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  1. do what i do .. have a giga bodyguard atmo ... therefore no turkey trouble .. if u cant have a bodyguard u are gonna have to trap or kill them first OR use a smaller berry collector like the mammoth so u can spot the hidden turkeys PLUS LISTEN out for them .. that distinct 'gobble gobble' sound is a giveaway u hear it find the bugger and avoid, thankfully as already mentioned these ones are NOT aggresive till u smack them so it should be an easy avoid but i understand accidents can happen .. also carry a cryopod with u so at the very least you die and not your tame
  2. after they just said they have even MORE eels i hope they are not on mine either LOL
  3. still crazy amount ... you should be turning into a fish with the amount of time u be spending in the water with them lol
  4. better stable servers .... region lock ..... ancient bugs fixed .... REAL optimization .... chat translator from squares to english / common language of region / server BUT i am guessing its Ark 2 cant be a new map with crystal isles just out imo however knowing these devs it could be absolutely anything lol
  5. holy crap thats a lot of megas .... u re-enacting sharknado or something with that many?? - otherwise cryopod / kill the other crapper ones surely?
  6. ouch thats annoying (but after this patch it shouldnt be able to do that)
  7. and yup found them literally a min after i posted .. as per normal sorry for been blind lol
  8. if your playing ARK you dont have time to play anything else at least i dont .. its an unhealthy habit
  9. sooo a few new skins, chibibs and colors should not equal 15gb lol .. unless the release / patch notes are up somewhere i cant find them to see just what else is been fix / broken or changed (would love a link if possible)
  10. yeah 15gb for turkeys that will already be in the files and need a ini tweak .. DILO else is going on? lol
  11. soo now they do what? if no gnash effect (bleed) or slow they are back to normal megas with a pack buff? lame sharks again
  12. good point but to expect a 'proper' reply / answer is going to be rare / difficult off the people that 'know'
  13. HUGE lag on EU PvE val 521 DILO ... whole server is in rubber band mode and all are complaining
  14. EU PvE val 521 down again getting more frequent and more annoying used to be a stable server when i first started on it ...
  15. and dumped into the REALLLLLLY well read genesis forums thanks mod for moving my post into relegation
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