy and new server matches and the timing does too? Also, they said it, it's not speculations. Once no one plays on yours, they will get a new server after a little wipe.
  4. Paroxyde

    Red Gems Farms Recomendation ?

    Well if you have a tribe mate, one can feed it mushroom soup while the other drives the crab.... Otherwise, yeah, Rock Drake and pickaxe.
  5. Paroxyde

    Ascendant Fabricated sniper

    If you are in PvE, the most sought weapons are in: Pump-shotgun(for boss fighting) < Longneck (for tameing "softies") < Crossbow (for tameing in general) < Electric prod (for poking your tribe mates and waste resources for fun or more... adult RP) < Fishing rod. Some oddballs sometimes want pike or sword too... But sniper is expensive, do underwhelming damage, bad durability and no real utility. I doubt anyone would want that.
  6. Paroxyde

    Solo play and Taming - Official

    And you are only a part time slave. But you start to have a skewed vision of difficulty, killing/losing a rock drake becomes trivial, having several bases on several server wiped to the ground is not that big of a deal, 3-4 days and you are back on top. However if you join a small tribe, don't worry, you will live that grinding from 0 all the time. It's just much more tolerable to grind with buddies.
  7. Paroxyde


    Back in the days when theriz bloodline weren't that good on officials...
  8. Paroxyde

    How about Small tribe PvE servers?

    Most big tribes are "tutorial" tribes that take in all new players to be their trainning wheels while they contribute a bit to the tribe. Most "alpha" PvE tribe already have less than 6 players.
  9. Paroxyde

    Megalodon and facts

    Well, most dinos would insta-kill humans. It's a game. Change player resistance to 100 and see for yourself how Ark would be if it was more realistic.
  10. Paroxyde

    5 minutes to enter tek cave.

    Giga is actually the easiest part. It gets chew through in less than 60s. While it has impressive level, its hp and damage are both capped and thus much weaker than what its level implies. The main problem lies in allosaur bleed. Which are priority targets.
  11. Paroxyde

    Sp setting simulating offical pve

    And I would activate damage pop-up to see what's happening to see what can be changed.
  12. Paroxyde

    Tek cave and ascension questions

    I would say, use rexes to eat it. Even though it has insane level, its health is capped. So unless you are on unofficial that somehow messed up its stats, rexes chew through him quite fast. I believe it's 10 people + 20 tames each activation as one activation teleported all our 15 dinos.
  13. Paroxyde

    5 minutes to enter tek cave.

    1 per person with maybe 2 daeodons on follow on the yuti (I've never found them useful, just raw meat healing in front of boss arena was always enough with how much time you have to spare)... That should be more than enough. Just make a line and enter one by one.
  14. Paroxyde

    pve Alpha Broodmother

    25khp 1000+%melee. More health=less melee=dies slower=need more health More melee=dies faster=need less health I find that 25k hp is quite enough with 90 armor. You would just need 900-1000%md. And a ridden yuti to boost them. Megatheriums are bad for Broodmother IF you don't have enough people ridding them.
  15. Paroxyde

    pve Solo ragnarok boss yuty stat help

    Actually, Alpha Ragnarok along with Broodmother, Megapithecus and Manticore (if they fixed the wyvern wanting to land every 2min), are fairly easy to solo if you know how to. I guess Overseer and Dragon too if you have the stats on your dino to back you up from the lack of player. Though, good luck with navigating the tek cave with dinos on follow.