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  1. because it looks like they wiped the wrong cluster .... EU val 521 is on day 4 .... its wayyyy older than that and my main base ... /sigh
  2. one communication to rule them all ....... why not just 'you know' put it on every communication platform they use instead of ONE that not everyone uses .... sheesh soooo hard to copy paste nowadays....
  3. if u want oil go to the cold area tbh lots of oil veins on the ground, just look out for yutys ... silica pearls can be found almost anywhere in many maps in water deep or shallow - heck even ankle deep water depending on the map - which not been rude or dumb but hidden lake what map are u on exactly please?
  4. tbh im not really in a mood to test that theory ... at least not while actulay in the water for a purpose - might make a raft and test it but knowing ARK and its progressively poor fixes you will have to mind my sceptisim
  5. soo hitting the border is a insta kill for players now? great ..... no more flying or swiming anymore ... that is just STUPID the number of times i have been in the ocean and bumped into and off the edge is uncountable let alone a save pause and or lag that sends u into one, or chasing another dino and it hits the edge itself and u are busy chomping its butt ... boom dead ... yeah thats gonna make LOADS of people happy ..... sloppy, very very sloppy.
  6. thats good and all BUT that was NOT in game footage it was a cinematic using ingame assets both of which are the same but hugely different - in game footage needs a UI / lack of perspective / 3rd person view and everything else we see in game NOW. YES the team is bigger etc but their current moral with players that are bugged is pretty low, tickets take ages EVEN before covid, the responses can be utterly teribly to outright 'did u even read it?' but the ones that get good responses / outcomes are swamped under the flood of other common / DILO just happened bugs so are hardly appre
  7. yeah i can fully understand that - but is there ANY other way except the server outage form to report potential dupers? evidence is difficult to obtain because they are literally on then off with a server crash ... if thats even a real thing ... but its getting worse and the regulars on my server are well aware of new players and increase in crashes etc so its not just me
  8. im finding my regular server crashing faar too often atmo - and it also happens to have many more 'new' names logging in russian and asian names and the good old 123 steam names too .. its no conincidence that on events these names appear and servers crash more
  9. post moved and going to get drowned out with all the other 'downed' server posts .. ah well
  10. As said 8th time in last 24hrs (according to battlemetrics) officiial EU VAL 521, trying not to make any connections here BUT lots of new steam names and tribe names all square - russian / asian letters and the server is getting hammered with crashes .. reported the outage we get rollbacked as normal then it happens again in a few hours or hell less .... Is there ANYTHING else we can do to assist WC / admins to try and decrease this? Please dont move this to the dead VAL chat mods - it could help every server if we get some good info also no silly coments like gtfo o
  11. me and the wife where sat on a raft for hours (real time here) and caught ZERO chocolates / color things we got a few chibis and moved around the big lake of Val but hooking a love heart cole was just not done .... BUT we mated a ton of dinos tonight and got enough bits for her to get the little outfit skins - me i didnt want anything from this event but a smile from the wife soooooo all i can say is mate dinos and hope for the best, offical server too.
  12. taps foot .... yes im impatient ... and in GMT so according to the tweet its late (LOL)
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