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  1. I'm trying to play Ark on Linux. After finishing the install yesterday I get this message every time I open Ark. I can't even get to the main menu. Verifying the game files, starting with DX10, no sky effects, etc. didn't help... With DX10 it won't crash but just plays the main menu theme without showing anything. System Info: Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.3 / 64 Bit CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core RAM: 16 GB GPU: nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
  2. And here am I, just hoping that I can run Ark2 with my GTX1080...
  3. Same here. Haven't seen one for a long time now and I've been to the "highlands" quite often, searching for Unicorns and Gigas.
  4. It even went down to -67°... I know that deserts can be pretty cold at night but it's nothing like that. What kind of desert is this?
  5. This happens to me on my friend's Lost Island server. Everything works on my single player. Anybody else who has the same issue? I even had a timeout/connection loss after getting on my canoe. Desert/deep sea loot crates are totally fine for some reason... I tried to delete my local profile, killed my character many times, cheated ascension 1, 2 and 3, fast traveled, checked my game files, created a new char, etc. but nothing worked. @Joebl0w13 @GP @Evza @Jatheish
  6. Now playing on my friends server I found another one. This time a lvl 365 female...
  7. @GP @Evza After the last patch my Sino still ate 14 out of my 20 kibble in its inventory when I went out to tame some Dinopithecus...
  8. Get a pack of 10 imprinted ones. They wreck almost everything! And bad stat babies are pretty good for levels!
  9. Well one of its babies which I fully imprinted (no mutations) was able to kill a wild Giga...
  10. I swam around for like 5 minutes in the same area and it seems to be fixed! Thanks a lot!
  11. That's why Terror Birds, Hyaenodons, Gallis, etc. aren't on my list. They are either cute or fun to ride around.
  12. ...you might won't even ever tame again and why? For me it's the following: • Electrophorus, Microraptors, Purlovias, Diplodocuses, Voidwyrms, Kaprosuchuses, Titanosaurs, Astrocetuses, Araneos, Onycs, Arthropleuras, Pegomastax': for me, as a PVE player, they are totally useless and even on PVP some of them seem to never be tamed • Plesiosaur & Mosasaur: they aren't worth the darts, kibble & narcotics in my opinion. They aren't immune to Cnidarias as well. • Megachelon: super annoying to tame and why risking your semi-aquatic base when every stupid little creature aggros on the Megachelon? • Liopleurodon: honestly, who the crap tames these nowadays? They are limited tames, very rare to find and not worth it just for a bit of a lootcrate-change. • Pelagornis: a raft, a chair, a club for penguin-polymer and a fishing rod are easier to get and cost no food! • Troodon: just not worth the annoying taming method. • Titanoboa: they were worth it when their eggs were super rare to find but nowadays it's just less effort to get the same quality eggs from an Argentavis or a Moschops • Pulmonoscorpius: most of the time they kill the creatures you wanna tame before they knock them out • Sarcosuchus: after my last 3 tamed ones died of a glitch where they instantly died while getting from water onto land they are a no-no. Did Wildcard fix this? • Sabertooth: I'd rather tame a pack of Direwolves for the pack bonus and their sniffing-ability • Phoenix: too rare and too tedious to tame this creature. Smelts metal as fast as a refining forge but can hold less and can starve... • Pachycephalosaurus: too squishy and they lost their goat sounds which at least made them something to laugh about • Megaloceros: why tame these for just thatch when you can have the 3-in-1 Stegosaurus which is also a very viable fighter? • Dimetrodon: the torpor drop is just too extreme and they need more space than air conditioners
  13. Just wanna know if it's intended that my Sinomacrops ate most of my Exceptional Kibble that I put in its inventory, despite it had 5000 chitin in it to eat... So yeah, this is also a warning for others not to put kibble in a Sino's inventory!
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