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  1. have found rex, theri, rhino, tools, longnecks. quite a variety
  2. FIRE WYVERN SPAWNS NONEXISTENT Since the patch allowing ice wyvs to be visible, now on our official server the fire wyv spawn is practically nonexistent. Before we would leave render and then there would be wyverns, please fix this. We'd prefer the invisible ice and frequent fire spawns over how it is now lol
  3. valguero open door glitch Logged out with two dinos in trap, come online to the trap door being wide open. the base door much further on also wide open and terror bird that was in the trap attacking passive tames within the building. no other tribe mates can open the door, no pins are on the doors. They were 100% closed, please fix this issue asap.
  4. ps4 official, yes we have invisible wyv also. great surprise for the pter/argents
  5. ps4 official, we have invisible ice wyverns so no one dares venture to the scar. Great release, so much for pc bug testing for the duration till console got released
  6. i to have these areas, i feel your pain man it is a real nuisance and also pretty much the entire cave and castle cannot take structure placement. dino eggs go right from top of castle (the only place that can be built on is on the very top roof..) to the bottom floor. Bit of a disappointment really. This was the one place i was hoping to do a nice build on so only went to claim this area and no others, wildcard has wasted the entire area. Nobody wants restrictions on building other than artifact caves, sort it out guys.
  7. Survivors on all platforms (including Valguero) will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 19th of July at 1 PM EST until Monday the 22nd of July at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates Anyone have this active? ps4 pve val server doesn't we are on
  8. Where is our x2 for valguero console? some servers do not have it possibly all of them
  9. the devs had in mind that corrupted destroy structures, hence why it is in the game and why you have to have defence for it in pvp or pve. No clue wth you are talking about PVP for, read my writing 4 or 5 more time then maybe you will understand what is being spoke about here. PVP is pretty much pc only seeing as consoles cannot handles base lag and freeze up the minute 50 turrets start shooting, we are talking about PVE map difficulty here clearly. You can take your pvp crap to another thread
  10. SOLUTION: set them to follow a passive dino (I use an ovis with all levels in food, no tails to slap you around while you try to get in the small dinos inventory's and they crowd around it in a perfect tidy circle) and set him to not heed whistles. Activate wander, set follow distance to lowest on those dung beetles/snails and you will not have an issue ever again unless of course you allow the followed dino to die. These dinos have always had this issue, same as every other dino you set to wander. will end up glitched in walls/ceilings or walking through behemoths. ark life, unfixed issues that we have to think of workarounds for.
  11. ARK SURVIVAL.... EXTINCTION... the map is supposed to be difficult, get back on the boring island if that is the game you want to play. they have already made all the maps ridiculously easy to cater to all the whiners that are unable to SURVIVE in a survival game. OP dinos uploaded after 12 weeks of a server opening, instantly killing any challenge the map gives a player. Constant difficulty decrease on maps like extinction, scorched earth because players cant stay out of a metors path or survive in the heat of a desert. You whiners should all just stick to minecraft or something along those lines. Challenge is what keeps you playing a game, you all want WC to bubble wrap you every step of the way. They need to up the difficulty of maps not dumb them down until people literally fall asleep on the game where it is that boring. (increase difficulty of them, not more GRIND WC) Only danger we face now on any map is a time out or the frustration of a (how long will my patience last till i uninstall this game choice) 5 frame per minute base/map render. This game could be one of the best but it is let down hugely by this sort of crap
  12. If they want to actually keep players interested in the map, hopefully they never allow transfers other than characters. Wish they would learn from the previous maps, soon as everyone gets the OP dinos brought over all the fun and challenge is gone from the map. Extinction was a lot of fun before the transfer, actual risk was involved and our server was packed even during the weekdays. The next week after you opened transfers it was no longer a challenge and far to easy and surprise surprise the daily log in count is at best an average of 10 people on a good day. You even made it easier to the point where it was safer than an island map... (not including kited corrupt dinos) When you release a DLC, we expect some actual playability out of it (6 weeks doesn't really cut it in my opinion) Ends up just another map to log and render. "survival" Only threat after the transfer unlock is from drowning after the inevitable blue screen, leave us some type of challenge WC please. or at least create some official non transfer servers, i can assure you the daily activity on those servers will be higher than these dead servers we are all logging into these days breeding dinos that will end up in a cryofridge not even in use due to the entire challenge of a map been taken away from us.
  13. would like not to have to restart app (ps4)after every 15mins due to lag or because of white screen/time out after every teleporter/bed use. That would be an ideal mod. general rule, fix what is broken first on all platforms before moving on to something else aimed entirely at PC players only. This lag nonsense has been ongoing and getting worse these last 3 months, lag was bad before but now it is becoming unplayable even when no one else s on the server to contribute to it. Most times on abberation it times me out at least 15 times before i can actually move properly. No one has the time to be restarting the app and loading up 15 times when they want to enjoy a game in their spare time and they especially do not want to see weekly announcements of whats coming next for PC ONLY when they are dealing with this, this is basic game play that is not running how it should. Do yourselves and us CONSOLE players a favour and rectify this issue please before having grand ideas about the "future". without us there will be no future for ark..
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