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  1. And again... favorite dino Favorite Dino? Favorite dino? Favorite Dino Favorite tames? Favorite dinos What's everyone's favorite dinos? ...
  2. Go on ragnarok, no Leeds over there. Hmmm... I've spent most of my time on Ragnarok and there are Leedsichthys. But they are very deep down in the ocean at least.
  3. Yup, had the same error once the update hit...
  4. Yup, can confirm the Aberration cave issue. At the entrance I encountered 1 Roll Rat, 3 Raptors, 1 Equus and 2 Stegos. Went further in and all I've seen was 2 Doedics, 1 Carbonemys and a bee hive. That's all...
  5. The early Mesopithecus was even better... They always died whilst running away in fear. I don't know if it's true but I heard that their stamina went down and they just starved to death. On topic: I was breeding Spinos for best parent-stats and somehow missed a mutation. After two long days I finally saw it and just had to tame more females again because I killed the original.
  6. I recommend cluster as well, because starting over and over again would mean you won't get to max level. With S+ it is essential because at lvl 135 you unlock pretty awesome QoL-stuff. And as mentioned before: if you play with other people or leave the cluster open (no password), make sure you disable dino transfer or allow ONLY transfer between your cluster!
  7. Watch the series and maybe his "Ark Basics"-videos. It sometimes helped me as well and I have thousands of hours in the game.
  8. This should be moved to Off-Topic or something, but I'm always in for such videos.
  9. Distributed Denial Of Service. The server gets too many requests/packages to handle them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack
  10. Finally somebody mentioned these things! I tried to tame them once and failed. Then I spawned some in but they were killed within 2-3 minutes. For me: 1. Electrophorus 2. Troodon 3. Yutyrannus
  11. The only thing cryopodded creatures get extra: 1.5 instead of 1.0 XP
  12. Yup, you just have to walk by a Raptor and it can dismount you by just being aggro... But I never heard of / experienced them pinning me off a larger creature like a Rex/Spino or even that they can pin large creatures. This needs to be fixed asap! The bug appeared when the dodge roll was introduced but I'd rather have the dodge removed if the Raptors won't be overpowered as they are for now.
  13. I gave him some tries but he always sounded too bored. For guides, tips and tricks I prefer Lucky By Nature, Syntac and Phlinger Phoo.
  14. Where I live (south-western germany) most people speak with a hardcore accent, but some people are able to speak german without accent and you couldn't guess they're from here. Yup, LBN & Apex are on my watch-list as well. I also can recommend RockyXGaming although I'm not a fan of his recent videos (Ark in real Life). The older videos are super entertaining with him and Wombat Skunkie fooling around, singing dino-related songs and doing Ark-rap-battles! Some examples:
  15. Yup, Syntac and JadePG aren't clickbaiters or do pointless videos just to put out videos like f.e. Cjthecheesedj with his countless Top5/7/10-videos...
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