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  1. I play on Xbox one and Extinction is the only map that doesn't render well for me or my friends. I've only had it look normal on single player, not on any server including empty ones. Is there any way I can fix that in a menu or something, or will it ever be fixed? I don't really even know how some of my baby velenos are supposed to look and I'm sad ?
  2. The wasteland seems to have plenty of danger. Corrupted gigas and wyverns could easily throw you off when you start building, and if someone fails a meteor drop thing I think the dinos remain. If you have a pack of enforcers you might be able to get set up though, but the wastelands are big and barren, with less things to tame and less cool things to find. I have not explored the wasteland much, but I doubt many people build there.
  3. I would recommend a "Beginner PVE" server. The max level is 44, but they are official and you progress more quickly. Then, if you want, you can transfer your character to a regular official PVE
  4. I've seen plenty of crystal on mountains, but never any beaver dams
  5. I think a map of entirely snow would be cool, with some parts less cold than others. Maybe harvestable ice and a way to melt them into water? I doubt this will ever exist on an official map, and I can't get mods on my Xbox Ragnarok has some cool snowy areas though, you could try cheat flying into one, cheating back to walk, then try to survive only in snow.
  6. All it would have to do is twist its body when the person is inside, and they would meet a quick and gruesome death
  7. Extinction seems kind of similar to aberration in some ways, and this seems similar to the rock drake.
  8. Fire may be the least damaging, but it is easier to hit smaller, faster targets with breath than a thin lightning stream or a slow-moving ball of poison. It is a matter of opinion in many ways.
  9. Thinking about joining the ragnarok one. I am RivMan on Xbox, and my character will probably have a Norse name. (I am a peaceful PvE viking?) I am usually on in the mornings EST.
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