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  1. Stop with all the passive tames. PVE is a joke when taming these as someone pretty much always interferes in the process resulting in wasted time and effort. On a populated server, getting two feeds on a 150 tuso before someone swims over and kills it is fairly difficult. I suggest you step into the reality of playing on official pve servers and consider the crap we have to endure when you force stupid taming mechanics into the game.
  2. If the company wasn't staffed with malicious mentally damaged employees that would gladly ban a person for rejecting their subversive agendas, you would see far more. You seem like you need attention so here's your dopamine boost for the day.
  3. Get a grip. The majority of ark players do not want propaganda in their games. Get on the various crappy social media platforms if you need that crap. If you want this game on the boycott list that's how it happens.
  4. The download character screen would not let you remain in that menu unless it had a character there. If there were no characters there, it would force you back to the create a character screen. As for making a new character, to do this we would all need to make an entirely different psn account to play ark. This is damn well unacceptable, this is a problem wildcard needs to fix. As for only getting a 105, that's nonsense. I have had them level my character with the exact amount of xp that my lost character had before. You need to ask the GM what is going to happen, will they give your implant that which was lost or will they not. If they say no, do all the fights and notes before they arrive, when they give you the xp it will max your character out at the level lost. This is a new game now, if they insult us by saying they will not give us what is owed, I will quit completely. I may have brought the game, but that does not mean I will continue to support them. I just tested a new char on another server, put it in the cloud and its done the same as the previous 4 so this update has done nothing to fix this bug. Essentially our PSN's are bricked, we cannot progress at all on them now so the whole "treat it like servers are closed" is not an option. We should not have to use other PSN's to play the game and I most definitely will not be doing that.
  5. Still not a single acknowledgment from wildcard about our inaccessible characters hidden in downloads. WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ON THE GAME. These peoples disrespect towards the player base is getting worse, 22k hours on ASE and characters lost due to wildcards bugs, it was never this bad to get a response. This event is worthless to many of us, how many people lost character access due to this bug and still unable to render their bases and dinos? Those people are going to lose everything. The rest of us had the foresight to add an alt PSN acc as a precaution to render tribe, now we're just sitting here waiting for our main characters back so we can play the game. FIX THIS....
  6. Realistic expectations is not entitlement. Standards exist for a reason.
  8. People are moving characters into the cloud to prepare new ones for other maps. Like the upcoming center map for instance, most people make characters, get them levelled with tek unlocks complete so they can get a better start over there. Leaving another high level character on the island, to render base and stuff. Which means less need to transfer later and risk losing their characters to roll backs. The only solution is for wildcard to allow us to dupe our character on other maps, to make an exact copy of it which will mean less GM assistance in the future and less frustration for players getting zero help from those that get paid to help us. Instead we get silly excuses with cut and paste replies that are more insulting than helpful. The solutions are simple enough, but who are we to offer advice, we only test this game more than most of the devs themselves.
  9. They had better put the damn tab to restore characters in the submit ticket section if they want this game to be a success, ignorance regarding their failures is exactly the reason so many people have quit supporting them to date. There is no excuse for this, it should of been implemented the moment server transfer were enabled. They're saying that policing name calling and enabling mental weakness in those easily offended is more important than people losing characters that have put 800+ hrs into ASA already. Its a joke, half of the English dictionary is pretty much censored in global chat now for some pathetic reason. That's the problem with this game studio and society as a whole today, the true problems are not dealt with even though its clear what the solutions are. Time and resources are wasted on meaningless nonsense whilst the village burns.
  10. Actually, it was the difficulty of creating the dinos submarine saddle that prevented them from releasing it on time with the center map.
  11. Screenshot the implant and char level before transferring as proof if char is lost in transfer, and always have an alt psn acc that you can give host to that will not leave the server so you do not lose dinos and structures to decay. I hope they have trained their Gm's to give chibi levels, bosses and ascensions this time around as well as the xp lost. In the past many of the GM's refused to put in the effort to actually replace what was lost, if you didn't have the bosses unlocked when they arrived to give you xp to your char, you was capped at 105 which is a damn joke. The grind on xp now is worse than ASE so no one is going to tolerate it. We deserve to have what was lost replaced COMPLETELY and then be compensated for the time lost, they have never treated the players right. If its not different this time around, I will not be sticking around to support them moving forward.
  12. 22k hours on ASE, its happened before so there is a good chance it can happen actually.
  13. They would need a player base for that future to become reality. If they do not take responsibility for their incompetence now regarding character loss and provide the right solution to those that have been affected, they will have no support or microtransaction income to rely upon. At this point, its only their most die hard supporters that have remained playing, along with a few newbies that will quit the minute they lose their character due to the short attention span of todays population. Its clear transfers should not have been enabled now, they need to man up, admit they messed up and address the issue openly. They rolled back servers for some lost items, and yet the amount of lost characters was not mentioned? To ignore the larger problem is insulting to us all, we tolerate their learn as you go attitude with every patch release. The least they can do is be honest and give us back that which was lost, in FULL.
