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  1. I hope they announce what there final plans are for the servers soon. Are they all getting wiped? Are new servers opening up for new players with no transfers? I feel like the longer WC prolongs the announcement, the harder people will take it if they announce a server wipe. SPILL THE BEANS ALREADY
  2. Trading through facebook is wack

  3. I would like to set up a trade for 295 giga eggs, but it is becoming quite difficult 

    1. pinsak


      ..........295...let me just spend th next 3 months breeding my gigas.....


    2. Manding0


      I mean, Im at 285. trade up!

    3. DarthCreed


      What do you have to offer?

  4. This links me to my profile

  5. how do you get on traders

    1. Manding0


      You have to comment of forum posts and be active. 

  6. Yessir, Preferably from the air as well as what you feel to be their weak side
  7. Center 646, super peaceful and alpha tribes do there best to protect smaller tribes from trolls.
  8. haha, No the Devs will come delete all my comments for not "following the rules", issue me some points towards a ban and send me a survey via e-mail asking how good of a job they did
  9. dude I am right there with you, it is why I am so salty. I spent 4 months, crafted literally 300+ auto turrets, guns, ammo, armor...and I didn't get to use it lol
  10. Copy-paste and check out the video of the magical rocket (8/9/16)
  11. and I dont care if they read this and start taking my posts down, they need to do something about this, I filed these complaints back in the beginning of august
  12. SanguineAugust 12, 2016 15:27 Hello Survivor, Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support! I would like to thank you for the time and effort that you have put into reaching out to me about the tribe The Council. I am forwarding all of this information to the investigation team so that they can review and decide the best course of action for this tribe. Due to player privacy, I am not allowed to say what may or may not happen to this tribe That is what I got back, and they never ever got back to me. We had more footage than the hotel did of ray rice in the elevator
  13. Our whole entire server (812), recorded videos of them shooting rockets from inside a mountain/ under the map. We had screenshots with them bragging about it in chat for the entire week it took them to get inside our base. We were going back and forth with while card for over a month and they decided to do nothing, and not tell us why they decided to do nothing to them. rumor had it that since my tribe had foundations/pillars built in some glitch spots that we knew about and built only to block access, it made it okay for them to exploit that glitch and raid us. I filed another complaint, referenced by last ticket *17688*, and hope that they do something about it this time. Feel free to submit a ticket and reference my last one