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  1. tried it out and it worked
  2. I know i shouldnt have done that, but if i didn't, my post would remain on the deep lost And thanks, those settings are already activated from the past, even though this, my last local progress has not been able to load...
  3. Nobody cares about a noobie's post here right?
  4. Does that apply to me too? I play theisland333 medium pvp on pc
  5. HDD died and had to restart, however my data on favorite pvp server havent lost, still lvl 75 but why did i lose my host local progress? Is there a way to backup or recover? Isnt it supposed to be saved on my epic games data? How expensive could it be to save such info on epic games server? As much expensive as it could be, i dont think it would be such a thing....
  6. Nobody cares about eachother's issues here right?
  7. This post is written here because it cannot fit on ANY of those forum's areas: 1.- Bugs/Reports: Its NOT a bug nor a report it is a QUESTION 2.- Closed Beta: Im not a dev im not making any BETA 3.- Anouncements: Its not an anouncement and im not comunity manager 4.- Server Advertisements: im not staff i cannot advertise sht THIS post should fit on an area "QUESTIONS" but there isnt so HOW DO I PAY MY PRIMAL PASS? I deleted my bank account cause of fraud, ive been told that on oxxo/7eleven stores people buy playstore cards to recharge primal pass but i dont know if its possib
  8. LuxBellum


    99% of any game's suggestions room: I have set to 5% the voice on ark pc, shouldnt it affect flu coughing? IT DOESNT ... just in case wildcard cares about their community's suggestion; yeah, coughing seems to be coded as SFX or something else.
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