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  1. So how's progress on this for the PC? I looked around the internet a lot and nobody seems to know, just got two controllers and I'm looking to expand my local split screen library. @Jat
  2. Point is though, a glance at the Argentavis's dossier shows that it was planned to look a lot more like a vulture, but they made it look like some sort of fat-hawk. It still acts like a carrion feeder, but it would be cool if spoiled meat was like prime to them (similar to the scorpions) In retrospect they really need to redo some of the old dossiers.
  3. Introducing What-Everyone-Thought-Would-Be-Just-Like-The-Tapejara. It's kinda difficult to word it actually.
  4. FantasticGuy1

    The Titanosaur

    Is it just me or does this picture of the Titanosaur looks smaller than all the others. Looks more like a bronto to me. Maybe I have terrible depth-perception.
  5. Uhh @Jat we got a problem here yeh see this was supposed to be teh Pelagornis and the Tapejara could go underwater... No? So excited for this creature...
  6. Yes but it just... won't be the same... *dramatic voice*
  7. CALLED IT!!! Oh... Awe... Ok, that's cool... Pretty awesome... It's just... I thought... *cries* Still gonna name my Pelagornis "Tapejara"...
  8. CALLED IT!!! Oh. Ok, awe, that's cool... Never mind... *cries*
    1. FantasticGuy1


      Nevermind, it's a big seagull...


      You crushed my dreams...

      jk jk :P

  9. It doesn't look like the Allosaurus will be released for some time...

    i cri.

  10. this Here is a picture of a bear dancing. Not a dire bear, those are extinct, silly.
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