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  1. I'm not calling them @wildcard After August they'll be referred to as Thanos
  2. Well, if it isnt an April fools joke in poor taste at our expense... yea its basically extortion to their ark junkie player base or fan boy whatever you choose to label the die hards. Very cheap tactic and reminds me of Dungeon Defenders Eternity the exact copy of Dungeon Defenders only optimized 😒
  3. Who gaf about an evo for stuff we won't have In a few months smh cash grab
  4. We are shutting official down... but wait there's more, you can buy the game and grind all over again IN UNREAL ENGINE 5 tf about my time on official just to be 6 years in the crapper for 50 bucks and a game that has not shown its worth it 😤
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