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  1. Sadly on PCGAMEPASS, you actually cannot play PVP, Club Ark , Have to wait for xbox certification, But its just a bug according to some. A bug does not effect an entire section of player base . Pvp is intentional because WC is lazy and apparantly cannot make a anti cheat. But when it comes to all the other things a pCGAMEPASS user cannot also take part in, It is not a bug. I do not get why i report the club ark issue and am told its a bug when it is not.
  2. So what about the PCGAMEPASS users aka win 10 that cannot access the Club ark or PVP. Not all of us have gotten it free. SOme actually purchased it. A little information goes a long way. Have you just given up on PVP and not even going to discuss there is an issue for ClubArk? We would love to get a whole game experience. How about some information
  3. Since club ark has been released, unable to access it. Using PC GAMEPASS (yes i paid for it from day one). WHy is there nothing about if we can or cannot use it. And if it is one more thing that we cannot do (ie pvp) how about saying so and authorising microsoft to allow us to refund it and then we can buy on steam. Seriously lack of any information is ridiculous.
  4. It really is sad. WC literally knew it was not going to pass. But yet took them HOURS to even tell us. Why oh why does a company know something has to be certed but release it for all others. Basically its a huge FU to people that bought it on gamepass. released on gamepass, paid for it cuz concerned cannot play with most of my tribemates. THEN it gets released for free less then 2 months later. (technically not free because subscription), scorched comes out, Gamepass players get a delay, centre same thing only now cannot use Bobs Tall tales. (Not even a mention that it is not working from wc or if they were fixing it for 2 weeks) , Now they do 4x and most people on any platform can barely get in. But hey look everyone CLUB ark and Power rangers skins. If i could refund it I sure would but because i have so many hours microsoft says no.
  5. And your one hundred percent sure its on official? you can upload video to a file sharing, take a few clips from it and go to player reports and report them
  6. They are always working on optimizations, graphically you won't see an improvement probably but it has improved performance wise from back when first released.
  7. you can report servers that are down to the server outage page
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