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  1. Diana Log #9 Diana Log #18 They bombed what I would assume is their version of the overseer (not the overseer as they just beamed there, whereas Nerva had to use the heads of the bosses), bad stuff appears from below when they want to go deeper. In the mean time they find Mei Yin, which means, Helena shooting off seekers, Mei yin taming Shinehorn and Rock drake happened at most a few week maybe a few months after. PS: I have no idea how to remove the white highlight in this post, help.
  2. Question about implant

    Hello~ I'd like to know why and how the Vernacular ID on the implant changes? Sometimes it display "Vernacular ID : Player" sometimes it display "Vernacular ID : Paroxyde". I'd like it to always display "Vernacular ID : Paroxyde", but most of the time, it's the other one...
  3. Nah. If you read the explorer notes, nameless and reapers were released when they bombed the obi. That means before they broke it, the ark already hosted them. They were just contained. Unless dilo can instantly mutate to reaper as soon as one obi is broken...
  4. Drake eggs in singleplayer don't hatch?

    ACs are cheap to make, you might as well do a whole floor of them clipped inside each other to the maximum, then cover the floor and drop eggs on the floor above. I found that you need 2500-2600 heat insulation to hatch it in fertile chamber.
  5. pve Alpha Tek Cave on Official [OPEN]

    You will have to join the next run, I tried to contact you on discord but you weren't there.
  6. No, nothing to do with mods. Happened to a friend that has no mod. He never even downloaded one.
  7. Could the Reaper Queen be a Mutated Ice Wyvern?

    @Wazzamaniac look through diana's explorer note, you will find out that aberration is neither the island or scorched earth that had gone bad but was already like that (The cave system was already here, the fertile chamber was already here, only the surface changed.). It was Dian's early group that "broke" the ark. There were already nameless and reaper under it even before they broke it, they just poped up when they shut one of the obi down, not mutated from anything. The mutation due to the environment they speak of, is the glowing of aberrant dinos, ravager climbing zipline and rock drakes being able to detect nameless/reaper.
  8. pve Boss recommendations

    100+ saddles on 25k hp 800+% melee rexes, about 15 of them. And one yuti and one or two daedon on auto heal. You might also need 200+% pump shotgun and a bunch of ammo in case manticore doesn't land. And 2 set of flaks with total armor above 1500 to counter overspawn of dimorph. You need to ride the yuti, focus on the dragon first, you need to get it out of the picture as soon as possible because of the dimorphodon spawn and the fire it spits. Then try to make manticore land and kill it. You need to be good on timing your whisle between passive and attack my target.
  9. How to be a better tribe leader

    As the tribe owner, you have 3 main duties: -Set tribe goal and tug people towards it. -Set the rules and settle disputes. -Set an example and represent the tribe. A tribe cannot hold on without long term AND short term goals. You have to show your enthusiasm and bring people together towards it. Rules must be set as soon as possible. Tribe owned or Personal ownership? What is shared, what is not? What happens if someone loses someone else's dino? If you got your first 190 egg, who raise it? The spotter? The picker? The breeder? The leader? Or do you roll for it? You have to be present in chat. Show them you are here, even doing small talk in global with other tribes. You set the tone of your tribe. If you play solo all the time, then people in your tribe will play solo too. You don't chat? They will and then leave you for those who chat. You will end up in a tribe in name with just a bunch of solo players that sometimes borrow stuff from each other but has to give it back. About activities: You need to balance tribe time and solo time. Some people prefer to be guided all the time, some people prefer to just do it by themselves. But you need to bring people toward that common goal. They, and you also, need to know that they work for the tribe first, for themselves second. The tribe nursery in under construction, you need more metal, well, you requisition personal metal from tribe member and it should not shock them, however, you must not do that for a private nursery.
  10. pve Alpha Tek Cave on Official [OPEN]

    Depends. I prefer more than 10 less than 20. Would you be coming with us?
  11. Swamp fever

    If you have dodos in your base, they are infected too, so, as soon as you are cured, you are infected again. Wear gas mask at all time, they are cheap to make and repair. You get a lot of absorbent substrate by killing tusos.
  12. More servers. Make ark a pay to play, 5$/month. More servers, less players. PvE lives.
  13. No more passive killing

    People will be using weight dinos to store stuff until filled, set on passive... What are you gonna do? Throw wild dinos at a bronto? They don't aggro on it. With a good saddle, they will take ages to wild kill... What if they have 30? Ignore them? But there are no resources in the base you just raided beside some bullet and gasoline. So, what you are suggesting is that any raid should only take bullets from turrets and gasoline and leave the rest behind.
  14. Bed Bug

    Are there any mods affecting size of the foundation/bed? The game might think you woke up inside the foundation and teleport you out.