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Community Crunch 383: Community-Voted Creature Recap and Community Corner!


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The wait for the Dreadnoughtus reveal is almost over!  Be on the lookout for the concept in the Community Crunch next week.  We're bursting with excitement for the arrival of all the community-voted creatures in ARK: Survival Ascended. Your involvement and participation are shaping the world, and we can't wait to see them in action.  Here's a recap of the community-voted creatures you can expect to see on ARK: Survival Ascended:




Fasolasuchus is a dangerous denizen of Scorched Earth. Their ambushes and sand-whirlpool attacks make them a formidable threat. Taming these creatures is a challenging task due to their resistance to narcotics, but those who succeed gain a powerful companion for traversing the scorching sands.

Click to view the dossier for Fasolasuchus




Gigantoraptor, despite its intimidating size, is a nurturing creature, fiercely protective of its young. While taming adults seems impossible, taming their young can be rewarding, as they grow up to care for your tribe's creatures, teach them to fight, and help locate orphaned animals.

Click to view the dossier for Gigantoraptor




Yi Ling demonstrates remarkable agility, clinging to walls, gliding short distances, and evading attacks. It preys on smaller creatures, launching barbed feathers at them and rapidly regenerating its protective plumage. Tamed Yi Ling serves various purposes, from scouting caravans to harassing foes, with its unique diet potentially influencing its combat abilities!

Click to view the dossier for Yi Ling




Shastasaurus, akin to the Ichthyosaur, exhibits a profound fascination with humans. Taming this majestic sea creature proved to be a remarkable experience. Some tribes have even equipped Shastasaurus with periscopes, torpedo bays, and cargo holds, turning them into fantastical aquatic vehicles reminiscent of a bygone children's cartoon.

Click to view the dossier for Shastasaurus




To recap previous announcements, we have taken save games from the Official Network and have provided the files to you so that you can host your own server and continue the progress you’ve made on the Official Network.

Browse August and September save games here

  • We be provided access to your PC saves and you are now also able to directly rent a server from Nitrado who can host your PC or console saves. Nitrado servers using the Official Save games are now available here.
  • You’ll be able to:
    • Access to all official save games for all platforms – PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
    • Easily import the save game with one click using the web interface.
    • Have access to a comprehensive guide and FAQs telling you everything you need to know about hosting servers.
    • For more information, please visit this page.




Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form




Creator: Songbird Gaming

Songbird sings a parody of "Over the Rainbow," which we can't help but love.


Creator: KingDaddyDmac

KingDaddyDmac and his friends hunt down an alpha wyvern to assert their dominance on Monarky's The Hunted.



ARK Liopleurodon by @DW_ARK



Evolve by @WolfTek7



Dapper Royal Griffin by southern-sarcasm



Star Festival by laind004



An unconventional steed, indeed by whywishesarehorses



Griffin by @bonten_ARK



Evotyrannus from Paleo ARK mod by кал калыч




Exploring space on the back of a giant baboon by @Songbird_Gamer



The Original Wicked Ninja’s base by @TheWickedNinjas



I would like to meet my partner Megateri again at ASA by @makky_ark



Enjoy your weekend!
Studio Wildcard

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Official Wiki: ark.wiki.gg

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