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  1. Chances are ARK2 has been in development longer that some people think. Also, launch doesn't mean it'll be a complete ready product. More likely than not, it will launch and develop the same way as Ark, meaning Early access for at least 2 yrs after launch before the base game is completed. In theory with a larger studio/budget&experience plus a better easy to use engine and direct Microsoft support, that ''early access'' time might be a lot shorter this time around
  2. From a PvE perspective, I love building mobile bases on Paras and the Giant Turtle, cryo-ed up dinos and move around maps like a Caravan. Add a bit more danger to it all as a Nomad and setup shop wherever. Probably one of the most fun aspects of the game and Genesis. As for Dinos, I think there is a bit of saturation and a problem in how much they can introduce without making other creatures redundant. I feel they should have made each DLC map with it's own pool of creatures with few duplicates(with map specific skins variations which are easy to make) and not allowing transfer of
  3. It will probably depend on how well Ark 2 is received by players. If it goes down as well as Atlas did, then it's back to the real money cow, Ark
  4. Deinonychus riders can no longer use weapons when they're latched onto a creature I only just noticed you ruined one of he most fun taming methods/tools
  5. Agreed, it would have been great if they imported the changes they made in Genesis 1 for the Lava and the Ocean (oxygen consumption & water clarity & some biome assets etc) into the other maps. Ocean Flora and Fauna are the least developed biomes in the game, which is a shame.
  6. It would have been out of character to release something on time and not broken, let's be honest here. When Cedric was saying he was trying to organise something to show off new stuff and never happened, you knew they were far behind schedule and had no chance of releasing it on time. At least I might be able to get the PS5 by then and wait a yr later for that 'next gen upgrade unicorn' they promised.
  7. After the Microsoft sweet deal...everything PS related is on the backburner. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes long after the DLC. Although personally I'm not fussed since it's proven impossible to get hold of the new console anyways
  8. I thought they're all clones who get the original consciousness downloaded as long as it doesn't get corrupted or faded while in the system. It's kind of a usual trope for TV series to kill off a character only to find a way to resurrect them, but the question is why wouldn't they just create a new character/back story for Vin D? As for the 'Blue Orks' theories....well, the planet already featured what appeared to be long buried technology and ruins of human Tek, which to my mind says it's been perhaps colonised before. So, you could be even looking at a 'morlocks and eloi' evolution scen
  9. You'd think they would have allowed you to put them in a gen or tek gen and charge them for the other maps even at a slower rate than AB charge node.
  10. It depends if it's PvP or PvE I guess, as always. I can only speak for PvE where it's probably the best map by far. The lack of fliers makes every trip a dangerous adventure and the Red zone is almost like doing caving in the Island. The casual danger is much higher than other maps feeling more engaging throughout the progression. Visually it's incredible though eventually it does make you miss the blue open skies. I always thought it was funny that red and green zones are in other maps too now, but the blue one ,which I think is the coolest, never made it to other maps. I do wish the Nam
  11. Most DLCs kinda expect you to import your existing levelled up character in order to get the best out of them, so there is no reason to wait for the final DLC to drop. Certainly Extinction and Genesis do. You'd also be better off starting on Maps like Ragnarock/Crystal Isles/Valquero etc instead of the Island as they offer more and it's a bit easier to defeat the bosses and get some tek, then go to the Island. I think the only real value of the island is the amount of caves&boss fights you can have fun with. This is all from a PvE perspective. Some youtubers do some fun series where
  12. Or 2023 if you're on PS...in a best case scenario that is....
  13. I love how they still advertise Ark2 on the launch screen on PS4/5 even though it's not being released there. Yeah, prompt PS4/5 players to get excited and check out the trailer for a game you won't be able to play on this platform. Great stuff right there! And really...will I watch the comic series when my interest at that time for the game will be dead? Nope.
  14. Shocked and disgusted really. I stayed up last night, watched the trailer and was kinda taken back, but it was just a cinematic so still hyped. Then just came to read actually, wildcard decided to abandon Playstation players. Talk about poopting on 1/3 of your customer base that kept you afloat and successful. Hyping your community to then dump them is such a duche move.
  15. Normally I'm very understanding about Ark and the Dev issues...but really, a 3 month plus delay (if there is no more delay..which is unlikely from all the evidence) to get a console release, is just another slap in the face for console owners. On PC it has been available and playable as a mod for ages anyways, so why not prioritise console to make sure the general release coincides? You know...for your audience that has the least amount of content to enjoy lacking the joys of modding. Honestly I'll have to uninstall Ark to make room for other summer games and it's unlikely I'll be bothered or
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