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  1. something similar to rabbit traps, the ones with the door that closes when the animal enters
  2. adding transported traps would be excellent especially if you are thinking of traps for animals of similar size or smaller than a raptor or even a carnotaur, these traps/cages could be equipped with an inventory in which to put bait such as meat that attracts the animals then once the animal enters the cage closes, enclosing the animal. for larger animals it is perhaps more difficult but it is still an excellent idea to work on here
  3. I'm not saying to eliminate mutations but only to reduce their impact on the game, since it is a mechanic available only to large tribes and makes it more difficult for large tribes to fight each other so as not to waste all the time spent, this leads to a stale pvp where the large tribes crush the small tribes out of boredom and in the end only the large tribes play and there is no turnover of players over time, leading to a slow death of the game
  4. to answer you, I think that putting a x 1.5 on the resources would be excellent so no I would not reduce the resources of the large tribes because it would be unfair and would increase the time needed to develop and therefore would make the large tribes less inclined to take risks fighting against other tribes of similar size
  5. perhaps instead of being able to tame them like other animals, we could add the possibility of being able to build glass, stone, iron and tek bladders where we can deposit the fish caught with chasts or other
  6. in your opinion a Mayan theme for the lost island could work? since there are already temples in the map perhaps it could be adapted to the map
  7. a native american based theme for valghiero i think fits the map very well
  8. It would be really nice if you could climb obstacles even if it were only for things a meter or a meter and a half high. It would be really cool and would make exploring the map more realistic and fun
  9. aikkam


    do you really find it strange that ark doesn't have this feature? sorry but is there a game with this function? If you or anyone else knows a game with this feature could you write the name of the game? I ask out of pure curiosity
  10. aikkam


    yes this is a suggestions page where people propose ideas and others comment on them, if the proposed idea doesn't make sense I and everyone else have every right to write it and if it offends you it's only your problem
  11. aikkam


    if your phobia is so strong that you are so afraid of ark's titanoboa even though you know that it is fake and that it looks like a snake as much as a cucumber, change the game
  12. aikkam


    Even if what you're asking makes sense and there isn't one, do you think it would work? for example if you saw the titanoboa as a dodo how do you understand where the real body of the titanoboa is, the 2 animals have very different shapes and sizes, where would you place the image of the dodo instead of the snake's head? in the middle of the body? or at the end of the tail? in any case, in this way it would be very easy for you not to realize you have him nearby and die without understanding what happened
  13. aikkam


    Yes, maybe it can also be done for spiders? But do you know that those snakes are fake? Your phobia is so strong, it's a game changer! Do you know that there are people who are afraid of birds or straight lines in general? If WC had to consider all animal phobias it would waste more time on that than on developing the game
  14. ok now it makes sense. maybe they are waiting to have more maps to make servers similar to the old crossarks?
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