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  1. Well so 99% of my fatal errors is your scam 5kum game trying to figure out my hardware, guess what if youre gonna figure out my setup at least try to do it correctly im not using any nvidia at the moment yeah so how do you not want us to call your game a scam if this is 9 Am, started playing 8 Am, i have had already about 30 fatal errors and thats not my setup by any chance cause the peaks aren't going up on scale graphs. Why are you trying to run my game on nvidia if im not using that hardware ? you keep doing this ? you're not even reading the "oh so much gathered error diagnose" so youre just prompting the user all of this bulk of letters if we dont even care about it? its up to you those bulk letters we dont even care these error logs this is up to you to fix it theres no reason for us to read all of this nonsense. Well, its got only one reason, finding out the game i play is trying to run nvidia stuff into radeon PC's oh nice what a beautiful story to end the year, why am I not surprised to be crashing over and over then? now what im surprised i have actually managed to get to 105 lvl using a radeon hardware with radeon drivers and my game trying to pull up via nvidia processes .... why dont you actually let my pc do its own stuff related to drivers and you not messup trying to do the cheff's work while youre just the service staff? Dont put your hands into my drivers work stop trying to run nvidia codes on my radeon settup FFS. I cant tell how dissapointed i am about your game, if i havent ask a refund yet is because its a Fuk1n6 addiction not because your game is good or anything. At least evolved was stable, and all of the dinos I brode now are a waste of time because wildcard want to release a new Ark Survival Fataled We dont need that wall of letters at all this only tells me youre not even reading either fixing the fatal errors, youre not even reading users negative reviews at steam in order to make your product better and improve it, you just released a non optimized early access beta game just to charge for it and dumped into trash all of the time I and everyone have invested on raising creatures and you know what time is never gon come back for any of us. Refunds can come back but doesnt time come back ever For me its not interesting to know if its a "low level fatal error" or a "high level fatal error" or a "super high level fatal error" for me its a RAW error and its not letting me play at all nor raise my 5h17 for two hours already STOP trying to run nvidia on radeon settups NOW.
  2. Been throu evolved, and ascended, with "battleEye" doing what they best do. Nothing. And ive seen a lot of hackers going off at official, so then what battleEye does ? Because on my opinion it didnt prevent anyone to hack the game. But in case you're the 0.01% of players who get bugged on the launching process of the game on steam's platform and you get the endless "Button back to play" glitch. Then you're gonna get ignored by both Steam Devs and Ark Devs, cause your never gonna be able to run Ark even after reinstalling clean windows (for fourth time) reinstalling steam for sixth time, reinstalling game for fifth time, reinstalling drivers, etc. Specially when you bought that PC only, are only for Ark itself, then that battleEye BS will come up failin all of your one thousand launching desperate attempts. However, what is battleEye doing succesfully is waste my warranty times, cause I cant keep testing my hardware see if it comes to run good. Even thou it was a hardware issue, i woulnt be able to launch the rest of the games, and I am... have that clear. BattleEye is just a parasite, doing nothing and chargin for it. It does the same like the Xmas tree star on top. It still looks like crap and however it does nothing at all.
  3. And what about dynamic snow, will we have traces of dino footstep depending while fresh? It should come with dynamic water, and while being this solid form, it forces us to affect also dynamic substrates
  4. You've been introducing a lot of new creatures and features, but what about basics? Do we know if we will fix the transmitter bug which after a couple transfers it stops listing actually extisting servers? And not finding the server you attempt to transfer? Do we know if we will fix the error which stucks you onto the cloud Ark Data label and not let you move at all, not let you even cancel, etc? Besides dynamic water so much said, and dynamic fluids, is it possible to feature dynamic blood? Cause well we're already risking the game's adult or adolescent clasification tag and taxes, then explode all of its potential, let creatures who are injuried, and die, depending on the physical violence will spill blood around? This would be my only suggestion for ascended, fix basic bugs and do most fluids work like in real physics.
  5. Certain server has been droppin unusually while we attacking and they're loosin certain base. My suggestion is wildcard stop hiring cheap servers and afford ddos protection.
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