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  1. Same for me but its an Island server. Got kicked, relogged, got kicked again. Server rebooted shortly after that, but came back up and people are obviously reconnected to it. I keep getting "lost connection/timeout", after reboot computer, router, everyhing I can think of. I can connect to every other server except the one I play on.
  2. What is going on I cannot join my server 5177, it is up but I got kicked an hour ago and cannot connect to it. I can connect to any other server but that one.
  3. There are a bunch of servers offline in NA for over an hour. Usually with crashes they would come back within 10 mintues, but the one I play on, 5177, and some others, aren't coming back up. For NA servers 21 total active out of I think 26-28. Enjoying the game in spite of the crashes hoping it'll be back soon!
  4. Multiple Officials PVEs have been down for over 30 minutes... am in the middle of 4 different tames. The 25.25 patch addressed crashes but they are still happening every 1.5 hr or so (entire server going down I mean)
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