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  1. Here is the official Small Tribes Poll, Give this random comment an upvote if you like the change, If you dislike the change, please reply with 1 constructive sentence on why . Me personally, I don't mind the change but would prefer not to mess with something that is currently working. I feel the clusters will go dead after a few months due to the fact that you can't just hop on a random server to build up over a weekend and go after a built up tribe that targeted you early on.
  2. I hope they announce what there final plans are for the servers soon. Are they all getting wiped? Are new servers opening up for new players with no transfers? I feel like the longer WC prolongs the announcement, the harder people will take it if they announce a server wipe. SPILL THE BEANS ALREADY
  3. Trading through facebook is wack

  4. I would like to set up a trade for 295 giga eggs, but it is becoming quite difficult 

    1. pinsak


      ..........295...let me just spend th next 3 months breeding my gigas.....


    2. Manding0


      I mean, Im at 285. trade up!

    3. DarthCreed


      What do you have to offer?

  5. This links me to my profile

  6. how do you get on traders

    1. Manding0


      You have to comment of forum posts and be active. 

  7. Manding0


  8. Manding0

    Death Quetz

    Death From Above
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