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  1. DomiDarko

    Official Servers

    So, after about 6.5k hours on unofficial (my own private server) I tried official for the last 2 weeks (last time I played on official was about 6 months after the game came out in EA) and now I understand why nobody wants to play there. The ping/lag is suuuuper annoying, 1x is more than a p.i.t.a and there are sooooo many buttholes killing you without any reason - even if you're in cloth armor and riding low level cratures. After my experience I guess official will die pretty soon because all the servers "belong" to the mega-tribes or are just effd up with thousands of pillars/foundations. I don't get it why the mega-tribe-policy is a thing. Isn't it just boring to don't have any challenge and just kill new guys aka beach-bobs who joined the server a short amount of time ago? I'll go back to my unofficial and setting up another cluster instead of getting back to those stupid nazi-ruled-servers called official
  2. DomiDarko

    2.5GB Update... What was that.. really :/

    G-Portal did it on their own. Everything was ok after I woke up today.
  3. DomiDarko

    2.5GB Update... What was that.. really :/

    After the patch my Rag-Server was set to day 0, all my mods had to be re-installed and I have 150+ ping ON EVERY SERVER I play on... -.-
  4. DomiDarko

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Aaaaand another update without fixing the invisible Forest Titan and broken "all stay put" whistle... 😞
  5. DomiDarko

    Would Classic Ark servers be a good idea?

    I'd like it! No tek-stuff, no swamp, snow or redwood-biome, no tek-cave, boss-fights directly at the obelisk and not in arenas, certain creatures were cool to have like a Sarco or Plesio...
  6. DomiDarko

    Sarco Randomly dying out of water

    This problem still exists. Yesterday I swam to herbivore island and wanted to go out of the ocean where the Hyaenodon-dossier is located. Halfway out of the water my Sarco instantly died. It didn't lose any health, just insta-death...
  7. DomiDarko

    Tell me what you like the most about Ark

    Yes. Taming & riding extinct creatures were the reasons why I bought Ark. 🙂
  8. DomiDarko

    Don't upload

    Laziness Level 😑
  9. DomiDarko

    The other day...

    I want them to fight us back again, like in the old days 😞
  10. DomiDarko

    Boxed in quetzal raids to OP

    Here you go:
  11. Found this on the Steam-forum yesterday ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Fertilizer_Compost_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) so it's fine now!
  12. DomiDarko

    ItemStackSizeMultiplier Blacklist

    In my opinion, whitelisting is less work until somebody figures out how to reduce the weight of materials like black pearls or metal. But thanks anyway. Good to see some more people acting as a guinea pig to help others out! BTW: Your 3rd string is missing a closed bracket. Always read through them multiple times to be sure not to eff something up.
  13. I know, but I still couldn't figure out the whole command. For example ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawMeat",MaxQuantity=100) did not work... By the way: I didn't lose any creature at all, because I just rolled my server back. And yes: you possibly can clone every creature with the ItemStackSizeMultiplier for the cost of 1 cryopod each time I guess. Ended up with a 4-stack of Megatherium cryopods but I did not release them to check.
  14. I just tested it out and it stacks EVERYTHING! I took some fertilized Owl-eggs out of my S+ hatchery and they all stacked. When I split them up again, all of the 20 eggs hatched the exact same baby. Worse was the cryopods. I put some empty cryopods into a cryofridge with filled pods and vice versa and it overrides the pods. In the creature-filled cryofridge I ended up with 5 stacked empty cryopods (my Yutys and Argents were deleted) and in the empty-pod-fridge I lost some empty ones which isn't as terrible. So for sake only use "ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity"! (If you know how to set it up properly, please let me know!) I guess Wildcard never tested the settings... But at least we got something and server admins always can do a rollback.
  15. DomiDarko

    Cryo pods

    He put this thread in the SOTF-Sub-Forum, but it has been moved.