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  1. spend hours farming / transporting metal / any resource VS a strider doing the SAME job in minutes ... yeah no advantage whatsoever ..... Yes end result is the same but dammmm did the strider make life 200% easier add the skiff and u was in easy mode ark for land based resources.
  2. hence why i have not bought asa plus i would need a bigger gpu from the start just for this ? lol no thanks bills and crap first my setup runs everything that has released recently that i play
  3. wait 1st april? ...... IF this goes forward with ZERO problems i will be immensely surprised lol
  4. kinda better then! wowsers something done right but feels wrong lol be better for server crashes etc a bit longer here and there never hurt
  5. waiiiiiit ... u released it as a mod? not a game wide event? wow thats almost .... lazy? or more work depending which way it works ... /shrug i dunno i thought it was WC not having it ready yet, but its released as a mod does that mean people can opt out?
  6. to all the people saying chill at WC because its an early access game ... let me remind you all it wasnt going to be early access until snail needed cash fast and WC could not get the basic bare bones of UE5 into the game before that cash was needed.... tired of seeing these comments on all the social outlets that the community are on /rant
  7. i 'played ASE in EA and it was believe it or not BETTER than this - the only thing better than the OG ase is the fact we now have mods - the fact they rolled all the crap back to basics is a waste of time hence still not touching asa with a barge pole
  8. so another bug from early ase that hasnt been fixed for asa .. yet it WAS fixed in ASE??? LOL
  9. TBH them dates are ALL looking really delayed considering the problems WC are having atmo plus the delay of ASA already soooo but IF they come out on time I am going to have to say they will be full of bugs just like The Island and they will have to either fix as they go pre-release or do a release fix like now.
  10. I am guessing its going to get delayed and if not its going to have a crap load of problems just like the island... but thats just my guess with the previous record so far unfortunately ....
  11. happened in ase ... so something else the 'remaster' /cough reskin, hasnt wont fix.
  12. well it seems microsoft has backhanded some extra cash to WC / snail we just gotta find the paper trail ...... PS watching videos where the hell are the actual dinos?? this island is almost BARREN
  13. crossplay servers are not out yet plus its xbox / ps / windows store for x play anyways for somt reason they said they cant do it with 'steam' yet so dont worry u will have nice fresh servers to crash / lag and kill on later
  14. omg that trailer!!!!!!! what a crock. some bits good other bits ASE on high lol
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