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  1. Bit of a random suggestion, but I think that, if anybody tames a titanosaur (even though it's only a temporary tame), they should definitely name it Mr. Burns, because they look very similar (or perhaps that's just my opinion).
  2. I have a mantis named Manti Python, and a Megatherium named Sloth Machine!
  3. if you still need or want the ankys, i do have a frig full of eggs ready to go ,  and thanks for the comment , i dont mind anyone trading my bloodlines,  but that was in bad taste dropping the price like that, that person has never bred anything close to that lvl , and has no idea what kind of effort it takes, on steam im solburn77 with same red bulldog avatar

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    2. Solburn


      if you like, send me steam friend invite, easier to talk in steam,  solburn77 with same reddog avatar

    3. MightyBanana


      alright. adding you

    4. MightyBanana


      Invitation sent.

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