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  1. I take everything from 130. I tamed a Therizino that level and it came out with 7300 HP which was way better than all the 150s had.
  2. I set up a community vault for new players with equipment/saddles/structures, a community refinery on the volcano, give away eggs of my high level creatures, build paths in caves to access artifacts without stress and always help if somebody needs me. For now I play Ark just for breeding and testing, because there aren't many things you can do as a solo player (boss fights/underwater stuff)...
  3. Aaaand the patch has been delayed. New date is March 30... I told it to a friend that it will be delayed at least for 1-2 days.
  4. I guess that you've never had a Dunkleosteus?
  5. Yeah, but what's the point of the other tameable creatures if everybody just goes for a Basilo?
  6. I figured it out. You have to knock out your tame and after it wakes up you can ride it again.
  7. Lure some eels to them!
  8. Over 300 (unleveled) on an official server? Do you guys have a life? I'm still trying to get my Therizinos, Spinos and Rexes close to 300 and that's on my private server with breeding x10 and maturation x7
  9. Digest and Crunch are done by Jat & Jen. The last digest is nearly 2 months old - february 4th. I think the digest is more interesting, because some of the crunch-contend can be found on youtube and the forums. By reading our questions in the digest, the devs may get some information about things that are horribly bugged...
  10. Depends on the quality of your saddles. But these stats are very good! My Rexes hatched with 10k health and 355 melee survived - they had mastercraft saddles with 73 armor on them.
  11. So, I defeated the broodmother on easy with 9 Therizinos, 6 Spinos and 2 Rexes (as usual not everything teleported) but I had to pump ~1000 shots with my ascendant assault rifle into the spider to help them out. 7 Therizinos and 3 Spinos died in the fight but they only had 10k health and primitive saddles, so it's ok I think. Next will be Megapithecus on easy...
  12. We can't tell. Maybe the devs add even more after official release.
  13. All the creatures that don't have their special ability in PvE (Kapro, Tusoteuthis, etc.) and the top seeders for me are the Purlovia and Electrophorus. Purlovias are nothing but an organic vault. You can't ride them, they don't jump/stun-attack wild creatures, they don't lay eggs and they just annoy you when you travel through the redwoods/snow biome. Electrophorus is nearly impossible to tame, they don't have their stun-attack on PvE and they are by far the most annoying creature the devs ever implemented (stun you off mounts, stun-lock your Tuso by swimming in its head). I'd rather have 10x more Titanomyrma or Cnidaria then 1 group of eels with a render-distance aggro range!
  14. This wouldn't work as well, because they turret would be indestructible/not replaceable. On official you can't even put turrets on platforms, so why should the turtle-one get the option?
  15. Until you get stuck on every pebble...