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  1. I think a lot of the problems with the game stem directly from trying to use the exact same game structure for PvP and PvE. Despite the high customisation of the game settings provided, merging two experiences with vastly different needs is really impossible. Also, the amount of sandbox freedom provided has been to the detriment of the game's balance and technical instability. Specifically the building& Harvesting aspects of the game alongside the lack of pop-cap for tames etc, leading to all sorts of balance and technical difficulties. Truth be told it's easy to try and critic a game with hindsight after so many years of development and evolution. Design philosophy issues aside, I think their vision always exceeded their technical/production capabilities and usually realised too late leading to releases of less than optimal content in an effort to achieve somewhat reasonable timeframes.
  2. I checked out the latest patch today, just in case... Still unplayable in PS5. The constant stutter, freezing and texture loading are simply unbearable for more than 2 mins. I know...what was I thinking right?
  3. I just find it funny how Ark is coming to PS+ at a time where the game's performance is at its worse on it. Great impression for anyone who hadn't tried it yet....
  4. Its the only game that has a Next Gen downgrade...truly unique trolling skills required for that kind of thing
  5. Ark has the bones of a great sandbox game with a fantastic setting offering a very customisable experience. Unfortunately the vision of the Devs pretty much always exceeds a lot their technical capabilities or what they can actually deliver in a reasonable time and lack any decent quality control. More often than not you can see watered down, incomplete features with a lot of potential that's never reached. Once you've played a reasonable amount of time and get hooked on the game loop, these become gradually more obvious and harder to ignore. There is a distinct lack of willingness or urgency around the 'quality control&performance' of the game which isn't made up by the constant injection of new content leading to frustrations that overshadow what could have been a great experience. Still, because the bones of the experience are so good, it keeps up interest for players enough to stick around in hope that a good game might and one day turn into a great one. Though eventually, you accept that it is what it is.
  6. Ahhh, an event for the still practically unplayable game on console. You can't make this stuff up...
  7. I don't know how they keep do it....I booted up Ark to check out the event(PS5), and the texture issue was worse with world objects in the distance not rendering in now and a crazy amount of micro-stutter as well as frequent ''screen freezing''. I logged off 5 mins later...unplayable. Thank god HZD2 is out soon
  8. For me the biggest attraction of ARK has always been the dinosaurs(aka reptiles), not so much other extinct or fictional creatures. I think that's what gives ARK that distinct almost otherworldly atmosphere. Creatures that you can't generally associate visually with real life existing ones. So, I'm always a fan of seeing any such creatures added even if they somewhat overlap existing ones as long as they remain a viable (don't have to be better) and offer utility. I would have preferred if each Map had a more distinct creature pool and style rather than sharing the same pool. That would have made for more distinct Map experiences/theme & gameplay balance and allowed more creatures to be added without overlapping their abilities.
  9. There is something to be said about the ethics of a company that willingly keeps a product&service inferior for a certain part of market and breaking promises to their customers, whilst the asking price for that product was and is the same as the other platforms. So even if you're not on the same platform people should consider signing it on principle. What goes around, comes around. My two cents....
  10. You always get the option of deleting the save files separately. But I actually uninstalled& re-installed the game 2 times and made no difference at all on PS5, so I'd say it's a waste of time
  11. When I watched a vid on the Amargasaurus, I didn't see any use for it in PvE/SP so haven't bothered with it. Good looking creature and probably more of a support tame like a Yuti but the lack of utilities for me at least makes it pointless. I would have thought it could at least provide a very large 'bubble' of heat&cold protection depending on the spike configuration you can set it in....or maybe a 'fear bubble' where smaller creatures wouldn't aggro on you in fear of this dino. Just something a bit extra utility wise
  12. Honestly...I prefer it this way compared to the other maps where you can't set foot in the water for 2 seconds without a dozen sharks and eels/Cindaria converging on you. My problem atm is the Lava cave doesn't spawn any creature at all no matter how many dino wipes I did in SP.
