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  1. Most Useless Dino?

    Anglerfish! I'm loving the light that comes from them, but their silica pearl farming ability isn't very impressive to me, and I think it's faster to just rush to the underwater caves with an ichthyosaurus, and mass farm silica pearls there.
  2. Most Creative Dino Names

    Bit of a random suggestion, but I think that, if anybody tames a titanosaur (even though it's only a temporary tame), they should definitely name it Mr. Burns, because they look very similar (or perhaps that's just my opinion).
  3. Aaargh, so sorry to hear that. I hope it'll be changed soon, as I'm slowly losing my sanity!
  4. I've tried to tame four megatheriums lately, whereas two drowned, and two despawned. Now this is actually very frustrating, considering they were 145-150! Now, the two that despawned, got stuck in my wyvern for a couple of seconds, and then they decided to leave me, without even saying as much as goodbye to me on beforehand. Is this supposed to happen? Or is this a bug?
  5. Most Creative Dino Names

    I have a mantis named Manti Python, and a Megatherium named Sloth Machine!
  6. Wild Giga Vanishings

    Two days ago, an ally member was trying to lure a level 80 giga away from her tribemate's base, but it ended pretty badly for her and her wyvern. When she returned to her tribemate's base, the giga had vanished. She searched around, but couldn't find it at all! I'm assuming it despawned, after she died.
  7. Will Official get an Ignore Feature?

    Would love to have this option in the game. A bunch of people were talking dirty over the global chat, the other day, to which I asked them to save that for later, as there could be children online, and they shouldn't have to read that. Their answer? "You can disable the chat in options", "You're a child, and too young for that talk". I'm not willing to disable the chat, and miss out on what my tribemates and allies are saying, just because you guys couldn't keep your nasty fantasies in a private chat on Steam, or so. Except for this, I've seen so much racism and homophobia, which I think is unacceptable, and I'm surprised there's no ignore/mute option in the game, so far. (I know that one of them are going to read this, so yeah; I'm still salty about you guys handling my confrontation in such an immature way. Calling me a child, because you guys couldn't keep it in your pants, just makes me want to slap your faces across the ocean floor.) Devs, please make this a thing.
  8. Trike won't sprint

    I have a trike like that, too. Full stamina, yet it has been exhausted since I tamed it, which was a handful of months ago.
  9. Please include an Auto-Run button

    Thanks for the clarification! While I do enjoy the idea, I honestly have my doubts about Wildcard actually being willing to implement that in the game. I guess we'll just hope for the best!
  10. ARK Memes
  11. video Epic Waterfall Castle Base

    That castle looks absolutely stunning! Good job!
  12. Can you advise Rock band to listen?

    Eclipse, Rise Against, Wintersun, Hammerfall, Powerwolf, Breaking Benjamin, Edguy, Avantasia, Eluveitie, Angra, Equilibrium, Alestorm, Turisas, Sonata Arctica, and Rhapsody! Hope you'll like some of those! Note: Most of those are power metal, but could be worth checking out!
  13. When the huge countdown was published on the front page of the forums, I noticed that my inbox- and notifications icons had vanished. They're still gone, so I don't really know what to do. Edit: Apparently, they appear when I maximize my browser, but disappear again, when I revert it back to the size I normally use. Picture 1: Maximized browser. Picture 2: The size I normally use. Edit 2: I believe I have posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry about this.
  14. Temp ban people insulting others ingame

    This sounds like an interesting idea! What I'm thinking is that, if you insult somebody, you should get a warning, and if you keep doing it, you will be muted for x hours. Surely, it will depend on how bad the insults are getting. Racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. should not be tolerated at all, from my perspective, and should be subject for a temp-ban. This has nothing to do with being sensitive, but rather about being a decent person, even in a game. Implementing a mute option would also be a great idea.
  15. I've been thinking that it would be really neat if there would be an option to see the base stats of a creature, with and without imprinting, which would perhaps make it easier for fellow breeders, to know which creature had this and that stat, that they want to use for breeding. That way, we don't have to write down every stat before and after imprinting! Any thoughts?