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ARK: Survival Ascended on PlayStation and an Update on Windows Battleye


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12 minutes ago, krupi said:

Maybe like this for ps: Please, Can you increase price to 100-150 dollars, please? For early access, also including Only ps5 servers on top of Cross-platform, with proper capacity and in correct time, when nothing will be crashing? Thank you

Wait. Early access? My bad... there is no early access at all :D

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Yay, all the stuffs! how about you get rid of the in game hack that lets people screen watch and talk/harass you? i shouldn't have some bad English foreigner telling me "boo" "hello hello" "kys". Once the guy got tired of talking to me they crashed the server. all of it recorded on twitch studio! Speed hacks all over 5152. Allowing people with multiple accounts using them to harass other people. This stuff needs to be addressed and stopped before inviting more platforms to join.

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21 minutes ago, Brettskii said:

Sì, tutte le cose! che ne dici di eliminare l'hack del gioco che consente alle persone di guardarti sullo schermo e di parlarti/molestarti? Non dovrei avere qualche cattivo straniero inglese che mi dice "boo" "ciao ciao" "kys". Una volta che il ragazzo si è stancato di parlare con me, ha bloccato il server. tutto registrato su Twitch Studio! Hack di velocità in tutto il 5152. Consentire alle persone con più account di utilizzarli per molestare altre persone. Queste cose devono essere affrontate e fermate prima di invitare più piattaforme ad aderire.

I would also add commands that eliminate shadows, water, rocks and vegetation. it is wrong to allow these things 

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18 hours ago, Garyo86 said:

That's great, now prevent the hoards of PC/Xbox players from having a 3rd, 4th, and 5th chance of land grabbing. 
Not happy with the fact that there are zero PlayStation only servers, its bad enough competing for server slots with our own platforms player base. I have watched streams of both pc and Xbox players during the launch of these new servers, it was a total sht show. Most of them are now playing multiple servers as a result, waiting for server transfers
There should of been a lock on pc players at launch to allow Xbox players to have a fair chance as they normally would. Now we are going to have a handful of servers released with 3 communities of players competing for the limited 70 log in slots.
Considering that the new servers are going to be launched whilst PlayStation players will have the log in failure issue, wildcard is once again ignoring the facts of the situation and giving the other communities a seriously unfair advantage. 

LOCK THE NEW SERVERS to PlayStation access only, until a few days after the patch lands so PlayStation users have a chance. 
Any PS5 user unable to log in during the new server launch period will not have a chance at any decent base location if these servers are not exclusive to PlayStation for a period of time AT LEAST. 

Glad to hear about the release date but its not enough, and the ark player base deserve better treatment overall. You're already forcing us to deal with this crossplay crap and all the problems it brings, do better and start listening to common sense advice. 




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WildCard can you please fix the issue surrounding the fact that players keep getting lagged into oblivion whenever there is more than one player in a server at a time? I hate it when I keep getting stuck in place due to the lag until I either finally take another step or when I most likely end up getting kicked out because of the game not being able to handle itself.

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