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  1. Since when doesn't a campfire cost engram points? I'm ok with it that you have to spend some points, but 10 are a bit too much and they should be unlockable at a lower level. And the materials are a bit much too for them because they break very fast. I think you should be able to learn them at level 5 or 10 and they should appear in white/green beacons in the future. Engram points cost should be reduced to 3-5 and obsidian shouldn't be a required material - I can imagine that some alpha tribes block the nodes on official servers...
  2. Will the Baryonyx become the "extremly fast swimmer" as the dossier states? In my opinion it is quite slow at the current stage - on land tho it is a really good sprinter.
  3. Hmmm... I thought I posted my best looking creatures here already - maybe it was another thread... Anyway, here are my Spinos:
  4. 200 wins is really overwhelming. I played over 50 games and just won 1 - I also killed only 7 people as well. It is horrible to be a player in the EU because over 90% of official matches are on a NA-server which causes, in my case, a huge amount of lag. I think they should lower the amount of wins for the skin to 25.
  5. I tried it with a chainsaw and mostly got wool...
  6. It's affected and always has been. You just had the ability to stun them when it came out. Only creature that is not affected is the Basilo as far as I know.
  7. At least for unofficial this should be a setting...
  8. I think it will increase the difficulty of the bosses. I saw someone on youtube fighting the Broodmother on easy on the early standard-difficulty (4 I think) and it was level 100. When I fought it on my server with difficulty 5 settings the Broodmother was level 124.
  9. This one?
  10. So I played 3 matches today and ended up 2x second and 1x third but I only got points for killing players. Maybe this needs to change. I think getting a higher rank should be rewarded as well as killing someone, maybe even with a higher score. It's "Survival of the Fittest" and not "Kill as many people as possible"... What's the point of being one of the final participants if you could just run around and get lucky shots for the score? Being in the top 5 needs much more effort and time. Otherwise I can run around, hoping to kill 1-2 guys and after that nothing bothers me.
  11. This made me laugh! I can confirm that it is totally bugged. I couldn't feed some as well, if you tell them to sit down, they'll stand up after 5 seconds, I brought one for taming to the eastern shore because it's safe and it went totally stupid. It moved with the speed of a turtle, didn't aggro on me and kept on walking into the same tree for the whole taming process - so yeah, this was the only 150 I managed to tame.
  12. Never tried it while being mounted, but I guess no...
  13. Then disable resource harvesting! Just hold E on it and select it on the wheel.
  14. We don't know. Ovis was very unexpected and they can also add more creature after the release as DLC or something.
  15. Therizino collects rare flowers, mushrooms, leech blood, organic polymer, hide, pelt, etc. too - nearly everything! And yes, if you have a nice bred Theri, you can even take on every Alpha very easy (killed a level 70 Alpha Rex and a level 140 Alpha Carno)! After one of the last patches you can disable resource harvesting on your creatures. So I assume you're on an unofficial server... If you want to, I can give you an egg from my lvl 270+ Therizino.