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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. pve Alpha Tek Cave on Official [OPEN]

    Will probably wait until next DLC with the reflux of players...
  2. pve Alpha Tek Cave on Official [OPEN]

    We are waiting for a more definitive "fix". There are some people who still lost their character even though they looked in the tribute inventory beforehand. I do not want to risk my character nor yours.
  3. Cloning chamber and tame cap

    How did you do that? I know that this happens when you put raft down, but never a baby, the gestation or incubation or taming bar just pause until slots are available. Maybe it poped out exactly at the same time as an other one who took the slot or maybe was it a twin?
  4. Reccomended Settings

    You using the sliders? Just click on the numbers and change them. By the way, resistance multiplier works this way: higher it is, the more damage you take. So if you want to get hurt less, go below 1, if you want wild Dino to get hurt more, go above 1. And upping damage multiplier too much might make it kill yourself every time you throw a punch from self damage...
  5. Mutation question.

    Dododex is a bit wonky when it comes to bred stats, I'd use smart breeder.
  6. How to make adolescent wyvern land?

    I was told that whistling the baby "go there", which will show a green arrow, might land it after a few tries. If it were me, I'd just knock it out then wake it up...
  7. Dino Recommendations for Bosses

    They are gonna get shred by Dragon. But yeah, they should work fine with Spider and Monkey on alpha with a yuti. I never use Daeodon in a fight, even on tek cave, I just use it before the boss room. However, I would advise better saddle to avoid loss of rexes. At least 100 armor to be safe, 120 would be better. 55-60 is gonna be tight... Might work fine for megapithecus though. I have to use 120 because my rexes are glass canons with 25k hp which allows me to reach 800% melee with only 80k xp per Rex. Our personal Rexes are close to 1000% melee.
  8. Ark tlc

    Nah, fam. Unique resources should be unique. It's like asking for red gems in all maps... Or that Phoenix can poop gems of different colors by force feeding it different mats.
  9. Dino Recommendations for Bosses

    First, mate boosting, pack boosting and yuti roar will reduce the reflected damage. As it's categorized as self damage, like when you punch a tree. So, roaring the kentro won't increase the reflected damage. Damage is reflected in % of incoming damage. So roaring them will increase their resistance by 25%, thus lowering dps by 25% and thus making the fight longer, meaning more add spawns. Then, let's do some math: base_percent_damage_returned = 10.0 additional_weight_percent_damage_returned = 0.1 "returned_damage" = ((("drag weight" * "additional_weight_percent_damage_returned")+ "base_percent_damage_returned") / 100) * "received_damage" If "returned_damage" > "received_damage" then "returned_damage" = "received_damage" Knowing that drag weight of broodmother is 1200, thus, we have: "Returned damage"=(((1200*0.1)+10)/100)*"received damage" = 1.2 * "received damage" Which means, it will reflect 100% of the boss damage. However the spider's drag weight is 90, which means only 19% damage will be reflected on the little spiders. But let's ignore that. Gamma Brood has 324 000 hp. So, with 20 kentros stuffed with cakes, it can somehow be done with around 8-10k hp each kentro... Alpha would need about 25-30k kentros... That is: -if there are no spiders -if broodmother never spits acid -if broodmother switches aggro all the time, spreading the damage to not kill kentros before they can heal back up -you spend enough time to level them And this is why people don't use them. They will die from the spiders or from the acid spit. Maybe bring more daeodon, but remember, the fight has a 15min timer. And with no saddle, they are gonna get hurt very fast, so you will need more daeodon. And let's not forget that the kentros will naturally encircle it, meaning just maybe 5-7 of them will be hit at once.
  10. TLC patch this weekend ?

    I have bad connection too. I found a way around it. I use my phone and its 4G as hot spot, I get about 5x faster download! Though, it burns through my data cap... But worth it for big Ark updates...
  11. Me too... Would be nice that when they are done with all the DLCs (and I hope there will be more after extinction, I'd be fine with paying an other season pass for 3 more DLCs ), they could make a new book with all the dossiers...
  12. The future of Ark, after Extinction?

    Well I am not a woman lol but...how can you tell me is fine...when all the explorer notes say personal experiences which don't follow a time line lol last book a read without a time line made by random quotes put together from random people in the story created a mess called Christianity lol jokes aside... I mean... just random quotes outside of chronological order never makes for a good story...much less one that people can underatand. And yes... I happen to be one of the idiots who actually read them lol Wait what? how can you not tell the timeline? Are you reading them in order? I hope you are not reading them Helena #1 then Helena SE #1.... Or reading all the Helena's at once. You have to read them by map. Read in numerical order per person by map. Which means you read all those from the island first. 1 through 30 of each person. Then Scorched earth, then aberation... Wiki did a decent job presenting it lately (it was a recent formating update). https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Notes All explorer's have different focus on different events, while sometimes, like in Aberration: one tell what happened before (Diana), during (Mei Yin + Helena) and after (The 4 undergraduates that pass on chronologically the notebook). The only exception being Skye.
  13. The future of Ark, after Extinction?

    I was more reacting to this: And I'm fine as long as Helena keeps doing her dossier thinggy... I really like her for this... Best waifu Helena. Someone should be waiting for all DLC to be released and make a physical book of them. Not in the plastic feeling paper, but good old paper like the one in your granparent's library.
  14. Dino Recommendations for Bosses

    Bosses can't bleed. And you will never have enough kentro hp to kill a boss unless your kentros have INSANE amount of HP. And let's not talk about the projectile, as kentro can't reflect projectile damage, but with just the constant spawning of the adds will kill the kentros even if they kill the adds, they get shred in the meanwhile. They don't have saddle, so they are brittle. Anyway, bad idea, unless you are on a server with different stats or damage/resistance multiplier.
  15. The future of Ark, after Extinction?

    Man (as in human, as I will never assume your gender), you know why so few videos do it? Because the whole story is straight foward, there is nothing to be explained, just read the explorer note, you lazy dodo. I think someone is making video of himself reading them if you are too lazy to read them yourself. And actually, quite a few of those videos do it VERY badly (especially thick freedom's, I think he has never read them, at all, and just quote other people, but misunderstand them, but made the video anyway. Or he is doing it on purpose to troll people.)