  14. As far as I see it, nothing less than a rollback to before servers opened will fix this mess. Its better they bite the bullet now, the longer they leave it, the more people will be quitting. Big roll back and let the x3 roll on until love evolved launches as compensation. The amount of people that will quit due to this will be catastrophic for wildcards already dwindling player base.
  15. Not fussed about any event at this point, would like access to the two characters i had in the cloud before i logged out for the night and the one I just put there this morning? Submitting a ticket on this matter has been completely removed. Server rollback was not the cause, as they were stored way before that time and one of them was put in the cloud recently from my server hours after this rollback. Nobody cares about cosmetic mods or events when they cant get into their tribe on their main account. I see no WC response to any of the people that have experienced this, I suggest you make it the top priority to rectify this issue or face losing the entire Ark player base. Its sad to see the game going down like this. We expected issues but on matters as simple as character transfer where wildcard has done much testing in the past, that's terrible.
  16. Great, now give us the egg incubator and the option to make the cryopod and tek bino information boxes larger and clearer. Sick of having to damage my eyesight just to see the damn thing. Give it a solid background whilst you're at it, the semi transparent background is a problem, the same goes for the wheel menu also. I expect this to be done for the center map release at the latest. Also, put the xp gain back for killing our own dinos, no sane person is going to realistically level their characters in the later levels.
  17. That's great, now prevent the hoards of PC/Xbox players from having a 3rd, 4th, and 5th chance of land grabbing. Not happy with the fact that there are zero PlayStation only servers, its bad enough competing for server slots with our own platforms player base. I have watched streams of both pc and Xbox players during the launch of these new servers, it was a total sht show. Most of them are now playing multiple servers as a result, waiting for server transfers There should of been a lock on pc players at launch to allow Xbox players to have a fair chance as they normally would. Now we are going to have a handful of servers released with 3 communities of players competing for the limited 70 log in slots. Considering that the new servers are going to be launched whilst PlayStation players will have the log in failure issue, wildcard is once again ignoring the facts of the situation and giving the other communities a seriously unfair advantage. LOCK THE NEW SERVERS to PlayStation access only, until a few days after the patch lands so PlayStation users have a chance. Any PS5 user unable to log in during the new server launch period will not have a chance at any decent base location if these servers are not exclusive to PlayStation for a period of time AT LEAST. Glad to hear about the release date but its not enough, and the ark player base deserve better treatment overall. You're already forcing us to deal with this crossplay crap and all the problems it brings, do better and start listening to common sense advice.
  18. "additional set of console-specific servers" does not mean PlayStation only servers. They made a point to specify the "Xbox only servers" when talking about the nov 14th launch. Is this wildcard attempting to hide the fact that ps5 players will be forced into servers with xbox whether they want it or not? PS5 users will not want to play with the other platforms after the clear advantage you have given them. The breeding rates mean nothing, the loot table quality will be well and truly nerfed into the ground by the time ps5 players get to play. They will have max dura armour/saddle bps within days of logging on and we ps5 players will have the junk loot table, the kind that is currently on the island on ASE, where a semi decent bp is considered ultra rare and takes weeks to find. Wildcards management need to acknowledge the criticism contained in all these comments, instead of dismissing them. The entire time playing ASE, not once was I given the equivalent value of my losses when putting in a ticket to wildcard. It was always out of their power to return that which was lost due to their faults, we were always given less than we were owed and told we should voice our concerns to someone else if we wanted that to change. For such a vocal group of wildcard employees that demand "equality" from the world, you would think they would have a problem with the unfair treatment of their player base in all these situations.
  19. That "joke" likely has people L2ing their best bps and dinos onto the floor right now. This is not the sort of thing to make jokes about. If someone thinks this is funny, they need to take more time to read the damn room.
  20. RIP Wildcard and all those associated with the studio. This crunch ended Ark, not the month of August. Imagine dismissing everyone's time and effort over the years, then trying to sell them a sparkly fresh slate like nothing happened. I have no idea who makes the decisions over there, but clearly they have no idea how to relate to their customers.
  21. No breeding event every other weekend, no point playing. Who is running things over there? Making the most stupid decisions time after time. Its almost like you want to lose the players before Ark 2 comes out.
  22. No mating interval timer reduction again. This is the third event in a row that I can remember now with no change for timers. How hard is it to change server settings? Bred a rex "Ready to mate in:01:01:41:32" Expect better than this, the standards from you guys are deteriorating rapidly.
  23. Make the tek binoculars able to identify the colour ID's on wild dinos. This will save us a days of wasted time taming dinos that are useless for our projects.. Make this a priority please... This is urgently needed for those of us with less time to play during events.
  24. If that's the case, they had better just half every dinos total maturation time entirely. Same for these ridiculous 2 day waiting times just to rebreed a dino. The solutions are simple, they're just too incompetent to make it happen. They face an unfixable problem because the games built on dodgy foundations, every thing they touch crumbles and makes the problem worse. Instead of giving us more, they just need to take time and costs off of everything. They talk about "balancing" the game, there is nothing balanced about how things are now.
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