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  1. Event pls ?

    Title says it all.
  2. Sadly it will happen. Pve is more chilled yeah but people will be even more toxic because they know nothing can be done to them in retaliation. I have people coming into my base all the time collecting eggs from my eggers because they can't be bothered to take the time to tame their own. It doesn't bother me so much because I already have fridges full of multiple eggs for kibble and if they asked I'd give them spare, but they don't care. I caught one tribe doing it a few days ago, called them out on it and they just gave me abuse. 30 minutes later I seen one of them at an obelisk, I assumed they was waiting for the cool down to end so they could transfer stuff, knowing they wasn't so smart I hung around and watched, sure enough eventually he goes to the console and spends some time there, i went upto it and noticed he had placed them in the tribute area and it was about 3k cp some MCgear and a few hundred polymer, I took it all and walked away. Karma.
  3. Most Creative Dino Names

    I have a dodo called Dodo Baggins, a dung beatle called Donald Dump and my wife has named our lystros Taco, Burrito, Fajita for some reason haha. Oh and we have 2 oviraptors called Barry White and Conway Twitty. For reasons.
  4. Cross Server Raiders

    Yeah, not sure on the exact time as I haven't used it yet as my server is locked out of the cluster for some reason, but when you take something to your inventory it has a timer attached too it which must expire before you can place it into the obelisk. That also includes the saddles of any dinosaurs you uploaded so if you flew/rode them there, expect to wait even longer.
  5. I'd play this. Only issues I could see with it is infighting between people wanting to rule one of the 3 tribes, and when one tribe has clearly lost and give up, their members wouldn't join, so let's say the server limit is 100 an no tribe is allowed more than 1/3 of the total population at one time wouldn't that mean with all 3 tribes active 33 players max per tribe, but if one tribe has 0 members online then the others would be restricted to 0 too right? Or have I mistook what you said and you meant no more than 1/3 of the server pop, not what's on at a given time?
  6. Whats the point?

    Either there is a major language/education barrier between us that is making me unable to understand your posts properly, or you constantly seem to advocate duping and see it as a "okay thing to do". Are you saying above that it's okay to dupe because it's making you competitive with the people who have infinite resources and thus making it fun? Or are you saying it's neither fun to have unlimited resources or fight against somebody who does. Don't be a douche, pick option number two.
  7. Cross Server Raiders

    Basically how it used to work yeah. now not so much. Pesky timers.
  8. Titanosaur Climb Limit

    Hmm, I've tried multiple times and it just doesn't seem to be that way for me. I even killed a lvl 100 alpha Rex on the island 2 days ago with a spino because I came up out the water as it was on the shore of carno island, bit it and retreated backwards as it was attacking me, when it got to the waters edge it just stood there looking at me and walking on the spot why I attacked it just within my reach, every now and again it would turn around and walk away and when I followed it would stop at the waters edge again.
  9. Shop for dinos

    Ingots wise? Again it would depend on its levels and stats, there are too many variables to pick a specific number to represent a decent value. Ive seen quetzs that are bred go for between 1000-3000 ingots on the old servers, depending on its stats, I've seen them go for much less with better stats on other servers and even more for just a tamed quetz with bad stats. The best thing to do is just ask around on the servers if people are selling, if they are and they don't have a price in mind then offer them a low(ish) amount and work from there. I rarely do trades as I'd rather take the time to tame and breed myself and half the time I give away dinos for free if I have no need for them regardless of their stats. Only thing I won't do is give away a good bloodline so people can sell them on, but I ain't upto that level on the new servers yet anyway.
  10. Ark's story

    Is it not possible that we are actually playing as the overseer or homo deus? Like the characters we create are just vessels for the advanced humans to control to try and send them down another evluotionary path? When we make a new character we can fool around with it's appearance much like we are changing its DNA, then when you are playing you level it up adding attributes which again is much like altering the DNA. Not to mention the fact the character creation screen is TEK like, that would indicate they are clones, vessels of some sort. It's sort of like we create them in the console that shows the human hologram. Maybe the dinosaur console is where dinos are created and sent down to the arks, which would explain their constant respawn and would open up a lore reason for primal survival when it's finished. I can imagine the homo deus are an ethereal type of human now and invisible to the human eye, hence the ghost like hologram, the ships above the arks could be filled with them and we play as them, making a character in the human console and then inhabiting that body down on the arks to build a survivable human for the dead earth they orbit. Maybe.
  11. Shop for dinos

    Wouldn't be possible as it's all relative to the server/cluster and the economy they have built up there. One server might demand more price for a Dino than another. On my server somebody was selling argents last week for 100ingots, granted they wasn't great and was just quick tames over the weekend but I've seen worse go for more on other servers.
  12. Titanosaur Climb Limit

    Not 100% on this but I don't think you can kite anything into the water anymore. Not from my experience anyway. I've tried it with a few alphas and other dinos and as soon as they touch the waters edge they back up and try to come at you from another angle. Only way it seems to work is if you can kite them off a rock/cliff and make them fall into the water, but even then they tend to turn around and swim to shore, trick is to find somewhere they can't climb back onto land.
  13. Whats the point?

    Been playing on the new servers since they opened on Xbox and only had one server crash, which rolled back by about 2 hours (which I'm sure wc attributed to themselves and not duping) so yeah haven't seen any signs of duping yet.
  14. Official standalone servers or micro clusters?

    This should have been the way it was implemented at the start. Small clusters of 4-8 servers 1-2 maps of each, with one larger cluster to cater for the bigger pvp wars or pvp/pve trading. Transfering is good but it ruined the pvp game with tribes controlling multiple servers and hopping around raiding without recourse. Before transfering was a thing raiding was more civil, you only did it as a last resort when all avenues of diplomacy had failed, or you just really hated that other tribe, but you was always mindful that if you failed you had nowhere to go and would likely have to start again with a new character on another server, now people don't care as they know they can just hop to another server, rebuild and come back and try again later. It opened up the flood gates for troll raiders.
  15. Ok now this is ridiculous

    I'm pretty sure an infant would have more sense than to say "duping isn't cheating, anybody can do it" so.... yeah sure why not