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  1. oopsies? lesson here dont run out of ele if u want a water base .....
  2. NIGHTMARE FUEL!!! Which insane, evil and clearly not right in the head dev thought putting the chibi karinkos (sp) on your HEAD when u get on a mount ...... WHO?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean holy cow, pull a weapon, or a tool then look up BUT i warn u its got legs and other bits arachnophobes will NOT like LOL EVIL I SAY EVIL!
  3. wait MATE wyverns? umm mods or just these new crystal ones? (didnt think we could mate normal wyverns)
  4. many new players asking for big tames / mucho help instead of even trying to play / pressing esc to open options to see what buttons do what its a survival game i dont mind the odd bit of advice / help but hand holding is not what i do anymore - the island server i have a base on is almost max capacity since the EPIC free giveaway and add the fact that all the free DLC's can be used too is slightly annoying imo, i know there is no real fix for this but still the new players all flock to the other dlc's without even playing the base game lol - BUT this is a problem on official, cant comment on
  5. Whispers?? and Yell noticed in the options while rebinding my keys that these two functions are there 'however' i cannot seem to make them work is it a placeholder? or have i missed something else?
  6. with a jet booster and flak cannon .. plus a mobile grinder ... yup exactly the same as a tappy ....
  7. lol and the server reappears ... dam that is dodgy ....
  8. NA servers down as stated BUT was eu521 val connected to that too lol it 'literally' went pop at the same time as the we are now bringing the NA portion down message .. /sigh putting a server outage form in now anyway lol
  9. Session not found As title says extinction 492 is 'missing' for me and my wife plus others i have asked on another server BUT it says it is up on the main server screen, is it down because battlemetrics says its up any easy fix?
  10. that sounds like lazy programming too - ark has auto sprint as a toggle why not auto attack as one too just disallow a few weapons which would prove useless / OP but if this is also the case then i am seriously out of the loop with arks guidelines / rules, been afk from ark for 2 years
  11. im sorry but do you want to play ark or have it auto done for you? afaik macros that DO stuff for you ingame like this are not allowed - third party programming etc
  12. 492 has the same problem ... was fine a few weeks ago now its sucks ass
  13. What is going on atmo? extinction eu492 every 5 mins it keeps host disconnecting any clue what is happening? i know there is a few squares on the server but surely if they are 'duping' it would kick them and not me? or is the server just that unstable? i have reported it as an outage but hey ho whatever that will do ....
  14. Duffmek


    finally! server 492 has popped after almost an hour of unable to login / discon's with a crapload of squares still on ... seems totally legit ..... been fine all night till they woke up and logged on ...
  15. yay EU 521 val down for the THIRD time tonight .. and while i am LOOKING for the 1st wyvern that was lost due to the last crash ... fecking great ....
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