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  1. 492 has the same problem ... was fine a few weeks ago now its sucks ass
  2. What is going on atmo? extinction eu492 every 5 mins it keeps host disconnecting any clue what is happening? i know there is a few squares on the server but surely if they are 'duping' it would kick them and not me? or is the server just that unstable? i have reported it as an outage but hey ho whatever that will do ....
  3. Duffmek


    finally! server 492 has popped after almost an hour of unable to login / discon's with a crapload of squares still on ... seems totally legit ..... been fine all night till they woke up and logged on ...
  4. yay EU 521 val down for the THIRD time tonight .. and while i am LOOKING for the 1st wyvern that was lost due to the last crash ... fecking great ....
  5. 2 weeks (give or take a day or so) the val server i am on had an 'influx' of squares - not been mean - i dont have the fonts pack installed because i cant read Chinese / Japanese / whatever symbols so squares is fine with me - however in that timeframe the servers ping has doubled and the lag has got much worse from magically appearing new bases to whole new rex / giga armies popping over night so the server has had a massive load placed on it and the whole server feels it except the squares which are using it as a parking lot - and tell me one good reason apart from epeen size why the hell u need to display / uplaod spacewhales ???
  6. EU maintenance? As title says whats this doing? and yeah im waiting for the generic 'maintenance' replies
  7. Cannot hold down T to transfer anymore due to the anti-dupe thingy As above although its not entirely true - yes u can still hold down T and stuff slowly transfers OR it just sits there looking at you daft ... i voiced my concern about this effect in global and was told it was a bug to do with the anti-dupe fix WC have introduced now as far as i was aware this was only activated on PvP servers atmo and since i am PvE i was surprised to find it affecting PvE (if i have missed the memo please enlighten me) The anti-dupe fix sounds good yes - the bugs the code / WC have brought in though are a huge pain in the butt with an event and 4 times gathering transfering stuff just got a whole lot more tiresome - even quickly tapping T is too fast for the game to allow so as i read in global i hope it is a bug that WC sort because UGH its a bugger.
  8. word of warning from years of playing when WC says 15 mins time pack up shop NOW unless u are taming and / or in base with nothing time sensitive / death incuring etc just do it now and log its so much easier
  9. tbh if the servers where BETTER and real time admins i would pay a sub to play but in the state it is in not a chance - personally i think one change that should be made is a a few servers be region locked and not allowed to have parking lots everywhere heck even with a max of 200 dinos maybe then see how the server would cope .. might be better might be the same or if possible worse
  10. yeah its bad but it normally isnt that bad - just returned from a year or so break and the lag is noticeably worse with attacking etc
  11. 521 PvE EU still down / crashed again? as title says - been more than 15 mins and other servers are up what gives now? 2nd crash today .....
  12. yeah EU 521 isnt too happy atmo either we seem to have had an influx of shall I say not native EU members and its getting more laggy region lock SHOULD be a thing imo only problem is been in a multicultural tribe - that could be sorted by having a few not region locked etc .. but hey ho .. been like this since forever
  13. yup seen em all but u was on about turrets firing on people .. kinda made me think pvp AND i have been afk for a good year now hence why i am still puzzled at so many parking lots hey ho game hasnt changed too much in some areas it seem
  14. and you are a PvPer which in a way dosent make a sound in this debate because PvP dinos can and will be killed - the main discussion was around PvE hoarding of dinos and doing bugger all on the server to add anything to it other than trying to make a profit - a full tek base with 100 or so dinos is normal my old base would have been similar but parking lots are a bit of metal / stone majority and thats it - after a number of hours u cant get a refund from steam either people commenting here look like old time players that know what they are on about for and against so keep it civil please
  15. complaining? nope i was simple stating a fact. i have pumped 4k+ hours into this game and seen the devs 'try' to control the parking lots badly its a shame that people like you cannot read and understand what the question was ... also people like you are part of the problem. Single player is for testing builds in god mode and messing with lvls not the actual game design, i have a tribe i enjoy playing with other people BUT when u cannot understand the squares or they do not communicate with others at all and simple use the server as what i said they are doing 'storage units' to circumnavigate the tame limit it seems then i asked the question to see if the community still sees it as it is or has other views - so far its the same - thank you to all the normal constructive feedback and thanks to the rest for proving the community is still a human cesspool at times
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