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  1. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Could you PLEASE lower gas consumption and food consumption of tamed dinos? Maybe just a little?
  2. ARK Memes

  3. ARK Memes

    Ark meme.
  4. You will get no help or any action taken. Either get ready to fight or dip out the server
  5. Server Wipe

    I first hand have seen tribes wiped by devs, although I do feel they can do a better job. It only takes one admin to log into the server and snoop around. The issue with a server wipe is that it will only be a temporary fix to the problems people complain about. The game will be toxic in a year once tribes get built up and attached to items. There will be new bugs that permit duping. Alpha's will still be Alphas. If anything many Alpha tribes will come back stronger then they are now. In a game this size, there is always going to be some exploit players will discover and take advantage of. MOST of the players asking for an official server wipe have already had their base pushed in multiple times and think "well if the servers reset, i can build back up and play". News flash buddy, if you can't get build up on PvP now, You won't last in PvP on release with a fresh server wipe. -For the record, I am on the fence about a server wipe. I wouldn't mind a server wipe if they announce it right now, but the longer they wait to announce it, the more I will feel like I got kicked in the balls.
  6. Please stop the Ddos and duping

    Whats your Gamertag bro?
  7. I hope they announce what there final plans are for the servers soon. Are they all getting wiped? Are new servers opening up for new players with no transfers? I feel like the longer WC prolongs the announcement, the harder people will take it if they announce a server wipe. SPILL THE BEANS ALREADY
  8. Trading through facebook is wack

  9. I would like to set up a trade for 295 giga eggs, but it is becoming quite difficult 

    1. pinsak


      ..........295...let me just spend th next 3 months breeding my gigas.....


    2. Manding0


      I mean, Im at 285. trade up!

    3. DarthCreed


      What do you have to offer?

  10. This links me to my profile

  11. how do you get on traders

    1. Manding0


      You have to comment of forum posts and be active. 

  12. Sesame Street Gang Raid Server 647

    Yessir, Preferably from the air as well as what you feel to be their weak side
  13. Center 646, super peaceful and alpha tribes do there best to protect smaller tribes from trolls.
  14. Rocketed once again...

    haha, No the Devs will come delete all my comments for not "following the rules", issue me some points towards a ban and send me a survey via e-mail asking how good of a job they did