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  1. SeeRgiinfinity29


    Jurassic World and ARK crossover?¿???¿?
  2. SeeRgiinfinity29

    Happy Birthday ARK: Year Three!

    I cant be more excited for new content, I love what you are doing for the game. Happy birthday!!!!!!
  3. SeeRgiinfinity29

    Mail problem

    This past week I posted here saying that I didnt gt my code to download the game and someone replyed me telling me to send a mail to [email protected] but i didnt get any reply
  4. SeeRgiinfinity29

    Wheres my code?

    Thank u
  5. SeeRgiinfinity29

    Wheres my code?

    This wednesday I received a mail from ARK mobile telling me that I have to download TestFlight and wait 48h and I'll receive my code, but I didnt get my code. Someone pls help mee :v
  6. SeeRgiinfinity29

    Idea for herb tames

    I like your idea
  7. SeeRgiinfinity29

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    OMG This is awesome!!, I'll be able to play ARK even when I'm in holydays :DDD
  8. SeeRgiinfinity29

    Idea for herb tames

    Yeah, the special seeds (X, Y, Z) could be good if they work as prime
  9. SeeRgiinfinity29

    Idea for herb tames

    Maybe a fruit that have to be collected from the top of the trees or a "Prime" berry
  10. Does anybody noticed the way that the Raptor avoids the rock???? I feel like they improved AI a lot
  11. Nooooooo Pleaaasee!!! Update the para!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The tail and the spikes of the Sarco still look bad for me D: I think that u guys should look at actual crocks tails and spikes and make it more accurate, like a more square tail and different spikes
  13. I know this is not accurate, but maybe this shape or just extending the sail to the tail. The rounded one looks meh
  14. The Spino sail shoild be different, the rounded shape looks very strange to me. This way looks better