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  1. DomiDarko

    Fish net?

    That's why you craft at least 20 fishnets on your own before starting the mission and use those instead. They don't break as much as the mission fishing nets.
  2. Last time I used it, it's wood harvesting was aweful... Did they change this in a patch or is it still the same that you have to carry an extra hatchet?
  3. Get your breeding numbers up, breed Rexes, Spinos and Gigas and kill the babies with your creatures.
  4. Yup, still broken even after the latest patch...
  5. An Argentavis on follow? Otherwise the Magmasaurs have a reduction on metal like the Anky I guess, then you have the Astrocetus, Brontos, Paracers, Megachelons, Basilisks and Gasbags...
  6. Complete the "Ruffle some feathers" mission in the Arctic. But you can't shoot the turrets until you unlocked the engram by beating the final boss (on beta at least I guess?)...
  7. Nooblets lately released videos of the missions and their loot: https://www.youtube.com/user/noobletscom/videos
  8. On unofficial you can for sure.
  9. Hmmm... What other creature can you ride with AND without a saddle? Isn't the Equus/Unicorn the only one? Edit: I just read that the Gasbag is ridable with or without one. Never knew or forgot about this...
  10. Lavastones and Meteors have an auto-aim! And they're invisible most times before they impact on you. Such a trash mechanic and the one I hate the most on Genesis - even worse than the annoying swarm, but at least the swarm won't insta-kill you and you can avoid it in several ways.
  11. You have to put the saddle on when you are mounted. Otherwise it's all fine. BTW: Here are two vids:
  12. The volcano on The Island is the only other spot. Outside of that and Genesis every other lava source kills them.
  13. DomiDarko

    Loot Box Loot?

    Yup. The loot went to absolute trash!
  14. DomiDarko

    The Equus KILLER!

    You mean this one? Be aware: if you die this way everything in your inventory just vanishes!
  15. If you play single player/unofficial there's a mod called "Grind Anything Again".
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