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  1. Have you looked in asteroids not near the entrances/exits? I found that they don't spawn in the asteroids right next to them, but they do further afield in single player
  2. It's just very RNG what asteroids you get. i went through 8 day/night cycles before getting any element one.
  3. If I'm not mistaken it's on one pf the asteroids...sulphur one, I think?
  4. I think the main thing about the strider is the convenience of being able to link it to a dedicated storage and speed of gathering rather than having the best yield. It kind of feels like a hell of a lot of things have been implemented to reduce the time it takes to resource grind...
  5. PvE and PvP are just totally different and always need to have different balance. Having a unified balance may be easier on paper, but does lead to a lot of things eventually being nerfed to the ground so that they're not usable in order to call them 'balanced'. But one should not blame the players in PvP or PvE for the results. I remember when I used to be part of a MOD for COH, every time we introduced something that people used to love in PvAI, PvP players always found them utterly imbalanced and whenever we nerfed them to satisfy that balance, it ruined the PvAI players experience. Usually
  6. SP Gen 2 - Decided to try exploring the underwater areas on a speedy Shadowmane....got chased by 10-20 sharks, two alpha sharks, 1 alpha Tuso within the first 2 minutes of descending the depths. I went - Sod this! - Fled back up to the surface with the Alpha sharks in tow then logged off. I'll take the Gen 1 ocean any day over this stuff!
  7. I always get at least one crash on SP every time and the longer the session the more likely it is(memory leaks?). After the last Patch on PS5 performance got so much worse. On Launch I was pleasantly surprised how stable the game was(missions aside). Now after the patches, I get the same bug as Extinction where the foliage randomly disappears, more stutters, more intrusive pop-in and more crashes. I don't know how they manage to make things worse with each patch instead of better...and the notes keep saying 'performance improvements' which is such a great irony
  8. Stating facts should not be confused with complaining. As for the revenue part, again it's the same for Starfield etc, yet clearly exclusivity is considered the better option. At the end of the day, as a customer, I have my preference of hardware based on value for money for my circumstances. If a company doesn't offer their product for that hardware, I don't really mind as there are always plenty of other products. I'm simply stating that their Ark 2 product is irrelevant to PS5 customers and therefore can't replace ARK. Had the intention been to not leave the PS customers behind, I'm p
  9. I've not seen any such confirmation, have you? I know people speculated the same about the Bathesda games and they made it quite clear they're exclusive. So, again I don't see Microsoft spending all that money to not have these exclusives. So, unless otherwise officially stated, I'll take them on their word that it's Xbox&PC only
  10. Guaranteed they didn't on console or with a single player. Even on Gamma they are ridiculously hard if they're not a racing one. I mean that code Red mission....absolutely insane. I like the idea of them, but the execution which is tied to progression is just a painful experience. If they run smoothly, were enjoyable and not insanely hard or time consuming to the level they are, it'd be ok. I also don't like they fully replaced the caving experience with them.
  11. Well, one thing is for sure, it won't replace Ark in Playstation, so I lost all interest in it on the day it was announced
  12. I tested it just for kicks and it nets alpha Raptors. Is that by design or a bug? Cause normally they're immune to stuff like being picked up by other dinos and stuff and frankly seems a bit unnecessary given how early you can get such a launcher?
  13. I noticed the Skiff drops as soon as you enter space for some reason on console. I have to jump start it as soon as I enter space. Odd one,but it might be related as it drops down to oblivion. Like if you drop something from the inventory it doesn't float.
  14. There is certainly pressure for content creators to 'show all' and get the views, which I get. It's business after all. Some regular players just want to get to the end game stuff as quickly as possible I guess, but for me at least in PvE, It's all about the journey. Once I get to the ending, I mostly lose interest. It's like open world games where I space out main quest missions and do all the side quests in between, meaning by the time I get to the main quest ending, I only have maybe 10-15% of side quests left to do after that.
  15. I thought the exact same thing, but I'm not sure this is actually the case. I think the number showing isn't the actual damage number (possibly the percentage?) and it is noticeable when it goes to 200/300 and you melt a wild high lvl bronto in a few seconds. Best to test by checking its HP first and then count how many shots it actually takes. I mean a 135 Bronto would have over 4K health and take 40+ hits if you only do 100 and I just don't feel that's the case with a say 500% melee damage Astrodelphis.
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