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  1. Maybe like this for ps: Please, Can you increase price to 100-150 dollars, please? For early access, also including Only ps5 servers on top of Cross-platform, with proper capacity and in correct time, when nothing will be crashing? Thank you
  2. If this will be only One issue for ps, many players will be happy. If price will be same as for pc start, it will be OK. If servers will not crash every minute, many will be happy too. So many happy players in that case... Meantime, good luck ps players!
  3. Use links at the end of each community crunch. Probably X will be a good source of info (as no account needed to check news). Sometimes some info on net from dev side appears too, but they might be more busy ATM than us.... I hope.....
  4. Somewhere written Dec24. But mentioned too that dec24 is a full start of cross platform which without ps is a bit out of scope. Keeping them working on bugs rather than pushing them to introduce more. No rush. Just quick look at original schedule Of Phase II, one had a feeling that project schedule file had a bug too....
  5. To get it Here? That's simple. Approx. 1 day after known release date....
  6. Never been sure if what they say is a truth or not 😉 but if it is now, who knows what will come tomorrow... Today, end of 2023 is here. Looking from window, watching roofs covered by snow. Ark 2 did not come, ASE killed like by Brutus, ASA in shape like watching the new movie, but in cinema soft copy (poor quality compared expectations, but wow I see it, hmm, at least on YT, how other plays, if not ps5 player or less lucky with server ... ). But who knows what will come tomorrow... Let's stay positive BTW, I love this actual screenshot from X. Why tf still there? LOL:
  7. Lol. Except gen2 bs ASE was running quite well if one was not mad in building, dinos out or traveling a lot. ASE start for pc was also bad but that time, all was new, for us or for wc. Here it's just like a joke. All comments from wc looks like a goverment announcement. Soon, later, sorry .... this is a shame. They went too fast too keep players, but it was really not necessary.... so many good, skilled and honest players that were keeping ark servers in good and friendly shape now watching this and leaving us, as this is a real gaming shame...
  8. Hi, me and my friends waiting for pvp too. But we are ps5 😀 I have worries that you did not pay enough, which BTW seems to be snails strategy. Pvp might be available https://server.nitrado.net/en-US/offers/ark-survival-ascended?ram=1024 Which makes us sad 😔
  9. They really spend time on introducing more poops into this game instead making it playable? Very smart....
  10. Majority went back to laggy ase or less performed conan or dayz. Rest on fortnite with its new ugly map or in normal offline games. It's due to poop start up of asa where wc shown another total failure. Cross-platform total failure and rest is OK(same poops like ase start) except map failure including pillars, which is also another poop. No comments to crazy players selling stuff, place etc. Total chaos. Management and marketing strategy of sg doing poops. Whatever, majority of ps players will go for it when date will come. Addicted to play it with friends. That's life. Majority of them will leave in few weeks. Few will continue... to help new commers. as always....
  11. Any possibility to release ps version which will be only for x box and ps? Or at least only for ps? One which will work, even with all standard ase bugs? Or some new small introduced to asa? Where we can play pve or pvp? For start more servers and then reduce them with possibility to jump to other server when noobs are tired....?? To release something for ps5 that will be OK for game play with old friends? Or it is better to wait for 2025 version and rather stay with conan and other games that are playable? Thanks. No hurry with ps, it do not make a sense to release something that will be useless... take your time, we will do too...
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