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Server Instability & Crashes - Mega Thread


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Please report official server outages or other issues using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

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I talked 3 friends into coming back and giving Ark another shot after they quit years ago in frustration.

Wildcard couldnt even do something as simple as prevent crashes every 5 minutes client and server side so they could actually enjoy the game.

WIldcard couln't invest in a few more servers after knowing the demand would be crazy up front because of 'long term costs" associated with more servers.

My 3 buddies already got their refund lmao.... nice job Wildcard keeping things consistent with the first game lol.

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The ASA servers have got to be some of the worst released for a live game. Not only after 2 days of trying can I not connect to any server, despite the "player count" on the server being like 30/70 (one server I tried joining was literally 1/70 and it said "server full"). But the rest of the information doesn't make sense either. I'm an OC player and one server has a connection of 199 ping, yet an EU server has a ping of 87?

Is the game so fresh that they have random number generation on the server screen until they patch the game to actually give the correct information?

I understand the game is popular and all. But I don't know which server to even 'attempt' to join because IT'S ALL LIES! How does WC expect to make revenue from this when you will have countless players refunding because players don't even know which server to attempt to join to play the game? I want all the success for this game dev, this is a pretty crucial thing to not get right.

Or are those experiencing this issue in the minority? I thought menu information would be global.




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