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  1. Lenik

    Old Age

    How many days until a human die of old (in the game)? If you aren't connected, you still get older? Any pro / cons to be young or old? Same questions for dinos 🙂
  2. Lenik


    Welcome to the jungle
  3. Lenik

    Could this computer run ARK?

    Or you can buy an SDD with 500GB - 1TB storage and install /uninstall games when you think you will play or not them. (You don't need to have 30 games installed if you are gonna play 2-3 of them) Since I get my first SDD I can't go back to HD.
  4. Lenik

    this may be a silly question....

    I was looking for the same yesterday ...
  5. Lenik

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    Will we be able to tame ships? XD I wanna be the first to get the gigaship
  6. Lenik

    Pick up dinos with Argy

    I'm having the same problem. It's so hard to pickup ankylos with someone riding it.
  7. Lenik

    naming weapons and armor?

    Renaming weapons and armors should allow us to filter in inventory / storage faster.
  8. Lenik

    Any news on Switch release?

    Do you know something about switch version: resolution? FPS? Price? Graphics settings compared with PC?
  9. Lenik

    Ark keeps freezing/crashing

    You PC is pretty bad to play in Epic. Try to play in medium and maxfps 25. Your graphic card has 3GB, you probably need 8gb to play in epic without crashes...
  10. Lenik

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Look for a server without dino cap
  11. Lenik

    The Earth is flat!

    And what's under the earth? 😧
  12. Lenik

    What's going on with the Center

    Yeah, it's the boss arena.
  13. Lenik

    The Center's Fog

    Fog is one of that things that should be removed in this game or at least add an option to hide it. Fog + night = Afk until it's gone.
  14. Lenik

    pve The Center boss Tips

    We always start at the ape. Try to move your rexes with "Go to that position" whistle and try to tank with your best rex so only one is hit when the ape throws the rock. If you can beat the ape, the broodmother will be eaaaasy.
  15. Lenik

    pve PVE boss fight free

    How much for joining without equipment? And whats the required level?