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  1. Where is the information concerning DLC maps, when is Genesis releasing, when is extinction, center, and other maps are going to release? Finally, give us a date...
  2. Add dlcs and cryopods, so that us solo players on smalltribes can survive...
  3. PVP needs cryopodds, us solo players are an exception!
  4. I agree. I guess, I will just wait for Wild card to add them, either with Extinction DLC together, or separately. Wildcard in this case, could at least make tribes of solo players access cryopods, while those in big tribes not, just a thought.
  5. Thanks. You know, as someone who does not have friends to play with, and someone who likes to play alone, it sure would be nice if they would add those cryopods, it's really difficult to play without them for me. I have 2k hours in ARK of mostly playing as a solo, I was able to live in ratholes as a solo, and somehow surviving.
  6. I hope they will somehow just add them sooner, as this would drastically help, but after all, it's up to wildcard.
  7. PVP don't need cryopods? Are you nuts? You don't acknowledge solo players whatsoever...
  8. As a solo player that plays in PVP, I need cryopods to be added to this game, as I can't protect my tames in any possible way. I am writing this so that they would once again add those cryopods, because without them, as a solo, it's impossible to survive without my cryopods, it messes with the whole enjoyment of the PVP genre. After all, there's only the island map, with each small tribe server having max pop(70) people... It would be so amazing that they would add those cryopods soon. And before people who are in official pvp tribes start commenting saying cryopods are not necessary, I'll keep pointing out my Solo's preference. I like playing Solo, and cryopods are a necessity…
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