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  1. Is this some kind of weird mini power trip? Mr mod jusy say you are sorry and move on. You were wrong you jumoednto a conclusion no need for the mockery.
  2. Exactly. I was providing an update and you corrected me. Next time check first.
  3. Check again before you correct someone
  4. They just pushed it back again on PC.. lmao. It's like they are trying to troll us.
  5. Exactly. My entire server got ready for the Dodo Rex and DodoWyvern. Really just a huge let down on that aspect.
  6. No DodoRex on Val for Fear 3? The entire server i am on was super excited for Fear 3 and were met with the overpopulation of Raptors and Fire wyverns which was a bummer. But that is being fixed. Now as we excitedly await a blood moon and dodorex..we are realizing it is not coming. Is there no Dodorex on Val? and if so total bummer guys.
  7. Probably just had a server reboot, it will spawn one or two big dinos. Once they are tamed/killed that's it until the server hard reboots again.
  8. 08/23/2019 patch didn't fix any of Valguero Spawn Issues Just checked official PVE Valguero server after patch and confirmed: Deep Ocean Large dino spawns still broken. Fire wyvern spawns in scar still broken. Aberrition cave spawns still broken. 50/50 Twiighlight zone of spawns still broken with thousands of dinos spawning. Maybe next patch i guess. *continues holding breathe.
  9. US-PVE-564 They are broken. Mosa/Ples/Tuso ONLY spawn at server reboot. Then it's a mad rush to tame what ever may have spawned because no matter what they will not spawn again until the server reboots again This has been this way since launch.
  10. US-PVE-564 Fire Wyvern Spawn also broken. Along with Mosa/Ples/Tuso spawn in deep ocean.
  11. Rep

    HLNA pets

    It's not just dying..it's when transfering to the new map which many of us do multiple times a day. I've repainted mine 8 times today since the stream. The OP has a reasonable request.
  12. Does our forum trophy say anything or just jibberish?
  13. I keep reading over this text. Something is off about it... do you think it only allowed 30 of us to uplink before the error message started for others?
  14. Is there more to the riddle? This can't be it? Lol
  15. Just want to chine in . Official PVe server, I have combing the Deep Sea for about 20 hours over the last week. We had one plesiosaur tamed by another tribe..this was at launch. Since I have counted, Tuso=0, Mosa=0, Plesiosaur=0, Leeds=2, alpha Leeds=1. I have been checking back after serve crashes, after eating a bunch of dinos and leaving render to promote news spawns. Nothing. Large dinos in deep sea is definitely broken at the moment.
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