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  1. Its the Nameless Queen, theres a photo of it beeing riden
  2. Let's talk about patch notes... or lack of them.

    Jen said that it's not easy to get the patch notes complete because every day they have a lot of things to do and it's nearly imposible to have the patch notes updated
  3. If you could choose one dino to start

    I'll say Megatherium to change a little bit
  4. Day One! Launch & More!

    Congratulations 4 that amazing work!!!!
  5. 60 FPS on high down to 20 on low?

    I always played at 20-40 fps in medium and now I can play up to 40fps. Right now I'm playing at 70fps
  6. Character creation needs a serious re-work

    Maybe something like: Serious character settings and then you can scroll down asnd BUM! Random settings (The current ones :P)
  7. ARK Digest Q&A!

    -Will all the creatures (or a major part of them) get TEK skins??? -Will Ragnarok get more types of Wyvern? -Any plans on making more expansions/changes for the island???
  8. I were breeding tons of dodos for this xd. I used clonning chamber too
  9. I LOVE ALL OF THIS DIGEST!!! I really like the otter too! I want it
  10. Unreleased DevKit Creature Curiosity

    This is the hadrosaurid that they planned to add