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  1. 6718 hours, but I didn't touch the game for about 2 weeks now and abandoned my own server 2 months ago. I don't feel it anymore. The caring for players by fixing/balancing came way too late and the new stuff (besides some gimmicks like gliders & cryopods) was just interesting in the first few days after the DLCs dropped. Another fact is that it's way too time-consuming for a single player. Last thing me and my friends had to do was beating the King Titan, but they also felt it was too much and left earlier than me. Maybe I come back when all the fixing is done and some new realistic prehistoric creatures hopefully will be added instead of monsters and mutants.
  2. Twitter seems the best way in my opinion
  3. Building: Aaron Longstaff, UniteTheClans & GG Fizz Educational vids about the creatures of Ark: Shredder - Gaming for Science PvP: The Apex Way Always funny with some singing: RockyX Gaming and Wombat Skunkie aka The "Cobruhs" I also subscribed to Syntac, TheAxeman, Jimbob Soss, Everynightxriot, Jade PG, Fresonis & Phlinger Phoo
  4. If this includes the very first version of the map (without snow, swamp, redwoods) I'm totally into it! But I can't remember that you couldn't tame Rexes?! I also hope that this only includes the original creatures, so no Microraptor, Ichthyornis, Pegomastax, etc.
  5. This might be interesting: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/731604991/1741103267268036422/
  6. So, after about 6.5k hours on unofficial (my own private server) I tried official for the last 2 weeks (last time I played on official was about 6 months after the game came out in EA) and now I understand why nobody wants to play there. The ping/lag is suuuuper annoying, 1x is more than a p.i.t.a and there are sooooo many buttholes killing you without any reason - even if you're in cloth armor and riding low level cratures. After my experience I guess official will die pretty soon because all the servers "belong" to the mega-tribes or are just effd up with thousands of pillars/foundations. I don't get it why the mega-tribe-policy is a thing. Isn't it just boring to don't have any challenge and just kill new guys aka beach-bobs who joined the server a short amount of time ago? I'll go back to my unofficial and setting up another cluster instead of getting back to those stupid nazi-ruled-servers called official
  7. Aaaaand another update without fixing the invisible Forest Titan and broken "all stay put" whistle... ?
  8. I'd like it! No tek-stuff, no swamp, snow or redwood-biome, no tek-cave, boss-fights directly at the obelisk and not in arenas, certain creatures were cool to have like a Sarco or Plesio...
  9. This problem still exists. Yesterday I swam to herbivore island and wanted to go out of the ocean where the Hyaenodon-dossier is located. Halfway out of the water my Sarco instantly died. It didn't lose any health, just insta-death...
  10. Yes. Taming & riding extinct creatures were the reasons why I bought Ark. ?
  11. I want them to fight us back again, like in the old days ?
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