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  1. I built a glass slaughterhouse for killing tek Parasaur babies, having a Thyla on aggressive. I made it 4 walls high, put the parents on the ceiling on top so that the eggs fall into the pen. but on the 3rd wall under the females I also put an extra ceiling where the eggs can land and the Thyla can't reach the babies immediately. It happens every one in a while about 85% of the time, but it's ok for me. Thylas are the best in my opinion because they have a good amount of weight and the prime from the babies keeps them fed.
  2. Any creature with a pack bonus. I'm currently breeding Hyaenodons (I have an op saddle bp), but how about Kentros, Direwolves, Allos, Ravagers, etc.?
  3. No. There are and will be more than enough fantasy creatures (Gen Part 2). And copyright would be an issue regarding the Indominus Rex.
  4. Yeah, I was bored...
  5. Don't give anything. Building up from nothing is the best part of playing Ark (in my opinion)! Just help them out when they get stuck, lost stuff due to bugs or can't find their creatures.
  6. Had the same issue yesterday on the south western island on Fjördur. And I tried it on 5 different spots around the pond, so it has to be a bug.
  7. It depends on the cave which creature is the best. For the water cave on The Island a Baryonyx is the best and it's also good in the Swamp Cave. Some people even use flocks of Dimorphodons for caving. In my opinion it's Thylacoleos, Baryonyx, Ferox, Carnos and packs of Raptors/Hyaenodons/Dire Wolves/Dimorphs.
  8. Tried to jump? Or grappling hook, wing suit, climbing pick? Sometimes it helps if you knock yourself out as well.
  9. That would be my guess. We had a similar bug when the Mesopithecus was introduced to the game. Once it got spooked and ran away, its food drained super quick and it just died within seconds. Nobody could explain for quite a while back in these days. "Did it die to a heart-attack?" was a very common question...
  10. Do you breed for mutations (colors/stats)? If not, do whatever you want. If yes:
  11. I want one for every map - especially The Center. I get rain and fog every 5-10 minutes...
  12. Mods... Just a lot of mods... I can't imagine playing SP with official rates and without mods. But to be honest if you own the Extinction or Genesis-DLC, things aren't as bad because you can do orbital supply drops (EXT) and missions (GEN) to get some good gear + jerky/brews/stews as well. And on GEN you can just collect hexagons and buy some of the stuff you need.
  13. My lvl 224 Raptor which had 30 points into melee pre-tame and ended up with 36 after wouldn't have ended in an Alpha Rex' stomach if higher stats mean more points into them after taming...
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