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  1. I agree. Ragnarok was my favorite map for a looong time but Gen2 took the #1! In addition we got so much stuff we asked for years now to reduce the grind or speed up progress like the incubator, Maewing as an easy egg farm & nanny, Stryders for farming, fast creatures/vehicles with pretty high carry weight, etc. One thing I still have to find out is if we got better underwater vision but yeah, I'm afraid of the deep sea. This feels like a very well done THANK YOU to the players. The only thing I don't like is that the missions and boss fights seem too hard for single/solo
  2. DomiDarko

    Harpoon Launcher

    Yeah, this is pretty silly... Want to net me some Megalodons and Anglerfish!
  3. Argentavis & Castoroides = Smithy Equus = Mortar & Pestle Hyaenodons with Meatpack = Fridge Tropeognathus = Grinder Magmasaur & Phoenix = Refining Forge & Campfire Exo Mek = Replicator Vulture = Preserving Bin Morellatops = Water source Tek Stryder = Sleeping Pod & Transmitter
  4. I always get this issue while gliding on a Maewing... The textures don't load properly, everything looks ugly and I even fell through the map once.
  5. Is it just me or does anybody else feel that the weapons of the Stryders are not worth using them? 7 damage for the head cannon? Really? I'd rather punch things... The belly cannon isn't good as well because it just does about 300 damage, the projectile is pretty slow and it takes time to recharge. And none of the weapons scale up with adding points into melee. This has to be changed!
  6. If there was any type of ammo for it. Got the gun as well but can't fire it. Net projectiles or fishing nets don't work...
  7. This is the biggest issue I encountered. I can't access most of the drops and in Rockwell's Garden it's even 80% I can't open due to them going into the terrain...
  8. I tried it with 20 Turtles all around lvl 240. Nothing. Then I tried it with 7 Brontos, all lvl 220+ and when the Noglin killed one of them it disappeared. So I had to force tame one. This is the same bad taming mechanic like the stupid Troodon one. And both creatures aren't even useful for single player people like me...
  9. Damn I was about to write "getting mad because of bugs and glitches"... So the first thing, as always when a new map drops, is exploring!
  10. I built a glass slaughterhouse for killing tek Parasaur babies, having a Thyla on aggressive. I made it 4 walls high, put the parents on the ceiling on top so that the eggs fall into the pen. but on the 3rd wall under the females I also put an extra ceiling where the eggs can land and the Thyla can't reach the babies immediately. It happens every one in a while about 85% of the time, but it's ok for me. Thylas are the best in my opinion because they have a good amount of weight and the prime from the babies keeps them fed.
  11. Any creature with a pack bonus. I'm currently breeding Hyaenodons (I have an op saddle bp), but how about Kentros, Direwolves, Allos, Ravagers, etc.?
  12. No. There are and will be more than enough fantasy creatures (Gen Part 2). And copyright would be an issue regarding the Indominus Rex.
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