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  1. Now I just hope Wildcard will troll those who voted for that dumb giant insect... 😄
  2. No. I'd only use Rexes against the Megapithecus. Megatheriums or Spinos vs. the Broodmother because of the buffs they get - Megatherium: insect killer buff ; Spino: water buff Therizinos vs. Dragon because herbivores take less fire damage and you can feed them sweet veggie cakes for healing
  3. The first boss to kill should be the gamme Broodmother because the required artifacts are easier to get. But if you don't mind the difficulty of getting artifacts then do gamma Megapithecus first - it's the easiest boss. And as @GrumpyBear already said: Daedon's are a waste of a creature slot for the boss fights. I'd rather bring a Yuty + 19 fighters and heal them after the battles. Pro tipp: when you fight the Dragon you need to watch your character's health at any time and focus on the Dragon's minions! I've been killed twice just because of stupid Dimorphodons... 😄 So bring a lot of health potions and blood packs!
  4. I only use them to pick up bigger creatures that can't be picked by an Argentavis, like Allos and Dire Bears.
  5. They take ages to spawn. I had to do some dino wipes and breeding for hours in between to finally get either a Giga or a Carcha - but this was on Ragnarok. On Lost Island for example the 2 Carchas I found both despawned when I came near them. -.-
  6. 1. Sinomacrops on my shoulder + an army of 10-20 of them! 🙃 2. Thylacoleo 3. Baryonyx
  7. Maybe by knocking it out? This method works on some creatures like the Equus.
  8. No. I tamed 3 so far and every single one refused to eat whilst being trapped.
  9. Got an ascendant saddle yesterday after killing the queen! Thx for the information! 👍
  10. What colour? The drops from the entrance, the ones from further in the cave or red ones after the queen fight?
  11. It worked for me. Tamed a level 100, feeding him dead Equus and baby Rexes then destroyed 4 imprinted high level unclaimed Rexes only leveled in health. (Taming is x5 in my single player)
  12. Good morning! 😄 I have another question: did the devs add better saddles/BPs to the loot tables? I opened up some regular purple & yellow as well as desert and the ice cave drops on Ragnarok, but nothing so far.
  13. After 5-6 hours I was sick of waiting, did a dino wipe and one finally spawned about an hour later. 🙂
  14. How long is the spawn time for them/Gigas on single player. I gave up on The Island and now I've been waiting for 2-3 hours on Ragnarok...
  15. Then I'm one of the "lucky" rares now. I lost my level 175 character on single player while I uncryoed a Megachelon on Fjordur's Helms Deep. The char just has been deleted. 😔
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