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  1. Yes I know ... I WAS there lol but certain tribes box / squares mauled the official EU servers I played on clogging them to death with anything to max tames, events were even worse servers more down than up it was literally GL in raising on the island on PvE - yes I played 'soft-mode' but I enjoyed it. The newer players are in for a shock thats all i can say - no where to run just the island ... hehehehehe
  2. there are some NON xplay console only servers - they did say this in the q&a we JUST had u might have missed it / skipped it /shrug
  3. No, they come bundled in the ASA price it told us in the CC's a few weeks / months ago.
  4. pretty sure warframe are having this done by december too however it has taken them quite a while too.
  5. Thats Early Access for you and yes thats what they are doing - notice the lack of mentioning EA in the crunch though .....
  6. its going to be rough ... i remember them days breeding was hellish either way I am watching it from the side-lines this time
  7. cryos .. non issue ... maewings .. non issue .... incubators non issue... server cap non issue oh wait ... perhaps you wasnt around then .... nvm non issue .....
  8. yeah its not been in my bloodstream for the past 7 years so yup easy to forget ........ oh and to be replaced by ASA which is a shiny version of the game i used to play .... There was LITERALLY MODS running UE5 i know how it can look ... BUT with no cryos .... LOL players are going to be turning the GFX DOWN because a server full of babies and dinos is not easy to run especially on official lol......
  9. You fool they have mentioned very little NEW info the rest we KNEW since the first few months of ASA release news. The new stuff cryopods ... and no doubt all the QOL dinos and other stuff that made new players lives easier, plus mutation cap (kinda) annnnnd what else? oh oh oh did they mention we can ping and zoom the minimap in though ... ooohhhhh shiny /cough a MOD already had this ....... But dont worry in less than a YEAR they have REWRITTEN the codebase when the entire game took years just to get where it was PLUS years of ongoing patches / addons etc HARDLY any of the FAQ / notes whatever you want to call it is 'new' info and the bits they did mention xplay / xsave (lol) is WIP ... the rest was already covered .... all you had todo was READ the other CC's we had at the start.
  10. Well that was a whole bunch of disappointment and non info - bed time ....
  11. super sad day - and with a CC coming up ... I am not expecting much as yet
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