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ARK Memes

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On 5/1/2017 at 10:00 PM, DaGoodNamesWereTaken said:

Not a meme but I guess you could turn one into it.


My server used to crack ark related yo mama jokes which was always fun lol.


Top 3.


Your moms so fat it takes 10,000 hide to make her a pair of pants.

Your moms dlc is coming out next month, the Titana-wh/ore-a-saurus

Your moms favorite kibble is D**k


One of my tribe mates used to say yo mama jokes during raids, usually always related to ark.

Yo mama so fat she needs a bigger behemoth gate built for her

Yo mama been ridden more than a battle bronto


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How do you know an ARK survivor doesn't care? He doesn't give a human feces.


In Soviet ARK, dinos tame you!  


Chuck Norris steals from Pegomastax


Chuck Norris outran a sprinting alpha raptor, jumped into the water, inked a tusoteuthis then carried it back onto land, then a quetz rode him


YAY, these are terrible



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