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  1. DomiDarko

    Getting the DLCs

    In my case it wasn't worth it. Scorched Earth is ok but Aberration was a total bust for me. I'd only recommend them for the story/explorer notes or getting new creatures/items to The Island or the free Maps Ragnarok/The Center. There are too many restrictions and forced "waiting games" on these maps like earth quakes, sandstorms, superheat on the surface of Aberration during daytime, etc.
  2. DomiDarko

    Temperatures TLC

    Instead of this they should get rid off some stupid standing around/super annoying weather-effects like sandstorm on SE, wind storm on Ragnarok and earthquake on Aberration.
  3. DomiDarko

    Meat TLC

    First they should fix that ALL carnivores prefer fish meat over any other when it is in their inventory or a trough. Once you get a piscivore you don't want to harvest normal meat for filling your troughs... That's the only reason I visit the ocean from time to time.
  4. DomiDarko

    Nitrado vs G-portal: Renting a server

    Maybe they adjusted it in the meanwhile? Or it depends on what kind of server you're renting (premium, basic, etc.)...
  5. DomiDarko

    Tek Spino Saddle

    Don't forget the Tek-Rock-Drake-saddle... I want this for the Bronto/Diplo:
  6. DomiDarko

    pve Imprinted giga capable of killing wild titan?

    If I remember correctly your are allowed to put only 8 stacks of something in a recipe...
  7. DomiDarko

    Mysteries of the Arkeology Event

    The additional mysteries were the 3 extra explorer notes in the Overseer, Manticore and Rockwell arenas...
  8. DomiDarko

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    I agree. More disappointment after the previous countdown... The trailer is soooo boring besides the "Balrog-thing". 😕
  9. November 6th according to the Twitch-trailer + several Wildcard-ETA-delays = maybe around christmas
  10. DomiDarko

    A message to Wildcard

    Yeah, the silhouettes weren't misleading. So if I advertice chocolate ice cream on a waffle and then sell you a waffle with poop it isn't my fault. You just had to guess that it might be sh*t, right?
  11. DomiDarko

    Arkaeology Lore: Leading up to Extinction

    So besides the corrupted helmet skin: did anyone find anything else? I collected over 300 bones so far and only had 2 mastercraft saddles in 2 glowy piles...
  12. DomiDarko

    A message to Wildcard

    The worst thing is that some people may have asked for some days off work because they expected much more than this - to be honest: I think NOT A SINGLE user expected anything else than new creatures or DLC...
  13. DomiDarko


    Maybe we get wild so called "Tek-Quetzals" which are just bionic^^
  14. DomiDarko


    Announcement: aberrant part on The Island, Center & Ragnarok + new pick and hatchet-skins - along with removing the Tek saddle for the Tapejara^^
  15. DomiDarko

    My thoughts on the Arkaeology Event

    No, just reskinned creatures are boring as well and who the crap uses a Pachy these days? It is weak, slow (you can't control the charge) and even tranq arrows are better for knocking things out.