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  1. I sense another round of nerfing things to the ground for PvE in order to balance the ever dwindling PvP...BAU although at this point, I guess it really doesn't matter much. But really, where is the damn PS5 upgrade? It's been a whole year since you promised it and you've said nothing after the announcement.
  2. It takes time to learn and make the best out a new engine, especially because they'll have to do a lot of custom work for the needs of an Ark style game. Barring better fidelity and maybe animations, it'll likely be riddled with bugs and will be in early access for a long time. I don't see them changing that way for Development. They're definitely set in their ways an not change the mentality, so I would expect similar results. ATLAS spin off is a great example of this, so its best to have low expectations
  3. So, we're literally coming up a year since wildcard promised PS5 next gen upgrade and still nothing. But got that out almost instantly for Xbox cause....that sweet, sweet Microsoft deal....and still no fast fliers option on console. I mean there must be like just one guy left in the studio working part time on Ark for consoles for the last year. I've not touched Ark since July as the last DLC map content dried up unbelievably fast. I won't be firing it back up until they drop the upgrade, even if they drop whatever free map DLC in the future....though honestly not holding my breath for it. I r
  4. Really....haven't we got enough of the small pet dinos/creatures already? Anyways, still a new creature I guess. Now if the new map goes back to Ark's roots with alot of caves and stuff that'd be nice. Regardless, I'm still not touching Ark till they bother to do the PS5 upgrade....I mean it's been nearly a whole year since they announced it, they're just taking the p. now....
  5. And why waste time on a PS5 next gen upgrade you won't make much money on, unlike working to release it on Stadia. Priceless...
  6. I think there is a lot of assumption about Ark 2 being very similar to Ark( almost like a graphics update), however i remember the Devs saying there was no point in making it unless it was going to be a very different experience. So, although it will still be a sandbox experience, it doesn't necessarily mean it'll be anywhere near the same and therefore It's impossible to judge if what it really brings to the table would be actually worth investing on it. Plus, if its development is anything like Ark, then how it starts and how it ends up could be two very different things as they may well cha
  7. Alpha? I tried 17 times to do the Gamma on console and gave up. Just impossible to do the amount of damage needed in the time given with the glitchy movement and all. Jeez....
  8. So, you think a content creator should get a strike for voicing their opinion on their channel, which you don't have to either watch or agree and adopt their opinion like a sheep? Not really logical, is it? I'm on the same boat on console and one of the main reason I got PS5 was to enjoy a much better looking/running version of this game after so many years...alas...no need to get all that upset and salty over a game. It's why I'm not all that upset Ark2 ain't coming on PS. I had a good run with it and enjoyed it for what it was, but another 5+yrs of this sort of thing....no thanks.
  9. Agreed, I've always found the underwater biomes & creatures underwhelming. Gen 1 was the first time they made a good stride towards making water interesting including the sealed off areas, oxygen, water clarity etc. In previous maps you also had underwater caves and artifacts/mini boss so there was a reason to tame stuff and roam/explore. In Gen 2 water biome is utterly pointless. Even all the resources can be found elsewhere easier. Total disappointment in Gen 2. Never bothered with it after taming a shark and some plesios(by accident as they chased me up to the surface) and looking arou
  10. And....still no word on a PS5 next gen update patch. At this rate, I think they're actually hanging on to it so they can release it when Ark 2 drops just so they can say ''See, we've not forsaken PS customers completely''
  11. Realistically, there is only ever so much you can do with the stats&abilities of a dino/creature based on real life. Ark's problems don't really stem from creatures design&Tek that much imo. It's more about the inability to have PvP and PVE running parallel having different balance & features and even map designs tailored to each one. I would have also preferred a more linear and scaled progression through the maps' biomes. Each one having mini bosses etc. Like Conan Exiles, although I don't like the moment to moment gameplay etc, I really appreciate the exploration/progression thr
  12. You know....when I first saw the Exo-Mek, I thought you'd be able to equip it with some of the weapons like flamers/mini guns, maybe a portable version of the tek Turret, a mining drill etc. On release, I thought ''what a wasted opportunity''. Then I saw the community's Dinopithecus Dosier and thought ''cool someone gets it'' and this will be great. But then Wildcard had to go down the route of an unimaginative, boring, vanilla set of abilities. Like...why???
  13. Have you looked in asteroids not near the entrances/exits? I found that they don't spawn in the asteroids right next to them, but they do further afield in single player
  14. It's just very RNG what asteroids you get. i went through 8 day/night cycles before getting any element one.
  15. If I'm not mistaken it's on one pf the asteroids...sulphur one, I think?
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