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  1. @GP @Evza After the last patch my Sino still ate 14 out of my 20 kibble in its inventory when I went out to tame some Dinopithecus...
  2. Get a pack of 10 imprinted ones. They wreck almost everything! And bad stat babies are pretty good for levels!
  3. Well one of its babies which I fully imprinted (no mutations) was able to kill a wild Giga...
  4. I swam around for like 5 minutes in the same area and it seems to be fixed! Thanks a lot!
  5. That's why Terror Birds, Hyaenodons, Gallis, etc. aren't on my list. They are either cute or fun to ride around.
  6. ...you might won't even ever tame again and why? For me it's the following: • Electrophorus, Microraptors, Purlovias, Diplodocuses, Voidwyrms, Kaprosuchuses, Titanosaurs, Astrocetuses, Araneos, Onycs, Arthropleuras, Pegomastax': for me, as a PVE player, they are totally useless and even on PVP some of them seem to never be tamed • Plesiosaur & Mosasaur: they aren't worth the darts, kibble & narcotics in my opinion. They aren't immune to Cnidarias as well. • Megachelon: super annoying to tame and why risking your semi-aquatic base when every stupid little creature ag
  7. Just wanna know if it's intended that my Sinomacrops ate most of my Exceptional Kibble that I put in its inventory, despite it had 5000 chitin in it to eat... So yeah, this is also a warning for others not to put kibble in a Sino's inventory!
  8. Is it just me or do others have the same issue? Might be a mod (Kraken's Better Dinos) but before I uninstall it and lose or got reverted all my tames to vanilla I wanna be sure...
  9. Thanks! I'm searching the map again later to see if I can find other creatures with such high levels and if they are just around the "Highlands/Swampy bits" area in the eastern part.
  10. About 55/73 near the swampy bits where I searched for Spinos.
  11. And yeah, I'm playing on difficulty 5 where max level should be 150. Anyone else encountered such abnormal high level creatures? On the other side there are NO Spinosaurus spawns for me... I know that there are only 2-3 locations for them but nothing but Baryonyx, Kapros and Sarcos as carnivorous creatures.
  12. Sorry, I have to post it here because I can't use the bug report because of a bug (lol)... Please tell me how to fix this!
  13. Same problem here. I have about 350GB on my C:\ and E:\ drives but C is the only one I can install it. Close to the end Steam told me 3 times that I ran out of space and another stupid thing is that the update changed size from 25GB to 15.1 GB to now 21.4 GB... Some strange stuff is going on! Can someone tell me what total free disk space I need? I already deleted Scorched Earth, The Center, Aberration, Fjoerdur, Crystal Isles and a couple of mods.
  14. I'm on my way to 10k hours and sometimes I hate the game and have to take a 3-4 months timeout... Just a tip: never ever start the game on patch-/update day, just wait for 1-2 more days so all the broken stuff that comes with the new implementations and "fixes" will most likely be fixed.
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