  13. I found a gold Rex saddle BP in a regular drop (purple I think?). I do find it ironic that the regular red drops, even with the gold ring, seem to have the worst loot in them (always some sort of metal sign BP or similar)
  14. I still don't get how they manage to break the entire game, not just the new map and creatures. I was looking for a Night Owl in the snow biome and couldn't see any....until I realised I the reason I couldn't see them was, because all that was rendering in was a single grey&blue triangle, they just blended in with everything. What a joke....
  15. I'm still getting the Oregami textures issue on PS5 though not as much as before. Now mostly on specific creatures like the Magapithecus and Magmasaur. The game still doesn't load textures as seamlessly as it did before overall. I'm not 100% sure but it feels like when certain creatures that have an issue loading textures create a bottleneck which then causes everything else near them not load/break as soon as you pan around.
  16. I have the distinct feeling there is a souring of the relationship and disconnect between Wildcard and Sony given they've refused to do a next gen upgrade after they struck the deal with Microsoft for Ark 2 exclusivity. All the evidence points to that and it's unlikely to be coincidental. One of the main reasons I bought PS5 as quickly as I could was to play ARK's final big DLC with the graphics I always saw & envied in content creators vid in Youtube alongside their promise to upgrade them to match PC. If anything they should have come out and say it wouldn't occur ,for whatever reason, rather than the cowardly approach of silence and stringing along their customers after making a promise. Anyways, customer satisfaction and keeping promises seems to be an issue industry wide in the last 5yrs or so
  17. The irony for me is I installed Ark again this week (uninstalled in July) to see the new map and creatures and if they had updated the graphics in PS5. Truly next Gen experience right there, I couldn't even see the new creatures cause it won't load the textures&polygons. It makes Cyberpunk PS4 release version look great by comparison. I mean at this point, I feel PS customers are getting trolled by Wildcard. How could they possibly be having such problems with an engine they've been working on for so many years now? Can you imagine what the results will be like with a new engine they have no experience in for ARK2?
  18. Same reason we never got the PS5 upgrade...bottom of the food chain and keeping a qualitive advantage for the Microsoft platforms....keeping the money cow happy. I'm not re-installing Ark unless an upgrade drops personally
  19. Whatever they set the date as, add 6-12 months of delay and temper expectations
  20. I'm in need of that promised PS5 upgrade...but I'm betting you won't say anything firm on that in the stream...salty comment, but it is what it is
  21. I sense another round of nerfing things to the ground for PvE in order to balance the ever dwindling PvP...BAU although at this point, I guess it really doesn't matter much. But really, where is the damn PS5 upgrade? It's been a whole year since you promised it and you've said nothing after the announcement.
  22. It takes time to learn and make the best out a new engine, especially because they'll have to do a lot of custom work for the needs of an Ark style game. Barring better fidelity and maybe animations, it'll likely be riddled with bugs and will be in early access for a long time. I don't see them changing that way for Development. They're definitely set in their ways an not change the mentality, so I would expect similar results. ATLAS spin off is a great example of this, so its best to have low expectations
  23. So, we're literally coming up a year since wildcard promised PS5 next gen upgrade and still nothing. But got that out almost instantly for Xbox cause....that sweet, sweet Microsoft deal....and still no fast fliers option on console. I mean there must be like just one guy left in the studio working part time on Ark for consoles for the last year. I've not touched Ark since July as the last DLC map content dried up unbelievably fast. I won't be firing it back up until they drop the upgrade, even if they drop whatever free map DLC in the future....though honestly not holding my breath for it. I recon by that time I just won't have any craving to go back to it
  24. Really....haven't we got enough of the small pet dinos/creatures already? Anyways, still a new creature I guess. Now if the new map goes back to Ark's roots with alot of caves and stuff that'd be nice. Regardless, I'm still not touching Ark till they bother to do the PS5 upgrade....I mean it's been nearly a whole year since they announced it, they're just taking the p. now....
  25. And why waste time on a PS5 next gen upgrade you won't make much money on, unlike working to release it on Stadia. Priceless...
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