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  1. Maybe this mod is what you need: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=592619255&searchtext=minecraft
  2. How about unequip her/it?
  3. I really like the Angler. Bred ones + some levels in speed will outswim the majority of the oceans wildlife.
  4. Bring in a Yutyrannus set on turret mode and ride a high HP/food Daeodon... If you can't defeat it no matter how hard you try, do the Ragnarok Boss Battle. The Dragon is way easier over there.
  5. Try teleporting/travelling with beds... Or try to ascend. Maybe one of those will fix it.
  6. Happened to me multiple times as well...
  7. DomiDarko


    Yup, sieht mir nach nem Bug aus. (sorry, had to do this as a german) / Yes, it obviously looks like a bug.
  8. Drop them on the floor and see if they're incubating. If it says too cold: get some campfires/torches around them. If it says too hot: get a couple of air conditioners. Or get some Dimetrodons/Kairukus because they're living ACs.
  9. Being kicked out of your own tribe even happens in single player. I had to deal with it twice... And your creatures maybe starved - depends on how much food they had left and how many days you left. Was the server running while you were offline or did you shut it down?
  10. Yup, do single player first and for quite a while! Learn the mechanics, creatures + their abilities and behavior, the environment, etc. I spent about 6-8 months on SP before I joined my first server. I played there for just a week because my ~10 hour tame (Bronto) was killed just about an hour it finished taming. This was extremely frustrating, so I joined a PvE server for 1 year and after that I had my own servers for 2 years. Now I'm back on single player, because it's less stress!
  11. I'd be happy to see more extinct creatures, because it's kinda educational. I've been interested in these animals for my whole life but never heard of some until I saw them in Ark (Troodon, Megalosaurus, Argentavis, Megatherium for example). After they were introduced I started reading about them. And after watching me playing Ark, my niece became interested in Dinosaurs as well, so we visit our local museum every once in a while. So, nice side effect that wouldn't have happened with fantasy-creatures.
  12. Hmmm... Were they removed from the loot table of the Lava Golem? Because in the video they're a thing and I remember when I did the Golem twice a couple of months ago, I got one as well...
  13. With all my mods and every DLC... about 500 GB
  14. Yup, in the background I think it's herbivore island/south haven. But one thing wouldn't be right - normally there are no Ichthyornis around... On the other pictures you clearly can see green obelisk, the volcano which is erupting and the cliffside of the mountain where blue obelisk is (I can tell it because of the icicles). The erupting volcano is another strange thing because it never happened on The Island. Maybe we'll play something like a prequel or something.
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